Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 16 (updating)

Child - Mice - Snake - Anchor - Whip - Lady - Fish

The Anchor in the middle shows its a stagnant week. I have had Anchor in this position many times and its "just another week" kind of theme.

Left arm:
Child - Mice - Snake
The Mice is little annoying card which is placed right next to me(Lady) in my GT for April and it mirrors me(Lady) in this spread too. The Mice eats at my sensitivity these days and putting me in trouble with a loss. This loss is a loss of innocence, sensitivity, a new beginning which is symbolized by the card Child. Perfect! exactly what I need to make my birthday nicest of them all!!

The Snake lately has been representing my mother in my spreads. I have had some trouble with her over the cooking matters. This trouble did not last very long though. We had some heated argument (Snake-Whip) and it left me totally upset for the night. I have been going through some bad times lately (Mice-Lady) and I am trying really really hard to bring some constancy in me (Anchor). I'm actually being stubborn (Anchor is surrounded by bad cards here).
Child+Fish is supposed to be a small upturn, which I think I'm having.
Right arm:
Whip - Lady - Fish
This looks like I'm being argumentative (Oh yes I can already see that) and again, money is a concern this week. Fish+Child looks like the birthday presents going to be more in form of cash.

Overall I'm not liking the theme of this week and the cards at all. There are some really rough times going on here and I'm losing it already. Going through some really tough 36-CROSS lessons which I'm not liking at all.

I had some trouble (verbal) with a lady yesterday (Whip+Snake). Besides that I have got me some cash which I intend to put in the  savings for my university project.
The Anchor has kept me grounded all week. Like I said, it was just another week. 

Wish me luck with this week!

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