Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week 13 Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 2

Ocean with White caps (art.com)

I remember the time when I was pulling up lots of 3's in my readings, and the Ship card appearing in my draws really often. One night I dreamed of the ocean and a huge ship. Number 3 rules Jupiter and Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Few days after that I encountered a Sagittarius guy who was working in Navy. I remember talking to him about the ocean. I asked him if he ever looked at the sea when the sun was setting and how that feels. He told me that ocean is romantic , but also deadly.

Water is told to be related with emotions. When I looked at this symbol's description, the first thing that hit my mind was Water + Air. Water on its own is peaceful and calm, so are the emotions. What stirs it up is the Air, the reason, the logic, the sense of justice (I'm talking about the Swords Suit in Tarot). Similarly we can see in this symbol as well. The ocean is calm, its quiet and then the winds starts blowing, creating white caps in the surface. The best part is that the surface of the ocean is the only place it can effect. Wind can never penetrate the depths of the ocean. But, sometimes a light stir on the surface goes a deep deep way, sometimes creating an underlying storm in the water.

I can relate this to my last week. I wrote about my vision board and the meditations I have been doing to manifest a few things in my life. I'm trying to focus my mind on what I want my life to be like. I have had success with two things so far. One I have with me right now, and one is on the way. I must say , it works!
After seeing the results, I'm tempted to put more efforts in. I'm trying to stir the waters of my subconscious through my mind. I'm playing with my mind to stir the surface of my subconscious, hoping it might cause some stir on the surface. I'm hopeful that this stir will be strong enough, not to just create the white caps, but a storm inside the whole being of mine and bring to me what I desire the most.

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