Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do I know him?

I drew up a horary chart for this same question and I wanted to see if I can find a similarity between the answers here in cards too.

Q: Do I know the person I will be married to?

Fish - Letter - Book - Flower - Roads

Fish = As a person: dreamy, with elusive power of imagination, persuasive, charming, commercial, someone who loves contacts and to travel, someone enterprising, with open personality.
12th house, Pisces, subconscious matters

Letter= Communication, correspondence, emails, texts etc

Book = mystery, secret

Flower = pleasure, offer, gift, invitation, a Yes card

Roads = Choices, not knowing what to do, alternatives, indecision

The Book in the middle and the Fish card confirm the 12th house placement in Horary Chart I drew up for this question. He is someone mysterious, secretive to me.
The pages side of Book is towards Fish+ Letter which shows he has been communicating with me.
Letter + Book = news that you wanted to hide or agreement which must remain secret. Letter+Flower is happy correspondence. He likes talking to me. Our correspondence is a secret. The spine side of Book is facing Flower+Roads, which means he has not offered me yet, Flower+Letter is the invitation which is at right side of Book. This can be because he is not sure about this yet. why is he not sure? Roads + Fish tell me either he has some issue with finances or he is not sure at emotional level.

Overall, there are no negative cards in the spread, but there is no Yes card as well, except for Flower. Therefore, there is secrecy and mystery surrounding the spread. Even if I know him, he has not come out in open yet.

The base card: Tree = spiritual rooted connection. I have some deep past life connection with him, that is why the Fish card and he is present in 12th house in the chart.

Adding them together: 118 = 1+1= 28- Man- Its depending on him whether or not I know him. Or he has been represented by Man in my questions.

Using the NO-LAYOUT method:
Significator : Man

Mice - Key - Child - Man - Dog - Clouds - Clover

Presence of Key and Dog are confirming that I know him.
Present Situation: Child + Man + Dog
He is innocent, pure, somewhat childish, and he is a friend or at least he is friendly towards me. Child can be a new start as well, so right now he is giving a new start to our friendship.

Past to Present situation:
Mice - Key - Child
In the past situation has been worrisome and unsure because of his immaturity or an immature woman (is this me) involved in the situation. or our relationship has found a new potential for growth.

Present to Future situation:
Dog + Clouds + Clover
In future I see that our friendship will have some troubles, these troubles will be followed by small luck, which will also not be very favourable, because the dark side of the Clouds is towards Clover.

Lessons of Life explained with Lenormand!

Whenever I meet someone significant or someone who brings something positive in my life, I take that person as a way of learning something from life. Everything, every relationship we have is meant to teach us something. I am so happy and so satisfied in this relationship, I had to know what I'm supposed to learn from this happy part of my life.

Q:What am I supposed to learn from this relationship?

Snake - Stars - Clover - Ship - Fish

Clover in the middle tell me 'm supposed to learn to be happy with small things. Cloverleaf is small happiness, short-term bliss, and I'm supposed to find this short-term bliss in hoping, dreaming and wishing (Stars) while feeling free to let go the sight of harbour (Ship) and getting out of my comfort zone to find something of greater value (Fish).

Snake is a card about Transformation, because they shed the skin and start a new cycle over. This tells me I should leave the older patterns behind and start to a new path (Stars) which will bring me happiness (Clover).

Clover + Ship + Fish tells me this is my lucky journey towards being independent and self-sufficient. Fish card is the card which has ship in it , water can represent emotions, Ship can be emotional journey towards self-fulfilment.

If I look at this spread in terms of classical Past, Present and Future spread, it tells me I have left the past behind and found a new path (Snake and Stars) and right now I'm blessed with happiness and joy (Clover). In the future, there will be a journey towards emotional self-sufficiency.

The base card was Scythe. Scythe tells me the whole lesson is based on letting go. I'm a kind of person who is not very good at this bit. I hate letting things go, but this is what my lesson is. I'm supposed to leave things behind and move on.

Adding all: 62 = 6+2 = 8-Coffin = Transformation. This relationship indeed here is to teach me about transformation and death as a way of starting over. When something dies, we are supposed to let it go and move on to the next thing. Death is just another form of life.

How I have loved the way this deck has answered my question. So true and so to the point!

Storks + Letter + Lilies

This one was for today:

Storks are one of my most favourite cards in the deck. They used to appear a lot for me when my life was transforming at so many different levels and they are the bringers of good news, improvements, good changes in life. Storks bring some nice upward movements in life, some increase, a change which is nice, depending on surrounding cards.

Letter is an email, a message, a document, usually a message as a general statement will do it. 

Lilies is a lover if you are in love, or an important man in your life. My boyfriend has been represented by Lilies often, therefore, my thoughts automatically go towards him when I see this card.

Storks bring an improvement, a change or something better. What will bring this change/improvement? The Letter at centre looks like a significant message, From who? The card to right describes. Its a message from a lover, or an older/wiser man. It can be a piece of advice as well.

What happened was that I thought Lilies was my bf and I expected some happy news, some significant message from him, but nothing. He was busy for most part of the day and when he did talk to me, there was so much negativity going on in my head, it just was not the Storks+Letter moment.

After that, a friend of mine, who also happens to be a secret admirer (I don't have him considered as a lover though) brought some nice changes to my mood. He actually just text chat with me and try to resolve the situation and that turned my mood instantly better.

  1. When 17-Storks appear, look for a change
  2. When 27-Letter appear, look for a significant message
  3. When 30-Lilies appear, its not necessarily your boyfriend or lover, it can be some sincere wise advisor kind of friend too.

Good luck with the Storks and hope they bring positive changes for everyone who have them in their draw for today!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New moon In Aquarius Reading

I started doing a New Moon reading about two new moons ago and they were not very successful, therefore, instead of Five cards, I tried Nine Cards. This draw covers time from one New Moon to next New Moon and tells about one significant event until then.

Fox - Moon - Man - Ring - Bear - House - Book - Child - Rider

These are too much to take in, I really am no good with too many cards, but I will try making one from this one.
Fox+Moon = Illusions, apparent success
Moon + Man = Sensitive emotional man
Man + Ring = man in a relationship
Ring + Bear = Strong relationship
Bear + House = home, security, mother
House+ Book = Secret home, secret from family, secret will be revealed to family
Book + Child = child/woman does not know, woman who is studying, secret with woman
Child + Rider = A new beginning brought on by a message.

This put together tells me , An illusion for a sensitive and emotional man who is bound in a relationship so strong and so comfortable, about keeping a secret about his correspondence with a young woman or is secretly visiting her.

This is very interesting situation and I would like to see how I get to know about this secret!

Update: I have realized it was me, the Child card. The Bear in the centre was the strength and the power I have got because of this relationship with my karmic soul mate. That relationship taught me many things. 
The Fox and Moon tells me I was too much into an illusion, I sniffed it out though. This relationship, a strong connection and the comfort I had with this man, taught me the importance of relationships in life. Since I learnt the secrets, I decided to move on, only more cautiously this time (Rider-Fox).

February week 1

Weekly Draw for Jan 30 - Feb 05

Tree - Clover - Roads - Cross - Sun - Ring - Fox

The Cross in the centre has never been my best experience. It usually leaves me burdened. It is said what is to the left is ceasing, Roads on the left tell me my options are limiting now, I won't be having any choice to get out of it. But what is to the right side is what's in store, and is meant to happen. Sun tells me success is coming my way now.

The Cross in the middle actually made me cry several times this week. I found myself utterly depressed. Several times I thought of ending things with my bf, had several arguments and it was a bad week over all.

First half:
Tree - Clover - Roads
Tree is illness, rootedness, spirituality. With Tree+Fox I should be careful about my health this week.

Clover is luck, small happiness, something good, nice surprises, Clover+Ring can be a continuing luck.

Roads are our options, choices and also a decision to be made. with Sun in reflection, its something which is leading to good.

Together they tell me Some illness will be resolved bringing me to a decision point.The clover is making me feel good, but Roads with Cross is not a good sign at all.

The Tree is said to be a good sign when its near the cards with Trees, like Roads,Garden etc. The decisions I wanted to make for my spiritual and healthy well-being were blocked with Cross at the end. Also the Cross is the point of transition from past to future, everything before Cross is what ends. The spiritual well-being (Tree+Clover) took me to a point where I cannot find a way out now (Roads + Cross).

Second half:
Sun + Ring + Fox

Sun is happiness, success, energy and optimism

Ring is something you are totally committed to . It can be anything, a relationship, a contract legally binding you, a cause you are devoted towards.

Fox is lies, betrayals, deceit and cleverness.
a week before last I had Sun+Ring and my relationship was going very smoothly even though we had ups and downs before. Iris Treppner says Sun can represent true love as well. With Ring I'm thinking about our relationship, and how it makes me happy. Ring is,however, followed by Fox. This clearly tells me I need to investigate things. There is something here which needs investigation. Its very strange because the Fox is catching my attention regarding my relationship with this man, but then I just tell myself, he is really clever that is why Fox is appearing. Here, with Ring, I'm definitely curious if the relationship is based on lies of some kind !

Now the problem is that my relationship is stuck between my caution (Fox) and my optimism (Ring). Ring+Clover makes it a happy and lucky relationship, with double energy (Sun+Roads) but the Fox+Tree keeps a nagging on my mind that I should keep a check on the things about which I was never suspicious before.

Adding them together:135 = 45 = 9-Flower. Its a pleasure and a relief to see this. Flower always brings happiness, invitation or some gift. I'm all set for this week now *relieved*

The Flowers is a mixed card with flowers of various colours and kinds. This is how my week passed. I had several moods, there were good days, bad days, (and rainy days) and it somehow passed and left me with a good note that no matter what, time goes on!

Whip+Lady; Lady+Scythe+Man

This was a very interesting incident when I drew these cards out for my daily draw last week.

The original three card draw was

Whip - Lady - Scythe

I saw myself being very aggressive and argumentative. I wanted to see who will be the victim of my hasty or ill-thought aggressive decision *evil grin* so I drew a clarifying card. Wooha, it was Man card. Someone was becoming a victim that day.

Whip is trouble, discussions that get heated, arguments, break-up, conflict and suffering here.

Lady is of course me.

Scythe is danger, cut at something, aggression, break-up

Man is of course someone around you.

Now the theme looks like fighting or breaking away and it looks like I'm the one doing it. To who, for this I pulled out the clarifier, which was Man.

I was having a meeting with someone that day and I knew I'd not fight. Why would I break up with him?

The result was that I actually ended up saying "I want to go home" because things did not work the way we had planned. I don't like when that happens so I was flipping a lot.

So when Whip and Scythe appear, you know you will snap.
Have fun learning! 

Coffin+Book+Heart; Lenormand Small Combinations

This was a significant daily draw from yesterday.

Book is secret here for me. It can also represent studying, exam, apprenticeship etc, but here it is secret.

Heart is your love life, a love in your life right now, feeling, warmth and compassion.With the playing insert, it can be some loving and caring person as well.

Coffin is the pain, the illness, but the good part is its always presenting you with a new beginning. Death is just another form of life, re-birth and re-creation. If your love is giving you pain, it simply means you are provided an opportunity to make it last longer, stronger and better.

Book + Heart is a secret love. It can also be the love you don't know about or when you don't know what the other person is feeling.

Coffin + Book = This suggests there will be some pain coming out in open from hiding. Some revelation will make you sad and depressed.

In one line "Not knowing about one's feelings, will bring you pain"

What actually happened was that since after meeting my love, we have not had a chance to talk. Its so important to talk specially after a date, and about telling each other what you were feeling and all, but he has constantly been trying to talk to me but gets stuck up with things and when he's free I'm stuck up with things. I was expecting a lot about talking to him today since it was Sunday, but he ended up being stuck and we could not.The thing that was giving me pain was that I wanted to know what he's been feeling after meeting me and this is exactly what I can't feel.

I'm just hoping "This too shall pass".

Good luck with the week ahead!

P.S I forgot to add the base card I took a peek at, it was Sun. I have written about the Sun card and it is the most optimistic card in the deck and my personal favourite.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

GT for January 2012

I did the GT for January right in the beginning of the month, but I decided to look at it only when I have been done with it. This helps interpreting it more concisely.

Key - Tower - House

Birds-- Bear -- Anchor -- Heart -- Storks -- Ship -- --Clover -- Rider
Moon - Child -- Lilies-- ---Mice -- -Snake -- Man -- --Clouds -- Mount.
Whip -- Coffin - Tree ---- Book -- -House -- Sun -- ----Fox ----- Tower
Ring -- -Stars -- Scythe -- Flower -- Letter -- Roads -- LADY-- Garden

Cut Cards:
Key - Tower - House
This looks like there is affirmation for being independent and "at-home" with my independence.
This month I actually did take a new approach towards my life, feeling more confident and independent. I took lot many things in hand and I was being very comfortable in what in what I was doing. I feel strong and powerful.

First Three Cards:
Birds - Bear - Anchor
This looks like some nervous-ness or conversations with someone at work, a supervisor or a boss.

I'm not employed therefore, I will take the conversations I was having in terms of strong, protective and stable. The things which have always made me nervous like finding a job, doing something, internal conflicts, were somehow resolved and I feel at peace, very much stronger and stable.Bear in house of Clover was just an increase in luck and Anchor in house of longings, just placed everything at peace and grounded.

Corner Cards as theme of the Reading:
Birds + Rider + Ring + Garden
There can be two news, or two weddings to attend.

There was two people getting married this month. One wedding is actually next month but it was announced this month. So this one was pretty spot on.

Birds - Garden - Rider - Ring
There would be conversations at a public place and an offer for a contract or a young man in a contract.

I had many conversations with many people at my university this month. I made few new friends. There was no marriage proposal , but there is a young-looking man who is bound in a relationship, and he asked me out. That made me nervous a lot. Rider is in house of Coffin, so it is a negative news or a stressed man. Ring is in house of Ring. Birds in house of Rider, so there can be two news or a news that makes me nervous, and Garden in house of Success, public success and recognition. Oh and I just recalled, I had two dates offered by two men this month. Thus, the Birds can be two.

Fate Cards:
Fish - Cross - Dog - Key
I was very stressed financially. I needed to buy many things which I could not because I was out of money. I did end up with help from a friend whom I can count on.

Fish - Cross (Scythe - Flower + Storks - Ship)
Narrow financial path, shock caused by an offer, a change promises success
I did not get this at all when I looked at it but it was pointing to the bad stuff happening at a subconscious level. I was trying to endanger my own happiness due to some mental blockages (Fish-Cross) and I was not realizing that its my own happiness I'm endangering. Then I encountered a change which actually set me free. It was about just some emotional blockages. When Fish+Cross appears, make sure your mind is at peace, there is nothing that is disturbing you unconsciously because you might end up just eating at your self.

Dog + Key ( Letter + Roads - Anchor + Heart)

A friend one can count on. Message will give a decision. love for stability

Dog is in house of Anchor, this must be someone who is stable, someone determined. This is a friend of mine whom I can always count on. We did have some conversations which presented me with a choice. I had to take a decision and I did. I'm currently working on stabilising my love/affection for this person who is really devoted friend of mine. I really hope I can do something good for him in return too.

Analysing the Lady card:
I'm in house of Sun, and I'm very positive, happy and optimistic this month. Lady is in house 31, very past-oriented this month.
On my Head: Clover - Clouds - Fox
Justified hope, dangerous schemer, Illusive luck

Together they tell me I will be thinking about someone who is a liar and a dishonest person. I will be hoping that this is not the case.

This actually happened. I was thinking and was pretty much sure too, that he is a cheater and he is a schemer and he wants to put me to his advantage. This was happening till the very late of January. But then I ended up realising it was in my head only. I was being extra-cautious and it was making me indecisive(Roads) about meeting him (Garden).

Distant Past: Key
Waiting for things to take a turn. Being self-reliant. Finding the answers and solutions from destiny. Key in house of Fate. This was actually a test period for me, my distant past.

Recent Past: Ring - Stars - Scythe - Flower - Letter - Roads

a private connection, quick implementation, shocked by a surprise, an invitation, a message from a nice woman, which brings to an indecision

This has been the past so far. I fell in love very unexpectedly and Ring+Stars is the combination I had that week, it was a strong psychic connection which just happened, all of sudden it made me so happy. I did receive a message from a nice woman about this relationship and  I was standing at a cross road where I was supposed to make a choice, and I did, but the wrong one!

Recent Past: Heart - Snake - Sun
Very complicated, but lucky love. It makes me so happy despite all the pressures and detours and the complications involved.

Immediate Future: Tower
In house of love, this says very soon a love will be lost. There will be isolation in terms of love.

I did not lose a love, but we did had some ups and downs and did separate from each other for a while.

Farther Future:Garden
In house of Moon, it can be public success and public recognition. becoming popular.

I am a popular person, ain't I? This was about interacting with more people at an emotional level, which I did.

Following Analysis has been done at the end of the month:

Analysing Heart:
Heart is the symbol for love and warmth. It can generally represent your love life. Heart is in house of Home, comfort and privacy. This month I will be at home in terms of love. I'm finding peace and harmony(Lilies) in love which is very stable (Anchor). I feel complications are there (Snake) but I still feel like things will change for better (Storks).There will be a successful change (Storks+Ship).

Analysing Ring for this particular connection I have with this man:
Ring was in house of Commitments, so I was committed to this relationship this month. I was so committed that I really turned down another offer at last minute because I'm deeply in love with this man, even though no legal commitment exists between us. Surrounded by Whip - Coffin - Tree - and Stars, there were some arguments, some good days some bad days, we did try to break up(Whip + Coffin) once in between but its too strong a connection (Stars) to break (Tree). It feels like I'm connected to him at the roots of my nerves and I can't break away from him just like that.

Analysing Book for studies and exams:
Book in is house of Garden and I actually have been pretty regular at University this month. In house of Book is Stars which presents success for me. Heart-Mice has disturbed my studies a lot because I have been pretty much occupied by my love life these days and I have pretty much ignored my studies in first half of the month. I did not receive any appreciation letter (Flower+Letter) this month but I have been disappointed by a project document I was supposed to send before 30th Jan and I did. With House and Sun close-by I can expect some success I hope.

Analysing Man for my boyfriend:
He is in house of Fox and he has Fox close to him. In his house 28-Man is Flower. He actually is a VERY clever person and it amazes me how Fox often is closer to him.The Flowers tell me he has been very happy this month. He has been feeling good in love (Heart+Storks) and a bit worried because of his ex- (Mice + Snake). Clouds and Mountain have me guess that his pressures and problems are not over yet. These problems are directly related to his ex- who is still right behind him. There also is a warning about being careful at work (Fox-Tower) and in the very last week of January he did tell me he had some troubles at his work. But he always finds a way out. with Sun and House I hope he always feel good forever.

Using the Iris Treppner's 9 cards method:
Flower+Mice-----Cross-----Mount. + Garden

At my head is my love, at my feet is my college <3
In the past I have had some stress in facing public, and in future, there can be some uncomfortable situations or a cancelled date.

I did end up cancelling a date , so with Flower+Mice make sure you do what you want to do.

The questions I asked using picking up every fourth card and reshuffling method:
1. Ring + Stars= new connection, who is this connection with?
A: Cross - Mice - Flower
A loss that is happening for second time, when you cancel a plan.
It was about this guy with whom I cancelled my date for the second time, and now I'm actually curious if I actually have a psychic connection with him.

Q: What should I be cautious about (Fox)?
A: Garden + Book + Heart
A secret love going public, meeting secret love at public.
I guess this was referring to our date which went drastic because we ended up meeting at a place where we were surrounded by so many people and we wanted to bang our heads to the wall because we should have planned our date cautiously. This was SO true.

Q: What important decision do I have to make (Roads)?
A: Rider - Mountain - Tower
A negative message from authorities.

The only decision I had to make was whether or not to meet him at that place what he decided. I went by his plan and we ended up with a disaster date. We should have stick to my plan instead *nodding head*.

This was the month of January in nutshell, looking forward to February 2012 now !

Saturday, January 28, 2012

What was expected and what Happened!

Jan 25, 2012

I was having this meeting with someone and I did a reading for how it would go and the result was pretty clear.

Q: What should I expect on this day?
A: Coffin - Clouds - Roads - Moon - Ship

Coffin = Transformation, illness, disruption, end
Clouds = hindrances, throwbacks
Roads = decision, option, alternative
Moon = success, recognition, appreciation
Ship = journey, longing

Coffin + Clouds = There is something in the air
Clouds + Roads = Be careful with your decision
Roads + Moon = way of success
Moon + Ship = longing in night, longing for success and appreciation

The case was that Coffin+Clouds+Roads part was what lead to Moon+Ship part. Coffin+Clouds+Roads was clearly telling me that there can be negative hindrances, there can be disruptions because of unpredictable events and that whatever decision is to be made very carefully, but things totally turned out wrong and they totally were not what was planned, one wrong decision spoiled the whole day. Therefore, take this as a warning that


are very bad indicators. So when they appear in your reading, make sure you have planned each and every alternative very carefully and that you are not missing out on even a tiny bit of detail, because very minute detail will spoil everything later and you might end up having a bad day, lots of stress and negative answers to your prayers.

Good luck with Coffin and Clouds :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

No layout readings!

I have been experimenting with the No layout method in which you shuffle the cards and then locate the card in the deck and take out appropriate number of cards preceding and succeeding the significator.

I asked this question about my romantic relationship. This Question is from January 11 in my Journal.

Q: Where is this relationship heading?
A: Significator= Ring

Rider - Ring - Key - Dog - Lilies

Past: Rider = a new, message, young man, a boy friend

Future : Key - Dog - Lilies
The Key card tells me that this relationship is going to be reliable one, I can count on his loyalty and his wisdom, which makes him very dear to me.

There is not much of details in this spread, its very to-the-point kind and its mostly true as well. He is very loyal towards me and I can totally rely on him.

January 13,2012:

To check out the No Lay out readings spread, I asked a few questions and analysed them. I don't know about their accuracy since its not manifested yet, but hope they do.

Q: How will I recognize my Significant Other?
A: Significator = Man

Child - Scythe - Ring - Man - Snake - Ship - Tower

Past: In his past, he has been with a young woman which was a broken relationship.
Future: He will be with a woman, probably a mistress, who is freedom-loving and independent and this association will be long-lasting. Look at the Ship sailing Towards  Tower. This shows that Man and this woman, will be moving towards something long-lasting or something absolute independent.

Q: Where is he right now?
Significator = Man

Roads - Cross - Tower - Man - Lady - Rider - Clover

wait, is he with me right now? Apparently this is what the cards tell.He made a painful choice, which made him isolated/independent, and now he is with a sporty,active woman, happily. I'm sure this is me because where else would he be!

Q: Will we be married?
A: Significators: Man and Lady

Clover - Lady - Flower - Man - Birds

They just appeared like this together. I have luck on my side and he is nervous. Whats holding us together is the romance and the beauty of the relationship. Marriage or no marriage, whatever it is , its beautiful and pleasant for both of us.
This can also mean there is another woman between us which is keeping us away from each other.

January 24, 2012:
Q: What will happen between us on our date?
A: Significators= Lady and Man

Ship - Man - Bear - Lady - Child

Bear stands right between us. This shows that something very strong and powerful will be happening. He is travelling to meet me, therefore the Ship is behind him, and I'm being naive about the matter, so Child is there. It will be make me feel young and immature and him feel stronger and protective.
Its really amazing how the Man and Lady cards changed position in above question and this one. It looks like on matter on marriage, we have different opinions.While whatever will happen on our date will actually make us conform to our comfort and our strength together. It will connect us strongly.

Update: We met and it has bound us together strongly. I feel a strong love for him. I was being very very happy like a child and he was being very supportive towards me. I don't know if Bear can represent an authoritative person but there was someone who tried to (and actually succeeded) in spoiling our date. Things went a lot unexpected but it was over all a wonderful experience for both of us.

Timing Question!

I did this reading on January 2nd when my bf and I decided to set a date for our meeting for longer than just couple of hours. I did this spread to ask when we will finally do it.

Scythe - Moon - Fish - Ring - Child

This looked like it will be decided without thinking much, at night(Moon) and there will be some confusion about this since the relationship is relatively immature yet (Child).

In terms of timings:

Autumn - a Lunar Month (28/29 days) - Pisces (Feb-Mar) - Taurus (Apr-May)- N/A

Since Autumn is too far now in January, its unrealistic, late Feb will be too late but then the concerns would be resolved by then.
My guess was it would be in late Feb-March since Fish is in the middle.

Update: We ended up deciding the date of 28th Jan for that because February would be too late for us and we are not that patient . This gives us the time of a Lunar month, because its roughly about 26 days since from the time I did this reading. We did decide it VERY suddenly and I did cancel it 3 times. I have too many concerns about the relationship being too immature right now but we are meeting on 28th and its decided.

Lets hope for the best *fingers crossed*

UPDATE 28th Jan, 2012. We met, it took unexpected turns because things did not go how we planned them. Our moods were varying and there was so much emotional attachment during the entire meeting, it gave a whole new dimension to our relationship. The only bad part was the unexpected happening and my mood variations, which make sense with Scythe+Moon

What he feels!

Here are some readings from my Journal which were quite on-spot so I wanted to share with you all wonderful fellow Lenormand Readers.

December 16,2011: When my bf and I just started talking to each other

Q: What does he feel about me? 
A: Letter - Storks - Birds - Roads - Tree

The Birds in the middle tell me he likes talking to me.
Letter =Communication, messages
Storks = A positive Change, something new, upward movement
Birds = communication, anxiety, nervousness
Roads  = escape, alternative, an option, choice
Tree = something long-standing, spiritual

Letter+Storks = message promises positive change
Storks + Birds = change in combination with difficulties
Birds + Roads = talking / discussing about decisions, many ways lead to a goal
Roads + Tree = decision that affects ones life

The story that I make from above statements is that he feels like talking to me, through text (Letter) or phone (Birds) bring him a change, which takes him towards a decision point (Roads) which affects his life (Tree).

It was later discovered that he actually started talking to me because he thought I would be a good distraction from the routine life, he liked talking to me, but later one he ended up making a choice that literally affected his whole life. He ended up falling for me and admitting it to me as well.

January 1,2012
After we were lovers:

Q: What does he feel about me?
A: Birds - Storks - Ring - Dog - Garden

Notice how the Birds are appearing in past position, and Ring is the middle card now. Ring tells me he feels strongly committed towards me.
Birds + Storks = change in combination with difficulties/changes through communication
Storks + Ring = changes in relationship (private / business / work), good changes caused by
a new contract
Ring + Dog = relating with a man
Dog + Garden = meeting /seeing a friend at an event

Story: He feels that the changes in our relationship brought on by the communication we have, has changed things the way he interacts with people around him.

This was the case because he was spending more time with me than he was spending with anyone at all and he also really wanted to see me more often. 

Love Reading for December

Since this is the most hot topic for posing a question to the cards, therefore, I have done the reading with many spreads and when they manifested I wanted to share with others so that they can look for the signs cards are giving them. I used to do a line of nine for the specific questions for a month. 9 cards usually take about 4 weeks to manifest, therefore, I did one for November and then one for December. Since I fell in love in December, I had this reading in my journal which I did on Dec 3rd.

Q: Love Life General reading for December:
A: Scythe - Stars - Dog - Snake - Roads - Cross - Storks - Book - House

Roads in the middle tell me there is a new way, a choice, an alternative to the situation. Cross is nearby tells it won't be an easy choice and with Snake, there can be unexpected twists to the situation.

This kind of spread can be read as Past, Present and Future as well.
Past: Scythe - Stars - Dog
There was a cut off from a hopeful situation or a new path(Stars) with a friend (Dog).

Just in November I broke away from a friend of mine who had some soft feelings for me. We had some personal issues because of which we, actually I, cut ties with him.

Present: (December 3rd): A complicated path ends. Cross can be an end to a situation. On the other hand it can be a fateful choice which is complicated. I can choose to be happy on my own or keep looking behind and give myself the grieving.The Snake can be me as well, with Dog being helpful and protective and the Roads telling about my indecisive nature.

Future: Storks - Book - House
King and Queen of Hearts. This look like a couple, who need to discover or find out about each other. Storks can be change, which is coming from Cross, the burden I have been carrying so far, and its taking me towards discovering something about a family-oriented man(House). It can just be a feeling of being home, of being safe.

Adding them all: 156= 66 = 12- Birds. There will be a phone call, or communication with someone.

This spread is for the month when I fell in love and found my boyfriend. He was also someone I already knew, so Storks-Dog can be a change that was caused by him(someone I knew) and it happened so suddenly and instantly that House+Scythe make sense. We started talking on phone first (Birds) and the rest followed when he rang me the first time and we haven't stopped since then :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rider +Heart; love coming your way!

It was just a special day with all the 1's in it and I decided to do a special reading for that day.I'm just quoting the reading from my reading journal just to share the experience and how it came true for me!

My question was: What's the message of 11-11-11?
Key - Moon - Storks - Rider - Heart

This looked a very positive message. The key is an affirmative of a successful change where love comes my way. Storks can also be a woman here, and there are 4/5 cards from the Hearts suit , with the card 24-Heart present, I knew it brought a significant message my way.

After one month and 2 days of this reading, my boyfriend came in my life and we clicked instantly. Just after one month and seven days I was head over heels in love. Therefore, when Rider+Heart combo appears for you with other positive cards, you will know something is in the air !

Adding them together: 17-Storks, which clearly tells there was a change on way. I use to get 17-Storks a lot whenever I asked about my love life so watch for it. Storks always bring you something nicer and cool.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 4; January 23- January 29

Scythe - Rider - Lilies - Key - Man - Coffin - Tree

The Key in middle tells me something fated is going to happen, but it will be something good. Key+Man tells me a solution will come from a man, who is stressed (Coffin) and older (Lilies).  Key + Lilies tells me its some wiser and peaceful balancing solution.

Update: Yes whatever happened this week was meant to happen. The things I was nervous about last week were all resolved and the resolution mainly came from my Boyfriend, who is often closer to Lilies (He is wiser and more mature than me). He has been pretty much stressed lately (Coffin).

First half: Scythe - Rider - Lilies
It looks like an unexpected news from a older man. Lilies has often times represented my boyfriend. With Rider its can be him and I might get an unexpected new from him.Scythe+Rider and Rider+Coffin both indicate a negative news or a man in danger.

During the first half of the week we had some arguments and we cancelled our date.

Second half:
Man - Coffin - Tree

This looks like someone is falling ill. Its a bad sign since I'm to meet my boyfriend next week and if its him falling ill its really really bad.
I hope he is fine forever

He did not fell ill, but he did get lost, and got upset over many things. He was so depressed he said he wanted to die. This was all temporary and he was feeling fine after a day.

Adding them: 115 = 25-Ring. It looks like there is a strong commitment-oriented week I have on hand. I'm having my exams coming up next week and this is totally appropriate.

It was not about exams, it was about my connection with him which just got stronger for us. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Trigger Layout by Madam SeaQueen (Updated)

Declaration: This Spread originally belongs to Madam Seaqueen. You can see the positions here and an example done by herself here.

I love trying new spreads. Here I am with something new to try my hands on. I would like to do this for this love relationship I have with this man and see what comes up.

I initially had been using 25-RING as a key card for this relationship since we both are so committed towards each other, but later I realized that 25-RING is more of a binding, while what we feel for each other is a strong affection, but nothing proper or legal, for that matter, exists between us. Therefore, for this spread I will use 24-HEART to get accurate results. If the 25-RING appears nearby that will give me better answer.

Past: Key - Clouds - Roads
There had been some destined obstacles and uncertainities. clouds looks like him, because he was not sure what he wanted to do. Eventually we had a choice whether or not to continue it. the Key card tells me whatever it is, it was meant to happen. there are uncertainities, but we always had a choice and we chose what we wanted.

Present: Ship - Heart - Lady
So here I am having a lovely journey, I'm in love and it sets me free. I feel so good. There are some confusions and some longing because he is physically away, but the idea itself is very tempting. The idea of being in love. With Roads closer to me, it shows that I could have taken a different path, but I'm being indecisive or that I'm looking for my options, specially the way Lady is facing the Roads , like she is trying to find a way she wants to go on.

Immediate Future: Cross- Scythe - Moon
This looks like there is hand of fate at work here. This will bring some sudden jolt of reality. The way we are being illusionary in the moon-lit romantic dream-like life, this illusion will end suddenly. It will be painful, but at the same time its meant to happen.There will be a swinging mood of us both which is because of the cross we have to bear.

Soon: Lilies- Bear - Fish
This relationship will mature. We will get past the phase where things are dream-like but in the end this love will only grow, peacefully. Lilies have often represented him. Lilies can be an affair as well. The Bear and Fish cards are money-related cards and they represent increase or growth. There will be peace, growth, strength and emotional abundance in this relationship.However, at the same time, these can be two men as well.

The Trigger Row: Clouds - Heart - Scythe - Bear
There has been confusion in the past, we are not sure what to do, but in near future, we will make a sudden decision, a decision that will give this relationship more strength with BEAR in the end.

Update: I don't know how I forgot to update this one. The reading was right, specially with the scythe. This reading was done on 20th Jan and soon after that, like 20 days after this, we broke up. It was painful (Cross) but suddenly (Scythe) things became clear (Scythe-Moon). I did get lot of power and strength (Bear) from this relationship though. It was like I became me again. 
The Trigger row worked like a charm, we started as unsure (Clouds), we broke up(Scythe) and we grew stronger (Bear) from the experience.

Small Lenormand Combinations: Roads + Child

I have been working on card combinations for a while and I will be updating a few which provided me with great information:

Here is the first one. This was my draw for 13 December when my boy friend asked for my number and rang me for first time.

Roads + Child.

22- Roads (Crossroad) = escape, alternative, another option, two, a choice, summing something up, indecision, a woman (Queen of Diamond) who is dependable and diligent.

If you carefully look at the Crossroads Card in this deck, you can see this is a point where two roads are converging and then dividing again into two paths. Therefore, it can be either coming to a conclusion after a decision has been made, or facing a choice.

13- Child : A young girl, something in budding, a matter starting fresh, something that has potential for growth, new, Youth (male or female).

When I looked this combination, I knew something new is going to happen, It can be a new path after I have travelled and made a decision what I want to do and now I will start a new journey. Child has never really represented me, therefore, I could not say it was me, but if the reader is really young, or immature, it can be representing him/her as well. This combination tells us that there is a new way to be adapted. You have to either stop here, keep yourself in dilemma, keep evaluating whether the choice you made in past was right or wrong, or you can simply move on to the new path and see what it brings for you.

I wanted to share this combination because this has brought me the love of my life and if I had held back or be indecisive about whether I should talk to him or not (we have an unconventional story, ahem) then I would be missing the best part of my life.

Happy Learning!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 3: January 15-21

Weekly Draw:

Sun + Ring + Snake + Tower + Anchor + Clover + Garden

This looks like the relationship of this independent and determined woman is going to shine while she has all the luck on her side.

The Snake card as a Lady was standing out to me through and through.

Sun is my lucky-charm card. Whenever it appears for me, I know something good is going to happen.
Even though this is my second week having Tower card in centre, yet this time its surrounded by all the positive cards,  it does not look like spreading any negativity.

With the Tower card, I do believe that Snake card was representing me. The Tower card gave me enough strength to fight things when they came!

First Half:
Sun + Ring + Snake
A complicated relationship is making me happy.
Despite the complications, there is a continuous happiness surrounding the Ring.Sun is my positive card.

When the weak started me and my boyfriend had almost broke up the night before. But right after 12hours we were talking to each other again. Besides all the problem, troubles, complications, We love each other and I just cannot emphasize the fact that its been the happiest relationship of my life.
Second half:
Anchor + Clover + Garden
This looks like I will have some luck/success with socialising or it can just be my facebook.

We finalized our date and are looking forward to it. other than that it was a happy week.

Overall: Counting the numbers and adding: 139 = 49 = 13-Child. With two Aces and Child as the combined number Card, I think this week is important in terms of something important which is long term.
However there is a dominating suit of Spades which pose challenges.

The new beginning could have been in the way that I started being rational, after a long time. I started taking care of myself and I like it because it gives me a new positive energy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

When the Sun Shines!

31-Sun is my most favourite card in the deck because it makes me happy. Like there is a hope that nothing can darken things in presence of this card. Sometimes we get very negative cards surrounding this card, yet this card usually makes us happier than we initially thought we would be given the negativity surrounding it.

I got this card with my second most feared card, Roads, because Roads usually puts you in a dilemma and I hate being there. I hate the feeling of not knowing what I should do!

My draw for the day was Sun + Roads. It looks like I will be happy about making a decision. It can be multiple success as well, but the Roads were still showing me what I was scared of , parting ways.
I drew a clarifier, what this could be about, and got Child. This reminded me of the day I drew Roads + Child combo and the very day I met my boyfriend. Roads+Child means a new alternative, a new path starts, you have the choice whether or not you want to take it, but you can expect a new choice or option.

These two cards appearing together again, along with Sun made me doubt the fact that there night be a new beginning coming today.That is what happened. It was a day when I had a wonderful day full of new stuff, I got some family pictures done, got a new hair cut, and got a text message from my friend which said he could not do it any more, he wanted to end our friendship.

Well, that should have made me sad, but it did not hurt that bad as it would have IF the Sun card had not been there. This has been the effect of Sun card on my day that I was so optimistic, happy and energetic about everything, that I was sure that none of the decisions I make today can go wrong. They did not!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Number of cards and time they take to manifest

I have experienced almost all spreads for Lenormand oracle readings and they have worked pretty well for me.
Here in this post I will explain the number of cards I drew for some reading and how long it took for manifesting:

Note: If you click on the number of cards, you will see an example reading as in how to use this number for that specific time frame.

1-3 cards = 1-3 days. I do daily draw of 2 cards and a clarifier IF I need one!

5-cards = for general question, questions which will be manifesting in a week, or within the same day, or questions which are not based on timing, sort of NOW kind of questions.

7- Cards = A week. they have worked perfectly for me for about longer than 10 weeks now.

9-cards = I use a Line of Nine for specific question, the 3x3 formation kind-of doesn't work for me. The results usually manifest in a month.

13 cards = This spread is given in Iris Treppner's course and it is said it covers a period of 3 months and one should wait for the predicted events to occur before laying the cards again. For me the cards in future position appeared for one reading , within 15 days.

36 Cards = They have worked well for answering different aspects of a situation, from a period of 1 month to a period of 4 months. I haven't done one for 6 months but I sure have done one for the year 2012, so if it works well in that domain, I will post it here.

These are different time frames with number of cards which I have experienced so far!

How I read my daily draw

I started learning this deck with daily draws. First I started pulling out 3 cards, reading them as 1+2, 2+3, 1+3 and getting information. Later on, being tempted by the idea of learning more about rest of the cards (three not being enough) , I started pulling out 5 cards for one day. This gets hectic after a while because I thought I was assigning my meanings to the cards, according to whatever happened that day, instead of learning about the true meanings of each card which should manifest in my day. That was when I started pulling out 7 cards for each week. It is also said in Iris Treppner's course that 1-3 cards take usually 1-3 days for manifesting. Therefore, using 1-2 cards for each day makes sense. Besides I like working out on their combinations, like how Dog +Heart is different from Heart + Dog.

Therefore, I started taking out 2 cards, occasionally a third clarifying card since December 13,2011 and so far it has worked really well for me. On the other hand 7-cards weekly draw works well as for the whole week too.

Here is how I do it:
Before going bed every night, I take out my journal, enter the date for next day, then I shuffle the cards clearing my mind. After that I spread the cards in a half-circle in front of me and close my eyes. From then on, I follow my guts to pull out two cards.

I turn the cards over and try to make a combo out of the two cards.

Dog + Lilies

This is a friend/a loyal lover, who is older and wiser. I would call it lover because Lilies can be an affair/a lover too, a with Dog it is someone who is loyal to me and protective about me.

I decided to pull out a clarifier, because that would explain: what about him?
So either I'm meeting him, or we will discuss something on-line (because Garden has often represented social networking sites for me) or its something to do with people around us.

Next day, I ended up figuring out that my lover (Lilies) wanted a friendly opinion (Dog +Lilies) about how he should handle people he deals with. He was pretty much upset because of how people spread wrong words about him and when I was advising him on how not to be bothered, he said I was his best friend and the way he can talk to me he has never talked to anyone closer before.

So this is how you can pull out two cards, for your day and then take out clarifier as many as you want, but the lesser the better specially if you are a  newbie like me!

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 2012 Week 2

January 8 - January 14

Clouds - Dog - Man - Tower - Mice - Cross - Rider

Tower in the centre is telling me this is a lonely week. I might be alone for the most of the time. Man -Tower tells me its a man feeling left out. The Mice on the other hand is eating up at the Tower, reducing the tension , yet stressing him out because he's in reflection.

First Half:
Clouds - Dog - Man
Its a friend,who is not sure what he is doing. This can also be two men, father and son, having some friendly time together. Even in reflection, there is lots of stress throughout for a man, or two men.
Update: He really was unsure. He was unsure because he did not know what he was doing with becoming friends with me was acceptable (Tower) or not. That is why he was keeping himself away from me.

Second half:
Mice - Cross - Rider
A repeated loss, a bad news, a fateful news. Rider has often represented a man as well, looks like this week is full of stress and there is someone very stressed, a bad news is coming, for second time.

Update: Lets call it a bad week. It was actually full of the time when you suddenly realize things are not right. The feeling of repetition arrived twice when I realized that I was trying to push myself back to the place where I originally had started my journey from.The last day of the week was characterized by me going out and finally having some fun!

The spades are challenging right in the middle, while suit of Hearts and Clubs is present in equal number.
Adding all numbers: 131 = 41 = 5 = Tree, delays, growth, ripening, illness.
Emotional challenges would be a better description. The Tree was keeping me down and depressed. Besides I started exercise, diet and medicine, just trying to take more care of myself health-wise.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 1- Jan 7, 2011 Weekly Draw

Weekly Draw for the new year!

House - Ship - Anchor - Dog - Heart - Tree - Scythe

With Dog in centre, this is a loyalty and friends oriented week. The Dog + Heart is my "lover friend" combo. He is someone who has been my friend for long time with (Dog + Anchor).

He's actually the love of my life, what is in my life if I'm not thinking about him constantly!

First Half:
House - Ship - Anchor
In family or in personal space, I'm moving towards stability. This journey is something I have been waiting for a long time (Ship - Tree) and I'd love the stability (Anchor - Heart). I guess its referring to emotional stability.

At my home, things got little aggressive, because of Scythe in reflection. I have moved towards some pessimism in first half of the week. Emotionally it was a stable week.

Second Half:
Heart - Tree - Scythe

It looks like some long term and stable love (Heart-Tree; Heart-Anchor) will get out of danger and grow immensely (Tree-Scythe).

Can't really by-pass the danger, its always there and its worth it. I love him and he loves me too and thats more than enough for both of us.

Adding all cards: 99 - 18- Dog. wow! This is actually a week focused on friend/lover or loyalty in general.
The dominant suit is of Hearts yet again, (4/7 cards) so this is also a week full of emotions.There are two Tens of Spades and Hearts, which suggest a change of some kind. lets see how it manifests.

It was through and through about him, the centre of my world! The only change that came in this week is my more intense love for him. I'm sure even if there were other things in the spread or the week, I won't notice a thing except the hearts.

Happy New Year everyone!