Thursday, December 29, 2011

GT about particular area; Part II (Updated and done with)

I have already done one here and it was so on spot I was tempted to do one more for next four months.

House -- Tree -- Storks -- Stars -- child -- Cross -- Clouds -- Coffin
Tower -- Dog -- Letter -- --Fox ----Moon -  Ring --- Man ---  - Rider
Heart ---Mount--Snake---Ship--- - Birds-- Sun --  Mice ---- Whip
Key  --- Anchor--Roads--Flower--Scythe--Bear--Garden---Fish

The Cards I drew after shuffling the36 cards and dividing them into three piles from left to right were:

First Three cards as Theme of reading:
House + Tree + Storks

Tree represents karmic connection or something deep rooted in terms of love and romance. Here the thing I noticed first of all is that there is King of Hearts and Queen of Hearts and they have a deeply-rooted connection. Looking combination-wise, it could be a comfortable long-term connection which brings changes. (positive combination).

These four months, my life was more surrounded by things at home, in my personal development and growth as a person. Lots of changes have occurred in these 4 months on the love front as well.

Corner Cards:
House + Fish = A financially stable man. Comfortable zone in terms of emotions.
Coffin + Key = a destined ending.
House+ Coffin = Stress/pain in one's private space
Key+ Fish = financial success, unlocked emotions

This looks like an ending or some sort of positive changes (even if they are apparently painful) will result in a success  at an emotional level.

I could not believe how accurately I predicted this one. My previous short-term relationship/affair/romance , I don't know if we have a name for that, ended, and it was very predictable yet very sudden but I was amazed that I was not as hurt as I had thought I would be. There was something strange about this experience. It was hurting, but I survived it like no other break up before. It was more like as if I was meant to learn something from this. A meaningful lesson, yes that's what I would like to call it. The Key was very important in house of Ring, because this relationship unlocked something in me. Something I did not know before (Book in house of 33-Key). 

House + Coffin + Key + Fish
A transformation in the house which brings some financial success. Something in the personal life will end, bringing some subconscious and emotional fulfilment.
Fate cards:
Book - Lady = I can somehow sense that this card Lady is not me. Its some other woman. Someone I don't know about. She can be a part of me which has not made itself known yet.

Book + Lady (Roads + Flower - Child + Cross)
It looks like there is a woman who is having a secret or is very studious and she finds a pleasant alternative which takes her to a new beginning which is fated for her.Its a burden which she has to carry on her own.With Flowers here, I cannot take this as negative but its something I cannot say anything about yet.

Lily + Clover (Scythe + Bear - Storks + Stars)
This is positive. There is a man who is successful, he is someone who is not in a safe position with scythe attacking him. He is however having a change soon.

Book + Lady + Lilies + Clover
It looks like there is a woman who is well educated and wise, and she find a little hope and luck around her.

I had two cards for learning in this row. Book and Lily. Book is more like what you learn and Lily is more like what you experience. Both however say wisdom which is learnt, knowledge which comes from knowing or experiencing something. The fate line clearly says that I had some learning to do in the department of love in these four months. It made me stronger, wiser and more mature than I ever was. Thus, ending the period on a more positive and hopeful note. 

Taking a Look at Lady: 
On top of her (her because I don't know, I feel like its not me), is Roads + Flower+ Scythe, she all of sudden finds a happy and pleasant alternative. Surrounded by Book and Lilies, she finds knowledge and wisdom, or a very wise mature man (Book + Lilies).

She is in house of Fish, she is engulfed with her emotions right now. (well, now this sounds like me a little bit). In house of Lady is Scythe, which shows she might cut off from something or take abrupt decisions.

I know why I was in the house 34-Fish, because I was meant to feel many things these months. I felt so many emotions from ecstasy to depression, from laughter to tears and I learnt so many lessons. What was out of my control was a parting, a separation from those people who once were my options. I would turn to them when I would, and then I decided not to use them as my options any more because I'm anything but a hypocrite. This is the reason why I took those decisions which were abrupt, impulsive, but wise and I feel satisfied because I'm not playing with anyone's emotions any more.

Using Counting: Storks - Coffin - Moon - Mountain - Mice - Flower - Book
There is a negative change, at emotional level, which brings blockages, but these blockages won't last (Mountain + Mice) and there will be some pleasant secret revealed.

Taking a Look at Man:
On top of him is Cross+ Clouds +Coffin and at bottom he has Mice and Whip.This sounds much like him because he is badly troubled. He's in house of Bear, which shows his strengths, and in his house is Flower, which shows his pleasant company. In the past, he had Cross+ Ring + Sun, a relationship he cannot break, while he remains optimistic about it. In present, he cannot think clearly, his head is not clear with Clouds at top, and he is stealing , with Mice at bottom. With Coffin, it looks like something is going to end for him in future.Coffin + Rider + Whip, it looks like a news will make him break up or argue with someone.In the Past, there was Sun- Scythe - Lady, is this how he coincidently and unexpectedly met me?
Using Counting: Ship- Key - Bear - Lilies - Stars - Tower - Ring
He will be having a successful movement towards a strong and supportive person. He will get the recognition and support he needs from his relationship.This is someone he has a spiritual connection with (Stars+ Ring).

Its been three months since I have heard from him, but I think about him everyday. Not in a bad way or desperate way, in a good way. He made me feel some wonderful things. He made me realize so many things about myself I will be grateful to him forever.
So we met, we fell apart and we broke each other's heart. The reasons and the breakup is already very very obvious with the cards around him. He was not sure what to do (Clouds), he had his hands tied (Ring), he was too unstable to stay (Rider) and he was being eaten up insides because the idea of stealing and his bad karma coming back to his kids was making him stressed (Mice).
So we mutually and successfully ended it (Cross-Clouds-Coffin).

Looking at Heart:
Heart in house of changes, there seems like a change in love life. In house of Heart is whip, there are arguments and breakups involved. House - Tower - Heart - Key looks like There will be some comfortable and supporting love coming along and it will be new (key).
Dog and Storks diagonals show there is a friend, who brings a change. I like to see Dog closer to me or Heart, because it shows this is someone who is loyal and can be a lover.With Mountain right next to the Heart, I feel bad because it looks like I won't be able to express myself very well.
Using Counting: Sun - Roads - Fish - House - Cross - Letter - Rider
There is a happy way towards emotional comfort which will bring a fateful message from a man.

Heart is in house of Storks, changes so definite change came. In house of Heart was Whip which is an indicator of falling apart. Immediately after the break up someone showed up as a supportive friend and he did help me a lot in that phase when I was not sure what I should do after my ex lover left my life.The Tower, Mountain are negative cards for Love around Heart, so I have mostly been unable to reconnect to another person on an emotional level since after he left. but I did learn some life long lessons (Anchor-Book).

Looking at Ring:
Cross - Ring - Sun - Bear = It looks like there is a relationship which is so meant to be, and it makes me feel so positive and so strong, and this is exactly what the truth is. I have never felt like this ever.
However, in future, it looks like the Man will be acting unpredictable and give me stress (Mice). I just looked at combinations for Clouds + Man and it can mean two men as well. Probably this is where the Dog card comes in right closer to Heart. Ring is in house of Fox, I need to remain very very warned of this relationship, specially with Fox lying closer to the Ring as well.

Using Counting: Snake - Whip - Scythe - Lady - Storks - Cross - Coffin - Moon
There is a break-up, now if that is for me or for the Other woman, I don't know. But something will end badly (Cross+Coffin) ending in something very bad emotionally (Moon).

Ring being in house of Fox made me be very cautious about relationships, even those which had some strong chance of becoming long-term. I decided that if I'm not getting what I want then I should not settle for something I do not want. In house of Ring is Key, and in house of Key is Book, so this relationship did teach me something worth it, something important. The good news is that next to Key is Anchor - Roads and Flower so I;m sure the decisions I took these four months were the right ones. 

Taking out every 4th card, I have 9 cards and shuffling them and using them to answer a question, I got these:

Next is using the 9 cards following a method mentioned in Treppner's course. (Its explained at bottom of this reading).

--------------Fish - Rider ----------
Whip - Stars----Fox-----clover-Coffin

The Fox shows that I am being all cautious, and I'm thinking and sniffing grounds before moving on to new stuff. The head is thinking about a man (Rider is my Man) and Fish, he is a banker so Fish almost every time follows him.At the foot, I'm having a pleasant journey. In terms of romance, Ship can be your movement along the waves of emotions.
In the Past there has been a luck which brought me pain. This relationship I'm in right now is quite painful, but very complete at the same time. The Coffin tells me that something ended, and it brought me something new which makes me happy (Clover).
In the future position, there is Whip+Stars. This looks like a spiritual communication/message which can turn things heated.With Stars for hoping, I do not think its anything negative.

Update for January:
Book: Secrets, discovering something.
House -- Tree -- Storks -- Stars -- child -- Cross -- Clouds -- Coffin

January was giving me a feeling of safety, security and feeling rooted (Tree). This brought some changes in my head (Storks+Stars) which brought a fated new (child) beginning. This was painful(Cross+Clouds+Coffin) and its sending lots of throwbacks and hindrances my way, but I made my way through. The thing is that with Coffin things are painful, but only in short-term. If you stay positive and learn (Book) from the experience, the journey is well worth it. I have wrote about Cross- Clouds-Coffin combo before as well, these three cards together restrict you and stress you, but its always temporary because the Clouds and Coffin both are short-term. 

Update for February:
Lady: This month was more about me trying to be myself.
Tower - Dog - Letter - Fox - Moon - Ring - Man - Rider
I was feeling darn alone (Tower) this month but a friend (Dog) helped and supported a lot. We had many conversations (Letter) , usually texts, but I was too much on my guard this month (Fox). I was still worried and thinking, rather dreaming (Moon) about this man who was so tied up in his own complications (Ring-Man) but the end of the month got me moving (Rider).

Rider is in house of dreams and hopes, and that is what I'm hoping for, Stars are in house of House and House in house of Rider. This is this guy who has brought me a new spirit and a new hope. He is really kind and generous and makes me comfortable.

Context was: Storks - Letter - Snake - Roads
The change was coming through communication which let me to take a decision, instead of being on a shaky twisted road, I decided to move on. This month however, was full of ups and downs.
Stars - Fox - Ship - Flower
The dreams were encouraging (Stars) but I was too cautious and warned (Fox) sailing alone and moving (Ship) towards happiness and meeting new people (Flowers).

Update for March:
Lilies: This month was all about learning from the past experiences and moving on with a triumph of having learnt from the bad ones. This was a quiet month where I was being myself.
Heart ---Mount--Snake---Ship--- - Birds-- Sun -- Mice ---- Whip

I did feel that things were static and not really moving in terms of love and that was very depressing. I had some trouble(snake) with a person who always reminds me of the Ship card. There was lot of exchange of texts and phone calls (Birds) which brought me some energy (Sun) but I ended up losing some of the arguments(Whip). 

I experienced some new and fresh perspective about my own feelings through the chit chat I have had with this new friend of mine. I ended up taking a decision. 
Cross- Ring-Sun-Bear
I actually ended two potential relationships this month. One of them was with this Bear guy. (Scythe-Bear).

Update for April:
Clover: This week was all about having faith, having a glimpse of hope and staying positive.
Key-Anchor-Roads-Flowers-Scythe - Bear - Garden - Fish

This month I was pre-occupied with the thoughts of some tough lessons going on. I was meant to realise the importance of (Key) and long-term effects (Anchor) of choices we made in our lives (Roads). Because sometimes we end up hurting those people who were there for our own good (Scythe-Bear-Garden-Fish).

I have been so worried about myself this month that  did not even care to see who the Man was.

Had some arguments with a person with whom I have signed up for a project already. He is someone I'm already mad on.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Moon Reading-Dec24,2011

I did a reading on last new moon about the major happening till next new moon. The basic purpose is to find out the time frame a certain number of cards cover. Some people use 5 cards for a daily reading, but for me even 2 cards have served the purpose and they did good. I have seen 5 cards given a more direct answer for more direct questions, where answer is not necessarily time dependant.

Fish - Mice - Child - Man - Cross

The Child in the middle talks about new beginning or something that has a potential for growth. It looks like there is a man who is immature and he is worried. His worries are about some financial narrow passes.Or it can be a woman who is naive and with a worried man (Man+Mice) and things look painful between them. The Cross at the end shows things will end between them, or for a man they will end.

Adding all of these: 34 + 23+ 13+ 28 +36 = 134 = 44 = 8 = Coffin

Not a good sign at all. Lots of worry with Mice, Cross and Coffin. I hope everything remains fine at all ends because I cannot let anything ruin anything for me at this point.

Update: This was a real messy situation. We are having emotional problems, and they are deep and painful (Fish+Cross). He was too much stressed and worried because of the burden he is carrying around.He finds himself at a crossroad where he cant have it and can't let it go as well.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dec 24-Dec30 Week Draw

Tree - Book - Anchor - Storks - Letter - Ring - Stars

The Storks in the middle tell me there is improvement and changes in life. These changes come with some document or a message. This change is related to a job/career.

I started a job this week and left right after two days because it was effecting my studies negatively. Thus the Book was my studies coming between my growth and my work. Book + Ring had two meanings this week, it was my commitment to my studies and a secret relationship as well.

First Half:
There looks like a work related to medicine and documentation. I'm starting my office training with this medical billing company on Monday so this is what is being referred here. I hope it does not mean a secret illness.
This looks like something that brings me new inspiration/hope for growth (Tree+Stars) with a contract (Book+Ring). This week surrounded by Letter and with Book it doesn't look like its a relationship. It speaks more like contract to me.

I was worried about my studies in the very first half of the week because full-time job and full-times studies are not something I can actually manage I guess.

Second Half:
Letter + Ring + Stars
This looks like a contract will be successfully signed. There is a new path starting right at the new year.This is an employment letter which gets a legal form(contract) and a long-term new path starts.

Communication between me and my sweetheart is going very well. I had the same combo Ring+Stars when we started dating and it actually serves us very well.

Very positive indication for the new year.
Adding 5+26+35+17+27+25+16 = 151 = 61= 7 = Snake , new twists and turns, or its simply my confident and courage this week.

I was not being half as courageous as I was supposed to be. I just couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to keep the job or quit it.

3 cards from Diamond Suite makes this an emotional week. The Queen of Hearts right in middle is catching my attention here.

Boy was I crying all week!

Happy New Year Every one!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lenormand Small: Fish + Ship

I have always wondered about Ship and Fish card. Both have water in it and the Blue Owl deck I use also shows a ship in the Fish card.

Fish has following meanings for me:
1. A financially independent man, a business man
2. Getting out of the emotional realm and thinking logical (the fish coming to top)
3. Increasing/multiply in number
4. Unknown fears/emotional engulfment

The Ship card has following meanings:
1. something from far away, can be another city or another country
2. Travelling, by air or by sea
3. Freedom
4. A person who loves travelling and freedom
5. Feeling alone

I got this combo today morning as my event of the day. The first thing after looking at ship that came to my mind was, the foreign company I have applied to, and the Fish could be something related to my financial independence, Since I'm a part-time student and I need a little money to save for my further studies, I have been looking for a job lately. The Fish card had to be it and Ship card should be the Foreign 'something' and it had to be that company. I was waiting all day, knowing it will happen, and then the phone finally rang and I knew this was it. They told me my training stars from Monday.

Together they have simply meant, Financial + Freedom and its true because this job literally means a lot to me right now.

Update: P.S, watch out for something coming on surface, and your emotional upheaval resulting from that. I have been noticing a clear change in my emotions, I have been happiest and saddest in one day with this draw. This mainly happens when all of sudden you come face-to-face with truth of some kind and things all of sudden start making sense and you get upset because of that. Good luck with the combo.

Timing Update 2: When Will I get a Job?

Q: When will I get a job?

Anchor - Scythe - Roads - Key - Tree
(3-5yrs) - (autumn) - (libra, sept-oct) -  (N/A) - May
Highly controversial Spread. I get a feel that if I do not make a decision soon its going to take a long time. Anchor and Tree both suggest delay and slow movement. The Scythe expects a sudden decision as to what I want to do and the key means the answer will come but a little late and with a delay. I often get a Tree in my job questions.
On to the timing thing, In Autumn I was presented with two different jobs opportunities. I have to choose one.  22 and 33 are master numbers and they are both present here side by side. I feel like the answer is not decided unless I take a decision.

Update: This is my spread from first week of December and it was on spot. At that time I had not even applied for a Job and now I have got one. Its a medicine-related job, thus, the Tree. The Key has been my answer and my guide all along. Timing wise it has not been that much on spot but it was right about the Roads card in middle, I had to look for an alternative instead of putting all my eggs in one basket and right after doing that, I got the job I applied for. This is destiny and fate (Key). The cards helped me with the "where" part too in this spread.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Number 3

If any one has noticed in my previous posts, the number 3 has been appearing too often. I started noticing this last night while figuring out my draw for the next week. Why am I all of sudden noticing three? Because its important. I do not think I will all of sudden for now start noticing a number so intensely around me. It happened a while ago when number 8 started appearing everywhere.

We will stick to number 3 right now. I will go step by step as to how it started appearing for me and how I started noticing it so much.

1-So I first noticed it in my week's draw. I had 4 cards either adding up to or having a 3 in them.The time before that was when it appeared in four cards out of five in this reading.In both readings I have mentioned that I'm noticing repeated number 3 here, but it wasn't worrying me.

2-Today I drew 3 cards about what is the near future for me and this person who is a friend right now.I usually draw few cards for one aspect and keep doing till all aspects of a relationship have been handled. I got Scythe + Snake +Fish. Snake has often represented me. I was wondering about the Scythe when I noticed the playing cards inserts. Three people. One woman and Two men. Both are from suit of Pentacles, one is immature (Jack) and the other is mature/older (King). My interpretation at that time was that it means I will be stuck between two men. Both will be same in many aspects (same suit), just different ages. I will be more inclined towards the mature one though while the Jack seeks my attention.

3-Moving on, the next question was Will he come to see me?
The answer was 3-13-30.. Three is haunting me now! He will come (Ship) and this will help things grow big time from Child to Lilies.

4-Moving further on I did a horary question last month about meeting a significant man in December. I was Venus, He was Mars and we were making a grand Trine with Jupiter. While I was focused on the thought of number 3 , I searched a little about seeing number three very often.While reading the article, it hit me in the stomach that astrologically, number 3 rules Mars, Venus and Jupiter (yes, my grand Trine).

Now i'm just wondering if its referring to combining the forces and starting a foundation or is it talking about a love triangle?

Update Dec 17-18,2011
Last night I had the weirdest dream ever, It was about a ship and an ocean. The ship was sailing in dark waters. The very next day I met a Navy Officer who was immediately drawn to me and was pushing me to be my friend. He said he was going back to his ship. I don't know what to do about this because number 3 rules Sagittarius, its card number for Lenormand card Ship and he is a Sagittarius and in Navy :s

Update Feb 11, 2011
He has proposed me for marriage out of blue. He said he has been thinking about this all along and the cards I drew for today were Ship - Letter - Stars.

Week Dec 17-23

Ring - Stars - Mountain - Key - Lilies - Snake - Moon

This looks like a new relationship is stressed but it will be resolved when a man (a third person) helps an unsure woman.

Key in the middle brings some answers this week. Some solutions or a new start is happening. Where its happening is in terms of breaking away from blockages (Key+Mountain) and finding a new found passion or help from an important man (Key+Lilies).

Update: This week has been the most amazing week of my whole existence. I have lived a whole life in this one week and I cannot be happier. The pain will come later. The key right in middle has solved all my problems and it feels like this was destined to happen. A new relationship did emerge and grew so much in just one week, A new start happened and hit me properly in the face. I did break away from blockages of all kind and ended up finding a new passion.
First Half:
A new relationship reaching its heights.

Update: The Cards couldn't have been more straight-forward. I'm totally completely, utterly in love. A relationship has reached its peak and now I'm only afraid its going to fall now.

Second Half:
Lilies +Snake+Moon
A man with an unsure woman, or a man and woman romantically involved.

Ring+Moon talks about a new attraction between two people. Stars+Snake tell there is a new start for a woman. Mountain+Lilies show a stressed man or a sexual blockage.

Update:A stressed man did fall in love with a woman and they are having the time of their life right now! *evil grin*
Number 3 and 7 look very very obvious in the spread.

Adding all numbers = 164 = 74 = 11 = Whip. There are some arguments and hot discussions this week.
Having Three 8s in the draw means a proposal of some sort!

There have been lots of communication and private discussions this week, but thankfully no arguments.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Relationship Reading 2

Having got a really accurate prediction done about a relationship here, I decided to do this same one for a snapshot for my friend and a guy in her life. They are just friends right now but she sees a romantic potential.

Present Situation: Key -Storks - Rider
It looks like the destiny has brought a change for her through him. The Storks is the Queen of Diamonds who can surely represent her.The Rider can be him, since he is quite a young guy besides he is a friend-lover sort of guy for her right now so it can be him. It looks like destiny brought them together. This is totally true for them given the kind of encounter that brought them together.

Advice: Clover + Roads = It looks like they will have multiple luck, or they have to come to some terms which will bring luck for them. The Roads card has sometimes shows an escape or an alternative to me as well, which shows they will find luck if they take a decision as to whether they want to remain friends or lovers.

Outcome: This was supposed to be one card, but the Man was not giving up much so I pulled another card. The small Ace of Hearts on the Man card caught my attention. The Man and Woman both facing each other, this looks perfect in the outcome position. I thought it could mean the outcomes depends on the man, but here its more than that.  I pulled a third card and it was Clouds. This could show some troubles, but with them facing each other and the lighter side of clouds towards them, it looks like my friend needs to leave some uncertainties behind and enjoy life.With the Roads sitting right on top of her, they are simply the options or alternatives in her head, the Guy is waiting for her right in front of her.

No Layout Reading

I have explained about the no-layout reading here. This draw I did for my brother who had a job interview. The hiring was on-spot so I knew I would get the results.Since its a permanent job therefore, I chose the significator Anchor for his job.

Q: Will he get this job at XYZ?
A: Man + Flower + Anchor + Ship + Lilies

The spread clearly says Yes. It looks like there will be a wiser man who will help or offer him.The Ship is appearing because his basic dealings will be with people from a far off . Not even a single negative card. 3 looks like a repeating number in 3 of the cards.I think he will get the offer.

Update:His interview went really well. He had lots of help from the guy who is a friend of mine and who referred him there and he has got an offer for joining. The 3 number was repeated because he will join in 3 days and his probation period is three months.

Interview day!

I wanted to give a try to the No-Layout message for once and I did that for my interview tomorrow.

The No Layout : Like the name suggests you do not lay the cards out.Yes! You just choose a card which best represents your subject (Book for studies, Man for significant other in case you're a woman, Heart for Love etc) you just shuffle them, and when it feels right, put the cards down and locate the significator.You can take out as much cards as 5 on either sides (if possible) and then interpret accordingly.

 I have actually never tried this method before, so I wanted to do my usual five-cards draw for it as well (Just in case). Here are the both spreads and I will update tomorrow!

Q: How will my Interview tomorrow go?

No Lay Out: I have chosen Birds for this since they have already represented interviews for me, I just don't know it just felt right for me.

Sun + Birds + Moon +Fox + Bear

Why isn't the Birds card in middle? because it was almost at the end. Sun card shows it will be a success. Sun is my card of optimism and energy. Moon +Fox+Bear however make me a little cautious of the Boss/employer. It looks like he will be a bit cautious. He might be appreciating me just apparently while actually he wouldn't be very sure about me.
Adding all: 104 = 14 = Fox
This tells me to be cautious and sniff out the grounds before saying anything during the interview.

Update: This was really nice day because the interviewer was a charmer, and it went better than what I expected. The Fox was telling me to check my documents before going because I left the most important document at home and I had to take the interview without it .It was embarrassing. 

The Five Cards Draw:
Mice - Sun - Key - Ship - Scythe

The Mice +Scythe and Scythe +Mice are possibly just showing me that my worries will dissolve away. The Sun card has appeared again and this time with Key, so this looks like its a definite success. The cards to right of Mice are what is revealed.
While drawing cards, an extra card came in my hand, which was the Stars card. I once had this experience before too, so I take the extra card as the final answer. The Stars here show me this is going to be a great success.
Adding all: 100=1-Rider
There will be a news or the interview will go quite faster than  expect.

Update: The Interview went faster yes, it was like very short interview since they didn't had to ask me about lots of stuff, my CV was impressive enough (and so am I ). Everything was in place except for the small nervous part of me that left me with dried lips during the interview. I impressed pretty much a lot though!The 3 number repeating is probably telling me I will get a call in three days.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Timing spread-update

Deck: Blue owl

Q: When will I get the call for the xyz bank's written test?
I have to take this test to reach the final interview. They told me the test is conducted by third party and the date is decided by that institute which takes the test. So its delay at their end.

Storks - Fox - Ring - Man - Stars

no cards for communication/call/message. The storks "brings" something and has been appearing a lot in my readings.The Fox can be the situation related to Job. The Man+Ring, Storks is straight from my GT 's 4th line, Stars diagonal to him. i wonder who he really is.

The Ring in the middle tells me there are cycles for the tests they conduct. so may be the batch they have put me in is not complete yet and they are looking for more candidates to fill the batch (Fox).I just don't understand the Ring+Man is giving me a totally different feel.

Storks: Next. [Storks+Ring can be next batch/next round,]
Fox : N/A
Ring: Taurus, Apr-May
Man : N/A
Stars : Aquarius, Jan-Feb

ok what is going on really? It cant be that late. They do not need that long to put me on a list.

Update: All along the Ring+Man was giving me a different feel, like the key man has been unavailable or busy and this is where the delay has been originating from.
The Fox was telling me to dig the matter. and It was right. The very next day I rang them to ask and they told me that the man who had to approve my application was gone on honeymoon and will be back next week. This is why the Ring+Man was catching my eye. The Storks+Fox tells me to find next, and for timing I get Storks +Ring = Next Year and Stars is Aquarius, Jan-Feb. This fits because now it will be after the winter and new year holidays. I should wait till January.Its true that its all about what feel you get from the spread instead of the spread or combinations, they are there just to help.

Where will I meet him?

After having used the Astrological houses to predict the location for something, I decided to give it another go with The Most Important Question About The One!

I have done a horary chart for this too, using the same technique. Those who are aware of the technique would know that first the house which represents that object is chosen, and then in whichever house the Lord of that respective house falls, represents the location. The result was 8th house. After doing that, I tried it with Tarot cards. The method I have used for this is explained here.
The result for both horary and Tarot reading gave me 8th house. I thought I should try this with these cards and see what I get. I chose the Man card as the significator. So after spreading the cards out, three in each position, I started looking for the Man card.I found him in the 6th house with Snake and Lady card. I knew my horary and Tarot cards couldn't be wrong, so what's in the 8th house? Before turning the cards over, I thought will I find the Dog card there? Wooah. Flower + Dog +Anchor in 8th house.

I come up with two explanations for this.
1). 6th house is:

Sixth - workplace
The workplace, doctors surgery, hospital, shops, restaurants. Inside something. Military base, co-worker's home, zoo.
The 8th house is:
Eight - water
Near water, bathrooms, waste disposal, surgery, operating rooms, mortuaries, banks, detectives, brothel

This looks quite interesting that both are talking about hospital and surgery rooms. So it can be a hospital and both Tarot and Lenormand cards are talking about it, in their own way.

2) My second explanation is, it is referring to two men. I'm being told that I might meet a man, but he won't be my significant other. My significant other would be someone still found in 8th house, but the man I can possibly be romantically involved with right after this is found in 6th House.

Looking at the cards separately, 

It can mean either I'll meet him when I will be with a woman (possibly my mother) or he is with another woman. Snake card can represent a rival or another woman in a relationship. She is standing right between me and him. The Snake card has often come up representing me, but here I don't feel like its me. I feel this is another woman.

Update December 20: I can't believe I was so on spot with interpreting this one. This is 100% right for me. I met this man, for whom I have developed some feelings, and he has for me, but he CAN NOT be my significant other, because he belongs to another woman. I just cannot believe my readings turned out to be so true! I met him because we both are registered with same institute of studies and we both were students at that time.
My cards have amazed me now!

Looking at the 8th house cards.
It is said that in a reading, for a married woman, the Dog can be husband instead of The Man card. This looks like a man who is pleasant and Stable. He is going to offer me friendship, loyalty and stability.

Which interpretation of mine is right , only time can tell me. But I'm ready to update this post as soon as I figure this out what it actually meant.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Love Outlay

I have been eyeing this spread for many days, and it comes with the Treppner's course as well. Its one of the spreads in this course which I have dared not trying because of its big-ness. But after having dealt with five GTs so far I decided to do it today:
The relationship I'm focusing on is in the very early stages of mutual likeness but I have been noticing, feeling and knowing there is a strong potential and probability of growth.

Here is the spread with my interpretations:

Row 1:
What is coming up: Lady- Self-concern.

Short-term Bliss: Roads- an Alternative or escape. Looks like I will soon be having an option/alternative.

Joint Forays: House- we make each other feel comfortable and at home.

Domestic Bliss: Coffin- shows we are not very happy with our family and personal lives right now

What needs to evolve: He needs to evolve. The power and masculine aspects of our relationship.

What are the Obscurities: Ship – The distances between us are a burden on nerves.

Complications and misunderstanding: Moon- There are emotional issues. He is too sensitive while I’m too insensitive.

What will end: Sun – The energy between us and the optimism will end.

Surprise: Fish: The connection at the soul level will emerge.

Row 2:
What is hurting my soul: Clouds: The confusions and sense of not knowing

To be discussed jointly: Mountain: The blockages which we have.

Causing Concern: Whip- the discussions that turn into heated arguments.

Recommencement will come from: Lily- being wiser and polite. Bringing harmony

Deceit or cleverness: Heart – Love and being sensitive and warm will be the smarter thing to do.

United or Divided: Tree – very strong Karmic connection which will be harder to get away from

To follow up: Fox – Be cautious and sniff it out well before proceeding.

Positive change: Key – Definite YES

Assessment of social environment: Tower- ambitious, one with higher values. Someone to look up to.

Row 3: 
Alienation and egoism: Storks: This looks like we both like to have our freedom.

Going out often enough: Stars- We live far apart but we are hoping to meet soon.

Further blockages: Rider – There seems to be fast actions in future or communication.

Opting against this commitment: Cross –there is a hint of fate in this line, even if its painful.

Will there be a break up: Clover- There will be hope and luck.

Are the feelings mutual: Owls- They represent a couple sometimes, a pair, mutual.Yes

Firm and stable relationship: Flower: pleasurably yes!

Will the new partner wait for me: Bear – he is protective and patient enough to do so.

Communication: Snake- True. We never have a smooth talk for long, its always not like we intend it to be.

Row 4: 
How do I value him: Dog – as a wonderful loyal devoted friend

How do I value myself: Ring – I value myself as a commitment-oriented person.

Passion: Mice- There is lots of holes in that area since we are not very close yet and there is a lot that needs to be discovered.

Emotional warmth and feeling of security; Book- There is a feeling of unknown warmth and security. I just can’t put my finger on it but it looks like Tree card explains it well.

Mutual Attraction: Child – There is a child-like attraction like two kids are attracted towards each other without considering anything in the world. This is really true in our case.

Does he give me adequate feeling of security: Garden – He gives me my freedom to meet new people and does not put any kind of restrictions. That is enough security for me

Are there money troubles: Anchor: there is stability in that department.

Is he a fitting partner: Scythe: I might break away from him. He might be someone I never expected to find.

Collective Burden: Letter- The distance and the way we are unable to communicate not so often is what needs a resolution.

Overall: It looks like we have a strong connection based on warm feelings and there is strong chance for this to turn into something more beautiful in future. There is solid ground for long-term and stable relationship. The only kind of issues lie with communication. The Whip, Ship, Mountain, Snake and Letter are all pointing to this fact. We need to check our communication levels and then analyse how our words effect the relationship. Overall I see a great sense of a wonderful relationship which is based on innocence and there is mutual attraction too. I still don't know if He is a fitting partner or not because scythe can be just his spontaneity which I absolutely adore or it can mean I'll separate from him.

Where would I be working next?

I have worked a little towards learning Horary Astrology and have found it amazingly correct provided the question is right at the right time.
There is a technique in that to find lost items. I remember I once did a Horary Chart and an astrological chart spread with Tarot cards to get the answer Where would I meet my next romance. Well I don't know the credibility yet, since I haven't met him, but I gave this yet another chance using the same technique with my lenormand cards.

By placing 3 cards each in each sign of the zodiac circle, while focusing on question where would I be working next as an employee, and using Anchor to signify my full-time permanent stable job, I found it in 9th house with Letter+Flower.

Using this method which I have used for my horary charts too, I get a sense about places and locations.(You have to click the last tab "Places" for hints about locations related to each house).

Nine - abroad, travel
Far away, different country, with strangers. High places, shelves, the attic, airplane, airport. College, church, courtroom, in-laws, publishers, wedding

With my Natal Jupiter also placed in 9th, I'm not amazed at all. I have ruler of both my 4th and 11th in 9th house and I don't have a single friend living any place near me, they are all from different cultures, different countries. I have been told time and again that having ruler of 4th in 9th can be a relocation to a far off place.All the three cards belong to the spades suit, is that a bad sign. With Letter and Flower however it looks like I will get an appointment or offer through formal letter.Letters are slower than phone calls, but there is nothing negative about both Letter and Flower cards. The Letter and Flower can be work related to beautiful words (drafting letters so that customer can be satisfied etc)Besides that I'm born under the Sign of Aries and the number for Mars is 9, the Flower cards is 9 and Letter card is 2+7=9. The house they fall in is also 9.
5+3 is 8 which is number of financial gains and 9 is the number of power and energy.

This tells me that either I will be working abroad, or with foreigners may be in a college and I should apply to an airport too.  I have already applied to a foreign company where major dealings are with off-shore clients. Good bye to the banks!

Update:I got a job, its an overseas office of a foreign company, I should have seen Ship here, but its basically document related work and pleasant workplace (Flower+Anchor). I did this reading on 13th December, and I took the interview on Dec 16, and got the appointment call right after 9 days. The cards have been on-spot :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

An amazing experience!

I've been sleeping with cards under my pillow for a few days now. I'm practising with card combinations and for that I pull out two cards and study them putting them as 1+2 and then 2+1.

last night I was tempted to pull out three which were

Tree + Clouds + House

This looked like a health improvement (clouds clearing up towards Tree and darker side towards House). so to me it was , improving health, which unclears something in house. This was totally not making sense because my grandmother has been ill, and I thought it was pointing to her health improvement, so why would it bring troubles or unclear situation in my home/family?

In my sleep I saw a dream which was showing me three cards ; Dog +Tree + House.
This is an ill man in house, a doctor for someone in house, a doctor making house call. I decided to look into the matter.

I looked back to yesterday's draw and I was Snake+Tower.From last week's draw Scythe+Snake was her fall when she broke her leg. Snake + Tower was telling me to look into the matter of her back.The Tree+Clouds was referring to the revelation of the matter not improvement.

This morning we got her x-rays re-done and found out that we have been missing a major information. Not only did her joint got dislocated, her bone has a huge crack in it as well, which the other day was not clear in the x-rays and Dog + Tree + House was telling me to take her to a doctor because we are thinking her bone has been fixed while it hasn't been.

Update: We visited the doctor and he is positive she needs a surgery and there is no other possible way. Now my parents are not sure whether or not to get her surgery done because she is very weak-hearted and not willing for the surgery.

These cards have started amazing me now!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Dec 10 - Dec 16 week

Storks - Mice - Book - Scythe - Dog - Lady - Heart

Over all:
Scythe in the centre explains the surprises and unexpected stuff coming up this week. The Book -Scythe is repeated. It looks like a hidden danger from a female friend who is all lovy dovey.This danger will be revealed after I have paid attention and improved whats worrying me.
scythe+ Book = A secret is revealed.
Scythe + Dog = a friend in danger, a man in danger, a friend which one gets away from

Update: The Scythe in the middle has been pretty nerve-wrecking these days. My grandmother's x-rays were re-done and she's been having a surgery. Just today she was shifted to the I.C.U.

First Half:
Storks - Mice - Book =
Changes are stressful because some worries are revealed. i think its related to my exams.

Storks-Heart is exactly what I pulled last night while I was just playing around before going to sleep and pulled two cards. its also in my GT for December, I'm feeling like its being repeated too often.
Storks + Mice = negative change
Storks + Book = Changes after examination
Storks + Heart = Changes brought on by love

Mice + Book = no studying / apprenticeship, examination fails, a secret is revealed
Mice + Lady = woman is ill / worried

I'm pretty much nervous now because of the revelation about my grandmother's health. Some revelations that were not made last week are now surfacing and some unexpected, quick procedures were performed on her bone.
On a whole different level, I'm experiencing something entirely new with this new friend. I'm not sure we are going towards some romantic involvement but I do know that there are some mutual warm feelings.
I don't think I'll fail the exams but the stress seems to be related to not knowing what to expect in almost every area of life right now. Looking forward to the second half of the week which looks promising.

Second half:
Dog - Woman - Heart
A man and Woman are in love.
This is interesting.
Dog - Book tells me this is something about a friend what I don't know. Woman-Mice and this worries me, Heart-Storks but I will move on with a happy heart. This combo of Heart+Storks screams "a winged heart" to me, a happy, free heart.

Dog + Woman = a woman with a friend, a friendly woman, a female friend
Dog + Heart =loving friend
Heart + Storks = changes in feelings/love

it seems like a female friend is bringing some changes in my love for her. i wonder who this is or is it just myself here?

The woman. This was on spot. The lady was not me, it was a woman who has problems with her husband. Her husband is actually my friend. She has so many problems in their relationship but she is such a lovely lady and totally in love with the man but the man is not a good guy. I feel so much pity for her. This was the Friend with a secret, the secret being his dishonesty with his wife.The woman is not me, its her worrying about her husband's secret love affairs.

adding all the numbers I get 147 = 5+7 = 12- Birds which shows nervousness and communication for this week.

There have been soooo many phone calls and sooo many text messages I had to subscribe to 1000 texts a week to reply each and everyone of them.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec 3 - Dec 9 week

I tried to do it the GT way but didn't really liked it.It might be because now I'm so used to doing the weekly draws with 7 cards.
Q: What should I expect for next week?

A: Garden - Storks - Flower - Book - Scythe - Snake - Ring

Socializing brings changes which make me happy while I stay unaware how suddenly the complications in a relationship are cut loose.

Garden +Storks ; Garden + Ring, meeting people brings changes, meeting people/going to a place I go regularly. Storks + Flower ; Storks + Snake moving towards happiness and moving on, or detouring
Flower + Book ; Flower +Scythe  meeting a stranger will bring unexpected joy.

Flower- Book - Scythe = an unexpected encounter/offer which I don't know about. there was no unexpected offer of a hidden danger. I couldn't figure this one out.

First half:
Garden - Storks - Flowers = Socializing bring happy and pleasant changes, pleasant meetings

There was so much going on in these three days, I was busy and was surrounded and visiting people all the time.The Garden has started keeping me very very busy.

Second half:
Scythe - snake - Ring = A woman in danger, An unexpected twist in a relationship, suddenly all complications related to a relationship/routine matters, end.

My grandmother fell and broke her leg. Mama Whodun explained the Ring well on this
The concept of a ring comes from the Latin annum, i.e. a ring of the Earth around the Sun, or an annual event. The Ring following the Snake can mean that your Elder will see a return to health, however it will occur over the long cycle- think in terms of a year or more, as the Serpent is a spiral- an elongated series of ring like "steps" in a healing process such as physical therapy. Our English word ring is from Middle English ringen, from Old English hringan, which may be based on the sound made by a bell, so here it might suggest a warning- that she be careful or mindful of the complications that can occur from a break or fracture.

With the Ring reflected by the Garden as first card in your layout, it may mean she might require care from others either in a group setting or help at her home for a time during the healing process.
I'm hopeful about her condition though!

Adding all the numbers = 114 = 24- The Heart. It will be a lovely week yaayyy
Interestingly the Hear appeared as the theme a lot of times during the week. I was somehow thinking a lot about warmth and affection this week.

It was a lovely week indeed, except the end!

Update: I later on made a few more discoveries how the cards hep me learning more about my grandmother who fell this very week and broke a can be seen Here.

Treppner's Course; Past,Present, Future Spread predicted Truth

I have been using Iris Treppner's course which you can Buy Here ,as my guide throughout my learning process and I have found it most accurate till date. The interpretations and everything works wonderfully. I was going through the course material and found The Cross Layout for past present and future.

For this you need a significator, about who you are inquiring. I want to know about my life generally and I choose Lady card for that.

The Layout is here, where
     9-       2    - 10
5 - 1 - Sig/13 - 3 - 7
     12 -   4     - 11

As usual, Cards to left are Past, the column the significator falls in is Present , cards to right are Future.

Card 5 and 1 tell us what happened in past that led to present situation. cards 9-12 are transits from past to present. The cards 6,2,13,4,8 are Present situation. Cards 10-11 are transits to future and cards 3-7 are Future.

My lay out is here:

Past: Clover +Fish : Clover is something small and Fish is usually about finances, so taking both by literal meanings, it means small financial gain or financial independence at a smaller level. This can be true because the only financial gain I have had has been through my scholarship and nothing else. There have been lots of stresses but I guess life has started recovering itself.
2+34 = 36-Cross = The hand of fate has served me well. I have been through carrying my burdens.

Transits from Past to Present: I have been looking forward to more or new kind of financial independence (Stars-Fish) and I have seriously been struggling , while I have taken a few interviews (Fish - Birds) about the same cause.My hopes (Stars) has taken me towards me a new road where I have to decide (Roads) what I want to do. I have reached a point where my way is not clear to me (Clouds-Roads).
The conversations about work I have been having (Birds) are going to bring me some news (Rider) related to more stability in terms of job (Anchor).

Present: Right now, I don't even know where I'm heading (Clouds-Roads) and I'm totally stressed and mentally blocked because a news I have been waiting for has not been arriving (Anchor-Rider) blocked due to mountain, some blockages that are to stay for a while.

Future: Since I have too many unclear options (Clouds-Roads) in my head, this will lead me to a man, who is Older and wiser (Lilies) and is with a woman (Snake) or having some complications (Snake).
Lilies -Snake is predicting a complicated affair, or a sexual affair. But it will be full of energy and passion (Sun). The news about job (Rider-Anchor) which I have been anticipating will bring success (Sun).

UPDATE December 20th, 2011: This has come so freakishly true for me. The news about job arrived and brought success and the wiser, older man, with a woman already also appeared. I hope it does not end up being an affair. This reading has been my truest so far.

Update February 06,2012: I did not update this one but I'm in love with a guy who is far more wiser and mature than I am, complications are there (snake) but I'm very happy thus far (Sun).

December: Line of Nine for Love

Just like the Line of Nine I did for Work, I'd do one for Love this December and see if I'm going to fall in love this year (2011) 

Focus: Love life in December

Mountain - Mice - Storks - Whip - Scythe - Stars - Book - Ring - Sun

Scythe right in the middle suggests there is something I need to cut away from in order to fall in love. The Stars right next to it tell me I need to find a sudden idea, a sudden inspiration will bring a Secret Relationship which will make me very happy (Sun).
In the Past: There have been blockages (Mountain) which are lessening now (Mice). In reflection , Mice+Ring can be a continuous stress over the matter. Storks - Whip is the change which has been making me passionate with every day and I'm hoping luck will strike.

Present: Whip - Scythe - Stars= Right now there is a passionate hope to find the new path.

Future: Book - Ring - Sun
A relationship which will make me very happy, but it will be a secret relationship.

I have to wait till the end of the month to see how it manifests!

December 29,2011 Update: I am in love, it is a secret relationship and it does brighten up my life. The Scythe suddenly gave me this new way of life , it happened so suddenly and it was really good to have this thing happen to me. We are keeping the relationship secret yet and the reason its a Ring instead of a Heart is because we are so totally deeply involved and committed towards each other, the Heart card won't have done the justice!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Timing with lenormand

I wanted to test some methods specially with our readings thread on AT, therefore, I decided to do it for myself.
Q: When am I going to meet the man who is my next long-term serious romance?
A while ago I did the same using the same deck but with another method. This method is given in Treppner's course and it states that a card must be chosen in order to represent the matter and then whichever house the card falls in the 9x4 spread that is the time for that. I chose the Significator Heart for love, and started shuffling. When it felt right I dealt the cards. The Heart card fell in house of Lilies, that is number 30. The 30 is winters.
Now today I was focusing on the same question, using Andy's method given on his blog.
The card Lily and Ring fell out.I put the cards back and started shuffling. Dealt following five cards out:
Tree - Mice - Lily - Fox - Coffin

May - Soon, eating at delay - Winter - (N/A) - Scorpio (Oct-Nov)
The Tree shows delays, it always delays things for me, but the Mice is eating up the delay caused by Tree. The Lily is right in the middle again, so that means Winter. The Fox card is not used for timing and Coffin represents Scorpio Oct-Nov. We are already in the Scorpio and Winter period. Mice tells me its soon, I wonder if I have already met him *sheepish Smile*.
Q: When am I getting in my next committed relationship?
House - Ring - Dog - Birds - Fox

One month -   Apr-May -  N/A  - December or 2 - N/A
This December is Next Month. It looks very very promising now 8D. But how can it happen in one month I haven't even met him yet :s so I think House=1, Ring = Year, together they make one year. Birds say December or 2nd. This can be the 2nd December from today. I don't know why but this is the feel I get.
Q: When will I get a job?

Anchor - Scythe - Roads - Key - Tree
(3-5yrs) - (autumn) - (libra, sept-oct) -  (N/A) - May
Highly controversial Spread. I get a feel that if I do not make a decision soon its going to take a long time. Anchor and Tree both suggest delay and slow movement. The Scythe expects a sudden decision as to what I want to do and the key means the answer will come but a little late and with a delay. I often get a Tree in my job questions.
On to the timing thing, In Autumn I was presented with two different jobs opportunities. I have to choose one.  22 and 33 are master numbers and they are both present here side by side. I feel like the answer is not decided unless I take a decision.

Line of Nine for work

I am expecting a news from the company I have applied in for a job and there hasn't been a news so far therefore, I did a Line of Nine for this.9 cards are usually going to take one Month to manifest in real world.

Storks - Anchor: Storks + Fish
There will be a change, a new job, a change in finances. Anchor+Stars:Anchor+Ship tells me this job is what I have been hoping for but it will restrict my movement a lot. Stars+Tree:Stars+Birds tell me this is what I have been wishing for a long time and this is what has been keeping me nervous. Stars+Birds is always night time for me, so I might be discussing it with someone at night. Tree+Key looks like some patience will result in an answer or the answer has been delayed.
The Clouds in the middle are definitely showing my confusion because I don't know whats going on in the Head Office. Key+Tree shows that the answer is: be patient. There is slowness in the matter. Birds+Stars; Birds+Ship tell me that I will be longing for the answer or this job for a while. Ship+Anchor;Ship+Fish, finally I will head home and answer will surface finally with Fish+Storks.
Using Traditional method:
Past: Storks+Anchor+Stars+Tree : there has been a change in employment or a change that made me more stable, and this makes me wish for a long-term growth.
present: Clouds: I'm not sure about my direction and I do not know what is going to happen
Future: Clouds +Key +Birds+ Ship + FIsh
A confused answer which will make me call someone far away to find the answer which is not apparent with all the confusion cards surrounding the Key. In future I see someone from far away helping.  It can be me going to the other city for the test which is required to be taken.
Using Another method posted by a fellow member:
Storks+Anchor+Stars: A change brings the Job I have been wishing for
Tree +Clouds + Key : a delay with confused answers
Birds +Ship +Fish: A phone call from far away will clear things up.The Fish to me is the surfacing out of blurriness, or things that are usually "under the pile" coming on top , therefore, I think its a great answer.

Update: This was a reading from first week of December. On December 14th I had an interview with a foreign company (Ship+Fish). This was a health related services company, thus the Tree.+Key I was asked to join on 26th December and I quit the training on December 29. This whole scenario happened within a week. The Clouds in the middle were keeping me confused as to "is this what I want" and I was so nervous (Birds) that I ended up fleeing (Ship). The reason was Anchor + Ship, it was restricting and restraining my freedom which I do not like at all. 

new moon reading

I decided to do a one month reading using This deck.

 Q: What is the highlight event until next new moon?

 Moon - Lily - Stars - House - Whip  

my first impression "when the moon is waxing, or when it reaches a full moon, at night there will be an argument at home"  oh i see this one coming. so it will be around the full moon.  Treppner says: Its an encounter or support by an important man, a new start with family, luck in house, and there are conversations in the house/about house.  Using playing cards inserts there is superior suit of Hearts, which relates to emotions and feelings and relationships. The lily and House sounds like Father to me. The Moon and Stars both suggest success and honour, the Whip has been appearing a lot for me which stresses me out with Mars in Virgo, my Ascendant.

Update: With the Moon right at its fullest, there was lots of Stress in my house because of my grandmother's illness and she had a surgery which caused lots of disturbance at home. Lily+House is an older family member, Moon +Whip is conflicting emotions which I am facing right now.

GT for December

Lady –- -Fish – -Coffin – Mountain – Man – ---Scythe – Sun – ---Book
Tree – ---Key ---Flower -- House -----Dog ------Moon --  Letter --Child
Stars—--Ring –- Rider-----Snake------Fox-------Lily-------Mice----Ship

First Three Cards
It looks like the finances will be again giving me a hard time this month.I'm in house of Rider, so I'm being active and going places. The Fish in house of Clover means I'm having a little success and luck with finances, but Coffin in house of Ship is bringing longing for a change and transformations.

This month was about financial troubles. I so wanted a job, because I thought I could use some extra money, and when I found one, I figured out that I could not keep up with managing both full-time college and full-time job. Thus, I ended up thinking and worrying a lot about all the things which have been bothering me about the issues about money. Summing it up, I ended up with bad finances yet again. I went through a whole cycle and ended at where I started from.I had a little luck about finances but the longing left me with pain. The Coffin was painful.

Corner Cards:
Woman - Tower - Book - Storks
I am ambitious, but lonely, waiting for the unknown to happen.
Woman - Book = a woman studying/getting education Tower-Storks is going to get rid of loneliness.

There were two things going on at same time. I was ambitious, looking for a change and I did them too, and when I found the changes, I chickened out at once.

I have no past this month LOL. I'm so happy because I'm turning a whole new chapter this month and its good if I have nothing from past with me.I have nothing on my mind too, just the thoughts of a new chapter.
Tree-Stars-Storks .. I'm so positive, and ready to find a new path which will take me to new horizons.But it looks like there is some delay yet before it can happen (Tree delays things for me ) Tree in house of Flowers, say there is delay until something pleasant can happen or I will be enjoying a good health this month. Stars in house of Storks and Storks in house of Ring tells me I will be finding success in changes in relationships and contracts.

My life took a new turn this month. There were lots of changes happening at many levels. I did find success regarding a change in relationship.

Fish-Coffin -Mountain-Man-Scythe-Sun-BookThe financial worries will stay for a while, stressing me, blocking my way to a man who will suddenly bring success towards me in my studies or in matters of unknown secrets.
Book is in house of Coffin so I think these are changes happening at a level I'm not aware of.Man is in house of Tree, this is happening again, he is some one related to medicine. I wonder who he is!Key-Rider-Bear-Anchor
Yeessss finally a news about job is coming, which is a good one with presence of Key and I think I will have success. Fox is sniffing out the Snake, so its a woman I will be worried about, the deceit can be from a friend too , with Dog on top. The Fox is on top of Birds, which is next to Bear so these can be the phone calls or messages or interviews with possible employers.Mice are next to Lily, so I will probably feel deprived of rest, or a family member would be stressed. Mice is in its own house showing that its emphasized.

The Man in house of Tree can be a man I have a karmic connection with. This is what we both think. There was a news about job, I actually got one, I had success with it too. My extra cautious nature (Fox) helped me dig out things and find pros and cons before deciding anything.I felt very much out of rest because of which I had to quit. Managing both studies and job together was tough.

Fate cards 
Roads -Clover (Cross - Bear - Man - Scythe]
It looks like I have to make a decision about who I want to work with. A man will help it decide unexpectedly.Anchor - Garden (Birds - Clouds - Coffin - Mountain)
Public work, interacting with people through non-face-to-face communications will stress me out big time.I had Garden last month too and I just cannot tell how much I was socializing. It was Ring +Garden with Heart + Letter and I was getting oh my God messages from so many people who were half-in-love with me. I wonder if its going to bring negative and stressful messages this time.

I had to take a decision about what I wanted to do. I ended up deciding about my job questions. A man helped me deciding it unexpectedly. Closer to House and Dog, the Man was my Father.
I started a job where I was having lots of communication with friends, and I liked it a lot too. This time it was getting hectic for me because of managing my studies along with.

Looking at Negative cards to spot issues and problems:

To answer my questions about certain things, I will be looking at different cards.
Coffin is in house of longing ,means I would be longing for a change and transformations, which will stress me. Coffin is closer to Fish means its about my financial independence. The Mountain is not only in house of House but on top of House as well creating stress in house /family. In house of Scythe is Key, I should be warned about what destiny does to me, or what I might unlock with my actions.Scythe is cutting at Sun so it can be my success or my optimism.Clouds are facing towards Whip , making me confused as to what I should discuss, or something needs to be repeated because of ambiguity.

I was longing a lot about being financially independent. There was lots of stress in house because of my grandmother's surgery and all. I was stressed with the sudden decisions I took. The Clouds kept me confused about whether or not I want to keep the job. 

Book for studies: 
In house of Book is Heart which means I will be loving my books for once :D or I will generally be pleased. The Sun, Letter, Child surrounding book suggest all is well in that area.
Using Counting: Dog - Ring - Mice - Bear - Roads - Fish - Sun
A friend will make me lose my focus on studies, but I will get the strength to part ways from this blurriness and finally have success.I should be aware of people who are trying to keep me busy and not letting me give enough time to my studies.

I found a secret love this month. We are keeping it very much secretive yet. Not everything is well in studies this time. I have scored really low in three courses in mid-term exams. The counting was right because a friend make me lose focus. Its a friend I'm in love with. This relationship is with holes, a stolen relationship (Ring+Mice). 

Heart for Love:
In house of Heart is Ship which says I will be longing for love this month.My journey towards love will be on. I will be sailing alone this month.
cards on top of Heart are Stars-Ring-Rider show I will be looking for a spiritual connection when I 'm looking for love. Stars -Roads tell me I have to make a decision which will grant me success on the way. There will be a message about love, or a Man in love (Rider has been representing a man lately) which will be fateful, and bring me to a point where I have to make a decision.
using Counting: Whip - Garden - Man - Key - Letter - Snake - Storks
This looks like I will have many discussions about love with a social and reliable man, which will give me a message bringing a change my way.

I was not really longing for love. I fell in love, deeply and very passionately. I found someone (Rider) who is in a committed relationship(Ring) but I find a wonderful spiritual connection with this person. I had a choice, of getting into it or not, and I made my choice. The Rider was actually a man, and it made me make a decision. I did have a lot of messages and discussions with a man who unlocked things for me. I found the long awaited for change.

Anchor for Job:
Anchor is in its own house, emphasizing its imporatnce this month. Anchor is in fate line showing its something which is fated to happen.
On top it has Bear - Birds - Clouds, which tell me I will be having more than two employers, or boss. The choices will clear up soon enough. Clover will bring me success and Garden will bring me abundance. I think I will be having a job which is involved with non-verbal communication, and clearing up ambiguities, little paper-work since there is no document card near-by and dealing with public.
Using Counting : Mountain - Tree - Moon - Rider - Ship - Birds - Clover
There are long lasting delays and obstacles, till a successful messages comes from far away. There can be more than one message which will make me go away somewhere, I might have to travel, but there is success and luck in the end!

Anchor was telling me to find stability now. Its time to get disciplined and reliable instead of living a see-saw kind of life. There was confusions and confused communication about what I want to do about work. The job was described very very well in this area. There was little paper-work and more was interaction with public. I made a decision in the end, and ended up leaving it after one week only.

Ring for committed Relationship/marriage etc: 
Tree - Key - Flower on top is bringing an offer. Ring+Flower has always been my "marriage proposal" combo. In house of Ring is Storks, so there is something new in that area this month. The success is coming after a delay and this will make me happy. Key-Ring-Heart suggests there is success concerning getting in a committed love relationship. Flower-Rider-Cross shows there is an offer from a Man and its fated to happen. Storks - Key - Cross tell me the change will sure happen and its destiny. Tree-Heart-Flower tell me there is karmic love, which will come to me now.
Using Counting: Mice - Bear - Roads - Fish - Sun - House - Stars
There is revelation of strength which will make me take a decision which makes me independent and bring success and comfort to me, with lots of hope!

There was a big mark of destiny on my life this time. Tree was definitely a Karmic connection which we both feel. The word committed is not really true, but we both are deeply involved. Totally and devotedly. This is painful (Cross) but at the same time its fated (Key and Cross). I did decide to be strong, I feel secure and strong, I made my mind to stick to it for as long as I can. I won't give up on us at all.

For home environment:
Mountain is in house of House bringing blockages. I might face some stress in my house. Its sitting right on top, so there will be some pressures at home.There is stress due to a Man. Coffin-Flower-Rider tell me there has been an unpleasant event at home, which has created this stress. In future, there will be a man, the loyal one, the friendly one, looking for something. Snake-Fox combo tell me my mother probably help him find what he is looking for. Cards surrounding Snake are Bear and Owls which suggests ,my mother is the one.Man is someone who has had blockages in past and is now suddenly making some decisions about his studies. I think he is my younger brother. He has Scythe-Moon , unexpected success and honour for his future which is good.

I really have no idea who the man is. My brother has made no decisions this month. There had been a lot of stress in my house because of my grandmother's illness, but I don't know where she is shown in the spread.

I had intended to do a lot with this month's GT and I'm using methods like counting, projections etc this is why I won't be doing any extra daily and weekly draws this time.The next technique which I'm going to apply is Treppner's covering cards technique. It says we are to pick every fourth card out of the formation , so I will lay out the cards in a 9x4 layout for this. After picking out the cards and shuffle them. Leaving the picked up cards aside and analysing the 3 combinations, I find out following:
woman - Fish - Coffin = Financial worries for me
Lots of financial worries. 
Man - Scythe - Sun = A man suddenly making me happy.
He makes me so happy and so complete.
Tree - Key - Flower = The end of delays in success and happiness.
I feel happy after a very very long time now.
Dog - Moon - Letter = A romantic message from a friend/lover
There are so many , my message box is full.
Stars - Ring - Rider = A successful relationship with a man/ a contract coming my way
Very successful relationship I have got with him.
Fox - Lily -Mice = A dishonest man is under stress/ beware of a man who drains my energy. Drained of energy because of digging things out
I'm drained of energy because I don't know what to do. I have to make sure what I'm doing is right for me.
Storks - Heart - Cross = A fateful change in love life, which can bring sorrow too.
The word Fate is only thing that can explain this. This love has brought me happiness and sorrows at the same time.
Birds - Clouds - Whip = A conversation making it harder to discuss it

Roads - Clover - Anchor = A successful decision will bring stability

The Nine shuffled cards are then used to cover the card chosen to specify a matter. My questions are few in number, therefore, i will choose three cards per question
1. Will romantic love come my way?Snake- Bear - Ship, It looks like there will be ups and downs at personal level, I wonder if there is a female boss, but it looks like a No to me.

Well, I did fall in love. The only point is that the Snake is another woman, and I need to be strong.

2. Will I get a job in December?Mountain - Garden - House. There will be delay, but finally there will be comfort and partying in house.

I did get a job, and I was not comfortable with it, therefore, I ended up quitting after a very short while.

3. Will I make some money in December?Child - Book - Tower = It looks like there will be a small  money coming from a University. The scholarship !

Got it already!

These 9 cards are then put back together, shuffled, and spread out like following:


Tower-Garden-----------Ship--------------Mountain Bear

The Ship card is me, sailing free, looking for a harbor to stay and rest a little. This card shouts "MOVE" to me, move away from everything and find new shores to get to.
In the Head's positions I have Child-Book , I'm really concerned about learning some new stuff and my exams and project right now.
At my bottom, Snake - House looks like turmoil in my comfort zone. It speaks "Dance with me" to me :D
In present there is Mountain - Bear = I am stressed because things are being delayed.I'm being lazy too so it doesn't surprise me.
In Future , Tower - Garden looks like I'm finally being recognised and gaining popularity as I get myself in public.

I did find a place to work in the very last week of the month.

Week 1, December 1-7
Lady –- -Fish – -Coffin – Mountain – Man – ---Scythe – Sun – ---Book

This was lots of stress and worries because of what I was expecting did not arrive, yes the same phone call. During the later half of the week I was worried about my father, this is why Dog and House both are closer by him because he has been ill and not well at all. I'm pretty much worried about his health etc. He is in house of Tree, which enforces that its him. I hope he gets well soon. Besides that I have been having good time with everything else around.

Context columns: Lady - Tree - Stars - Storks
Woman has been worried about the path she wants to go to, or the new path she wants to find
Fish - Key - Ring - Heart
Have been waiting for financial independence achieved through a contract or a relationship, either way something should have been done in one area at least!

Week 2, December 8-15
Tree – ---Key ---Flower -- House -----Dog ------Moon --  Letter --Child

This looks like a week where long term illness ends well and there is an offer for some family member. I had a doubt that House+Dog is my brother, he's the friendly one. He just got an offer for job.
Its really amazing how it works. on day 13 I asked where am I in the GT and I got Key. I knew my grandmother is going to recover. The next day Flower-House-Dog-Moon part came true. Today I asked again where am I in my GT, I got Letter.I have been busy talking and preparing my documents today. So I'm expecting a new beginning tomorrow with Success.

Coffin +Flower +Rider +Cross
A good ending to a message that was fated
I guess this is referring to my call from the company.I was so badly waiting for this call.

Mountain +House +Snake+Bear
There was stress and burden in house due to my grandmother's illness and her recovery procedures.

Week 3, December 16-22

Stars—--Ring –- Rider-----Snake------Fox-------Lily-------Mice----Ship

Anchor as theme kept me busy with thinking (worrying) about my job mostly. A new inspiration was happening where another woman helped me knowing more about a man. This man Rider+Lily is an active, older, wiser guy, who is having a broken relationship (Ring+Mice) and is hoping for freedom (Stars+Ship) and these two women ended up helping each other (snake+Fox).

Why this happened?
Man - Dog - Fox - Birds
This man I know is talking to me a lot (man+Birds) which has led to our friendship becoming more of a looking out for each other (Dog +Fox). I do not think he is deceiving me.

Scythe - Moon - Lilies - Clouds
The confusions are clearing up, suddenly the romance and passion has started showing like a moon coming out of clouds.

Week 3, December 16-22
I had Garden as the theme for last month's last week as well and I was socializing a lot. Anchor+Garden could have been my workplace where I was interacting with lots of people. At the end of this year I'm constantly looking for socialising more and more.


The Change (Storks) in love (heart) was actually very very painful (Cross). I should have known this one. There is lots of communication regarding some decision-making during the week, while I was constantly not sure (Clouds) what to do and what not to. The week ended with leaving me feeling alone all over again. So much has happened during this one week I cannot tell anyone.

Sun + Letter + Mice + Whip
There was successful message but it was with holes in it. It was not what I could bear with, thus I ended up breaking away from the decisions I had taken in past.

Book + Child + Ship + Tower
Ship,Tower they sound like loneliness to me. Book+Tower can be my university. I'm planning on taking a whole new direction about my interactions with my university. In other words, I want to take my studies a lot more easy on me now.