Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snake+Fish+Roads: money oh money what should I do with you?

April 18, 2012

Like I mentioned in the weekly blog, Snake has quite recently started representing my mother in my spreads. Snake is usually a woman, mother, rival, a business woman or a detour of some kind. Some schools also call it trouble, mainly because Snakes are not exactly what you would want to cross paths with.

Margarete Ward's Book "Gong Hee Fot Choy- The Book of Dreams" says this about Snakes:

Many people think that a dream about an animal of whichthey are afraid, such as snakes, is a bad dream, but this is not true. If the animals in the dream, no matter what kind of animals, are in good condition, the dream is a good omen;if theyare in poor condition, the dream is a warning and should be given special attention.
To dream of being chased by an animal warns of a treacherous enemy.

This all of sudden reminded me of my dreams about reptiles, lizards, crocodiles and snakes chasing me. One serpent once tried to bit me too in my dream. I think I make too many enemies because of my Mercury in Aries (a loud mouth) and since Mercury has entered Aries, I should be warned and try to keep my mouth shut.So here I will take its either representing me (now-a-days) or my mother.

Fish is good. Its the card of money. We look at King of Diamonds as an entrepreneur who is self-employed and makes good investment decisions.

Margarete Ward in her book writes:

To dream of fish in any capacity indicates sharp bargains andmoney coming your way. Shellfish indicate secrets and profits.
Scaly fish indicate money and good times. Fish, as a whole, indicate plenty.

So basically its the money and gains.

The Roads, oh I have wrote a lot about them because I usually find them closer to me in my GTs.

Again from the same book mentioned above:

To dream of cross roads indicates you will be undecided in amatter in the near future where two propositions will be offered at once. This is a good dream.

Like I once wrote, options are good.

So the message of the day in this spread, was that my mother gave me some cash, since she did not buy me a birthday present, she thought if she gives me cash I can buy whatever I like. Now when she handed me the money I was sure what I'm to do with this money. I will invest it for the stuff I need for my University's project but then all of sudden my mother suggested that she has some of my money which I gave to her for keeping safe (I usually forget where I put it) and she said now I have saved enough so I should probably buy me a gold ring or a chain. This sounds a nice idea, I'm not a fond of jewellary but gold is like an investment (Snake is thinking like Fish), but then writing this here, I don't know what I'm to do with this money (Snake is facing the Cross Road).

simply put

Snake+Fish = woman gives/gets some money
Snake + Roads = woman is not sure, is presented with alternatives
Fish + Roads = a decision to do with money

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