Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tea leaves symbols and Lenormand symbols

I was reading the book "A Manual of Cartomancy: Fortune Telling and Occult Divination" by Grant Orient which is a book from times when my mother wasn't born and it has various methods on divination. There was something interesting in the chapter on Tea or coffee cup readings. The symbols and interpretation of the symbols largely resemble that of the lenormand symbols. Few of them are here:

  1. Ring means marriage. If its in the clear parts of the cup, its a happy union, and if there are clouds about it, its contrary.
  2. Leaf of Clover means speedy good luck, good omen
  3. Flowers are joy, happiness and peaceful life
  4. A single Tree as a rule predicts restoration to health
  5. Mountains signify friends or enemies, depending on the situation
  6. The Sun.moon and stars denote happiness and success
  7. Clouds are happiness or misfortune depending on situation as they are bright or dark
  8. Birds are good omens, they signify stroke of luck
  9. Reptiles mean treachery
  10. Fish imply good news
  11. Serpent is always a sign of enemies and with clouds you need prudence and caution
  12. Letter is news, with clouds bad tidings and loses, and with heart, a love letter
  13. A dog besides human figure always signifies a friend
  14. A man mounted on a horse presages a male person who will powerfully espouse your cause
  15. Anchor denotes success in business, love and fidelity, but in thick and cloudy parts, it denotes inconstancy
  16. A bouquet is most fortunate of all omens.
so we can see there are lots of references to the symbols we see in our lenormand system. Need more research!

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