Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 17: Sabian Symbol Scorpio 15


The first thing which caught my eye about this symbol, number 5. Why five mounds?

Photo by Lisa McDonald
The Numerology course I have been taking associates number 5 with Constructive Freedom.

This we can see being reflected in the presence of sand, children, and the mounds they have created in this symbol. Five is also associated with Leo since Leo is the ruler of 5th house and fifth house rules both creativity and children. Coincidence?

The way this week has been affected, what I gather from this symbol is that creativity is a kind of freedom in itself. Your mind, which is capable of having so many thoughts and so many ideas, imagination is a free pass to the world where we can create things from scratch and then try to manifest them in our realities. Sand castles is one example. Children are usually naive and less realistic than us. They have more powerful minds and thus  more powerful imagination and creativity. This symbol tells us that sometimes we need to let our creative mind wander and find a place where things are perfect. People like me, who like it better to stick to reality, its sometimes better to let go of the reality and just let the imagination take over. Like children playing around five mounds, pure, constructive creativity and freedom of mind.

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