Friday, April 6, 2012

Find the Photo!

Trying to help a fellow-member on a forum finding a photo which is of sentimental value

Here is the 5-cards draw. Charging the 27-LETTER for photo, I get

Sun - Bear - Letter - Birds - Heart

Sun-Bear has represented the Power Source, batteries in one of my readings. So I'm wondering if it could be at a place near the power-source for the house.

The 12 houses spread for locating objects gave me Letter in 5th house, Leo.

Using the descriptions from

Middle height or level, near a wall, by a fire or heat source, near something that is iron or steel
The object is not in its usual place, and will take longer to find. However, it is usually nearby, outside, or in an outbuilding such as a garage, or in the garden
Leo: East by North
Parks, woods, forests, wild places, jungle, playgrounds, amusement parks, entertainment establishments. Theatres, palaces, forts, ostentatious buildings. Rocky or high places. Fireplaces, furnaces, chimneys, ovens. Showy, glamorous places.
The place which stands out to me is the fireplace, chimneys, ovens and the tv room. The heat source is standing out.

I will let her know and we will see if she finds it. Meanwhile please comment in the section below if you think of another possible place.

Thoughts are welcome!


  1. From what I gather, whomever heads this person's family put this photo away in a place for safe-keeping. It looks as though it was very near and dear to this person's heart, and whomever it was that heads this family knows where it is. Otherwise it can be located where the head of the family made a habit of finding comfort and warmth. Such as: if s/he has a garage, workshop (if s/he worked with wood or enjoyed a hobby in their garage) it might be there or a place of devotion (where he found relaxation and warmth), then it might be there, separated from other kinds of photos and even may be with love letters. It seems to be connected to a love relationship. I feel as though other "important" documents are nearby. For instance, if there is a family room where photo albums are kept, then the photo won't be with those albums. It is separated, and possibly nearest a fireplace or other source of heat, comfort and security. If there is an electric blanket nearby, or if the head of the house used one regularly, try looking near it. This is my humble take on the situation.

  2. PS I really feel it is in the head of the family's "place of comfort"- like a bedroom, near a horizontal shaped heat source, such as an electric blanket, fireplace, or long space heater/ horizontal radiator, away from the other family photos.

    1. Thank you Michelle for your help with this. She has not contacted me after this post but I will sure forward the message to her and hope she finds the photo soon.


  3. Argh! Sorry Alyna, but must pass this is possible there were 2 photos- one being a double print. The first was faded or destroyed due to being left in the sun or being burned, the other is near a phone or cell phone charger. Gosh, this one wouldn't leave me alone! Hope it helps.

  4. Andy sometimes does things like this and they make me nuts! LOL!
    I really think the one copy of the photo was damaged due to exposure to heat or sun while in a garage, storage area, or shed, and there's a duplicate in a place of comfort, close to a phone or charger.
    There- glad that is done. LOL!

  5. Okay, I promise to no longer comment but I needed to be clear: the duplicate of this photo is with someone else and the person who is looking for it might have to ask them for a copy; it is this person's copy that is next to the power source/phone/charger, not the person who is looking for it. I enjoy conundrums. :) Finished.

    1. You may calm down Michelle :)

      Yes she said the photo was of her own when she was a teenager and it was with all the other photos in back of the house in some garage type place. The photo has been misplaced. The only other person who lives in the house is her room mate.

      So I have passed the hints on and hope she gets them soon.

      Thank you for all your help.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, Alyna:) I have a curiosity that is obsessive at times. LOL! I AM the cat that will killed by being too curious.
    Hoep you are feeling better and the movies cheered you up.

  7. Michelle

    I have bumped her thread and she said she has not yet found the photo and she did say it was with her parents photo and other family were right but she still has not found the photo, too bad.

    and yeah thank you, your comment always puts a smile on my face :)