Monday, April 16, 2012

Tree+Mountain+Storks: I want to die *banging head with the wall*!

April 14, 2012

Not literally, the post title. Two cards I hate the most to see in daily spread, Tree, Mountain (and the Cross of course which I happen to draw frequently these days).

Tree is the card for health, mental/physical/spiritual, long-term goals and plans, things than take longer time to grow. Therefore, this card tells you to be patient, be calm, its not going to happen fast no matter what.

Mountain, the literal ones sound and look romantic, as a scenery only. They are not so nice when you have to climb them. In this oracle, they represent delays (because you have to climb the mountain, slowly), obstacles (because you have to climb the mountain, slowly) and stress (because you have to...never mind!)

Storks, the fairies that bring the babies, the card of changes, improvement, nice things coming your way and usually for better, but in a daily draw I have also noticed that this card shows tendencies for escapism, specially when you are being tied down by day-to-day routine and you just need an out. I usually need it more often than others, so it appears more often in this context than the fairies... who... bring ... babies!

Tree + Mountain screams "depression" to me. I have reserved this word for both Tree and Mountain, because them both give me this feeling, but here call it double dose of depression. The Storks in the end do show that I really need an out.

This draw appeared when I was having one of the worst days ever. I spent half the night crying (thanks to Lotus Tarot for reinforcing it by sending me 9 of Swords card in email) and most of the day was also full of depression. These are one of those 36-CROSS - you must pass through these - kind of tests days and even if I have 33 cards with Storks on them and 3 cards with Tree, Mountain and Cross on them, my daily draw after shuffling the custom deck would be Cross-Tree-Mountain!


  1. I just loved the way you wrote this post, even though it's a about sad card draw. You know, I could never quiet understand the Tree card when I used Lenormand. I disliked it because it means a huge question mark in the spread for me, since most books describe it a health, period. *sigh* I like how you see it, makes lot of sense.

    It was like me, doing reading about my recent emotional upheaval and getting a card that meant 'it's dead but you *still* are clinging to it, la-la-la'.

    Thanks a bunch cards. Like I didn't know that. >_>

    I even wrote a post about how I wanted to throw said cards across the room and stomp on them.

    I really hope you are feeling better by now! Pain and sadness suck, but they also teach us a lot... probably that's what the Cross is saying. You need this lesson, like I needed mine, though I hated it...

    1. Hi Marina

      Glad to know someone was able to sense the humour in the post although I was not really feeling good at all and was thus being sarcastic about the cards. Thank you for reading and your encouraging words I feel a lot better. Thank you