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Grand Tableau for Month of April (Updated)

The initial cut:

Garden - Lilies - Snake
Garden-Lilies is a combination where one is just playing around, non-serious flirtations, and with Snake, which represents sexuality too in some schools, This looks like this month is full of some flirtations and probably sensual ones.

The First Three Cards:

Stars  - Mountain - Sun

I have found following meanings of these
Stars + Mountain = unrealizable dream, Calmness despite the obstacles, hindrances will disappear when you reach the top of the mountain

Mountain + sun = An important aid, A long but difficult road to success, soon there will be better times

I think this tells me that this month, thing might not be easy on me, but through my hopes and faith, I can finally have success. The important help is coming from the power of faith. I will start the month will hopelessness, but the end will be better.

The Four Corners:

Stars  - Roads = The objective choice, the choice which has to be made; right decision promises success
Moon - Fox = escapism into world of unreal things, illusions
Stars - Moon = Increasing sensitivity; peace and quiet; honour, acceptance
Fox - Roads = A cunning trap, a false decision is possible

This month I have to make a choice, an objective one, whether I want to live in the world I have created for myself or the one where I actually am living. Dreams are important, but taking them as a way to escape from reality is not right. Roads has been coming up a LOT in my GT and that too at the four corners for many times. Last month it was in place of Stars, in house of Rider and now its the last card.

Lady: My significator:

Lady is in house of Lady, its own house, so I will be more like myself this month. 

I was not being me but I did get a chance for self-reflection and I did end up finding a few things, specially bad, about me. It was more like "This is who I truly am, and this is what is wrong with me, so watch it". 


Lady - Birds: 
Lady is nervous/excited. gossips. I have been there about two months ago when things were very worrisome.

Fox - Fish - Scythe - Letter - Lady
I have been digging around a lot for finances in the very recent past. Then I received a news about some money coming up. I had a few bucks last month from the project I sold out.

Mountain - Tree - Heart - Lady
Some difficult times ended and new hopes started appearing (Mountain-Tree). My relations are healthy and I have been experiencing some healthy feelings and emotions (Tree-Heart) which will effect me in the long term I believe (Tree).


Anchor - Coffin - Lilies  - /Lady/- Book

I have been undergoing a period of stagnation (Anchor - Coffin) which is forcing me to bring balance, honesty and serenity in me. This is a period of calmness (Coffin - Lilies) which is not really in my control (above Lady). Below me is the Book, which tells my secretive and introvert nature as well. However, since the Book is below me, I can decide whether I want to remain closed off or open up.

This ended up being a situation which was painful, hurtful, depressing, restraining, and deprived me of any energy I had in me. The Anchor is what lasts for a long time, I'm sure the impact of what I have been through will last a life time. I had some serious learning to do. This actually was coming from a person from family, someone I love and adore (House is near-by, Lilies are there and Heart too). 
The Book is right under me, so it was up to me whether I learn something from this tough time or not, and trust me I did learn a lot, a lot about relationships, give and take, practicality of life and oh boy! Myself!


Diagonals: Lady - Cross - Man - Moon

I find myself unhappy, its just 5th April today, and the Cross has started taking its effect. Whatever lies next to Cross becomes important and here we have Man-Moon , a dreamy and melancholic man. I wonder who he is! I will look at the surrounding cards later.

Lady - Mice - Clover - Roads

My peace of mind has been violated (Lady-Mice). I got up last night at 3am to look at my GT if Mice was close to me because I feel totally drained of energy. The Mice is actually slowly draining me and there are so many mental issues which are so annoying. There is a chance that these worries are short-lived (Mice-Clover) and luck will finally strike. This opportunity or small happiness (Clover) will be paired with a choice (Roads). I will again find myself standing at a fork point. Choices, Choices, Choices!

The bottom diagonal is Garden. So towards the end of the April, I can expect some good people around me, probably going out and socializing more.

This month left so drastic effects on my life, I wanted to save a token for this.
This excerpt is from Susan Miller's horoscope for Aries, April 2011.

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone- April 2011 Horoscope for Aries

Birthdays are not meant to be the most difficult days of a year, it has to be the best because its MY birthday. If you have ever known an Aries, you would know what it means. This day was when both Transiting and Natal sun were facing an opposition from Saturn. What a Solar Return for the year!
I wanted to save this for a token. I will never forget it!

Counting 5 cards:
Lady >> Dog>> Mountain >> Ring >> House >> Storks >> Cross >> Scythe

So this month things were a little rough regarding my binding relationship with family, I had some responsibilities which needed to be taken care of and that left me trying to move on from there, but I could not. I had no choice. The Scythe in the end looks rather soothing.May be there is a cutting at the end and I could finally move on.

Fate Line:

Dog - Birds - Book - Garden
A conversation with a friend about a controversial secret which later on determines course of events.

Dog - Birds ( Scythe - Letter ; Anchor - Child)
A conversation with  a friend , about an unexpected letter, a news about a break or danger, which effects one's impressions and expressions in long term.

This ended up being the highlight of the month because my worst problem which has been upsetting me for about a month now was resolved because of this unexpected message from someone I once knew. This has given me an edge with my final year project and I'm happy about it.

Book - Garden ( Lady - Mice; Sun - Tower)
I think this is me closing myself off from public, which is draining me of the energy, giving me mental stress, trying to get myself in a high degree of safety.

I have gone out for one dinner during this whole month. My life was literally out of this world in this month. The Garden is the environment and things that are around us, and Garden being in 36-Cross house of test and pains, it was actually a pain what we have to do because of the people around us. This literally drained me of any energy I had and I ended up feeling safer and more comfortable alone.

To be continued...

April 15, 2012
I went through my daily draws and found out that its been only half a month and I have already drawn out 36-Cross on 5 out of 15 days. This month has been full of tests, everyday I find myself being tested, not to mention my natal and transiting Sun are at very much opposite to the Saturn right now. Saturn is also the planet which restricts you, puts you to tests and I'm very much seeing it already in my daily draws. In the GT, the Cross lies next to me diagonally to right. I'm feeling the effects in last 15 days. Cross is in house of Roads, which tells me that my way is very stressful but this is the way which I must pass through, its fate, its karma, its an exam, which I have to bear with. In house of Cross, lies the 20-Garden which tells me that I need to learn it for the sake of surviving the society and the people who are around us. 
Cross also mirrors Clouds, which tell me its the throwbacks and hindrances in my way which are making me depressed, then it reflects Tree, which adds the element of patience. I must be patient if I want to survive this test because I really have no other choice (Cross in house of Roads).There is no way out and the only way out is through it.

Looking at the Man card in house of Bear, its a Man who actually is little over-weight and is financially really well-off. He has Ship behind him because he loves travelling. He also has Ring and Snake around him so there is probably a woman and a relationship in his life about which I have doubts but no certainty. In house of Man is Letter which is right next to Lady(me), so he has messaged me today. We are diagonally connected like Lady- Cross - Man - Moon, this shows he is someone who gets on my nerves, and the very first thing he asked me about was my dreams. He knows I see weird dreams. Besides that I pulled Cross for today's daily draw as well, with Fish, he is an entrepreneur.Man mirrors Flower,Rider,Whip and knights Mice, Roads and Anchor, Lilies. It looks like he is bit troubled(Mice, Roads) and he just offered me (Flowers) to solve my some study related problem which I obviously declined. 

April 21,2012
I wrote above I did not know who the Man was in this spread and he is important because he is diagonally attached to me through Cross. 
So He is in house of Bear, so must be someone bossy, overpowering but protective and bit on the chubby side. In house of Man is Letter, which lies next to me, so he sent me a message first, in house of Letter is Scythe, so I sort of did not expect to hear from him after our last argument many weeks ago, in house of Scythe is Flower, but the surprise was rather pleasant (I'm a selfish woman), and in house of Flower is Bear, completing the series. So this man was very well anticipated by the cards.
The Cross lies between us, so its Lady-Cross-Man which tells me things are bitter between us and also he is a "blast from past". Cross lies in house of Roads, so I really had no choice.

Something about House:

We had some renovation done at home this month. Its not been finished yet but its almost done in terms of Structure. House in in house of 12-Birds, so there was lots of noise, chatter and nervousness because no one was sure how it will turn out. it was hectic and it stressed both my parents physically. They both are feeling ill. Tree-House-Coffin sums it well. My dad was not well before too but now he's more tired and stressed. I think House-Lilies-Mice suggests that.
Besides that my dad has bought a new car. He has been wanting this one for about 6 months now and he has finally bought it. This would be Storks-Rider I think. 

Something about M:
So we have come in touch again. Last night I asked the deck which card is representing him and the answer was Rider in house of Dog. He is a friend so it figures. It reflects Man, Flower and Whip which shows the pleasant and argumentative sort of relationship we have. The Bear is closer to him, which tells me its him. In house of Rider is Stars so yes he bring s new found hope in my life. 

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