Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ship+Snake+Cross: No travelling for you lady!

April 20,2012

This daily draw is from the day when I was to attend a very close friend's engagement part. She will be going off to the place where the wedding is to be held and I won't be attending the wedding. I wanted to go, I had to go but then the trip got cancelled because of a local accident here and also bad weather. She lives in a city really close but the highway and the party was at night, my mum did not let me go because she thought the weather and the accident has already scared her enough. So I did not go. I have pulled Cross enough this month to hate it for rest of the year. I would have wanted to see the Cross in first position instead, like I have it today, with Coffin. The post I write tomorrow will explain it better since the incidents of today have yet not manifested themselves.

Ship + Cross = destination, trip is not important anymore
Ship + Snake = a detour, travelling with a woman(mother).
Snake+Cross = ordeal for a woman, stroke of fate

It actually was a stroke of fate with the weather and the accident. I was not meant to be there!

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