Friday, April 27, 2012

My deck knows my friends!

I pulled these cards for today:

Oh my God, he's going to call me tomorrow!

That was my first reaction. Oh where is the call card? Who is he ?

Cross is the card for pain, suffering and something that puts you to unease, but at the same time its something you can not get away from. We share  what my deck calls a "Ring+Cross" relationship. We are strongly connected, but we can not stop hurting each other at the same time.

Bear is card of someone overpowering, some strong and protective, and not to mention, a food-lover. German school takes Bear as a man and so do I. Bear can be someone more on the chubby side.

Dog, a friend, a loyal person, whom your can trust.

Theme of the day is Pain and suffering, because of a friend. My friends do not hurt me. Oh wait, Bear is there. Oh that's him... figures! *Taking guns out for today's battle*

Bear + Dog represents him and has represented him in one GT and two 3x3 spreads. He is the kind you do not want to cross paths with. He will do anything to win it. He's an Aries too so we have huge bruised egos which often clash and when Rams lock horns you see nothing but pain for both. Last time I talked to him was two months ago when I pulled Ring+Cross. We decided not to talk to each other anymore.
I text him a lot after that, he is a good friend and a good enemy , satisfies my need for both in one person, and I wished him b'day last week (our b'days fall on same day ) and he did not wish me:(. Oh guess what I deleted his number, and then regretted.

so day before yesterday I left him a message on Twitter. He replied saying, "I don't have your number anymore, I deleted it". and I was like "what makes you think I still have yours?".

This is why its Ring + Cross. We can't let go of each other and we cannot stand each other.

The point of this post was that keep an eye for who is represented by which cards by your deck. Your deck knows your friends (and enemies) and this is how it becomes a personal language which only you understand.


  1. I know I'll sound repetitive, but your Lenormand skills astound me! I really enjoying reading about your... readings.

    You are right, the cards know who is who in your life. And they'll find a combination or specific card to represent certain people. I did a post recently about the Playing Card Oracles (which is my main reading deck), and how this card used to represent someone very important to me... whenever the card shows up I think "it's him!", even though we are no longer together...

    Great post! ;)

  2. Yes they astound me too. I just feel like sharing them with others so that the new comers who are not sure how their readings can manifest in real world may see some examples. I hope I'm helping them :). Yeah its just one of the ways we (the deck and us) know how to communicate in code words ;)