Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Dream Interpretation (updated)

I am a dreamer, a heavy dreamer, that's what I call it. I have a Neptune influence stronger since I was 13years old and I have a fantastic mechanism in my head which makes me remember my dreams for years. There are many childhood dreams which I can recall right now. So my dreams have always been an integral part of my life since forever. Sometimes its a down time and there are no dream recalls, which upsets me. I'm so used to seeing them every night. Sometimes there are more than one and I would remember each incident from each one of them. So the long story short, I love my dreams. Their absence makes me miss them.

So when dreams are an important part of your life, so does their symbolism and interpretation. I think this is what keeps me interested in them, the solving the mystery part. Over the long time and my practice with interpreting them, I have found that the main thing about any dream is the overall feeling. The minute you wake up and this feeling you have, yes that's the root of it. I have had this really amazing yet confusing dream last night and was very much interested in knowing what it wants to let me know.Another reason this dream was very important because sometimes when I'm very much disappointed in my waking life, I call out to my soul mate in dreams, I mean I meditate before sleeping to invite him in to my dreams, and last night he appeared.

I was inspired by Madame Seaqueen's Trigger Layout, therefore, I first chose to do a box of 9, but then rather did the Trigger Layout.
While putting the cards down, I focused on the events in the dream. The people , the colours, the feeling, the events in the dream. So here is the position meanings:


Cards 1-2-3-4 = What the dream was about
Cards 5-6-7-8= What the dream symbols meant
Cards 9-10-11-12= How it is/will effect the waking life

The central Trigger Row is the key. No cards were pre-chosen. 

I will first write what the dream was. So I had a one-to-one self-talk session for the first time last night. I put my thoughts on recording, for myself, so that I will listen to it later. It was like I was talking to a friend, out loud, I'm voicing my concerns and my opinions about myself. I'm having some rough time for about few weeks now. This self-talk did help me a lot. After that I was about to sleep and I called on to my soulmate, like I usually do and somewhere in there in middle of it, I slept.

The Dream:
The dream as I remember it started with me in my parents home. There was an event going on, I think my brother was getting married. This guy was our guest. He was in the room which is away from rest of the house. I went in there and somehow we ended up finding a connection between us. I was staring at his face and he was staring at me and then he was kissing me and I got up from the couch and started looking for something. Someone saw us kissing a while ago and all of sudden someone came there, and gave some negative remarks about us. I wanted to say that nothing wrong was going on between us but my voice did not come out because in my head I said "I was kissing him how can I deny, no one will understand". It was more like he was told to leave immediately and I was wondering what happened because no one is going to believe me that I had some soul connection with him, we were not just playing around. Then he left, he was hurt, I was hurt and quiet and everyone else was busy with the bride or something.
So the feel of the dream was a sense of having him, feeling love, feeling those emotions intensely and then losing him just because others won't approve.


Row 1: What the dream was about:

The First card is the Heart, which definitely shows that there was love (lovers) in dream. The Mice right next to it brings the idea of stealing, or doing something without letting anyone know. The Coffin sums up the painful feeling, the loss. The Scythe in the end however assures that I recovered quickly. I did not cry or scream or anything, I was just quiet, wondering about how he made me feel. So this row has excellently summed it up.

Row 2: The meaning:
Sun -Rider looks a good news, Rider looks like someone is coming towards me, but what's worrying me is the Snake and Tower. This could mean that someone will bring some happiness in my life, but may be I'm too cold and distant for him. In the dream too, I was feeling like I was not warming up. I was mainly quiet in the dream. The Tower also suggests that I need to stand up for myself, I should have stood up for him in my dream, I should have made him stay. Now I'm realising why the dream left me uneasy, because I did not do the right thing. Just because someone won't approve didn't mean he had to leave, right?

Row 3: How it effects the waking life:
In waking life, I have got a confirmation that I should carry on with my self-talk sessions more often since they are opening up the emotional blockages I have in me. I'm usually not good at voicing my concerns, I will rather keep them juggled in my tiny head. So this looks like an affirmation that I need to open myself up, more in terms of emotions.

The spread looks positive even though the dream was fairly negative. I have actually liked interpreting my dream with this spread. I will see if I can get a few more (dreams) to practice the spread on.

So far, very glad I did it!

Update July 09, 2012

It was literal, and I mean very literal. I'm dating this guy, someone who made a re-entry in my life and just the day Venus Retrograde started I had a shift in my feelings. Throughout the Venus Retrograde I was scared if the feeling goes away when the retrograde ends, and if I end up hurting him again. After the Venus Retro I have realized that I'm actually in love with him. I have not felt this way about him before but now I do and it feels amazing. The most creepy part of the story about this dream, the guy in the dream was wearing a Maroon shirt and this guy, on our first date was also wearing a maroon shirt! 

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