Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 18 (Updated)

Sun - Book - Roads - Mice - Flowers - Clover - Bear

The Central card is the Mice, the little thieves of Lenormand. This week I should expect a loss of some options and some Joy. Mice eat what's to the left and as a result you lose what's to the right, so Mice will steal some of my options, my way out (Roads) and as a result I will lose my happiness (Flowers).

The Mice turned out to be small worries about everyday matters.

What an interesting way to start the new month. I think I will never get a chance to remain optimistic ever again!

Left arm:
Sun - Book - Roads

Book-Roads was a combo from day before yesterday. I was unable to give a meaning to this except that I finished solving two assignments. Sun - Book tells me that there is some luck and success revealed which the options or the choices remain hidden for a while. I can use the extra energy to solve a couple more assignments in other words :p

Sun//Bear tells me there is lots of energy, success, luck, optimism for this week. I must take advantage of this.
Book//Clover = a small secret, discovering some luck and happiness which lasts for a short time
Roads//Flowers = A way to happiness, joyous options, many colourful alternatives. Decision leads to happiness.

The week is really going great so far. I'm feeling lots of positive changes are betterment with adjusting to the new situations that took me off guard last month. Today I went out to my cousin's place and met this really pretty young lady there which reminded me of Flowers card. She was however worried about something. 

Right arm:
Flowers - Clover - Bear

Some joy or happiness which might not last for a very long time but it will be enough to cheer me enough big time. 

Flowers//Roads = Two invites, gifts
Clover//Book = Happiness/luck through some discovery
Bear//Sun = Luck and success which comes in full force.

Overall, the small culprits are at the centre making me lose hope for the next week, otherwise things look quite happy and cheerful

The week ended with situation improvised a lot on all fronts, many many problems resolved and a wonderful dinner with family. Life is back on track.

The Psychic Tarot sums the situation up like:
The Psychic Tarot
The Sun and Clover are represented by Hope. The Prosperity begins and the Passion Ignited cards are also positive in this spread. The two cards are like archetype Aces.

Good luck to me with the next week!


  1. just a small idee..the middle cards may tell you that you are worried for trivial things(Mice + Bouquet)because of you do not want to commit or involve yourself(Path + Mice).Feel optimistic no matter how difficult seems to be :)

  2. Hi Alyna!

    I am just dropping by to let you know that you have won the April Giveaway! :)

    I know it's a small thing, but I hope it makes the start of your month a bit better! :)

  3. I am otherwise a very very optimistic person, but this time I'm outright dwelling into the pessimistic side of me, I have never been like this. and I agree with you kali, most of time I'm just unable to handle the situation these days and just feel bad about that.

    Thank you Marina for the gift. It really made me very happy. I hope that this deck brings with it the love and happiness I'm so yearning for right now.

    Sent you the email. Thanks again