Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Draw November 26 - December 2

Time Flies! A Whole year has almost passed.

weekly draw
Theme Card:
Whip & Rod

Key words:
Discussions, arguments

Talk about aggression this week & suppressed aggressiveness (Book-Rods).

First thing that caught my eye is the RING (Ace of Clubs) card. This card represents a contract with Whips or it can be a troubled relationship. In my weekly draw of three cards with the ordinary Playing Cards deck too, I have Ace of Clubs which represents a new beginning or a contract. I think I will be discussing a contract. With Book it can be an apprenticeship or further studies under discussion. I have an interview tomorrow for an apprenticeship. Looking at this way, Book - Whip - Ring, It looks almost positive to me.

So this apprenticeship thing, I am starting hopefully next week, if I get the call letter. The RING is still looking very hopeful because I later intend to continue as an employee with the same organization.

Left arm:
Lilies - Roads - Book
A man & woman have a secret, An advice leads to a decision or exploration of options. An older wiser man advises and shows options to an indecisive woman regarding her studies or options that are somewhat open to her.

This man can be a number of people but I think its this Saturn-Influenced mature guy I know. He did help me making a decision or two this week which I was facing regarding my career & this apprenticeship I mentioned

Right arm:
Ring - Clouds - Clover
A relationship faces some ambiguities, which cloud happiness/opportunities and good luck

I really do not want to comment on this one, because I really don't know whats happening!.

Not good sign!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week Predictions Nov 19 - Nov 25, 2012

Weekly Draw
Theme Card:
Key Words:
Public, out and about, social interactions, also includes social networking sites.

So this week I expect a message online, or going to an event possibly with an older lady (Snake). Besides this I also expect an event or mostly social interactions on my mind.

Left arm:
Tower - Tree- Rider
Tower - Tree can be a hospital or a health-related institute. So I expect to hear about it this week, since this is where the Rider is heading. This can also be a news about a man who is in hospital or in health institute.

I did receive a message from a really good friend who is ill. But it was just minor stomach bug, nothing so serious.

Now I have another friend having a tooth ache with sore gums & I'm going to find him a dentist, book an appointment with the help of my friend who also happens to be a dentist. I text her this morning & she said she can help us.

Right arm:
Snake - Lady - Coffin
Some complications are leaving a woman stressed & worried. The Coffin is also mirroring Tower, so an indication of self-imposed depression. Lady - Tree as mirroring also suggests boredom & frustration.

I do feel depressed, bored, stressed & a lot many things & the basic source of these problems is the lack of communication or the communication barriers I feel with my friend right now.

Other Information: There are Two 9's, so higher education will be on my mind.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Moon in Scorpio, November 2012

This New Moon is activating my third house of thinking & communication (& short journeys). According to

The third house rules our communication skills, learning, methods, daily interactions and contact, and general "busy-ness". This is a favorable time for learning something new, feeling at ease in social situations, taking care of the details of daily life, and developing a mental rapport with others. It is a time when you will be more aware of your environment, and when you experience increased alertness. It's a good time to take tests, fill out forms, start a new course, write letters, make phone calls, and take care of daily tasks with energy. 

Taking a Look at the spread for this lunar month:

Theme Card is Tower which is basically Public authorities, anything standing for a long time, long-term goals & ambitions and isolation. Not something new at all. 

Trigger card is Birds, a phone call or mental chatter and nervousness. So the concern this month is isolation and ambition, which is triggered by the mental chatter I have been facing. In terms of work, this can mean the company I will working for will be the concern triggered by the usual nervousness you have in initial months of your first employment.This will lead to Ship, travelling or a big change.

Keeping theme of Birds (nervousness), Tower (isolation) and Ship (longing) I see a sense of isolation and quiet time this month.

Past: Birds- Clover - Letter a phone call presented with an opportunity . This may be referring to the work placement call and letter.

Heart - Tower - Ring
Very interesting. Tower is what is coldness in relationship and readings. Here this card is between Heart (affection) and Ring (a relationship or bind). Taking is this way Heart-Tower = isolation from love or warmth, a cold heart, will lead to a love for or long-term isolation (Tower - Ring) where I will be committing myself more to my goals.

Rider - Anchor - Ship
I see a message from an organization (may be international) which may be a work related offer. I was expecting Anchor this month because Anchor is my "work" card and since I have got a job placement I can pretty much looking for Anchor. With Tower, I'm certain I will be placed  probably in a large enterprise. This can be a foreign organization (Anchor-Ship) or a mobile one (Anchor-Rider).

Corner Cards:
These cards tell us the context or concern. Birds - Ship - Rider - Letter. This whole thing screams "communication" to me. Birds are phone calls, mental chatter, Rider is Instant messaging, Letter is also emails and text messages. Ship is messaging someone far away. Well, something very much on my mind, probably for rest of the month too. With New Moon in house of communication, I do expect writing long notes.

Central Cross as answer:
Heart - Clover - Tower - Anchor - Ring

I see a small opportunity which might lead to a work or employment contract. I do expect them to sign me as permanent employee right away but I intend to prove myself and commit myself to my work in coming weeks. This feels really good.

Extra Information:
Birds - Rider with Ring
I see a strong connection developing over phone or messaging.

Letter - Ship with Heart
Again, a message from far away, love notes to someone far away.

There are Two 6's , Things coming together or falling into place
Two 7's, life changing events
Two 9's, Higher education or travel industry (which makes me wonder if Anchor-Ship and Rider - Anchor can be travel agencies!)

See you in a month!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly draw for Nov 12 - Nov 18 2012 (Updated)

Weekly Draw
Theme: Storks, change, improvement, move. I love this card, for one, its 17 which is my birth date, second this card is all about change in a good way so being a change-lover I super love having this card. The Fox on one side and the Flowers on the other tell me this change this week will be a positive one, may be even an opportunity comes up but I find myself cautious when it comes to this change. A hesitance to change may be!

Yes, I have a news on the career front & things are rolling in my personal life too, a definite improvement. 

Left arm:
Sun - Garden - Fox
I gather I have to be cautious about my optimism or my over-enthusiasm in public. The Fox is closer to Garden so it can be all the wrong people I happily surround myself with!

This must be talking about the event I had to attend, a job fair. The Fox was to be sure and alert about the possibilities (Fox-Flowers) and how to tactically proceed to score a place.

Right arm:
Flowers - Moon - Man
Flowers - Moon is a night time fun, a date night or just happiness plain and good. Moon - Man tells me its an emotional/dreamy man. He mirrors Sun too so he is cheerful and optimistic.

I love this part. This man is someone I have been trying to "open up" for quite a while now & I like the fact that its working, finally. The Moon relates to the night time because they say, late night conversations are the sincerest conversations.

Other information:
We have Two Queens so gossip and Two Aces, so authority and leadership (may be an authoritative man who is cheerful) and Two 8's which symbolize happy times.

I have had fun. I attended two job fairs, two family dinners and lots of gossip. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nov 5- Nov 11 Weekly Predictions (Updated)

Weekly reading
Letter - email, document, written letter, information

With Mice there, I think this message will be incomplete or will be lost. The presence of Man on other side shows its from a man who can be anyone. With Mercury, the planet of electronic & communication turning retrograde, its a double confirmation. I have to be sure I receive all important documents.

First of all, the theme of the week was basically messages, messages and messages. I had to dispatch the application with attested testimonials during the week but I could not (Mice-Letter). I was intending to have a thorough conversation with this Man I have not talked to in days, but I could not, mainly because I was busy. If I have lost a message, I have no clue.

Left Arm:
Clouds - Rider - Mice

Two negative cards surrounding Rider which is also card for message and communication. Just strengthening the above said concept.

I super hated the lack of conversation this week. There were a few things I got to clarify with this person, but still there was sure a feeling that I miss talking to him !!!

Right Arm:
Man - Snake - Book

This is a complicated man, an introvert may be, this man is with a woman who is not so open, and is rather keeping a secret.

That one is so wicked true. This man, oh how so introvert he is and how mysterious *awed*. Anyway I believe he is with another woman, and he is just keeping it a secret.

I must add here, I missed Rider-Snake but I barely escaped a road accident during weekend on a twisted road. Rider can be vehicle and Snake can be twisted road, watch out with the combo people!

Other information: A lost message or a lack of communication between a man & woman (King & Queen of Clubs). This communication is related to another man (Man) which leads to Book at end of the spread.

There are two 7s = signify life changes!!!

Lets see what changes with the Mercury Retrograde this week!