Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 14: Sabian Symbol Capricorn 22


Five of Swords
Paulina Tarot
This symbol was reminding me of 5 of Swords throughout the week.
This is the result of power play when two people, equally powerful are head to head and one of them gracefully accepts defeat, just for the sake of letting the other win.Some people are just not too good with accepting defeat, I'm one of them. I'm the kind who will fight for honour, umm, not only for honour but sometimes winning is the habit, the most natural thing ever and losing looks like something so unnatural. Yet, people like me, who are so used to fighting for the sake of honour and fighting for the sake of justice, ego, self-esteem, you may call it whatever you want, give in to the situation. Its not because the other person is more powerful, its not because the other person is smarter (oh that's not even possible) and its not because they are better than I am, its simple because, I don't want to fight!

Yes, its me, the Mars driven ram admitting that I sometimes give in to situations, just because I do not want to fight. I do not want to fight the situation when it does not make any sense. I do not want to waste my energy on a situation where I can give in and still win it.

Its between me and a Scorpio person. We both are usually neck-to-neck. It sometimes becomes more about egos than about the matter itself. We both hate losing and we both believe at our core that I'm right and the other person is so wrong. Yet most often, I'm the one giving in.

Now ask me why and what makes me give in. Because I know exactly where they are coming from. I know exactly how to win them over, by accepting defeat. If they are smart, I'm smarter. I know their weak points and I have a 24 years plus experience of living with them, therefore, I know what lies at their core. I often believe the Snake card in my lenormand deck represents me, because that's what I am when challenged. I will manipulate the situation, I will twist it around in my favour. I will bow down if I have to but I will, eventually, ALWAYS win, because losing is not my thing.

So back to the symbol, this symbol has taught me that sometimes, its better to accept defeat,it can be because:

  • Sometimes the relationship is more important than winning the argument
  • The other person has self-esteem issues and you can still win the game by accepting defeat and then totally catching them at their worst sensitive point
  • Its part of the strategy you have been making in your head
Other than this, I do not see defeat in this symbol, I see a sense of victory in the end!

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