Individual Cards Meanings

I have composed my own list for what they mean to me individually. I am working on the combinations too.What really needs to be understood is that these are personal meanings which I have learnt over time.

  Note: This is what the cards mean to me and its not necessary they will be true for everyone.So I strongly suggest everyone should work their own symbol system out and see how their cards speak to them.

Here are my individual cards meanings:

  1.  Rider = A young guy, active person, going somewhere, a visitor, a news from far away
  2. Clover = Happiness and success, Green leafy vegetables
  3. Ship = Freedom, lone-wolf style, longing for something, moving towards the card to right, travel, something or someone from far away
  4. House = your personal comfort zone, father, with Dog it can be brother, a mature family-man, family,personal residence
  5. Tree = Delay (since trees grow very slow), Its going to take longer than you expect, Karmic relationship,growth and learning
  6. Clouds = Confusions, clouded judgement, feeling of not knowing
  7. Snake = An ambitious woman, Complication, things are not straight, detour
  8. Coffin = End of something, Transformation, Pain, Death (not all deaths are physical)
  9. Flower = Offer, pleasure and happiness, with Heart = a date, with Ring = a marriage proposal
  10. Scythe = Danger, something which is going to hit you in head, the card to right is what's in danger, sudden and unexpected matter, with Garden = an illness which keeps you in bed.If you are in Scythe's house, you will get away from something suddenly and unexpectedly.The card to right is what will be cut off from, the left card is something important which will happen all of sudden.You must act regarding the matter on left side card.
  11. Whip = arguments, discussions, passionate debates, repeating something twice. Card to right tells what the argument is about.
  12. Birds = Two, older couple, at night, text messages, phone calls, too much going on, mental chatter, nervousness where everything is coming up & you have no idea what to do.
  13. Child = a naive person, something that can grow. Innocent person, new beginning
  14. Fox = Be cautious of what is to left. Think before doing something. Falseness, something is not right here, choose another way to do the thing you asked for. 
  15. Bear = Strength, Power, Father (some people take Bear as mother but for me it's always been my father or a guy) A boss, employer, cash flows. A guy with round tummy. Overpowering person.He can be overprotective.
  16. Stars = New path, night time with Moon and Owls next to it. When they together or all three appear, you will be talking to someone at night. Hopes, "wish upon a Star". Astrology, Success. Guidance (we use astrology for guidance, in old days they used to navigate their ships with the help of stars).
  17. Storks = Changes, Free flight, increase or improvement, something new.Card to left tells what's new or where the change is happening. Card to right tells where you are heading.Very positive card.
  18. Dog = With Tower= an ex- lover, a person you are loyal and devoted towards or who is loyal and devoted towards you, Friend, with Heart a friend who loves you or wants to be a lover, help from someone. I have Dog representing your lover more often than the Man card. Somebody you already know. If you asked about love forecast, there is a romance with a person you already know.
  19. Tower = A person with authority, "holding a high head", ambitious person, a tall person. Back or leg pain with Scythe. An institute, the surrounding cards tell what kind of institute, with Book, a University. A tall multi-stories building. Something from past; Ring+ Tower = a past relationship, It is also Solitude, loneliness. Somebody alone, single or cold. Life long goals & ambitions.This is a long term card in terms of time.
  20. Garden = Networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. Many in number. An occasion. Socializing.; Ring+Garden = Wedding party, Garden +Ring = A yearly gathering.some occasion that comes every year; Child +Garden = many new beginnings. Garden+Stars = a spiritual group, astrology forums
  21. Mountain = Stress, blockages, troubles, something that stands in your way. On top of House, family issues stressing you out. Rider+Mountain = Hiking trip; Mountain+Rider = message blocked. Its not a "NO" card like Coffin, it simply means there will be positivity but after a while. This card always delays matters when at the end of spread.
  22. Roads = make a decision. Nothing will come out until you make up your mind, Two's. 
  23. Mice = It eats whatever is to its left and it spoils for good whatever is to the right.Ring + Mice = a broken or stressful relationship, Mice + Ring = routine stress, regular and routine worries. Heart +Mice = worries eating you inside
  24. Heart = Love, not necessarily that kind, but any kind, e.g for a friend, for family.Ring+Heart = Love marriage, Heart + Ring = committed love (not necessarily marriage). Snake+Heart = Love is not what it seems, a woman in love, a love complication/betrayal , Heart + Snake = Complicated love life. A very positive card. 
  25. Ring = Yearly, cycle, Marriage, anything you are committed to. A contract in writing. Ring + Cross = Karmic relationship (even if its a burden). Dog + Ring = a loyal,committed lover
  26. Book = Studies if you are a student, Secret, something that is not decided yet, what needs to be discovered yet, Book + Dog = a man/lover/friend you don't about yet, undiscovered help, Tower+Book a library or a university/college. The card to spine side is what you do not know yet. The pages side card is what you already know a little bit about.
  27. Letter = a message, a document. Letter + Bear = cheque. When you get this card, check your email or mail box, there might be something there. with Tower, an official letter. A neutral card.
  28. Man = The surrounding cards always tell who he is. It doesn't necessarily be a significant other, with House and Dog around, he is a family member (father or brother).If you are a man, this is you.
  29. Lady = same as man. Surrounding card tells who she is. If you are a woman, this is you.
  30. Lilies = Sex, erotica ,Wisdom, someone older, peace, harmony. Dog +Lily = older,wiser friend. Heart+Lily = passionate affair mainly based on sex. If your lover is someone older than you this card may represent him.
  31. Sun = Success, energy, summers, optimism. Very very energetic card.  The cards around it tell where you shine. Clover + Sun = amazing success. When you get this card as the last card in spread, imagine all the good things coming your way soon. 
  32. Moon = Night time, intuition, recognition & honours. Feelings that are not exactly logical.  Man +Moon = a romantic man who relies more on his feelings, Moon+Owls = Phone call at night, Moon + Stars = well! you have it all. Its your dreams as well. With Lady its mother.
  33. Key= Yes, answer, solution, what's to the right is what's unlocked for you. Something that will definitely happen. The cards around are certain to happen, be it positive or negative.
  34. Fish= finances, money, financial independence, A financially independent man, something at a deep level. Fish + Ship = coming on top, some reason known after a period of blurriness.Heart+Fish love which makes you go crazy,in a good way. abundance, lots of something. I consider it positive card in love readings but watch out you may be too much engulfed in emotions.
  35. Anchor = Stability, work, employment, something not moving. Ship+Anchor = moving towards stability, Anchor + Ship  = inability to move, feeling tied down. It can also be daily grind, routine, what you do everyday. 
  36. Cross = Karma, fate (even if its painful). Full stop. Whats to left is ending. Whats to right is beginning now. Card under the Cross is not easy to bear. The card above Cross is destiny's decision and will happen regardless you want or not.