Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scythe + Heart + Coffin

April 13, 2012

Looks like a really bad combination, doesn't it? When I looked at it, I knew I was heading towards some uneasy feelings, some heartbreak may be, hurting myself today. Scythe is pointing towards the Heart in my deck and Coffin after Heart suggests its just another bad day. What was more surprising was that it was not my Heart!

Many a times when I pull out a daily draw I consider it related to myself only, but I completely forget that it could be other people too. Like for not even one second I thought that it could be actually me , hurting someone with my sharp tongue? Mercury has not even entered Aries yet !

I confess that I ended up hurting a friend. I was being rude to her and I was just getting annoyed and feeling uneasy but then I normally do things without giving them much thought. If you follow my blog you must have figured this out by now! So I apologise to her if she is reading this, I'm sorry. But hey wait, the good part of Coffin is that the grief lasts for only a short time and usually the energy of the Coffin card is wuickly transformed into some other happy energy, may be of the card which lies next to it, 9-Flowers.

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