Friday, April 20, 2012

Garden + Bear + Fox

Today's daily draw:

The Garden gave me a good feel because this card generally means you will be seeing lots of people today, or will be socialising much, being surrounded by many people. Garden has also represented social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Basically where people gather and chit and chat.The card next to Garden tells us what this gathering is about.

Bear is a person who is financially well off. This can represent your cash too. Bear is your personal power, sense of security, and strength.

Fox, the cunning and the smart one. With Bear it can be someone who is very wise and clever when it comes to money and business. A smart and selfish boss. If I were working, I'd call this draw betrayal at work spread.

I was supposed to visit a family friend today. She is getting engaged tomorrow and I will not be able to go therefore, I thought I will pay a quick visit and congratulate her. The reason I could not go because there was a sudden twist in plan because of someone I was going with. She at the very last minute refused to go with me and I was stuck in an odd situation whether to go or not. A book with french combinations says

Garden + Fox = you are wrong about others being unselfish

I was reminded of this phrase when I was thinking about our cancelled plan. Now tomorrow my friend will be getting engaged and leaving the town and going away (her wedding is supposed to take place in another city) and then I don't know when I'm going to see her again and this all happened because of one person who loves bullying others around and over-powering others with her wrong motives.

I don't like Bear + Fox!

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