Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grand Tableau for February 2012 (Updated)

Finally, my 6th Monthly Grand Tableau.

The Cut:
Fish - Lilies - Ring

I have found myself torn between many options this month. The mental balance seemed to be lost and a relationship that was once comforting was all of sudden hitting the rocks and situation was too unclear for me.

The First Three Cards:
Ring - Fox - Bear

A relationship (and I know exactly which one) requires some digging. Its time to open eyes and see through things with power of reasoning and logic.

This was referring to my relationship (a really strong bind and how I know Ring has been its symbol, because this card has always appeared in my readings for this relationship) with my Karmic soul mate. There were things that needed to be learnt and the thing I learnt the most from it was how strong I am, what mental and emotional strength I have got and how many compliments I can get for it (the last one was not a joke really).

The Corner Cards:
Ring - Mice / Man - Cross
A relationship gets broken, has holes in it, or is breaking up. Ring followed by any negative card means its hitting the rocks.
A Man is going to disappear from my life. The Cross ends whatever is to the left, here it is putting an end to this chapter.

Ring - Man / Cross-Mice
An unavailable man who is burdened and worried.

What happened was that, this Karmic soul mate of mine, I think our purpose in each other's lives was served, or at least his purpose in mine was. He did actually got wiped off the book of my life like he never existed. 

Fate Card: What is set in motion:
Garden - Heart - Rider - Moon

Garden - Heart can be a dating site, or a Lover's point, with Valentine's day this month, you know what I'm talking about. The Rider - Moon can be a romantic individual, a psychic message, a message in dream.

Well nothing like that happened though. There has been a new friend whom I met on line on a social networking site (Garden) and well, we clicked really good.I have been seeing lots of dreams this month, actually they are really vivid. I have not been able to interpret the meaning yet, but hopefully I will by next month.

Garden - Heart (a fair-heart person I met through a network of people) Storks - Clouds (brought a change, a positive change when the confusions were clearing up) House - Book (and makes me feel how introverted I am when it comes to family and close friends).

Rider -Moon (The dreams and the messages I receive at night through my divination methods etc, ) Sun - Mountain (are making me down, blocking my optimism) Bear - Whip (resulting in negative aggression and annoyed feelings, just like a Bear who is trapped in trouble.

The thing is that this month was really a bad time. There was lots happening at the same time, and most of that was because of Mars retro, Saturn retro and it was exhausting. I was greatly depressed because of my Sun sign ruler retro in First house, making me introvert, internally annoyed and at the same time Saturn retro right opposite my Sun. Too much frustration.On the top, Moon was being opposed by Saturn last few days, it was horrible.

Analysing Lady (me):
Lady is in house of Heart, and in house of Lady is Sun, even though things were twisting and turning, I was optimistic. My heart was warm and my head was high. At the far right of the spread, I was, however, constantly haunted by memories of the past. I'm so happy the month has finally ended. I would never want to be in the same place again. In house of Sun is Mountain, blockages, delays, being stuck, you name it. Its the exact Saturn opposite Sun placement here.

On top of lady is Man and Clover. Whatever was with this man and the small happiness I found, it was on my mind throughout the month. 
Below me, is Mice. Ok I agree it was in my control, but somehow, Couldn't do much.

Counting; every fifth card: Lady - Clouds - Garden - Fox - Dog - Child - Snake - Roads
I'm seeing that things are clearing up but still I see trouble with interacting with people or meeting new people, I have become cautious and then a friend helps out by bringing a fresh start and I feel like I'm going to a zig-zag road.
Fours: Lilies - Clover - Snake - Lady
The peace and hope are not stable , rather shaky for me right now. I do feel a sense of independence found this month.

Knighting: I was feeling like I'm locked into the past and I've lost the key(Key), this was stressful(Mountain).A friend was quite helpful (Dog).
Analysing negative cards:
Whip is in house of House and is closer to house as well. I had plenty many arguments with my family members this month. The Bear was making me feel like a Bear who is trapped. Also I faced some financial troubles, I was short on money and that was more frustrating. Closer to Tree, it caused some health issues too when I did a posture in wrong manner during Yoga (Tree).

Scythe is in house of Garden, my social life this month was absolute Zero. I did not attend a single party this month.Scythe + Sun cut my laptop's power cord that day, Scythe +Birds was my ended connection with someone close. He all of sudden (Scythe) stopped texting and calling me.

Coffin, right next to me, I was literally mourning over my losses this month. Coffin is in house of Mice, yes losses, I dreaded them. In House of Coffin is Man, losing him! Behind the Coffin is Roads, my options that were not available any more. 

Mice is in house of Moon, so many worries at night, worries about emotions, worries about dreams, everything. Fish - Mice was a financial narrow-path I do not have enough money and I need some stuff done which I cannot do on my own.

Cross is in house of Ring. In house of Ring is Moon. There was this relationship which was more based on illusions and fantasies, it ended though, not as painfully as I had thought.

Analysing Book for studies:
Book is in house of Snake and that is how my exams went (*sad face*). In house of Book is Anchor, I need to get organized and stable in my studies, which I still have not. Things got a little stagnant because of the semester ending and the new semester starts next month. In house of Anchor is Rider, I should expect a news (Result) soon which will complete this semester (Ring in house of Rider).
Book-Bear I had lots of workload this month, Book-Storks but things have changed after exams, I can relax now (Till the result ofcourse).
Knighting: The exams ended (Clover) and waiting for new semester now (Child).The project is scaring me ?(Coffin) and I feel nervous (Owls).
Analysing Key for what is important:
Key is in house of Fox , Some lies and treacheries are meant to be opened this month (and they did) and in house of Key is Garden , which tells me its success or a new change in social life. Specially with Storks nearby , I did not see any change, but I did find my strength back.

Covering Cards: Every fourth card is removed and removed Nine cards are shuffled and are used to answer some questions:
Who is this person Dog:
Clover - Lady - Moon
This is a person who bring me hope and makes me feel romantic and sensitive.

What is this relationship (Ring) about?
Clouds - Mice - Man
Clearing up the confusions for a worried man.

What about this love (Heart)?
Whip - Child - Scythe
This is repeated new beginning which happens all of sudden.

The nine cards are then used as a large card formation:
------------------Man + Child -----------------------
Scythe + Mice-------Clouds ----------Whip + Clover
-----------------Moon + Lady------------------------

The Clouds was me this month, so confused,troubled, nothing was clear.
In my head were the memories of him
At my deepest core was my emotions and the way I was feeling alone and strange, a lonely moon.
Behind me was the luck I had.
In front of me was the unrest, worries and hasty decisions.
[From Iris Treppner's Course]
In a GT there is lots to interpret, I would not write everything here, but counting and fours are a great way for gathering extra information. I will explain both methods in  my next post Grand Tableau part II.

Should I hire him?

Cross - Mountain - Lady

The question relates to my decision of hiring this person to do my software development. The question was about this particular person S since he is offering the lowest cost so far.

The cards are all, however, negative. Cross tells me it will become a burden, and that too, a heavy one and may be I should delay the dealings with him with the Mountains standing right in the middle.

Any thoughts anyone?

Clover + House

Like I have said earlier in my Lenormand single cards meanings, 02-Clover can represent leafy green vegetables to me. They have appeared twice or more times in my readings as this card. Today when I was passing the hallway, I saw my mother busy in the kitchen  went up to ask her what she was doing and all I could see was spinach , green peppers, spring onions and peas (BTW I found one with 9 peas in it, does that sound clover-ish?) spread all over the place. This strongly reminded me that I should have been expecting them today with my daily draw :)

Daily Draw!

I try to write about every new thing I find with my deck and my readings to keep my friends updated, specially those who are new and are frustrated because they are not familiar with the deck yet.

When we are working with any divine or fortune-telling system, we try to find the DEEP stuff or intricate details with it. While we are working with this deck, we get small details which we tend to overlook. Specially when one is doing a reading for a week, a month a year vs. a reading done for one day (which usually stretches over to 1-3 days). We tend to go deeper than we are supposed to. Its one of the reasons why I stopped doing daily draws a while ago, because I was thinking the energy of that card was not actually showing in my day, I was rather twisting the happenings of my day to make it fit the symbol or meaning of the cards and that is a bad way to practice with this deck.

Every card has some meaning, a symbol with a meaning or a keyword associated with it. There are levels on those meanings. We can either look at the deepest esoteric meanings, or the subtle, over-the-top layer meanings. e.g if I pull a daily card as Ring, it does not mean I'm getting married today, or Rider+Heart is not going to make someone fall in love with me today, or Garden+Rider means I will be jogging in park this evening, the energies of these cards is even more subtle than this. We should look at the hints that occur here and there during the day.

Keep practising but practise the right way. Daily draw is an amazing way to familiarise oneself with this deck, by be careful and do not overdo the meanings or analysis of the day.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Draw: Week 9 (Updated)

Flowers - Cross - Dog - Ship - House - Heart - Tower 

The Ship in the middle looks like something from far away, a journey, a change , a movement, getting out of town may be. The Ship can be an emotional journey too going away from where I am now to a new place, feeling new, or feeling alien may be!

Update: I was actually out of town for two days this week. It was a trip with family, to meet family (Dog + Ship + House). 

The Left arm:
Flowers- Cross - Dog - Ship
The Flowers are something short-lived, but beautiful while it lasts, an invitation, a gift. It is surrounded by Cross and Tower in combinations, a one-time offer, pleasure in standing alone, pleasure in suffering.

The Cross is fate, suffering, burden. With Heart in mirroring, A love for suffering again. Whatever is to the Right of Cross is what will happen for the person.Whatever is to the left is what stops. Dog can be a person or someone from family (Dog + House). This friend or family member is on a journey.

I think it is referring to my brother here who is on an overseas journey right now. He will be back before this week end. The Flowers might be a gift he brings (I doubt though!)

Right arm:
Ship - House - Heart - Tower
House is my home, family, or my private space. There is everything settled here for the week because of Heart and Dog around. The Tower however brings some isolation at an emotional level specially with the Heart + Cross in mirroring.

Overall: I believe my brother will make his journey back home and there will be love and happiness at home, but I might be feeling a little alone by the end of the week.

The Week was full of restoring energy because I went out of town for two days and it was worth it. I feel so recharged and so full of energy. I can focus better on work now. I had no friend visit me or my brother has not returned yet. The Tower at the end is about my back, which has been hurting a lot lately (since I came back).
King is King of Hearts and Heart is Jack of Heart, I was wondering if they can be my brother and father. They have some issues lately, and they are physically away from each other (Tower and Ship). The Heart-Tower shows me I feel secure and safer in terms of love now. The Flowers were just the fun and company I had at my cousin's place.

Cross-Dog-Ship was my friend feeling bad because I was away. He sort of has developed a deep attachment and doesn't like it when I'm not around. 

Garden + Ring

In this oracle, Garden represents, parks, social gatherings, a network of people, or the quantity "many". When this card appears you will know there are some people involved in this situation or some public place. What kind of place is determined by the card next to it.

Ring is the card for contracts, binding , some legal contracts that bind you into something. In the Blue Owl Lenormand Deck, its an actual Ring, therefore, the first meaning that I consider is either a relationship or a marriage. The Garden + Ring is the combo which I assume is referring to a wedding.

In my Daily Draw for yesterday I have had Garden + Ring. I was supposed to attend a wedding reception yesterday but I could not (I woke up too late). So I thought I had missed it but the Garden+Ring combo did not miss me. Since the morning I have viewed at least 4 wedding albums uploaded on Face book. Many of my friends have got married last month or this month, I have heard about so many weddings in last two years than I ever have in 22yrs prior to this. It seems like everyone around you is getting married (and yes its a crappy feeling).

Moral of the Story: When this combination appears in daily draw, prepare yourself to congratulate a few people, or you will hear about a wedding, attend one or see albums of one!

Reading Lenormand!

All readers, all learners and everyone who works with any kind of divination system says it over and over that one should always have one's personal system. No matter how many blogs you visit, how many helpers you get, no matter how many books you read, at the end of the day it will all narrow down to one method that is your own and that works the best for you.

All those beginners, and readers who are reading my methods of "nailing it", I swear it won't help you unless there is a personal touch there. Whatever way you read the cards, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, Please try to find your own system and your own method and trust me that will be one method that will give you astonishing readings. When you read them, do it your way, no matter what you are advised, or whatever some well-known authors say. Your cards and your intuition will work with you according to YOUR natural system, one method which is YOURS all the way and how will you know it that its yours? Because it works! That's how you know its yours!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lenormand Grand Tableau: How to?

I have been asked by a few friends about how I do it which system I follow and what techniques I incorporate. I do not follow any particular system, what I do is a mix of techniques which I have learnt over time. I did my first Grand Tableau spread in August and it was focused on one area and also covered a period of Four months. After that I also started doing one Grand Tableau for each month for practice. Initially there was TOO much going on, too much to take in, too much to handle, so many cards, so many combinations, the stories did not make any sense, it was  a mess. However, with the passage of time and trying different techniques, I did learn a lot (and still am) about different methods and different techniques.

I use a 8x4 +4 system. I never even tried that 9x4 system, although this is the spread used by Iris Treppner in her course.
This Grand Tableau was not dated in my Journal but its from sometime around August 2011.  It was done generally so it covers a time of 3-6 months.

The Cut:

Andy has generously provided us this technique in which we cut the deck three times from left to right and peek at the bottom card. These three cards are the root of the tableau and are always important.

The Four Corners:

I start off with the corners as the main, highlight, theme, significant event etc of the month. Card 1 + 32 and 8+25. Then 1+25 and 8+32 for extra information. This is what usually occupies me during the month.

Example: Anchor + Moon = emotional stability
Coffin + Clover = some lucky transformation, some suffering which will happen for good reasons.
Anchor + Clover = Small work, some stability or stagnation for good
Coffin + Moon = emotional pain, suffering

Locating the significator:

Next I look at the Lady card, the house it is in and whats its position with respect to the spread.

Extreme Left= Looking forward to something nicer this month, future-oriented
Extreme right = Pre-occupied with thoughts, regrets, things from past. Looking back continuously

Extreme bottom = Too much on head/shoulders.
Extreme top= totally in control

I have been in all the four extremes mentioned above and I have learnt the above lessons from experience. Last month I was at extreme left, so looking forward to new things in life, in high spirits. This month I was at extreme right, too much thoughts and regrets of pasts haunted me.

The House lady is in (for me, for men it would be Man card 28) is very important. It tells me my orientation for the month and also the card which is in house 29, is my general "mood" for the month.

Example: Lady is in house 5, of Tree, I have some learning to do, some growth, spiritual and emotional well being. With Dog in house 29, I'd say I'll rather be friendly, helpful and trustful this month.With me in house 5 of long term goals, and Dog in house 29, I will learn to be trustful and friendly.

Past, Present, Future:

Look at the cards surrounding Lady.To the left is the past, and to the right is the future.

Example:  In past there have been some blockages and they were making me feel stuck, but grounded. These blockages were of complicated nature but I overcame them and reached the spot where I was feeling optimistic.
In future there are some troubles which will lead me to cut off quickly from whatever was causing the pain.


Here comes an important thing about diagonals. I have learnt this from Andy's blog and this says:
Diagonals to left of Lady is Past and to right is the future;

  1. Left Lower diagonal: Farthest past
  2. Line behind Lady : Farther Past
  3. Left Upper Diagonal: Recent Past
  4. Right Upper diagonal: Immediate future
  5. Line to right : Farther future
  6. Right Lower diagonal : Farthest future

GT for April 2012; This spread is for explaining this timeline only, for rest of explanation please refer to first spread given at the top.
You are going in a clockwise direction and along a timeline.
The cards below Lady is what is in my control, the cards above are what is in my head, what I'm thinking or bothered about.

The Column I'm in is my present situation.

Miscellaneous matters:

Back to original spread given at top.Look at other cards to see whats going on in those areas.For these you can use standard cards for that area e.g Heart for Love, Ring for your marriage if you are married or in a long-term relationship, Book for studies, Man for your significant other.

28-Man is the most important man for that time in your life. Look at the cards surrounding him to see who it is referring to. Sometimes we cannot say for sure if that is the new boy-friend, or a brother, sometimes its a hunch or one particular card tells you its him.

Example: When I did this draw I was single. Lets look at Man card to see who he is. The House is closer, it can be a family member. Tower , someone Tall (all of us are really tall). Coffin, he is ill or going through some pain. He is in house of Bear, can be father. In house of Man is Clouds, he is in trouble, going through a rough period. I would say its my father. He was dealing with too much at that time and all the cards are pointing to that. He had a surgery for anal fissure (Scythe in house of Snake) shortly after this spread. He lost his mother shortly after the spread (Coffin in house of Coffin). 

Similarly lets look at 24- Heart for love.

Example: Heart is in house of Key. Love is coming my way or I will find a way to unlock my emotions. In house of Heart is House, so there is comfort. Next to Heart is Ring - Key - Storks, a change is definitely coming. Well it did, not shortly after the spread but within three months. If Ring and Heart are close by, there will be a happy union.

Who is who? (and what is what?)

Another successful and better alternative to the above mentioned method is shuffling the deck and asking which card is person X in this spread? This will give you a much better result. A fellow member on the forum mentioned this technique and it works excellently for me. You do not have to guess and second guess your theories about who is who. (and what is what).

Reflection and Mirroring:

Next step is reflection and mirroring. It is a classic method from Iris Treppner's course in which you make combinations as if you were folding the Grand Tableau horizontally and vertically. e.g
Card 1 + card 8
Card 2 + card 7
Card 3 + Card 6
Keep going like with each row.

For vertical: Card 1+ Card 25
Card 2 + Card 26
Card 3+ Card 27

and so on.

Similarly, more combinations can be used by:
Card 1+ Card 32
Card 2+ Card 31
Card 3+ Card 30

Card 9 + Card 24
Card 10 + Card 23

You can learn more and more about each card using reflection, mirroring and knighting. I'm not used to knighting as of yet but some people do that. I will not explain that here because I do not do it.


Next step is houses. Each position in the spread is associated with a card. If you put cards in original numerological order starting with Rider in position 1 and Cross in position 36, this is the houses reference for that. Rider is first house, what is coming , what your current thoughts are. Clover is where you are lucky. Ship is the house of longings and so on.This way you will know what is going on in each area. Houses are further explained here.


This was a really extensive topic which required detailed examples, therefore, I did a separate post here.


This is another very very useful technique I learnt. This techniques tells you to pick up a card as yoru significator (Lady/Man for individual, Heart for love, Book for project etc) and then count a specific number of cards from that cards and make up a story. Treppner says count five, so naturally I count five. I choose Lady, counting five cards from Lady (Lady card is number 1), and the fifth card is my card to be included in story

Lady >> 1-2-3-4>> 5-Rider>> 1-2-3-4->>5- Tower>> 1-2-3-4>>5 - Lilies and so on
you get it, right?

Lady - Rider - Tower - Lilies - House - Dog - Ring - Snake
Lady is receiving a news from an important man who brings her comfort  and this is a friend in a relationship which is complicated.

You can do the same for any significator card in your spread, Lady, Heart, Ring, Book, Child, Anchor etc.

The Fours:

I have used this techniques and it works very well for me. Although the surrounding cards in a spread expalin everything, sometimes we need a clearer and concise answer. For that, Treppner suggesta technique. You pick up every fourth card in the spread and shuffle it. Now think of a question. e.g Will I get any money? The Fish is my significator. Now out of those 9 cards you picked up, put one card on top of Fish and interpret accordingly. If I get clover, then yes, I am getting money. I usually pose 3 important questions and use 3 cards to answer each, utilizing all 9 cards in 3 questions.

e.g my question would be?
What should I be warned about (Fox)? and put three out of those 9 cards on fox card and interpret.
Who can help in the project (Book)? and three cards to answer this question
What kind of news will I receive (Letter)? and the remaining three cards to answer this.

To be Continued...

Lenormand Small Combinations!

I have found that using monthly Grand Tableau is a great way to make some personal combinations. This can be done using houses approach.

For those who are unaware, houses are the 36 cards, placed in their original numerological order and then each house (card) represents one area or aspect of your life. e.g Clover is luck and success, Ship is house of longing. You can check this out, it is where I learnt it from :)

Every month, we are well aware what happened around us in this one month. We know how lucky we were, what we felt, what happened in our love lives etc. Iris Trppners says that when interpreting houses, The original ruler of the house comes first and the card that is now in that house comes to the right. e.g when I have Ring in house of Rider, the combination would be Rider + Ring and not the other way round.
e.g here in my picture, Rider + Ring, Clover +Fox, Ship + Bear and so on. I have done this for my Grand Tableau and found it gives a great method to formulate our own combinations. Of course I was not able to put my finger on each of the combination, but most were eerily right.

For sake of convenience, I wrote the spread down and then under it wrote the house ruler (I'm sure that's not what they are called but someone had to come up with a name). This gave me around 26 personal combinations for this month and I wish I had done this before with other GTs I've done in past. Its easier this way since we have a focus (what happens with my health this month, what happened in love life, what gave me pain) and then the cards in those houses, it was a nice experience.

What you ask is what matters!

I have noticed something since I started working with this oracle. The importance of question!
How you ask or What you ask is the most important aspect of a reading. Many a times we formulate a question and then without paying enough focus on "what" we are asking we draw out cards. Only later on some one pin-points or we realize that there can be more than one meaning for one question.

I encountered this thing many times. Once when I asked a question about my brother and posted it on AT and someone said there can be more than one side to this answer. Next was when I was asking a question about my karmic soul mate and once I encountered it yesterday. I will explain with an example:

I wanted to ask the cards when I'm going to see (meet) this particular guy again. What would be the first thing that pops up:

When will I see him again?

Now look at the dimensions it can work it. I might see his picture in my albums, so technically I am "seeing" him.

Should I ask "When will I meet him again?"

If I'm crossing a road and find him on the other side, standing with his friend and we stop to say hello, technically I did "meet" him, didn't I?

So you see we do not consider these things when we formulate our questions. Some people say its in your head the cards know what you are thinking about etc, but I disagree, because I have had instances where my wrong question gave me the "right" answer, but that was not the question I should have been asking. I will post another example, an instance from last night, which made me stop, ponder and write this post here for others to benefit from.
For now I can just give following suggestions about formulating your questions:

1. Write your question down: It always helps you focusing. i always get distracted. Writing the question down helps me in focusing on what I'm asking. Besides re-reading the question after lying the cards down helps me in  giving a direction to my "story".

2. Be specific: Instead of asking everything in one go, break your problem into smaller questions and then find answers.

3. Look at your questions from different angles before shuffling the cards out. You might be surprised for what you get.

4. Take your time. there is no rushing here. If you are short on time, come back later. Do not rush.

This is all for right now, I have lots more to share after I analysed my GT for Feb 2012 last night, but I have to come back later!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Laptop Power cable and Lenormand daily draw

Today I drew the cards:

Bear - Scythe - Sun

Treppner associates Scythe - Sun combination with electricity and voltages. Bear represents power and strength. When I drew this combination out I was expecting some unexpected money news or some success. I even considered the probability of cash outflow since the Scythe was facing away from Bear (some money is going off because of whatever lies next to Scythe). Instead of that it turned out that the power cable for my laptop had been twisted and cut at a point very close to the chubby adopter and now its giving me trouble. I need to get it fixed and changed and finally I have a combination which turned out true and which I can put here!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Waiting for a surprise (Update yay)

I have never shared this on my blog but before I started reading Tarot or Lenormand oracle deck, I made my own oracle deck. It was just out of curiosity, to see if I am capable of working with intuition. My deck contains some words, a picture (which I drew just to remind myself what meaning I have assigned to this card), a season (for timing) and some cards contain a Planet or a Zodiac sign's name on it. This is the way I associate that card with that Planet or sign (helps me memorizing). When I was done with the deck, I did some really nice readings, for myself and for many friends and even some strangers too, that were pretty spot on. Later on I bought myself a Blue Owl and a Rider-Waite deck and I forgot about this baby of mine. Yesterday when I was looking for something, I saw this deck lying there. I took it out and looked at my creativity. I just generally put a question about what is expected between now and end of February and drew three cards

Moon - Surprise - Letter

The Moon is a crescent, like you can see, so it mainly represents, new beginnings, a new seed planted which will cover the events of the next lunar month, feelings and emotions.

The Surprises card has Uranus written on it, because I associate upheaval, surprises, roller coasters with Uranus. Its something that happens out of blue. With this card, I expect the unexpected.

The last card is the message card.

So I was expecting a message, which might be received around new moon or when the moon is just a crescent. This message can be a new beginning or a romantic one.

When I woke up today, I did my daily draw for today. Its the first thing I do in morning (after my human moments of course).

The cards were:
Child - Scythe - Letter
Hmm, an unexpected message, a new beginning when I get a sudden or unexpected message. Wait, isn't this the same message from yesterday?
Look at the similarities - Moon /Child - Surprises/Scythe and Message/Letter. It is the same message in both decks.

This is the second time I have got same message from two oracles, actually this is identical message from two oracles. I'm surprised , no, I'm awed actually.I'm waiting anxiously for whatever this unexpected, surprise message is about.

Update: The cards were telling me to be ready for the surprise because I honestly did not know I will get this message. I got an email today about a surprise reading which was done. I was so not expecting it, it was totally out of blue. The message did give me a new hope and a new idea to look forward to.

Love the cards!


Q: What does my Angel want me to know right now?
A: Lady - Garden - Ring - Mice - Mountain

Looking at the cards one by one
Lady is me, I don't have doubt

Garden can be a public place, a gathering, or simply a social networking site.

Ring is a relationship, a bind so strong that its hard to break. Ring has also represented routine tasks, a cycle you have to go through everyday.

Mice are small worries that are eating at you, that are causing stress.

Mountain is the major and huge hindrances, blockages and delays. Mountains are harder to climb than the other cards. This card has appeared in my Daily Draws a lot, in my weekly draw and now here too. I'm actually feeling very much stuck in a situation. I'm feeling like I have no way out.

Lady - Garden = A socially active woman, an outgoing, extrovert lady. I'm not very extrovert, but I do feel a lot like going to a park, closer to nature these days.In my LWB it says, a lady in public

Garden - Ring = A wedding ceremony. I have been invited to two wedding ceremonies this month. I did not attend one, I might attend the other though.In terms of routine, it can be the usual routine tasks that need to be performed should be done so.in LWB it says it can be a new relationship, a social agreement.

Ring - Mice = A relationship slowly being eaten at, a relationship with holes. A relationship that is broken, not intact anymore.

Mice -Mountain = Whatever is to the right of Mice is what is going to stay for a longer time. The Mountains are these blockages I'm feeling and these are stressing me out. Looks like I'm here for a while.

Using mirroring: Lady - Mountain = A blockage for woman, stressed woman

Garden - Mice = A cancelled event, a negative event

Interpretation: I feel like escaping, socialising, meeting people, I actually want to go to the wedding as well, but it looks like either the event will be cancelled or I'm too stressed and worried, and everything in blocked till I climb the mountain over. In the past I have had some social life, right now I'm just going in a circle (Ring) and in the future there are worries and blockages.

Angel Meditation:
I wanted to do this for many days, I was just not having a mind quiet enough to perform this meditation. Today I did it. I was lying down, listening to everything around, in my head I was lying down in a meadow, surrounded by green trees, red roses, purple lilies and green grass. I was inhaling the smell of roses and I could feel the cool breeze touching my cheeks. I saw a ray of light on the sky and then something appeared there, coming towards me. It had honey coloured hair, white wings, and perfect calm face, with a soothing smile. It was bare-feet and wearing a white long robe. It came near me and sat on a rock. I went closer and put my head in its lap. It felt very very calming and all of sudden I was not worried any more.  It started running its fingers through my hair. I lifted my head up and asked it some question which it answered with very calm voice and the smile! It put me to so much ease.

I strongly suggest everyone to try this, you can ask them questions and they will answer. I asked mine a lot of questions and it answered all of them. Sometimes the answers are all inside us, we just need to get in touch with our inner self to know them and this meditation will help you a lot with connecting to your inner self.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Moon in Pisces (Update)

I always perform a New Moon reading because the new moon brings a new start, a new chapter to a situation. This new Moon is in my 6th house of work and health. I have my Chiron conjunct. this new Moon. The intuition of the Moon with the Water sign of Pisces creates lots of emotional energy, healing energy and the sympathy I need to give others.

Q: What is significant for me till the next new Moon?
A: Ring - Clover - Anchor - Mountain - Flower

The Ring is a card of on-going cycles, new partnerships, a bind that once established hard to break. Here it shows me I will get into a lucky union (Clover) and it adds some colours to life (Flower). This binding looks very nice and pleasant and promising.

The Clover brings success, hope and luck to the querent. This luck is going to stay for a while because of the Anchor next to it. The Mountain blocks the luck or hope but at the same time, it can be just an increased hope.

Anchor at the centre brings stability, determination or a feeling of being stuck. Specially with the Mountain next to it it looks like some blockages are going to stay for a while.

Mountains are the blockages, the Delays, you cannot find a way around, you have to climb all the way to the top, but the view must be great from up there.

The Flower in the end, looks a nice and promising end to the lunar cycle. This can be a pleasant meeting, a gift or an offer. With reflection to ring, I wonder if I will get a piece of Jewellery as a gift.

Since the Moon is in my 6th house of work and health, I wonder if I will get a partner for my project at University since that was depicted by another reading. The Anchor is also related to work and routine tasks (Ring). The Mountain can be the blockages before I finally get things sorted in my favour. The Flowers at the end are promising that it will all end well.

Update: Ring has been appearing a lot in my readings but I think its not referring to a relationship. Its rather talking about the cycles of life , one of them coming to an end. With Flower, I have heard about an engagement quite recently.  The Anchor did bring me some desire to find some stability but there wasn't much that I did because of the Mountains. The cycle however did end on a positive note. I'm still unable to grasp the meaning of Ring-Flower and Ring-Clover in this context. My project's due phase has been completed, submitted and accepted. I have found some new developer guys at uni who are a great help. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

General reading with 3x3

After I did those two readings with 3x3 spread, my friend wanted a general reading of his life.A snapshot of my situation is what I call it.

The most astonishing part is we first decided to take Heart out as pre-chosen significator, but then I decided otherwise and went along with a general. The Heart card has appeared in the centre, emphasizing that the cards are aware that current focus is love.

First card: Scythe
At the present moment he is thinking about getting rid of something, something that is no longer needed.He intends to make a decision and a rather quick one.

Lets look at Rows:
1: He intends to make a suddden decision of cutting back at his social life and bring about some changes that will bring improvement in his life.This is true because he thinks he spends too much time just socialising among people who serve him no good.

2: He is having some lovely chats with some one who is financially independent. The emotional side of Fish (water) also mixes well with the Heart card. His love life is sort of going nice, but a little anxiousness is there.

3: He is looking for a solution which unlocks his path and let him decide what he needs to do.

Past: He cut back with conversations with a really clever one. He thinks the conversations were too much fake and not what they seemed like.

Present: He is having lovely interactions with people which is making him realize some positive things about himself.

Future: A clear financial improvement. An increase of wealth through more than one alternative.

Diagonals: Scythe - Heart - Roads = A heartache made him separate paths.

Storks - Heart - Fox = Some changes in love life have made him cautious.

Scythe - Fish - Fox = Sudden sense of clarity. Cutting at the blurriness presented by water in Fish is cleared out and Fox is presenting logic and guarding up for self-interest.

Storks - Birds - Roads = Changes have made him nervous about what needs to be done, which option to choose. (notice the Twos in all three cards, two birds, two owls, two paths) faced with choices.

Scythe - Key - Storks = A sudden solution which brings changes.

Fox - Garden - Roads = Many treacheries and betrayals made him separate paths with someone.

Here in the situation we can see some positivity going on in present and improvements in future. The Queen and King of Diamond can be a couple so I do not look at Roads as a decision, instead its reaching a solution. It looks like a positive spread for future. Another thing I noticed was that he has two 8's (of spades and Diamonds) in present column: which means according to some authors, a brief affair which causes regrets and this is exactly true for him right now. Also 8 of Diamonds and several Person Cards (we have five here) means a social gathering. I think it will be in future.

 I wish him luck and happiness.

Weekly Draw Feb 19 - 25 (Updated)

Taking out 7 cards

Scythe - Stars - Garden - Whip - Rider - Heart - Snake

The Whip in the centre with Garden and Rider tell me I might start gym this week, after I have recovered from the muscle pull from last week. Whip - Rider can be an argument with a visitor at home, or a news about a break-up. Whip-Garden tells me there are many arguments/discussions/troubles this week.

Scythe is back again, but this time there is a sudden idea possibly from a spiritual group online. I might visit some place at night (Garden-Rider) or someone comes over at night. The ides/new path will be lovely (Stars-Heart).

Rider-Heart-Snake : A troubled heart coming towards me. A news about a complicated love, a man with a troubled love life. Rider - Garden tells me he is someone social, Heart-Stars the love is wishes upon, and Snake - Scythe, the troubles will end.

Overall: There will be a sudden idea hit upon in a spiritual group or gathering where an aggressive man falls in love with an independent woman.
(some story I made) 

Adding the cards: 89 = 17-Storks Yay! A week with changes. Storks started appearing really often which I had some major uplifts in my life. Its really good to find them appearing again.

update: This week I started off with being gloomy and sad till I started paying more attention to my spiritual well being. There were so days when I was argumentative, pretty much a lot depressed. But I have been successful in having a person so close (Rider+Heart) to me who can handle all my moods swings (Heart+Snake).
Storks has been appearing a lot this month, I see some definite change coming up for me.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another 3x3 practice question

This question is a sequence to this post.

Q: What does she need to do in order to have a stable, healthy, long-term relationship?

The other question dealt mainly with what is blocking the way. This question deals with the aspect of what needs to be done.Of course an effort is needed in both regards and remember, both are different aspects, not same.

The first card: hope, faith and new path. This is my wish card, it tells me that we should never give up wishing on the Stars because we never know which one might come true. This card tells that she needs to remain hopeful and keep wishing. Its the power of faith that is biggest of all other powers.

The central card, Child. She needs a new beginning. Sometimes we are so used to the patterns and routines in our life, we forget the essence of life is change. She needs to start it fresh. Again the Child-like belief in things will also boost up the energy.

1:A huge power of faith and believe is needed, which will resolve the troubles she is in. It looks like her faith is being blocked because of the negative energy present around. Whip is the negative energy here which needs to end with Mountain/Cross. Whip can also be the aggression which of bottled up, results in depression.
2: The learning about working of karma and the working of power of faith will help her on the way. There is some learning involved. She can not get her wish until she learns that there are burdens which we all have to carry, and this is where the growth comes in.She needs to grow up/learn/mature spiritually.
3: The power of optimism, will eventually shine through the clouds, set backs and hindrances. She needs to be the sun, that one ray of hope which comes out of the Clouds will eventually get her going towards a change.

1: One one side of book there is night, on the other side there is day. After every night there is a day. The extreme power of faith and hope is all that helps us learn about the true essence of life.
2: After she climbs the mountain, which can be a spiritual journey too, will come a fresh new beginning and improvements (Lighter side of clouds towards Child). The future right now is unclear, unless the fresh start happens.
3: Troubles/aggression/discussions end and a new change happens.The last line is quite hopeful.

Stars - Child - Ship ; An innocent belief in change and movement.

Sun - Child - Whip : The energy needs to be channelized to another fresh start (Whip is something done for second time).

Sun - Mountain- Ship: A move to foreign lands.

Stars - Clouds - Whip: Literally clear up the Confusions so that the stars can come out. She needs some mental clarity.

Summary: In this reading I can see that some major hindrances need to be overcome. There is strong requirement for patience, clarity, faith and hope. It looks like nothing in the material world is holding her back, its more related to her spiritual well-being. Her soul needs to be cleansed and be new before something can happen for her.

All my friends, please send some positive energy her way so that things can eventually work out in her favor.


More Practice with 3x3 spread

I did one with the Flower card appearing repeatedly for me and it worked just really good. I decided to another one for my friend. This time I won't be using any pre-chosen significator card, instead let the cards choose the central card as the most important aspect of the reading.

Q: What are the obstacles on my way to a serious relationship?

The first card tells a lot about the thoughts at the moment. The Roads in this position tell me she is facing choices. She cannot make up her mind about what she needs to do or she simply has to move on, pick one, while she cannot decide which option (suitor) is better for her. The Clover shows there is hope, about more or better options which is stopping her from moving forward. This is where the trouble(Whip) is lying.

Lets look at the central card which is the focus, Moon. Moon card has been my favourite quite recently. This card represents many thing, illusion, intuition, feelings, emotions, romance, recognition, and above all our Feminine side. Now I understand why this card has appeared here. This friend of mine, is full of Mars energy. She is anything but feminine. This is where the problem lies. She is the man she wants to be with and this is where the problem lies. I think this is why the Roads are there in first position. She needs to get in touch with her feminine side and at the core of it she will realize who is good for her.

Lets look at the columns:
1: There is a decision which needs to be taken before a strong love bond can be established.
2: There is some psychic message or a message from the intuition which can be of help.
3: There is a need to straighten things out (Snake is twisted, Tower is something straight and clear).Whip can be discussions with mother or an independent woman who is someone with a "spine".

1: If she makes a decision, she will find luck and a younger guy (Whip) may be. This can also be an indication of a tough luck or troubled luck or she can't make up her mind because she is not very hopeful about her luck.

2: She is not sure about her true feelings. Her heart is not comfortable because of the emotional ups and downs she is feeling.

3: This seems like a bond/contract with isolation.

Roads - Moon - Tower: The way to success is going by the books. There can be some illusions regarding the alternatives available, but she needs to see them high and clear. Moon and Tower both are about status in society, and recognition. She needs to make a decision before she can be "seen" romantically.

Whip - Moon - Ring : Breaking up from the illusions and bringing some midnight activities in her schedule will bring towards her some recognition and a strong binding relationship.

Whip - Heart - Tower: This looks like a break up which has pushed her into loneliness.

Roads - Snake - Ring : Clearly the road to a serious romance right now is very twisted.
She needs to work great deal on herself before anything can happen for her.

Summary: She needs to find her self-esteem, a woman who is independent (Snake-Tower) might be a great help. Besides that she needs to make up her mind (Roads). The love for isolations she has developed is what is actually the biggest hindrance in her serious relationship. If she can get over these three things, although it does not seem easy, she can get it on just fine.

Weekly Draw Feb 12- Feb18

I forgot to write about this one in the past week, this spread ends today and I will just be writing a review of the situations in past one week.

Scythe - Ring - Ship - Man - Birds - House - Clouds

At the time I drew these cards, the most important man in my life was my karmic soul mate. He sits right in the middle. I thought it was him. Later in the week it was discovered it was not him.

Scythe-Ring tells me a relationship will break, a cycle of life will be discontinued, a new beginning happen when the Scythe clears the Clouds in reflection. Even though this relationship felt like home (Ring/House), it will clear things up eventually.

Ship right next to the Ring tells me there will be movement, away from the relationship(or whatever pieces are left behind). This movement is a journey which is not easy on my nerves and is making me anxious and nervous (Ship/Birds). Ship is moving towards the Man, so there is a new man towards whom I will be moving.

The Birds next to him show he is quite communicative person.

Update: There have been a sudden cut from what was between me and that karmic soul mate. It was nothing intentional, it just happened, like on its own. For last Five days I have not heard from him and I'm not even bothered. Instead a new man who is actually very verbal, has appeared. He makes me feel nervous. However, at the end of the week, I'm facing few setbacks (Clouds). I hope I will cut from them during this one week.

Repeatedly seeing number 8

I've had enough. I am constantly seeing 888 , 8 , numbers adding to 8 again and again. What is happening here? I was reading an article and it said when you repeatedly see a sequence or a number its your angels trying to bring something to your attention.

Just at that time I looked at clock, 3:23 = 8

I asked my angels, What are you trying to tell me through this number 8?

Anchor - Heart - Stars

Anchor tells me there is stability, security and determination. Heart in the middle looks like Love which will be new (Stars).

Together they tell me I will find a comfort point, a home , where I feel secure, I just need to be hopeful and have faith in the power of love. The Anchor 35=3+5=8, just enforcing the fact that home is where the heart is. My Anchor point or my comfort point lies in my dreams and my wishes, so I should not give up on wishing upon the Stars.

This fits well with the way I've been feeling these days. I do feel like losing hope, ending up dreaming since it is no use, my head says, but this reading tells me otherwise. I promise my Angels, I will never lose hope!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Drawing an 8 on an 8

Am I the only one who is seeing number 8 so often. Has this something to do with the Power of 8 I'm doing a research on. Every time I'm texting someone, I'd just look at the remaining characters and it'd be "888", and several other incidents. In Chinese culture, 888 is considered very lucky. I hope I find luck or at least luck find me.

Today I open my journal for writing the reading, did a mental calculation, what date is it, 17 = 1+7 = 8.

Cards drawn:
Stars - Coffin - Letter

Why am I not surprised to see the 8-Coffin right in the middle? Because on February 8th as well, I drew Coffin and I was thinking "I'm drawing an 8 on an 8th". The characteristic of Coffin is, it depresses me. Even for a day, but it does. Its appearance right in the middle tells me, something is ending today, and something will begin.

The Card to the left is Stars, my wish card, dreams, wishes, hopes, faith. The Coffin is putting an end to them. In other simpler words, my hopes are dying. How true that is! I feel depressed for no reason, not only depressed, I also feel hopeless, like there is nothing that can change it for me.

The Card to the Right is what will be beginning. Letter, tells me there will be a message or some correspondence that will  begin today. I hope its a positive one! If we look at numerology, we see 1+6=7, 8 and 2+7 = 9..nice sequence they have today. 7-8-9 = 24=6 - Clouds. Just to make my day perfect, I'm not even sure what I have to do!

I pull one card for Love everyday, the card I pulled solely for Love today was 8-Coffin. *sigh*, whoever is surprised please raise your hands!

There is lots of sadness surrounding me today. I'm sure its not just the Coffin, I know what it is, I know what lead to this and I hope it dies as quickly as it started. Still looking forward to the Letter.

On the Other hand, the cards I pulled from the playing cards deck:
4 of Spades - 8 of Hearts - 2 of Spades

(did anyone see that 8 right in the middle again or is it just me?)

4 of Spades means feeling a "stuck" in situation. Don't we know that by now. It can indicate stagnation, immobility and some changes need to be made.
8 of Hearts is sweet talk as opposite to the Two of Hearts. 8 of Hearts shows a heart-to-heart conversation with someone special.
2 of Spades is right at the end, again bringing up disputes today.

To me this looks like I will be feeling stuck in a situation where I'm wanting to or avoiding having an intimate talk with someone which will end up in an argument. This sure rings some bells.

I just checked the astrological chart and transits for this right now. What I see is the Transiting Moon is exactly conjunct Natal Saturn, which brings up a sense of responsibility, making me feel burdened, and it is Conjunct Natal Uranus, creating a need to shake free from the burdens. Also the Moon is transiting 4th house, where it brings an extra need for security, making me more vulnerable and introvert at this moment. Worried about building the foundations of the home and family. Moon is also the ruler of my 11th house which is represented by 16-Stars. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Oracles, One message!

Since I have taken up Rural Cartomancy course at Magic Circle School, I pull up at least one card everyday for practise. Today I pulled up 3 cards from the lenormand deck and three from playing cards deck. Here is something very interesting:

1. Lenormand deck draw:

Scythe - Heart - Birds

The moment I look at Scythe Card I'm always eager to see the card to its right, because the card the edge points towards tells us what is being cut at. The Heart right next tells me its a heartache. There will be an end to a love or I will probably hurt a sweet individual (Jack of Hearts). The Birds next to it tells me there are conversations, may be through text or phone. Now there are two possibilities

Scythe will end the romantic conversations
Scythe will end a love which will cause some nervousness, but this nervousness will not last longer.
adding them together = 46 = 10-Scythe, a strong emphasis on cutting at something. A hasty decision.

2. One card for Love:
 I usually pull out one card for Love, because the three cards draw can be anything, but one card for Love is for that only. The one card I got was "22- Roads".
Roads can be a choice, an alternative, two, sense of indecisiveness or separation (paths are separating).
This is interesting , I got two indications for a split.

3. Playing cards deck:
Moving on to the three cards drawn from playing cards deck

2 of Hearts - 2 of Spades - 5 of Clubs

2 of Hearts, love talk, exchange of emotions, lovers, couple
2 of Spades , separation, following 2 of Hearts , a split in a couple
5 of Clubs , things will work out eventually. The hard work is paid off. Recovery expected after bad cards.

So here again, I have an indication that there is a strong possibility of a separation today, definitely a romantic separation, but it will work out eventually or in other words, the grief will be short-lived.

I have to wait for the day to end, and see what happens. Will update when it manifests (I hope not).

Update Feb 17,2012: What I wrote about the Lenormand Oracle about the manifestation of 3 cards in 1-3 days is correct again. I was wondering all day yesterday what Heartache, I had an awesome day, I guess it is coming true today, because I'm totally heartbroken, and I'm totally sad and down because of it.
About the spread with Playing Cards deck, I did have some heart-to-heart romantic talk with someone, but we ended up having an argument the next day (today). I hope things work out eventually.

is this deck cute or what!

I was going through some random websites trying to find the original blog where the relationship spread in my prvious post has been explained. During that quest of mine, I came across the website www.mydivination.com where I coincidently clicked on the "Answer my thoughts" tab. The reading was generated using this deck called the "Energetic Lenormand" deck and this deck is so awesome it just caught my eye instantly. The colours gave me an instant energy and I felt very enthusiastic (which I have not been feeling really since after the Mars has gone retrograde :grin: ). Look at the concept behind the card, the Storks is an egg, you know something nicer and new will come out of it, the Rider is a Rocket, something that is hitting you really soon, The Rods look like two people are actually fighting using them, The Owls, don't they look the cutest, each card is so wonderful on its own.

I have always been wanting to make my own deck, I feel like I'll be more connected to the cards if I myself paint them, give them a meaning, but I was not sure I will be able to pull it off. This deck has given me a new sense of freedom in terms of expressing myself. I so want to buy some paints and brushes and start painting my own deck. I might as well use some crayons, since I want really vibrant colours (Have been working with the light coloured Blue-owl deck for too long).

I guess this is Universe' way of telling me I need to bring some colours in my life(and my readings :grin:)

An awesome love reading!

Declaration; I do not own this spread, I saw it on a blog in the early days when I was learning different spreads. Unfortunately, I could not find that blog afterwards.
Edit: Found it. Here is the original blog by Madam Seaqueen

However I altered the positions for the cards.I will explain why after I've explained the positions.

1. His Thoughts
2. His Feelings
3. What she does not know
4. What can bring them together (Bridge the gap)
5. The future on this course



So the man is my best friend's new friend who has asked her out twice. They have an amazing click and they fit together anything. She asked me to do a spread for her.

1. Key: There is a feeling of finding a solution, and answer which can unlock the doors for him. He thinks she is the answer to some questions he has been looking for.

She confirmed that he tells her she is the only one he talks to so regularly because she understands him, his humour and his problems.

2. Anchor: The Anchor card often reminds me of Capricorn, stable, structured, determined. This is what he is like. The Anchor shows he has some stable feelings for her. He feels secure with her. Anchor is a card which tells us something that is long-lasting, which puts a stop to movements (Anchor holds the ship in place). She seems like his personal harbour.

3. Ring: This can be a relationship he has been in before. Ring can also represent a deep devotion, a bond so strong. May be she does not understand but he feels a great bond with her. The Ring is however making me think,if he has been hiding about a relationship he has had before.

4. Stars: Hopes, dreams, new path. The Stars are my "wish card". Stars rule the 11th house of the Zodiac which also rules groups, friends and acquaintances. The Stars in this position tell me they need to dream together, have faith in each other and also the relationship. The Stars also represent new path, they need to move to a new path in order to bridge their gap.

5. Sun: Wonderful. Its a really positive spread with NO negative cards at all. Sun card represents true love as well. Sun is the card of energy, success with luck, abundance and optimism. If they stay on this course of faith and hope, they will have a beautiful future together.

This spread has made me so happy today. For the very first time I've seen such a positive spread where there is no negativity involved. If he brings the commitment(Ring) and she brings the energy (Sun) together they can create a new path to the stars (Stars).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tree + Garden + Flower

These cards were drawn on February 7, 2012.

 Tree + garden is my classic combo for hospital, because Tree is medicine and Garden is the gathering where people meet and it gets its context from surrounding cards.

Flowers are here again, but this can be a pleasant lady, with Tree, a doctor may be, with garden its a flower shop, a cosmetics store. Interestingly I had a dream that night that I was buying make-up on a cosmetics store :) weird coincidences!

I was thinking I might go to hospital, because I have got a muscle pulled an its just not getting any better fro last few days. Due to some work I did not go see a doctor.

However, it is said that three cards take 1-3 days for manifesting in real world. That was the case. I did go to hospital on Feb 9th, and there I met this really nice pretty lady (who was the ER doctor actually) and somehow she reminded me of this spread.

Thus, it has been established that the cards might not show something significant for that day only, but for next 1-3 days.

If you draw some cards for one day and then you feel like the spread did not indicate anything significant, wait for 1-3 days and you can always update your journal for experience!

Letter + Ring + Tower

This was drawn this morning. My first thought was a message, from my lover about splitting paths. The Tower card with Ring is a clear indication isolation from partner. The Letter would mean it would be probably a text message or an email. The Ring has often represented our relationship.

Letter - Ring - Tower

The cards I pulled out in my Playing cards deck (the one I'm using for my course in Magic Circle School).

King of Clubs - 7 of Hearts - 2 of Spades

The spread is read from left to right, like one card for morning, noon and night.

There is again an indication there might be a problem today. Looking at numbers and suits,  the morning will be busy, I will probably be working hard in the morning, the afternoon suggests an emotional problem, with a friend or lover may be, and the evening brings arguments and disputes.

This looks like a really bad day.I will try to avoid him altogether today and leave him alone if that helps him!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clouds+Coffin again!

I drew the following cards today

Letter + Clouds + Coffin

Letter is the card for written communication of all kinds, texts, emails, official documents.

Clouds is the card that is temporary but is negative. It means there are some confusions, throwbacks, unpredictable events.

Coffin, well, the ending, pain, illness, but again its temporary.This too shall pass!

With the combination above, I could see I will get a message from someone about ending some confusions. Clouds can be a man too who is too direction-less or who is not very sure about his steps. Coffin at the end tells that this man is depressed.

The message I received was from someone very close who was actually feeling direction-less (I believe Clouds meant him) and he wanted to put an end to something. No decision however, was made (Thanks to Clouds, he was too senseless to decide anything).

The Clouds+Coffin Combo means a negative day, something bad is going to happen but the key is not to panic. This situation is just temporary and it will pass soon. Take it slow and do not take any hasty decisions, instead postpone the matter and tomorrow is just another day, only its new! 


This picture is for a reading done somewhere else!

FOR reading done on LL:

For Topaz71

For my soul mate question:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

09 - Flower/Bouquet

This card has started appearing for me since February started and it has been appearing in daily, weekly and every other reading I have done in last seven days. The Flowers card has following meanings according to my research:

1. Something short-lived (they die quickly)
2. An offer
3. A present
4. A charming friend/sister
5. A woman with a loss, divorced or widow (Queen of Spades)
6. The company, people you surround yourself with for entertainment.
7. Creativity, art, beauty

I took a sneak peek at my GT as to what its implying and why it is taking most of my focus?

The cards I get in my GT for February 2012 are:

Book -    Dog  -   Man
Key   - Flower - Clover
Road -  Coffin - Lady

This looks like an offer from a friend, someone I don't know about. Key and Clover tell me its a lucky and important offer. However, the Coffin puts an end to it or turns it in to a bad event, because of a choice which has to be made. Book tells me I know nothing about this offer yet. Dog + Flower can be a female friend who has suffered a loss (Coffin) and is feeling she has no way out (Roads+Coffin).

The Flowers is in house of Bear, Strength and Power, while in house of Flowers is Lilies, which suggests again its an offer from a very important man. The other cards are Man - Flower - Roads - Sun - Heart, this man makes multiple offers which bring further warmth to my heart or warm feelings.

I still have to find out what my friend has to offer but its continuously catching my eye and appearing for me again and again. The surrounding cards look nice and I have to wait and see how it manifest in the almost second week of February 2012 (The card is in house 15).

I did a reading to ask
Q: What/Who is this card trying to bring my attention to?
(Pre-chosen card = Flowers)
From my blog, one must have figured I don't read 3x3 spread because I never really get there is so much going on, but I wanted to give it a try with this question.

First the four corners: Fish+Sun could be emotional/financial success. Stars+Whip means music in my LWB.
This invite/offer/gift can be something related to financial success, and spiritual healing.

Tower+Man+Heart+Clover tells me this single/tall/lonely man is lucky in love.

The Man is a banker or financially independent (Fish+Tower) and is seductive (Whip+Clover).This also suggests the cheerful conversation we have had and still having(Whip+clover). Flower + Stars, Flowers+heart point to being asked out on a date and the Sun tells me it will be something very nice.

Looking forward to this ;)

Update: This was really something worth it. The minute this man stepped in my life, the Flowers card stopped appearing. This man became a friend out of blue. We met and we had this instant click. The GT and the 9-cards spread were very accurate. The friend was not known to me when I did the GT. He came in my life after the GT (probably second week of February). My idea about the second week was right. He is a financially independent and we have had really cheerful conversations. He asked me out for a date totally out of blue. He does things sort of pretty fast. He has been hitting on my really often (almost all the time) and my heart, I just feel like its actually warming up a little :)
I have not accepted the offer yet, but he doesn't seem like the one who will give up. 

February 5 - 11: week reading

This reading is for the week from February 5- February 11.

Rider - Stars - Anchor - Child - Lady - Flower - Roads

The Child in the middle suggest a new beginning, in terms of stability or job, for a woman (Me). I'm working hard this month and feeling stagnant (Lady+Anchor).

Left side:
Rider - Stars - Anchor - Child

I'm receiving a message from my readings this month, probably about a new form of esoteric work, I will probably get a new way of reading the cards or an important message will be received which helps me learning a new form of esoteric work (Stars+ Anchor).

update: Wooah a lot has happened in this one week. I got a few readings which were pointing to an offer appearing soon enough. New-ness was the theme of the week and it worked very well in my advantage. I did receive a new hope, that things will change and start moving soon.

Right Side:
Child - Lady - Flower - Roads

This young but charming Lady is finding an alternate offer or an invite. The Roads+ Rider tell me there are many alternate solutions coming to me through these wonderful ideas (Flower+Stars). I probably will be able to make a decision which serves me right.

Update: I was on-spot about two offers. I did get two romantic offers. 

Adding them together: 125 = 35-Anchor. This week is about stagnation, but with Child there can be a hope for something new. Anchor can restrict the movement much since I'm having exams as well and I might be busy with them for most part.

The only thing that is holding me back is my stagnant life and the kind of life I'm used to.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Grand Tableau for Life

I did a GT for life when I was not in love yet and I was still stuck on a relationship with my ex- lover. That GT was an interesting one with me in house of Roads (I was supposed to make a choice and move on) and Coffin in house 29-Lady telling me I was undergoing the famous cycle of Transformation.

Last night I was thinking since my life has changed a lot after that, I have chosen a direction in my career, I have  chosen a direction in my love life, so why not do a GT about life NOW when things have changed, just to see what changes are reflected in both cases. Here I'm posting the new GT only, I will someday post the older one and this one both and compare how one decision has changed the course of my life.

Lilies ---- Ship ----- Roads -- -Cross -- Lady -- -Storks -- -Heart -- --Garden
Sun ------Anchor -- Flower -- Fish -- --Moon -- Birds -- --Stars ----- Child
Letter --- Tower -- -Coffin -- -Key -- --Dog -- --Tree -- --Book -- --Clouds
Scythe --- Fox ----- Man ---- Snake -- Whip -- -House -- Mount. -- -Mice
---------------------Clover -- Bear ---- Ring -- --Rider--------------------

Theme of the reading:
Lilies - Ship - Roads
My life is full of lessons learnt through the journey I've had by the choices I've made. I have always found myself facing choices, and my wisdom is an outcome of those choices.

Corner cards:
Lilies - Mice / Garden - Scythe

I will look at lilies in terms of wisdom and balance and Mice as something that lessens it. My life has been full of experiences by I have never really learnt to balance things. That has been an issue always.

On the other hand I avoid people, I avoid socialising.

Fate Cards:
Clover - Bear - Ring - Rider
Financial satisfaction while desiring a marriage/stable bond (The direction of Rider tells what you want/desire)

Fox - Coffin - Fish -Lady
The past has been a clever and successful subconscious transformation when I was trying to find my path towards light.

Lilies - Ship - Roads - Cross
Look how the decision has been made, how the choice has been made in the past with Roads+Cross combo. The Lilies - Ship - Roads tell me again about how I have learnt my way through the decisions I've made in past.

At Present:
Lady - Moon - Dog - Whip- Ring

I'm being sensitive and illusionary about this friend/lover ,who is tired or ached, because of some relationship which is not so fulfilling  and full of troubles (Whip).

(This rings so true!)

Future: Keeping on the same path way, if I keep going like this, the future holds
Storks - Heart - Garden

Storks bring changes. They always have. They are about improvements in life. Surrounded by no negative cards, I think I will fall in love, in a public place, or at an event.
What kind of event: With Child , it can be an event about children, or young women, Stars tell me its some kind of spiritual gathering.

(If its for women, what would he be doing there *giggles*)
Garden is in house of Coffin, so this confirms either its a funeral or a hospital, it can be a hospital ward for children.

Lady- Birds - Book - Mice

This tells me I will also be having some secret conversations which will stress me out.

Analysing Lady :
I'm in house of Tree, growing slowly and learning at my own pace. I'm known to be a slow one when it comes to growth or being "mature".  In house 29-Lady is Whip, I'm really aggressive and argumentative. I really love physical activities having a strong Mars in my chart. Right behind me I have Cross, whatever was before Cross has now come to an end. I'm restless now with Storks right next to me. I want to feel free. With Birds and Moon next to me, I'm also quite nervous about these changes and the words and promises which sometimes feel illusive. Lady - Birds - Heart tell me I'm nervous about this love of mine.

Taking a Look at Dog as my friend-cum-lover:
He is in house of blockages and he is actually trying to emotionally block me out. I find my ways towards him blocked. In house of Dog is Tower which confirms that he wants to be alone. In either direction for his future,  I see improvements (Clouds) and comfort (House).

I shuffled the cards and asked which card in this spread is representing my life partner and the answer I got was 28-Man

He is in house of Letter, so we might meet through correspondence of some sort. In house 28- is Snake, so he is either with another woman right now or is in trouble.Looks like he is facing some arguments at home (Whip+House). Scythe+Fox tells me he has been cautious with his hasty decision making.Right on top of him he has Coffin, and Tower, he must have had some recent loss, and it was meant to be with Key card.

I asked the cards which card in this spread represented my ex- and I got Roads:
The Cross stands between me and him which tells me he is out of my life now, the Cross has separated us.

Very interesting part is that the Roads card from my last GT here is leading to Roads - Flower- Coffin - Man - Clover which shows my decision of burying the memories of him behind, the good old days, and starting over with help of Clover, new found hope.

 The only man coming in my life (to right side) is Rider. The Ring lies next to him so he can be someone I will be in a legal relationship with. He is in house of Cross, he will be a test, a fate, karma. In house of Rider is Lilies, he can be someone wiser and mature, despite the fact Rider is someone younger.

This was really nice way to look at things since the course has changed in Five Months.