Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Message in blog header!

I have been thinking about putting up a header picture on my blog since after I put one on the Tarot Blog.
I was not sure which cards to put up there, since its about the very first impression when someone visits the blog.

I asked my cards what should be the message in the header:

Fox - Book - Cross - Mountain - Key

I was sort of disappointed to look at so many negative cards, and the Cross sitting right in the middle, but then it hit me. The message was clear, exploring the knowledge and the hidden truth is a tough and painful task. One has to be patient and carefully climb the Mountain of Learning and in the very end you will find all the answers and you will realize that the journey has been worth while. The Key at the end also suggests that there are no short-cuts. You Must go through these tough tasks in order to find the key to the wisdoms.

Fox are the intelligent workers, in some schools they are taken as free-lance working. In my readings too I have seen Fox as coming on a very sharp minded person. With the Book it usually means to explore the hidden, the unknown wisdoms. Fox and Key suggest using the ability to put story together to find meanings. Book and Cross puts you to test your knowledge and practice often will help you climbing the Mountain through what you have learnt. These long-standing problems will put one to test his knowledge and abilities and eventually find the solution.


  1. I never thought about doing a reading to choose a new blog header, but I think it's a brilliant idea! I love making new headers and have been thinking about changing mine again soon...

    I liked your header - I just think maybe you ought to make the title ("My Lenormand Oracle Journal") black, instead of white, because the name of your blog is a bit hard to read as it is! But the colorful images certainly made the layout much more vivid! I like it, and I like the fact it has a special meaning to you! :)

    I like your blog and I love how fluent you are in the Lenormand language! It's impressive!

    1. Thank you Marina for the kind words. I intended to change the font colour for the blog title, I knew it wasn't visible on white. I left in a rush after putting it up. Thank you a lot for appreciation.