Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A break in blogging

From my previous few posts you must have noticed that I'm planning some travelling. I will be leaving tomorrow and during this time I will not be posting any daily or weekly draws. The posting shall be closed till 28th June 2012.

Lots of good wishes and positive energy your way.

God Bless all. Amen

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 24 & 25

I will not be able to do any kind of daily or weekly readings for next two weeks, therefore, I decided to pull out 7 cards for my next two weeks.

Week 24 and 25
Theme card: Letter
Key words: Information, mail, email, document

The Letter as theme card is telling me I need to check my email regularly something important shall be coming up. The Letter - Moon tells me that its a letter about some honour, recognition, or the project approval *fingers crossed*. The Coffin on the other hand is making me worried.

Left arm, week 24:
Stars - Snake - Coffin

Not liking this at all. Snake has represented my mother in many draws and the Coffin next to this can be she falling ill. Not a good sign. The Stars-Snake tell me there is a new path, new hope arising, but its not as straight as I think its is. There are twists which will not last long when the Coffin will end them.

Right arm, week 25:
Moon - Sun - Garden
I have had Moon - Sun before too in a reading and I saw that manifesting as lot of satisfaction and emotional content. The Garden in the end shows a busy period.
Moon-Coffin is my depression combination. Garden-Stars is a spiritual group. We will see how it manifests.

There are two 8 in this reading, which show good time, pleasure and fun time. This is supported by Sun-Garden.

Update: This was one hell of a ride for me. I had so many problems and so many good things happened in just few days that I'm literally exhausted. The theme card was Letter, which represents some information, but I remember another word used for Letter which is superficial. I came to learn about some really hard aspects of life when some people around me who were accompanying us on the trip showed their true faces. This was the Snake -Coffin thing because my mother actually fell ill. She is not good with handling tensions.The project approval I wrote about was actually temporarily approved. 
The Second half manifested as the satisfaction I got. It was very pure, satisfying and some really awesome moments of my life. Garden-Stars was the spiritual group we met there, Sun-Snake, some good days and some bad days, and Moon-Coffin = Depression which I did experience a lot many times.

Home sweet Home!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Draw June 6, 2012

Weather : Cloudy

Cards: Snake + Fish + Heart

Key Card: Snake

Key words: An older lady, complication, detour

Prediction: The Fish is a card of money, investments and business. This complication or lady is either related to money or investments or is badly engulfed in a situation. This situation is relate to love or a younger person (Jack of Hearts).

An older lady who is good with money and investments is in love.

A complication in matters of heart is keeping me occupied today.

What Happened in relation to cards: The whole day was loaded with problems, problems and more problems. There is so much going on right now I don't even know from where I start sorting it all out.The complication does not only involve a matter of Heart but also lots of other practical stuff, the project, the travel plans, my periods being late, its so so so much going on. Oh darn it, I was unable to remember this word yesterday but Fish to me is "plenty" as well. Plenty of complication.

Observation: The Card Snake in major spreads has always been a lady, but in daily draw,it can be a complication.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Daily Draw June 05, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Book - Tower - Moon

Key Card: Book

Key words: education, project, secret, learning

Prediction: The Book is the card which represents my studies and specially my Final Year Project. The Tower with the Book represents either my university (I'd prefer Tower-Book for that) or self-study or independent study mode. On the other hand Book-Tower could mean a secret which will not be revealed.
Tower-Moon is an institute which deals with public matters or recognized institute.

A long-standing secret about a well-known institute.

An independent learning about an institute which deals in public matters

Success with the project/document after independent work is done.

What Happened in relation to cards:
I could not possibly place this one today. I have no idea what this daily draw was referring to. I had to go to university but I could not because I was busy with work stuff. The Moon in the end is showing otherwise because Moon means success. Besides that I was discussing the University policies with a friend today.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 23 (Updated)

Cards for the week:

Coffin - Mice - Tower - Stars - Sun - Heart - Clover

week 23

Theme Card: Stars
Key words : Hope, guidance, new path, success

The card Stars is also associated with spirituality, astrology, astronomy, and the science. In my readings, this card has also represented astrological transits and a psychic lady. With Tower I'm wondering if there is a association or organization of psychic or astrologers which brings some success (Tower - Stars-Sun). I was reading some Russian meanings I have collected and it said a strange thing "Stars means calmness, it can also be associated with colour Blue". Blue is my favourite colour to meditate on when I feel down, it calms me. Stars - Tower is honours and success.

Stars and Sun is a great combination, because it speaks about success and luck. So at least the theme looks good.

Left arm:

Coffin - Mice - Tower
Where the Mice is eating at the negative energy of the Coffin, the Mice may also be some worries which will upset me a bit too much. I'm not liking the combination of Coffin-Mice and then Mice-Tower. Coffin-Mice will put an end to the problems I am having, specially the feeling of having too much to do and too little time, but Mice-Tower looks like these worries will make me lose my self-confidence and my ability to do it alone.

Coffin//Clover is good pair as it is suggesting after a period of bad luck, hope will be re achieved. Mice//Heart - Loss of love, for the first half of the week, I can say yes.
Tower//Sun = This looks promising finally something nicer to look forward to.

Update Mid-week
I'm really surprised how I was so so so down with worries and so stressed. Then all of sudden I started praying, after a long long time actually. Its the power of faith that keeps me going and my faith was being so strong that I finally got over one of my major problems, one is on way to solution and the others will be solved in time too. 

Right arm:
Sun - Heart - Clover
Sun warms everything that is around it. With Heart it looks like warming of the heart. Ending with Clover it looks all good during the second half of the week despite the fact that Clover is reflecting to Coffin and Heart to Mice. I'm hopeful (isn't that what the Stars are about).

Reading as a story: After a period of bad circumstances, the worries are going away and putting me back in position. There is regained hope and success, which leads to a happy and content heart.

I have 2 negative, 4 positive and 1 neutral card here. There are more Reds than Blacks (5:2) and also there are three 6's. Three 6's either denote money gained or a small gathering or party. I'm expecting a family get-together this week.

Update week ends:
The second part of the week was probably the best part of my week without a doubt. The Sun-Heart combo brought a lot of luck , happiness and warmth in matters of Heart (not romantic, but something like affection for someone). But I did feel some down times, some worries, some doubts (Heart-Mice) swarming in my head. The get together was fun actually.

Daily Draw June 4, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Bear + Anchor + Fox

Key Card: Bear

Key words: An authoritative man, power, strength

Prediction: Bear as the daily card is putting my focus on my strength today. I feel like having too much on my plate lately. I had a bad sleepless night and my head was full of worries. There is so much going on that when I say my prayer I have no idea how to fit everything I want sorted right now in words. The Anchor can be the daily grind which I am facing and facing badly these days. The Fox in the last position adds element of fake and false to the draw. The Fox is also card of shrewdness and cleverness. I also feel like I am not that much strong as I think I am. I have two 9's in the spread with one 10. 9 of spades and 9 of clubs. Two nines can be some monetary gain or higher education. So here are my two cents:

 I'm just skilfully pretending I'm strong

The mental strength I need to go through my day, somehow manage everything on my plate.

What Happened in relation to cards: It was the 2nd interpretation I made above. I had so so much on my plate and there was so much going on. I had to de clutter the disk drive in order to install visual studio on it,(which I still have not), I had to finish the final report (I'm like half done) and there was an assignment, a project presentation and so so much more. It was a day which needed lots of mental strength (Bear-Fox) which I did not even have to get the tasks done. Determination was the key.

Observation: Fox is not only the card of lies and deception, its also a card which deals with logic, shrewdness, strategy-making and cleverness.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grand Tableau for June 2012 (Updated)

GT for June

First Cut:

Ship - Snake - Sun

Travelling with a woman (mother or an older woman) towards South, or towards a warmer place.

This was sort of expected. I went with my mother to a warmer place.

First Three cards:

Lady - whip - Flowers

A lady is disputable
Cheerful conversations

An argumentative lady is having cheerful conversations.

I have had my fair share of both. I did enjoy some awesome moments and I did have some outbursts of anger as well. I literally had many troubles just because I overreacted.

Four Corner cards, theme of the reading:

Lady - Clouds - Heart - Child

Lady is confused because of this new love.
Which new love, I have no idea but I do find myself confused right now.

This is one aspect I did not want to discuss because I was actually very very confused because of a new romantic interest developing. The reason was because it re-started or re-initiated during Venus Retrograde. Like it is said that Venus Retrograde is not a great time to start a new romance, so I was worried if the feelings will last even after the planet goes straight.

Past, Present, Future:

Since I do not have any past cards in this spread since I'm in first house. This puts me a lot in control this month.


Lady - Anchor - Book - Child
Lady is stable and determined about her studies.

I was very very determined to get everything in order even though I was supposed to be on a vacation. It did require lots of courage and solid determination.


Lady - Whips - Flowers - Dog - Storks - Cross - Ring - Heart

Lady is having discussions, hopefully cheerful ones, with a friend who is bringing a change which MUST happen. With Cross I have learnt that it tests us, puts us through the worst but its always a big lesson you learn out of it. To the other side of the Cross lie Ring+Heart which assure that once I pass this test, on the other side there is promising love and affection.

I have had my Cross moments in last 2-3 months. Some really tough ones. The Ring-Heart actually made me feel very committed and in love with spiritual/religious aspects of my life. I feel renewed. The Dog-Storks must be pointing to this friend, who all of sudden became somehow more important than before.

Lady - Fox - Rider - Mice - Clover
Lady is being deceptive with the messages that are bringing worries and as a result there are some lost opportunities.

I cannot believe how truly I interpreted this. I was being deceived, I was being cheated, and I lost, wasted my precious time because of these people who were deceiving me.The Fox next to me was telling me to be smart, act shrewd and keep my eyes open.

Fate Line: What is set in motion:

Lilies - Coffin - Clover - Ship

Loss of peace and harmony, no sex life, while the trip is successful. Luck and opportunities are found while travelling.

Loss of peace and harmony, so true. My peace was put to grave during this trip. Yet I did find some cherish able moments on this trip. The Clover came after the Coffin, so after the tough times, there was a ray of hope.

Lilies - Coffin (Moon - Mice ; Storks - Cross)
Feeling restless because of depressive feelings and changes not happening. What would be more depressing for an Aries than no change happening.

I now know what change was being referred to. This change not happening or putting me to test was so depressing. 

Clover - Ship (Garden - Snake ; Flowers - Dog)
Luck and opportunities are found on a trip while there is a lady around me, a friend possibly, who presents with an invitation or a gift. Snake has represented my Mother often in GT, so I'd say things will run smooth between both of us for a while.

In my journal I have written Garden-Snake as a troubled group, or troubled environment. It was actually very complicated for me and it required lots of patience. The only good part was my sweet brother around me who was with me through good and bad.

Daily Draw June 3, 2012

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Cards: Roads + Key + Dog

Key Card: Roads
Key words: Choice, alternative, short journey

Prediction: The Roads as the key card would be a choice or a decision which must be made. The Key adds a level of certainty to this. Whatever lies to left of the Key must pass and the result is whatever lies to the Right. Today looks like an important decision or a choice when it comes to a particular friend. Key + Dog also shows that its a friend who is important or who could help in making a decision.

So I have following interpretations:

An important choice has to be made concerning an important friend

A decision has to be made and a friend will be of help

I could not help but notice numbers 22 and 33 appearing in this spread. Number 18 is also equal to number 9 which is a powerful number.

What Happened in relation to cards: The situation mentioned above, the first one happened. I waited all day long for him to at least send one text but its so disappointing. I understand the big conference and everything but one text would not have hurt, would it? Friends do not do that to friends, do they? Enough with the drama, but all day long I was finding myself constantly trying to make a decision, and considering my alternatives. Its very important for me to teach him a lesson so that he stops taking me for-granted. One of the alternative was whether I should not talk to him after the conference ends and he calls me on 7th or 8th June and he finds that my cell phone has been switched off. Then I somehow control myself from texting him and I go have fun travelling around till 24th of June and keep him wondering wherever I have been. Fascinating. Or may be I should just take his call and talk to him in my coldest tone and pretend that I don't care about his presence or absence. Must make a choice, its important.

 Observation: Card 2+3 is always a good description together for card 1. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Daily Draw June 2, 2012

Weather : Cloudy
Daily Draw June 2, 2012
Cards: Key + Stars + Lady

Key Card: Key

Key words: Guidance, new path, success, hope

Prediction: The Key is a very important card and it always unlocks something in our lives. The card which is modifying Key is Stars. So the nature of this answer or solution is abstract, in terms of hope and new path. Together they say finding a way to a new path or finding hope. Whatever lies to the left of teh Key is something which will definitely happen. Key is the solution, the answer, the key to a locked door. I have the key to finding hope for myself (if the Lady is me) or a psychic or astrologer Lady brings me some answers (Stars + Lady).

What Happened in relation to cards: This turned out to be my research on which house and which part of my natal chart the upcoming lunar eclipse would be falling. I came across a blog which is a combination of tarot and astrology. A good read for horoscope. I was on ipad otherwise I would have saved the link for sharing.

update : Here is the blog I liked for this tarotscope.

Observation: Lady is not always me in the daily draws. It has represented several women in the daily draws. The card which is next to Lady is usually a description as to who she can be.

Daily Draw June 1, 2012

Weather : Clear
Daily Draw June 1, 2012
Cards: Letter + Child + Storks

Key Card:Letter
Key words: email, message, mail, information

Prediction: The Letter is usually a document received, an email, a text message with some sort of news. Here with Child and Storks I'm sure its a message or a news. The Letter's modifier is Child, so the news is about a Child, or a young lady. The Other modifier is Storks, so this news is about a move or a change. The Child and Storks is a combination for pregnancy.

What Happened in relation to cards: All day long I was expecting to hear about someone's pregnancy and I did not find a single clue to this daily draw, until I watched the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother. Lily is pregnant and Marshal is going to be a dad yay. Besides that I did receive a disappointing email from my university professor which stated he did not get my email with the coding files. Google sent the email back to em with a message failure report. This gives me enough time to improve the code (Storks) till Monday.

Update June 2: Another funny thing happened last night after I had updated this. My friend text me and we were just chatting through text messages and while discussing something she made a joke that she was pregnant. 

Observation: What I have observed is that the daily draws ' energies are sometimes very subtle, it can be a movie we watch or a television show. The cards do manifest in more than one ways. Its important to read both card 2 and 3 as a separate indication to card 1. card 1+2 and 1+3 are two other combinations.

Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Month Analysis for May 2012

I always take a look at the cards which appeared the most in my daily draws and then I look at them in my GT to see if they were connected to me in any way or anything major.

The First qualifier for this month is Flowers with 6 appearances.

In the GT here: The card Flowers lie in the house of 15 Bear. Bear and Flowers is usually a generous present. The cards which are closer to Flowers are Ship, a gift,surprise from far away, from a lady (Snake). This was the present which travelled half the way around the globe and reached me this month. I was the present of these adorable oracle deck and the book which I won in the giveaway on Saturness' blog.

Other cards with equal number of 5 appearances each are Sun, Bear, Lilies and Cross.

Sun is in house of Whips which increases the heat, specially it needs for one to hit the gym, just to cool oneself off. In house of Sun is Bear, so this creates lots of heat. Imagine the temperature outside. The Sun is the card for success, luck, warmth and also source of energy. I really really need to hit the gym, just to sweat so much that I cool down.

Bear and Lilies are next to each other and they have Dog closer to them. This was about a very important friend who is both round and chubby and older and wiser.

Cross, the card which made so many appearances last month. This card lies directly next to me with Key. The Cross lies in the house of falseness, there were some false lies and betrayals which had to be taken card of and I did. Cross reflects Sun, Tree and Roads thus, it was something which had to be done for my own well-being and good. 

Week 22 weekly Draw

I cannot believe the week is almost over and I'm uploading this one now.

Ship - Child - Moon - Mice - Dog - Stars - Lady

The Mice card is in the middle again. This card is the card of worries, loss and anxiety. The Mice actually is the voice in the head which does not let you sleep at night. The Mice this week is eating at my feelings and my recognition, while making me lose a friend or my general trust and friendliness.One of the things about Moon-Mice is sleepless nights which I am having these days.

The Mice actually ate at my nerves and my sensitivity towards this friend of mine and I ended up disappointing him. He has not talked to me in two days.Other than that the Mice kept me worried for most part of the week. One after the other there are some disappointments and worries.

Last week ended with discussion of a trip and whether or not I'm taking one, I decided on the very last day of the week that I am going and this week the Ship is present at the start of the week, the day when the paper work started.

Ship - Child - Moon

Child - Moon is my combination for hyper sensitivity. I have been hyper-sensitive about this trip because I do not have a choice whether or not I want to go. I didn't know whether I wanted to be happy about it or sad about the problems that have been nagging in my head.

Dog - Stars - Lady

Stars are making me hopeful and also the friends have been a great support in making me feel happy about the situation. Just last night I was being worried about something and my friend was there to support me and he told me that being positive will bring me positive things only. The Lady is reflecting Ship which means I am looking forwards to this trip. The Dog is reflecting Moon , this friend is quite a sensitive friend. The Child is reflecting Stars, I'm very much happy with the renewed hope.

This turned out to be my friend's expectations and hopes related to me. I know I must have disappointed him, but it was not intentional. He has not talked to me in 2 days now.

Daily Draw: May 31, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 31, 2012
Cards: Ring + Lilies + Child

Key Card: Ring

Key words: a contract, a connection, completion

Prediction: Ring + Lilies is my combination for an "affair" or a relationship which is solely based on sex. Since it is a daily draw and I'm expecting to hear from my project developer about the modules he was constructing for me, I'm hoping he will reply me by tomorrow. This will mean that a contract has reached maturity, or come full circle. The Child in the end is giving me a hint about a new connection possibly establishing. I also have Child in house of Ring this month.

What Happened in relation to cards:
The contract that existed between me and this man (Lilies) has actually reached maturity. I paid the final amount and he sent the deliverable. The Child card came in to play in the evening when I rang the actualy developer up and I asked for the help with that. He told me a few things which this Lilies guy did not tell me. It was a small clue, I have to dig more which I intend to over the weekend. They are both interconnected this is why they both are King and Jack of Spades. King and Jack together in a reading also suggest someone from past appearing again. This actually happened Yesterday when a friend from long long time ago all of sudden contacted me again. It was a daily so I will not read too much into that.