Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 14 (Updated)

Lady - Man - House - /Tower/- Snake - Roads - Sun

This week is a week of being independent and probably de attached from the family (Tower-Snake and Tower-House). The Snake is mirroring House and the Tower stands between them. There is a split of separation in my family because of a trouble. Snake often represents my mother, specially with House in reflection, She just had a bad back today.

Left arm:
Lady - Man - House

The Lady and Man are not facing each other. Lady //Sun and Man//Roads suggests this couple is facing some issues, specially the man is facing some decision and Lady is quite happy. They are getting more comfortable with each other. I am tempted to think if this is related to my mother and father because House is next to Man, and my dad wants to buy this new car which my mother doesn't want him to and they are having some trouble over the matter since after so many years of successful marriage they do not go ahead with anything until they both agree on it unanimously.
Lady + Man = A lady and a Man
Man + House = A family member, a Man who is family oriented
Lady + House = A woman who is family-oriented
Lady + Snake = An independent lady, A lady who is clever can be cold and manipulative
Man + Roads = A man living multiple lives, a Man facing a decision, a man facing an opposing woman (Queen of Pentacles).
House + Sun = No problem in the house.

Update April 05, 2012 I was right about this. The man and Lady were my parents. My dad ended up deciding he was not buying the car. I knew it somehow because my mother is really stronger than him and she will convince him anyway. Its really good to see how my instincts picked up on situation that its them.

Right arm:
Snake - Roads - Sun
The Twisted and shaky way is ending with success. I see that my mother (Snake//House) will help my father in making the decision (Roads//Man) and this will restore things just the way she wants (Sun//Lady).

Snake + Roads = Forced choice
Snake + Sun = Healing, a bold move, good move
Snake + House = Unhealthy situation in family, jealousy in family
Roads + Man =Man needs to take a decision, Man face-to-Face with a shrewd Woman
Roads + Sun =The right way, the right choice
Sun + Lady  = success for lady

I'm sure this has something to do with the car purchase. My mother will force him not to and this will create some unhealthy situation between them. Then my dad will take a decision (the right one) and with Sun//Lady I'm sure he is not buying the car.

Update April 08,2012
My dad actually has not yet made a decision which one he wants to buy. There are some rough issues going on at home, and car is not the only reason. I have spent most of my time alone(Tower) this week.  This week's draw was pretty much spot on.

Adding the cards: 140 = 50 = 5-Tree. This week is a boring one (I can already say) and its slow but some long-term projects might be planned.
There has been some renovation going on at home. I will look at my GT to locate the indication of this. Besides that, this actually was a long week without anything special happening. I've been meditating a lot these days, actually everyday, due to the non-exhaustive spiritual energy I feel.

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