Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Result day!

What is the worst part of taking an exam? Getting the result (story of a student).

My friend's result is going to be announced tomorrow, matters a lot to him so he asked me if he will get anything good to tell

reading for result day

Tower as the middle card looks good, specially with Book, it means the university. There are Flowers on the other side. Tower means official or authority but it also means independence and self-reliance.

Lilies - Flowers means a head-to-head or lots of happiness and harmony.
Flowers - Tower is promotion in my LWB
Tower - Book  is my combination for University and
Book - Ship is a change not known yet.

So basically I see excitement he is anticipating an improvement and there is coming a change, of permanent nature, which is not revealed yet.

Other combinations:
Lilies - Tower = Excitement with work, official man
Lilies - Book = a man who has well-learnt
Lilies - Ship = a change for a man, a man travelling

Flowers - Book = surprise
Flowers - Ship = great happiness on the way

I gather he will not exactly have a great news to tell but he might get a few papers passed to tell. Bottom line, he won't be the happiest with his result, but he will get lost of inspiration, excitement, happiness and motivation to re-appear in those he couldn't get through this time.

There are two 10s in this reading, and both two tens usually mean a change of scene, a move.

Say good luck to my friend!

Update: I was very right in this. He is not the happiest with his result, but he has been motivated on a different level for taking another stab at it. It was exactly how I put it. Not what he wanted to know, but not exactly worst of the times too.

Combinations which make sense!

This post includes some of the three cards dailies which have been very accurate for me:

Heart - Dog - Ship

A friend you love is travelling

Coffin - Man - Mice

You feel depressed because of a man and you uselessly worrying about him.

Bear - Heart - Mice

What does not kill you makes you stronger. Your heartache can be your biggest strength.

Clouds - Letter - House

One email you forward to two men, and this email clarifies something which was uncertain before.

Ship - Key - Clouds

You know what you have to do, you just don't know if its what will work.

Mountain - Lilies - Moon

A man emotionally shuts himself and you are left wondering what went wrong. Be very careful.

Flower - Scythe - Tree

A lady and a man are happy because they move out of their home and basically they cut from their roots (family) and this gives them joy (Flowers).

Sun - Key - House

Most amazing feeling of being happy and content.

Child - Flower - Coffin

A young woman who was happy before, feels like its ending now.

Birds - Moon - Mountain

A busy day. No time for chit chat or expressing yourself what so ever.

Stay Tuned for more....

Week 31 predictions (Update)

Time flies!!!

Week 31 Predictions with lenormand
The middle card this week is Stars which is the card of hope, faith, analytical and guidance. This card looks great for the theme after the last two hectic weeks I've had. This week I look inspired in a positive way because of presence of Storks right next to Stars.

Left arm:
Clouds - Rider - Birds
I see a confused or a bad news coming through phone call or unclear messages or news which worries me. This can be from a man (King of Clubs). The Rider represents card and vehicles too so this can be something wrong with the car too.

Other combinations:
Clouds - Snake = a couple, a complicated man, complication unseen
Rider - House = a news or visitor comes to the house
Birds - Storks = worries fly away, improvised thinking.

Well the situation which had been sickening worrisome in last two weeks between me and close friend has finally come to resolution. We had some mixed, confused, ambiguous exchange of text messages but soon everything was clarified. Its all sunny now.

Right arm:
Storks - House - Snake
Three court cards. The King and Queen of Storks is a couple and the Queen of Clubs is the third woman I believe. There is a complication at home because of a move or a relocation involving two woman and a man.It can also be relocation or renovation at an elder lady's home which goes the unpredictable way.

Storks - Birds = changes that bring worries
House - Rider = Conversations/news at home or about home. Visitors
Snake - Clouds = unpredictable complication/woman

Update: Thanks God thanks God and Thanks to God, things are a lot better from last week. The major problems which I was facing last week are pretty much on way towards resolution. Thanks to Two Kings in the spread. I have written that King and Queen are together here followed by Snake which can be a third woman. I have no clue if some hidden stuff is going on, but me and a really important man are facing some complications. 
Besides that last month a couple moved out, from my grandparent's home. This has been badly upsetting my grandmother. 

Other combinations;
Two Kings & Two Queens:
 cartomante's cabinet: agreements, favours & female friends

Kapherus' meanings:
Man in uniform, shaking hands
sharing confidences and gossip

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 30 forecast! (Updated)

Does not look like a good week at all. There are problems, worries, the Cross-Coffin combo and negative cards like Whip and Fox.

The Fox as theme card suggests this week I need to stay warned about betrayals and lies.

The Cross and Coffin are surrounding the Fox which looks like something bad to me.

Since the Coffin comes after the Fox, I believe some lies and betrayals will end. The Fox is after Cross which makes these important.

Left arm:
Tower - Child - Cross
This looks like an organization to do with children, a youth welfare org or a school which is under trouble. The Tower-Cross is not good because it adds an element of problem with authority.

This turned out to be my supervisor finally saying he has no time to take a look at my project's prototype. This actually gives me a problem when for the first time I'm presenting an unchecked project to the panel and i have no clue if its up to the mark. Too bad!

Right Arm:
Coffin - Whip - Flowers
This looks like some troubles ending and then cheerful conversations by the end of the week.

The trouble and the hurtful discussions are over now I guess. There have been lots of discussions whatsoever, and I feel glad I had them.

Over all it looks as bad as it can get.

There are 2 6s = malicious actions / Kapherus = things coming together
and 2 9s= some money received / Kapherus = higher education

The malicious actions I heard about someone spreading some bad words about someone very dear to me, they did not even have a reason for this. No money received :(

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Moon Reading July 2012 (Updated)

Because I was out of country last month, I skipped my new Moon reading. This time the Moon is in my 12th house, a time for inner reflection.

Here is the spread for what is coming up till next new moon

New Moon July 2012
The theme or focus is a relationship or a contract. The trigger is Coffin. An ending or a worry is making me concerned about a particular connection or a contract.
This is not happy sign at all.

The four corners give us a concern or issue:
Coffin - Anchor tells there is a pain or an ending related to work. I take Anchor as daily routine because I don't have a job. The daily grind is becoming painful. Whip-Snake is an eloquent man. This person is some one who is making things tough for me. There is a persistent pain or worry related to complicated discussions  between a man and a woman. I guess it can be between me and the project partner or it can be me and this really important romantic interest.

What will happen:
Ship - Lilies - Ring - Moon - Clouds I see a movement and a change with this man and this relationship which is more based on strong attraction and thing will clear up soon. The Clouds card is important because the lighter side of Clouds towards Moon shows feelings will soon be clear enough. Ring-Moon and Ring-Lilies shows a strong sexual attraction. The Clouds can be an ex- coming back in the picture. I feel there is a change or problem coming up involving another man.
Lilies as person card is usually an important male in querent's life and Clouds is usually an ex male. The presence of Snake card adds to this, it is practically a love triangle, where Snake is the lady between King of Spades and King of Clouds.

Columns and Diagonals:
Past: Coffin - Lilies - Snake
There has been a short term problem or an ending because of a man and a woman because there was an upheaval between them. Lilies-Snake can be upheaval.

Present: Ship - Ring - Clouds
The change or the movement involved in the relationship/contract is seeing rough times right now. The direction is not clear.I can assign this to contract as well since I'm having no clear answer from the developer.

Future: Whip - Moon - Anchor
There will be some discussions at night which will put things back to stability. We can say there will be success because Anchor is the final card and the Moon and Ring add stability to this card even though the Clouds add a certain level of ambiguity.Whip + Moon can be emotional discussions and Moon - Anchor is stable emotions.

There are two 10s in this reading which means a change of scene or holiday, yes after my exams I am having free time on my own and Two Kings show agreement or favour. I'm looking forward to that.

Good luck to everyone for the new Moon!

Full Moon Update:

The things which start at new moon see their peak during full moon. The things started getting too rough in both terms of an important connection and a software contract I had. The men involved in both situation were acting shaky (Lilies and Clouds with Snake). I have had my fair share of troubles during first two weeks of the new moon and now things have started to settle down. I have already discussed the matter with both men involved in the two situations represented by same card 25-RING in this reading. There have been some serious discussion, some even got heated up (11-WHIP&Rod) but I see stability within next week of this full moon.

Update on Next new moon:

Ok The Whip came in as a heated discussion I had with the developer. He was fixed that I don't get his point and I was fixed that I just want him to fulfil his part of the deal & I don't care about rest of stuff. Things are pretty stable now (Anchor) but there are still unclear situation and uncertainty (Moon-Clouds). My reputation is still at stake.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 29 predictions!

Week 29
The middle or theme card is Mice, which is very accurate here. I have been having so many worries these days. Its like everything is just happening at full speed and at the same time.

Mice as the middle card is also the card of worries, theft or loses. I have no idea how I will deal with this but its happening, that bit I can tell.

Mice eat what is to the left and as a result you lose what is to the right. Here the Mice will eat at my shrewdness and as a result I will find myself indecisive.In case of negative cards, it eats the negativity. Fox is negative, so it is advantageous in a way.

Fox - Mice - Roads = lies are revealed and this will lead me to a decision point.

Left arm:
Dog - Whip - Fox
This looks like a friend who is argumentative and liar. I can totally get this one. I think I already know who this person is.

Update: It turned out to be a big time argument/fight/heated discussion between me and a friend when he accused me of something and then he said he meant it as a joke. I refused to believe that was just a joke. Then we ended up giving each other worst time by not taking each other's calls or replying the other person's messages.

Worst feeling ever!

Right Arm:
Roads - Rider - Book
A journey made because of my studies or for knowledge.Since my exams are going on so this one makes sense too.

Things have gone worst between me and that friend from the other half of the spread. Besides that my project has started working I just can't believe my luck right now. Its so great. There are options now and I can definitely make a movement forward with my project which is often represented by Book in my GT.

Other combinations:
Dog - Book = a person who is well-educated is argumentative (Dog-Whip) and worries me (Mice).
Whip - Rider = work out, jogging, discussing a news, regarding a false argument (Whip-Fox).
Fox - Roads = A smart choice which leads to revelations of lies (Fox-Mice). This decision involves a lady who is smart or probably a liar too. (Q of Diamonds).

I have two 9s and two 10s and I have had these two so often. In kapherus cartomancy system they mean travel within city and higher studies. Like I said I have exams so I have to go to other part of city everyday.

The meanings given on cartomantes Cabinet they mean A change of scene and some money received. I have not received any money (umm, no) and I don't see any change of scene yet...:(

I miss blogging

I miss expressing myself.

I know I haven't been very regular in posting on my blog these days. I have so much going on in my home, my career, my studies, my project and this whole thing is just making me go like 0_o

First of all I would like you to check out this post

This is an extremely informative post for those people who believe they have a guardian angel. For about last 3 months I have a firm belief I have The Archangel Michael with me, who helps me do informative readings and gives me information about what I need to know. The Archangel corresponds to Sunday which is also the day I was born and also I pulled The Sun for today's daily card so I thought I would share with you guys.

Keeping that in view, my energies have been so scattered these days I'm unable to post much, but I hope as soon as I get some time off I will be back.

Till then you guys take care.

Hugs and Blessings!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Answer Spread with Lenormand

I did this answer spread reading in the first week of May 2012. I was not sure how the spread is going to pan out in future but it seems like a good idea to put it up now.

Answer Spread
Q: What should I do in order to attract the right kind of relationship?

The two cards on the left indicate past influences, or the premise of the question.
Stars - Coffin is a place where you have lost hope, and honestly, when you lose hope you are like half-dead already. Hope is the essence of life, it keeps you going, you always strive because you know at the end of the day its going to be ok. In my past experiences and specially my really bad relationship being over and me getting nothing out of it and then for 3 years I was trying to find it again, to feel that way again, but it just did not happen. It seemed like I had given up on idea of love. The Stars-Coffin was my hope of being in love, or even feeling it again failing. So actually I was just trying to ask if I will ever start believing in love again.

The two cards in the middle indicate present influences, and answer the question.
Key - Scythe shows that some really important "surgical procedure" is going on where I'm cutting off from the negative aspects. I'm taking some sudden decisions which are really important. The Key indicates that I'm at a really important point in life.

The two cards on the right indicate future influences, or contributing factors.
Well, this looks like falling in love with a friend. 
Here is the link to the GT from May 2012 and you can see the diagonal in future cards, yes...Heart + Dog

And it turned out to be just that. If you guys remember we had Venus Retrograde in May2012 and that was precisely the time when this friend, who made a re-entry in my life and just the day when Venus turned retro, I felt a shift in my feelings towards him. I was and am scared if the shift was because of Venus not acting sober, but the retro has been over and my doubts were nothing. 

I just wanted to share, you guys know how much I love to share when a reading of mine manifests *show off*

Here is an update after 8 months. The Key always tells us what is important & what must come to pass. The key also represents solutions. The Scythe is the card which clearly means cutting off or getting rid of. The combo Key + Scythe on its own says "must get rid of". Scythe is also Jack of Diamond which represents a really aggressive person who is also blunt. 
That time when I posted this spread, I was single & not seeing anyone. I realised I had to get rid of the negativities in my life & most importantly my blunt nature where I quickly, and fairly quickly become judgemental.After this draw, the cards for future influence actually turned out to be pretty accurate *winking & skipping details*

Week 28 Updated

I'm so sorry for putting this up in the later half of the week. My schedule has been kind of busy.

Weekly Draw Week 28
The Sun as the theme card looks very good since I was facing setbacks in plenty of things, specially regarding my studies and my project. The good news is that my project is almost complete and 80% work has been completed. My preparation for my exams is also like 80% complete. But then the Mountain came in play and my 20% work has been postponed because of this Man (Lilies) who is my partner at work with project. This guy is having some issues because of which the 20% work has been delayed.

I hate delays!

Sun + Ship = Wonderful movement/change
Sun + Lady = woman of honesty, sign of great success for Lady
Sun + Child = purity of thoughts
Sun + Mountain = distant and difficult success
Sun + Lilies = spirituality
Sun + Anchor = success is guaranteed

This tells me that this is a mixed week. There are good things, a lot of success with things but there are some issues, probably in later half of the week which demand I turn to spiritual faith and put the power of faith at work and then there is a guaranteed success.

Left Arm:

Ship + Lady + Child
Trip or a big change for a woman who is child-like

I think it was referring to my childish attitude this week. The change was mostly positive, related to the work I had hoped I'd complete and I did.

Update: Since the time I pulled this card, I was thinking the lady is not me. and it turned out to be true. This Lady is a female relative , with two kids, and she has gone travelling.

Right Arm:

Mountain - Lilies - Anchor

There are blockages and delays because of this man 's work which is delaying my work as well.Mountain-Lilies is also unattainable ideals. and Lilies-Anchor is also nobility and eternal values. This means something I'm looking for, I just can't have them.

There are two aces, this week. Two Aces mean Leadership and Authority in Kapherus' cartomancy system.

Update: I was going to have my project running this week, and this thing has been delayed beyond my worst imagination. Now the latest plan this developer has given me is to finish it by 9pm today. I'm hopeful but there have been unnecessary delays. I really hope they turn out very well.The last card is Anchor which means security and comfort so I'm hopeful, yet!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sabian Symbol Pisces 19



Instruct, a verb which means Direct or command someone to do something, esp. as an official order. Has anyone noticed that the word used in this symbol is not "teach" but "instruct". What is the difference? The difference is the liberty and freedom which is given to the student or the disciple to be creative on their own too. Teacher teaches something, gives you the set rules and set directions, while instructor gives you a guideline, a way, a map and he trusts you with rest of the stuff being handled on your own.

Apart from that, this symbol is mainly about sharing the knowledge. There are only two states in which you can stay, either you are a teacher, or you are a learner and this goes on all your life. You learn or you teach. We all are playing either of the two roles at any given time in our lives. Knowledge is not something you can, or should, keep to yourself. It is rather something which we must share, because it increases when it is shared.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Where is he busy tonight?

So this person I'm wondering about has been off since morning today and its very unusual for him. I just wanted to know what my cards say because I will ask him eventually and see how it matches my reading.

Q: Where is he busy tonight?
A:Tower as theme card tells me either he is at office (he is a Government Official) or he is alone and just cutting off from me.

Key-Anchor = This looks like he is busy with his work today. Something important about his work.
Clover-Heart = he is having luck with whatever he is doing.

Key - Heart = he is busy with something that is close to his heart
Anchor - Clover = lucky at work

Other Combinations:
Key-Tower = important task which needs to be done alone
Key-Clover = definite success

Tower - Key = success with authorities
Tower - Anchor = work place
Tower- Clover = success with authorities
Tower- Heart = coldness from love

I gather he is busy with his work so much he is just not in a mood to talk to anyone.

Update: This turned out to be his work & some personal matters he had to take care of. I ended up having a huge argument with him "how long does it take to type a text message saying "I'M busy" but he is the Tower-Heart kind of guys AKA workaholic. My idea was right, he was actually busy with work.

What to expect on the date

So Sarah and J have a date and she wants to know about it.

Q: What should I expect on my date with J?

A: The theme card is Letter, which is all about news, mail. As a theme reading I think he is going to tell her something important.
Tree - Snake looks like a complicated boredom. Tree in love and date questions has often represented something which is slow and boring. Besides that this can also be a complicated illness.
Ring-Key is a very positive sign. It looks like there is a definite stronger connection between them. The Key in the end looks very promising next to the ring.
Snake-Letter-Ring shows that this lady (Sarah) wants some information about her relationship.

Tree-Key shows there is definitely some growth happening, though slow but its there.

Snake - Ring shows that she is having strong connection with him.

Other combinations:

Tree-Ring = a steady never ending growth
Snake - Key = Success for the lady

Letter-Tree = a medical or sickness certificate
Letter-Snake = a letter for woman
Letter - Ring = a contract
Letter-Key = important letter

I think he will tell her about some sickness certificate or some letter concerning a health matter. Its an important thing for her to know.

Overall, The second half looks very promising for her. Lets see how it goes!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thoughts of Ex-lover

Line of Five has always been a favourite of mine because of its simplicity and to the point answer. Sarah has been in a relationship for about a year now but these days specially she finds herself thinking about her ex lover with whom she has not been in touch for about 2 years now. They broke up 4 years ago so there is no chance for them to be back together yet she finds herself wondering, rather wishing if he will message her someday. Her question is: why am I still thinking about him?

Dog - Rider as the first two cards, confirm that her thoughts are on this guy from past.Dog-Mountain, this person is someone with whom things were not easy or we can say telepathy is at work and this guy is in problem. Dog- Heart shows she is still having feelings for him and she is still in love with him, at least a part of her is. Dog - Letter shows we can expect a message from him. May be just a friendly message.

Rider - Mountain is news not coming, this news can be something from far away, since both Rider and Mountain sound "foreign". This guy from past lives far away, so may be she needs to just hear from him. Rider-Heart , yes she needs to hear from this person because she is still having a soft corner for him in her heart. Rider - Letter = a document, probably an email, will come by from this person.

Mountain - Dog she worries about this person . Mountain- Rider this person has caused some blockages in her life. Mountain - Heart the blockages are related to the matter of expressing love. Mountain - Letter there is no message, news from this person.

Dog - Rider is a friend who is coming over, or thoughts on a friend and Heart-Letter reflecting it says that there is a desire to send a message to this person.

Middle card answers the question, Mountain, blockages, delays and stress. She needs to release her feelings of love towards him, probably by writing to him since writing is one of the best therapies I have tried, specially in cases like this. Once she releases what she is holding inside, she will stop thinking about him.

Daily Draw July 4th

Weather : Partly Cloudy
Mystical Lenormand Daily Draw July 4th
Cards: Sun - Mountain - Ring
Key Card: Sun
Key words: success, luck, happiness, optimism, heat
Prediction: I did not want to look at Sun as something bad, but the way we have a really high temperature outside, even before I turned the card up, I knew the heat was going to be intolerable for next few days. I have a low tolerance for heat, my skin reacts badly. I was still tempted to look at it as several layers.

  • For one, the heat will be intolerable(Mountain) and it will last quite a while (Ring).
  • Second, Success in some matter, will be delayed, so will be hard to get (Mountain), but when it comes, its going to last for a while (Ring)
  • Success/Happiness regarding a relationship/connection (Ring) will be delayed for unknown period of time (Mountain-Ring).
The cards I pulled from Mystical KipperKarten  are 16-Thoughts 25-High Honours 34-Work/occupation
This shows that today my thoughts will be mainly focused on recognition and success(Sun) which is totally related to my project which has been represented by Ring in Lenormand readings.

What Happened in relation to cards: This turned out to be delayed success regarding this work of my project which was contracted out. I had to wait full 6hours for the stuff to be integrated together and it has not yet started running, but at least I have it in hands now. so it was a mix of both my observation number 2 and 3.

Observation:Card 1 is always the key. Card 1 and Card 2 tell which card is about and Card 2+3 is "sometimes" an extra factor to be considered.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 27 weekly forecast

weekly forecast for Week 27

Theme card: Anchor = work, stagnation, home-point

This card to me means routine tasks, since I do not work, I usually take that as the routine I have which included day-to-day stuff. Anchor since it represents routine, it says "stagnation" to me. When this card appears in middle of weekly draw, I know there is nothing exciting happening this week.Its same old boring stuff.

Left arm:

Rider - Sun - Cross

A happy news, or a visitor from south, but the presence of Cross indicates something not quite well. The Cross comes after the Sun, therefore, it would mean the happiness or Success received due to Sun will not last the longest.

Update: Sun-Cross, the heat wave of July was a real test today . Its so hot in this part of the world, I don't know how I'm to survive rest of the month.Besides that I have had an offer, something special, but I'm not sure the decision would be an easy one for me.

Right arm:
Flowers- Fish - Clover
The second half looks promising. There can be some monetary present, or a small increase in joy, happiness. Flowers also represent a gathering or a small party, so I'm looking forward to the second half of the week.

There are two 6's in the spread which denote success and things coming together and two 9's which are higher education. I assume it means things regarding my studies will come together as I'm adjusting my routine after I'm back from holidays.

This ended up being a really nice date, with this really nice guy. I kind of like him.