Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book + Moon = Stichomancy

Book = the occult, mystery, secret, learning, a book literally
Moon = Dreams, psychic messages, subconscious

Yes I'm not joking seriously. This one came up in my reading few days ago when I offered two readings on a forum. Actually I once did them for my friends, so I thought why not give it a try again, just for the sake of some refreshment. Sometimes the psychic energies are high and I feel like making most of it, that is when I offer two-three readings for free.

So I was using the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer for the readings.Reason being, this is the only series which is very very close to my heart. You will find many people my age being fantasized by the most romantic fictional characters of this time, Edward the Vampire and Jacob the werewolf.

A strange thing happened after I posted the post offering the two readings. I do my daily draw at night, the cards were Book + Clover + Moon. At that time I thought this might has something to do with my test in class next day. I was wrong. When I was asleep, I saw Breaking Dawn in dream. I do not remember the story in dream or anything but I saw Bella with red eyes, which implies it was Breaking Dawn Part 2 which has not been filmed completely yet. Anyhow next morning it more like a surprise when I recalled the dream to put in dream journal.

Even strange it got when I was watching TV in the afternoon and changing channels, I saw...oh yes you got it right, New Moon was coming on the cable. It seemed like there was something special happening with the draw, the readings offered and the Twilight series.

I still am not able to make much sense of situation yet, but that was something creepy. We have a new combination for lenormand combos!

Stichomancy: (Sticho = Row , line, verse) is divination reading a random verse from a poem. 


  1. Your experience with this is exactly what I experience with the cards. At what point do you, as a reader, say, " This is too far away from traditional Lenormand, too modern"?

    I find that as long as the cards are in keeping with their meanings they speak and describe with a good deal of accuracy. There are modern things that the cards need to describe that were not around when they originated, like computers and film.

  2. Well, I say that when I'm trying to "not see" when I'm reading them for myself e.g many a times we try to lie to ourselves, the most common one I experienced is trying to look at 36-Cross as something "destined to happen" which the cards were telling me it was to end.

    and same with Coffin, I have seen many people trying to be optimistic calling it transformation e.g "Ring + Coffin" is an end to a relationship, like it or not, but sometimes we try to call it "a transformation, a karmic relationship" etc. No doubt Coffin means similar like the Death card, but for something to transform into another, something has to END first. So this is what I have seen when I lie to myself.