Sunday, September 30, 2012

week 40 predictions (Updated)

There is some problem with uploading pictures this week, so cards are:

Tree - Cross - Letter - Mice - Fish - Storks - Sun

Theme card: Mice is the card of worries & losses. This week there is  lost message concerning finances. I should check on the university's message & the security fee refund. I'm suspecting something will go wrong in that department.

This week I did find myself worried, anxious & a mix of emotions. The main thing that worries me is everything going right, but I am not able to say everything is ok on surface too. Finances is one of major concerns of course.

Left arm:
Tree - Cross - Letter
This week growth is halted when some important document is a concern or all of sudden important. Forget about health & fitness, get the papers ready this week.

I had to get the transcript from the University, which they have asked me to pick up since September 18th. I must get it as soon as I can.

Letter - Fish = a message from a man, a cheque
Tree - Sun = long term plans, goals
Cross- Storks = no stopping back, move on with lessons from pains suffered

Right Arm:
Second half of the week looks good specially I have plans to go out of city for the weekend. It looks like things are moving good & towards better between a man & woman . Financial improvements are in sight.

I had plans but I just could not go because of a death in family. The plan was cancelled & I wonder if that is what the Storks-Cross was referring to. 

There are three 7s which mean  emotional or spiritual growth.
This one has to be right, specially the way I meditate every night before sleeping & then the amazing dreams I see...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 39 Predictions (updated)

Theme: House
This week I will be more focused on my personal space & my home. This card is also King of hearts so it can also be my father who is having some health issues or another family oriented man, who is a friend.
There are Mice on one side so my dad is either worried (because of a minor issue or one of his children, Mice-Child) or There will be some worries at home. Either way one of my siblings is involved because of presence of Child card.

This was a week when I was feeling very nostalgic almost throughout the week. I was staying at home & also feeling very family oriented. I also felt a need for increased security & control. probably because of the Mice closer to House.

Left arm:
Moon - Anchor - Mice
I feel emotional & less stable during the first half of the week.This can be because of unemployment, or having nothing to do.

Other combinations:
Moon - Sun = there is success & light
Anchor - Mountain = stress again because of employment reasons
Mice - Child = small worries, no fresh start

Most of the week was keeping me down, for one reason or another.

Right arm:
Child - Mountain - Sun
There is light at the end of the tunnel for a new beginning but the path to that end is tough.

yes very tough. I see that I can be quite hopeful, I just do not feel at my best optimistic self right now. Just hitting a low.

There are two 8s in the reading which denote happy times.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 38 (already?)

Time is like flying seriously!!!

Week 38
Theme card: Flowers
I have this card in this placement after a long long time. This card signifies invitations, happiness, joy, & gifts. The most common association of this card I have is with invitations & offers. There is Dog & Key around it so I believe this offer or invitation is from a friend and its very significant for me.

Most important event of this month/of the year has happened this week. This was regarding an important friend. Dog-Key

Left arm:
Tree - Mice - Dog
Loss of health, or feeling moody & gloomy (PMS?) and as a result a fall out with a friend or someone close. It often happens to me.

Tree - Snake = health issues, complication related to health
Mice - Heart = loss of love
Dog - Key = important friend

It has been happening for last three nights that I'm having weird dreams, about a friend & I am feeling weird in terms of mood. My head is usually full of worries these days & its effecting me negatively. This is also resulting in me closing off from a friend really close to me. I feel like I should not talk to anyone until i'm feeling better.

Right arm:
Key - Heart - Snake
Some very important complications in matters of love between a man & a woman.An important event of love for a woman.

Well it was expected wasn't it? I had a detailed discussion & an unexpected encounter with my first high school crush. During Pluto transits last week, I realized I hadn't really gotten over the complications we had between us, so I told him I needed a closure. We ended up on a good note. I hope we will talk again.

Other information:
Two sevens indicate a change of events.

Well, definitely yes! Things have improved.

Lets see what happens!!!

New Moon September 2012

Theme card: Ship
Keywords: Travel, change, movement, longing

Since I do not intend to go anywhere I will look at ship as the big change. Storks is small improvement, but Ship is when you have moved on, moved past, or moved for good to something better. The trigger for this is Rider, a man who recently visited/entered/re-entered my life. He is someone successful (Stars) & sharp-tongue (Scythe). He is also someone physically distant from me (Ship). As a result of this change, I'm more logical, shrewd, & probably playful. says 
New Moon in first house: This New Moon placement is a powerful one—it's a time to reinvent yourself in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself.

This shows that Ship here means the time to change things, on surface & appearance.

The Ship has actually turned out to be the BIG change concerning my dealings with this man represented by Rider. I sent him a message on 23rd September, after 6yrs, & all of sudden it was like nothing ever went wrong between us at all. 

Corner cards: Rider - Fox tell us this man is someone very smart, also a liar. I never sugar coat Fox's role. Fox near a person card is always representing a liar & a cheater, although a very smart one. Fish-Mice shows there is financial issues or expenses.

Central cards:
Scythe - Stars - Ship - Lady - Ring ohoo this looks like this sudden guidance or hopefulness will lead me directly to a contract or a relationship.

A guidance or message had arrived that led to a loss of hope or faith. This relates to the time during last week when I was being quite hopeless about a situation.

Present: Scythe - Ship - Ring
Quick decision to move on to a relationship. I don't understand this right now. A long-distance relationship. A longing for a relationship. Whatever it is, I'm letting go of it.

A long distance connection. That is what I established right after this reading. I, unexpectedly, & without even thinking twice initiated a connection, which later became very strong, with a person very physically away from me.

Future: Fish - Lady - Fox
I find myself being cautious when it comes to money or finances.

Extra information:
Rider - Fish  & Ring
I see a man who deals with finances or a news about finance & money coming over. Either I'm having a connection with this man or a contract. Either way, its  positive.

The Connection, Yes!

Mice - Fox & Scythe
Three negative cards together. Loss of intelligence or truth coming out suddenly & unexpectedly. A hasty decision gone wrong.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but it is a hasty decision, something done on impulse, gone utterly wrong. I am in a can't swallow, can't throw out situation right now. 

Two Nines mean higher education or travel industry
Two Aces mean: leadership & authority

Have a blessed new Moon everyone

Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Life GT: Sep-Dec2012

Its been a long time since I posted a GT on my blog,mainly because GT is a lot of work & I haven't had much time on my hand for that. This is my fourth  final GT for this year.

The initial Cut:
Storks - Moon - Tower

I see a change in the way I'm looked at, appreciation & recognition comes from public & authorities. I also see a change in the way I handle my emotions & my dreams.

Love Life from Sept- Dec 2012
First Three cards:
Snake - Stars - Flowers
Its very important to keep the hopes high & expect the very best from life. This also shows that keeping a hope high is not easy but it will result in happiness. Two Queens also show there is gossip & lots of talking going on, mostly hopeful.

Four corners:
Snake - Coffin = complications ending
Anchor - Lilies = A stable harmonious time. Can also be a boss or a man met at workplace.

Lady card:
Lady card is in house of Lady so these four months I'm being more me in terms of love.

  1. Farthest past: Mice = there have been loses & worries
  2. Past: Lilies - Letter - Birds - Fox = there have been correspondence & false conversations, lies & deception that resulted in worries & being extra cautious
  3. Recent past: Stars - Roads - Tree = I have taken the path which led to a decision, some options & some life long decisions. Other than that, there has been lot of growth in making choices. Healthy choices is what I will put it as.


  1. Near future: Scythe - Rider - anchor = I believe there is another man coming up, someone who will stay in my life a long way, but I'm cutting away from him. The last card is Anchor so I think this will result in some comfort & stability.
  2. Future: Bear - Moon - Coffin = depression caused by someone over powering
  3. Farthest future: Storks = a change, an improvement

Present: At present my aggression, or my communications are under my control (whips) but Fish-Key-Mountain financial success is blocked, (yes) and its worrying me.The Mountain is right on my head, so I am worried.

The potential people I see coming are Rider & Bear. Rider is in house of Bear & Bear is in house of Lilies. So I'm sure these are two potential romantic partners coming up in next four months.

Heart is in house of Birds, worries, so I see there is stress & anxiety regarding love. In house of Heart is Coffin, so I do not see much happening. Heart is also Knighting Stars , so there is hope & wishful ness, It also knights Man, Scythe & Clover so its a mix.

Ring is in house of Key, so something important will happen,In house of Ring is Lilies & in house of Lilies is Bear & in house of Bear is Rider,so I do see an important connection developing.

Fate cards:
Ring - Mice - Whips - Storks
A connection will be lost, a relationship lost, as a result I lose the passion I have for it but I will move on soon.

Ring - Mice -(Birds - Fox +  Fish - Man)
A loss of a connection with a man who deals with finances. There is also stress worries & deception.

Whips - Storks - (Lady - Bear +  Flowers - Dog)
There is a passionate new beginning & a change in my approach which makes me stronger & resulting in some offer or invitation from a friend or someone I already know.

Opinions & suggestions are welcome & much appreciated.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 37- Predictions

Week 37
Theme card: Book
Keywords: Secret, learning, knowledge, learning, studies, project, exams result

Book with Child on one side and Birds on the other can mean there is a new beginning, which I already know about but there is mental anguish related to it which I do not know about yet. This is how I interpret Book. Whats to pages side is what you already know about but what is to the left is what you are unaware of yet.

Book + Coffin = Secret ends, a secret which is hard to bear
Book + Tower = long term learning
Book + Child = a secret about a new beginning
Book + Birds = mental anguish which is hidden
Book + Roads = a decision which is not known yet
Book + Storks = learning to move on

Left arm:
Coffin - Tower - Child
Coffin is ending of some kind & what is ending here is definitely making me strong enough to have a fresh start.

Right arm:
Birds - Roads - Storks
Mental anguish or worries about a decision to move forward. I can actually sense it already because I'm quite quite bad at letting go & in this week I will have to make a transition from one phase to another because of the things that have happened in last week & half.

Other combinations we have is Two Queens, so more gossip :D

First thing first, my result has been announced & I have successfully finished my Post graduate degree with 94%. So Book - Coffin was end to my studies. The mental stress I have is now I'm looking for a job and I'm upset because I have nothing to do now. It feels odd having nothing to do. But I hope something positive will be just around the corner.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 36 Predictions

I'm really late with this one since this week has been obsessively busy.

Cards for the week were:


Theme of the week: Tower
Tower is not only loneliness, independence & authorities but also things from past. There are positive cards around Tower so I expect this means the positive sides & good things happening.

First of all, my week started with my most dreaded Viva & final project presentation. Something went wrong & I swear I'd have killed myself if my insticts had not told me to take some extra preparatory measures. My instincts helped me & everything went very well, far far better than my expectation. This I can say that Clover had brought me luck with the Panel members and I could see their appreciation (Tower-Moon).

Left arm:
Rider - Cross - Moon
A negative message or person comes which brings some emotional pain. This week I have had 2 messages actually that upset me great deal. I can say because sometimes we believe we have moved past certain things in life, but then they just come & stare at us in our face & its very annoying.

Right arm:
Clover - Tree - Mice
Tree-Mice is a bad sign & that too because Mice is the last card. I just banged my foot with the steel door really bad & m afraid it might have hurt the muscle or the ankle joint & I also messed my thumb on the motion ride. I'm feeling very bad now.

Other information: I have three 6's and two 7's which means a get together & social engagements & life changes & trust me I can feel both happening because of each other at the same time.