Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 16: Sabian Symbol Capricorn 27


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Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the planet which restricts you, the ruler of 10th and 11th house. I have never had very wonderful experiences with Saturn or its effects on me. This month I had a strong transit of Saturn at 27 degrees Libra, which is exactly opposite to my Natal sun at 27 degrees Aries. The card I pulled for this Week in 27 Capricorn. The zodiac symbol for capricorn is also Mountain Goat. Too much going on..

This symbol has manifested in my week as a week full of a heavy, steep and very very depressing ascent to the mountain, this mountain was like a necessary task, which I had to climb, I had no other choice. I won't lie that I liked the climb, but then again, what was my other option?

I was emotional wreck, I was being hard on myself, as if the outside influences were not hard enough. I was crying, throwing stuff around, breaking things, being mad at myself, the world, and the God. For the first time in life I was being a pessimist. I was not trying to solve the situation, I was instead giving up. There were some really tough lessons which the Universe wanted me to learn. I had to learn, I couldn't get through otherwise. So I kept climbing, hoping, this shall pass too!

The word "pilgrimage" also brings a sense of spirituality. We sometimes have to go through difficult, not so desired tasks in order to reach the new heights. When I was going to the top of the mountain, I was thinking about the line I read in Linda Goodman's book Sun signs. She wrote, the goat climbs, slow and steady, but they always have the eye on prize. The only thing that kept me going. The assurance of Saturn, that you will get a reward in the end, these troubles you are going through are not for nothing. The only thing that kept me sane over the last week. I was snapping, I was falling apart, but like they say, its not the destination, its the journey that matters the most.

The reason I chose this picture for this symbol is because the man is not actually climbing the mountain, he already has reached the top and now is enjoying the view. Its the prize, that keeps us motivated, its always about what it ends up with. Look at this man's face. He does not look tired, or unhappy or messed up because he climbed the mountain, he is rather happy and enjoying the view, because no matter how hard it was to climb the mountain, the view at the top is always great. This is when you start looking at things froma new perspective.

The meanings I have assigned to this symbol:
A tough, hard on nerves, breaking you apart in a million pieces journey, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, there can nothing be better than it.

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