Monday, April 23, 2012

Repeated daily draw for trip!

The spread from two days ago, only the card which differs is the last one, not in meaning, but apparently. Its actually the same thing.

The daily draw I had for two days ago was Ship+Snake+Cross

I wanted to go for my friend's engagement but at the last minute I did not.

Now I have Ship+Snake +Coffin

The cards here are definitely talking about may be what I'm longing for. The Ship is representing some wishful thinking here and the Snake is telling me there are complications and Coffin in the end tells me that no matter what I will probably never get what I want.

In literal sense, a trip has been under discussion. I have to accompany my mother, but I do not want to go, I have commitments here which I have to keep while my father is being lots pushier about this. I don't even know why my being there is so important all of sudden. I definitely feel drained and I really need someone to take it out on.

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