Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another "Where" Reading!

Before trying to make sense of this reading, you might want to read this for clarification:

My friend Sarah wants to know where is it probable for her to meet her next romance. We did a Five cards draw first using Garden as the pre-chosen significator card.

The answer was:

Man - Whip - Garden - Tree - Child

The Garden-Tree is Hospital and Garden-Whip is a seminar or a place of discussions. It can also be a sports event. The Man-Whip and Man-Child shows he is a young man who is quite quarrelsome. Whip-Tree can indicate a repeated health issue or an issue to do with metabolism.
The Garden-Tree-Child can be a padietric department of a hospital. I would have liked to see Tree with Man to say if he is a doctor.

We changed the question to, this man's profession and this time we charged the Man card:

Stars-Ship - Man - Garden-Tree

The Garden-Tree has again appeared, which emphasise the fact he has something to do with healing. He is a popular man and probably travels or is from abroad.

Stars-Ship and Stars-Tree tells us he travels for peace or probably is into spiritual healing.

We then did the Wheel spread for locating him in which house he falls to determine where she can possibly meet him. This method is explained here:

The Man card was found in the 6th house of Virgo.

Using's associations:

Sixth - workplace

The workplace, doctors surgery, hospital, shops, restaurants. Inside something. Military base, co-worker's home, zoo.

Am I the only one who noticed Hospitals? I will give my verdict that he would be met at a hospital because this is what is standing out to me here. We have to wait a few months before I can update this post, but it looks very much like it.

I told her she needs to visit her doctor more often than ever *giggles*.

I would like to do another practice reading with this. Anyone up for it, leave your question in comment, it can be about Job, about love, even the dress you have been desiring but cannot find yet.  

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