Friday, April 13, 2012

Sun + Book + Mountain= Tears!

April 11, 2012

My assignment was due. I desperately needed this operating system. All I needed was a piece of code, the operating system, few screen shots and that's it. I wrote the code, corrected it, got it double checked from a senior guy. I had everything ready, but the operating system.

I never understood why computers are so complicated and why don't the engineers code them in an easier manner? I tried, tried and tried but every time I had to face one problem or the other. I am really not a person who will give up. So I will try again, even though I knew it won't work. I did not want to lose the data so I couldn't install it on my laptop and the desktop was not allowing me to over-write the disk. Bla  bla blah! When I took the journal out, looked at this combo and told myself, no matter how hard you try my dear, its not going to happen today. (I still tried at least 10 times more) and finally cried and cried. I am really not good with accepting failure, and the worst part was I was going to lose 20 points just because of a stupid operating system. what kind of person can not install an operating system? *cried even harder*.

This has been my story with the cards so far which I read as when I drew them out

"Success with some learning/studying/project is not easy, rather will be delayed and huge obstacles stand in the way".

The message was clear, only I was banging my head with the mountain too hard!

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