Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 15: Sabian Symbol Capricorn 10


An Albatross Feeding From the Hands of a Sailor
When I pulled this symbol out, the first word that popped in my head was "interdependence". In the larger system of Earth, called Eco System, we are all interdependent on each other, to keep the balance on the planet. Specially when it comes to food, we can see how we are dependent on other people or system or species for feeding ourselves. In an ocean for example, the larger fish eat the smaller fish.The smaller fish in turn eat smaller bugs or other creatures found in the ocean. This is how the whole system is working we cannot really get ourselves out of this, because we are part of something so larger than ourselves alone. No person can cut itself from this system in which everyone is dependent on the other.

The other side of this symbol is an act of kindness. The sailor does not need to feed the albatross, neither will the bird die if the sailor does not feed him, because the bird also happen to be a part of a larger system which is going to take care of it one way or the other. So why is the sailor feeding the bird? Kindness, softness of the heart, a mere act of generosity. Since the birds are self-dependent, and they have to search for food, therefore, its really generous of the sailor to feed the bird. Now imagine the look of gratitude on the bird's innocent face. Its totally worth it.

Similarly if we adopt these acts of kindness towards each other, life on Earth can be so much more peaceful and full of happiness and love.One small gesture of kindness towards another person, no matter how small it is, it will eventually prove worth it.

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