Thursday, April 26, 2012

"When" question using 3x3 - Updated

I have found this spread precise, to the point and expansive than a linear spread of 9 cards. I would rather have dealt a 5-cards linear spread for "when" question but I wanted some extra details too. Therefore I used 3x3 spread.

This question/Reading is from journal dated April 19th 2012:

The question relates to the bad depressing time I'm having recently. I am not a person who would like being hopeless, drained, depressed and drowned but this time the situation does not looked quite favourable.

Q: When will this period of depression end?
 No card pre-selected
3x3 for when question

I did not choose the 29-Lady card for this but it fell in the central theme position. It looks like its entirely up to me when I want to end this period of depression and all along I was sure that it was not up to me. 

First card usually tells your current thoughts:

 Heart, oh how I so feel deprived of love and affection for myself these days. 


Past: In the past I have had some great time, some thing nice and warm and also excitement. I was very excited for my birthday actually which was ruined by the way.

Present: Mice - Lady - Letter
Imagine how I'm being eaten up in my head, how worries are nagging at me, and I'm anticipating for some news, a ray of hope, anything to come my way. Basically I'm desperately hoping for a news about a change in the situation.

Future: Looks like a negative message or some shocking message is coming my way which will then bring a change after a brief period of this depression.


First row: I do feel deprived of love and affection these days and I'm hoping for a news, anything that will make my day.

Second row: The pleasures and joys of the past have been over. I feel really drained of all the energy I have.

Third row: I'm anxious about a news, anything that will bring a change (Storks) in my situation.


Heart - Lady - Storks = I' d love a change, which seems to be coming in future
Rider - Lady - Birds = I'm anxious and worried about whatever is happening so fast.
Rider - Flowers - Storks = A good news will bring a change
Heart - Coffin - Birds = A heartache followed by some release of emotions through communication with someone. 
Heart - Letter - Rider = A heart to heart correspondence with someone, may be a man.
Birds - Mice-Storks= Stop worrying and change will happen.

The good news is that Storks is the last card which assures that a change in situation is predicted in future.
The When part can be answered by the central row.
Coffin is the pain which is short-lived. It would have been dreadful if I had seen Cross there.
Flowers are what live for short time. They die fast.
Lady is me, so lots of it already depends on me.


I concluded from this reading that this period is short-lived, may be 9-10 days on the most, Rider is fast card , Mice is fast card, Coffin and Flowers are short-lived and Change (Storks) is just right around the corner.


I have a confession to make, when my bad time started, I pulled out Rider for that day. When the bad time ended I pulled Storks on that day, sometimes you can tell when a change happens in situation and the cards say so for that daily draw. During the time when I was going through the depressing phase, I was constantly pulling Cross, so so so many times. Then finally I pulled Cross+Coffin and I knew its over now.I now can safely say that today on April 26,2012 things are a lot better. What helped me the most is heart to heart talk with a friend of mine and then some self-analysis. Some pains are short-lived but they leave their impacts for a long-time. 

Blessings for everyone!


  1. Hi Alyna,
    Maybe it is just me, but I think you are due to have someone come into your life again. I LOVE to see the Rider above the Coffin! Especially when there's storks, too. He's galloping toward your heartache, ready to transform it. Even if it is a new platonic friendship, it is one that is good.

    1. Well you are pretty right. Some one has actually sort of messaged me like after 2 months. He has helped me get over my bad times in the past too and hope it helps this time too :)

      Thank you Michelle for the feedback. I'm feeling a LOT better than before.

  2. So glad to hear it !!