Friday, November 4, 2011

November week 2

This is going to be my 6th week using this technique.
I'm using Red owl with English verses and Radiant Rider-waite for this week.

Lenormand Deck:
Storks - Sun - Child - Clover - Heart - Dog - Fish

This is second week with Dog appearing. The clover in the middle tells me this is a great week with success and luck, no matter even if it is small. Some immature or naive matter, in terms of love, is going to have luck. I wanted to see growth in this spread, but  don't see. Storks tell me there is going to be a great happy change. The Sun is brightening things up in first half of the week.Child tells me there can be new friends and new things sprouting out.Heart and dog together are a great combination of love and trust.Fish next to Dog tells me there is a deep soul mate connection.

First half of the week:
Storks - Sun - Child
There will be an improvement towards something new. Very optimistic successful spread.
Storks + Fish = Improved feelings. change coming up to surface
Sun + Dog = success with a friend/lover
Child + Heart = a woman in love

Second half of the week:
Heart - Dog - Fish
love and trust will surface up. There is a deep soul mate connection kind of feeling in this spread.
Heart + Child = an immature love
Dog + Sun = an energetic /successful friend
Fish + Storks = Confusions finally sorting themselves out

Base card Anchor talks about stability, determination and stagnation. I think what I require is finally coming around.
Adding Numbers: 13-Child, the emphasized part of the week is new beginnings, new relationships.

Tarot Deck:
Queen of Cups - 8 of Cups - High Priestess - Page of Pentacles - The Lovers - Queen of Swords - 10 of Wands

Base; Strength
Adding numbers: 9 - Hermit

8 of cups is appearing for me for third week in a row now. I can see that the weeks begins with me going on a new emotional journey which leads me to look into myself at a deeper level. I would analyze things, rather be mesmerized by them. This would lead to me looking at love with a whole new perspective, with more mental clearing and by the end I will head home, gathering whatever I needed.

The Strength Card, like Anchor card is making me very very strong this week. The Hermit is about inner self's search . Search for trust what I will get.

Practice Readings

I lately feel like I have lost my grip on my Lenormand Deck, therefore I decided to do some practice.

Why did he not call me today?


Bear can be his boss, or his mother, looks like she had to go somewhere (Bear+ Roads) that is why she took him with her. The Heart is middle suggests that he was happy and content going there. Stars + Heart tells he missed me, but he had some undecided work to do. I wonder if he went somewhere like a college or library or he had some documentation to do.

Base card: Rider. IT definitely tells he was on the go today. 
Adding numbers: 5-Tree
I hope he was not ill. I really hope.

Update: Bear was actually his boss, who kept him bust till night. He wanted to talk to me but he was busy with some paperwork . I confirmed with him if there were 2 kinds of works involved and it was right! Tree was his delay that he made in going home and then going sleep.

Q:  What Should I do to reduce weight?
Rider - Mountain - Fish - Moon - House
Base: Dog

I have never done these sort of questions with these cards but I was tempted to do them. The Rider +Mountain tells me that instead of sitting down I should move around lot. Mountain+ Fish tells that I should drink more liquids specially at night (Fish + Moon) or specially clear liquids. Moon can be milk as well since that is white in color. Moon + House talks "comfortable sleep" which is quite true since I need to get my sleeping patterns changed.
The Base card tells me to be active, and sporty if I want to lose weight.
Adding Numbers: 1-Clover. This can literally be green vegetables or it can be referring to small portions.

Q: What should I do to improve my ailment?
Stars - Rider - Birds - Garden - House

This suggests I can use spiritual means to cleanse. Active imagination can help. Stars and Birds both refer to night time, therefore, night time regimes are important. Garden+ House suggests home remedies and herbal solutions. 
Base Card: Moon. again an emphasis on night time. It looks like my night-time sleep is really upsetting my system.
Adding numbers: 13- Child. It looks like small things can help a lot, specially being happy. not doing anything big , its just a matter of time and improvement shall occur.

Q; What is he going to do to make up with me?
Anchor - Sun - Clouds - Man - Fox
Base: Lily

It looks like he is quite determined to get things going again, but he is not really optimistic, neither is he quite hopeful about it with the clouds darker side towards the Sun. However his confusions are clearing up in the end and finally he is at his guard.
So He is determined to clear things up with his optimism while guarding himself at the same time.The base card tells me in the end we shall be back to our harmonious talks.
Adding Numbers: 11-Whip. We are definitely having an argument though.

update: He actually was determined to explain it to me and he did, but he was a little disappointed too, because of what I said to him. Fox was just his ability to not let me put any blame on him, thus guarding himself. In the end things were fine between us, after we had an argument .

what does he feel about me?

 I wanted to analyze our relationship so I divided into parts

Q: what does he feel about me?

Cross - Birds - Flower - House - Roads
Base: Ring

So he feels that our union or meeting, or his phone call (Birds) to me was fate (Cross). This is  exactly what he tells me. Flowers + House shows our comfort and pleasure in talking next to birds. Roads however at the end tell me that he is hesitant or double-minded when it comes to settling down (house) with me.
The Ring as base card is not surprising, he is committed to me in ways that scare me LOL.
All of sudden I had a desire to add the numbers and see which card I get, and I got 9
(36+12+9+4+22+25=108=9) which is extremely powerful number and in Lenormand its Flowers, which is also the theme for this spread, so I see joy and happiness. he feels pleasure with me.

Q: What do I feel about him?
A:Bear + Rider + Birds + Storks+ Dog
Base: Roads

Interestingly I feel communicative about him too. If bear is me, and Rider is him then he is coming towards me. I feel like we are increasing the speed moving towards each other, with our calls and there is lots of improvements in my trust-levels. I have actually started trusting him after we have talked more often.But I still feel towards him like a friend.This is where the Roads come from. I'm totally unable to decide what I should do about him.
Adding Numbers: 13 Child. Its true that I feel like its TOO soon to decide or feel anything for him, but my feelings do have a potential for growth.

Q: What next 3 months will bring for our relationship?
Flower - Mice - Storks - House - Coffin
Base : Garden

So whatever we share , happiness and joy, is going to be disturbed because of small issues.These issues can be related to our families or our private problems (Mice + House).But there will be improvement in our comfort level when storks bring it to us.In the end I see some kind of transformation, a change in our relationship which will bring something new in our lives. This change will be a happy one (Coffin+ Flower)
Base card confirms it with Garden. It looks like we will be meeting more often.

Adding numbers: 9 Flowers
Again? Looks like the next 3 months are full of joy for us.

Q: What is long-term future of this relationship?
Birds - Mice - Tree - Whip - Flower
Base: Woman

It looks like there will be problems with communication. Birds has appeared in all questions I did for us. These problems will result in slow but steady growth of our partnership. There will be some pleasant arguments between us. From Birds to Flowers it looks like its going to go well. The Tree is middle shows steady growth.
Base card suggests that the long-term future rests in my hands. I can make it whatever I want out of it.
Adding Numbers: 17- Storks. Storks bring something new, an improvement , next level kind of feel. It looks like this relationship will improve with passage of time.

Update: An update that I stopped talking to him after we had an argument and Coffin was an end to everything which hurt us both. I was not comfortable with the way he behaved (House +Mice) and decided to move away from him in the beginning instead of keeping him tied up to me too long just to be disappointed in the end.It was always depending on me..all along!

A relationship reading

I found a great spread for insight into  situation,here
So i decided to do it for me and a guy:
here it is

Present Situation:
I would have been shocked if the Snake had not appeared in this case. I have stopped looking at snake as trouble, its me. I look at the snake like this is Me in the relationship. The Rider on one side and Anchor on the other shows there is a dilemma, whether to rush into a relationship or wait for being stable first, this sums the situation quite well.He wants to rush while I 'm holding back, testing the grounds.

Advice:Heart + Dog
So I should trust his love and love him back. He is actually very loyal kind of guy so no wonder to see heart +Dog here. I should trust him.

Outcome: Scythe
A break up may be. I glanced at card lower than scythe, Whip, which means trouble in communication which is nothing unexpected for me since we both are quite quick-tempered.

I have to wait and see if this is a break up or just troubles!

UPDATE: Its already been over. The scythe was me cutting him off just like that because I was scared of getting too deeply involved and the troubles that always existed between us even though it was for very short time, the Snake was always between us.