Tuesday, May 1, 2012

End of Month Analysis for April 2012

I keep a track of my daily draws to see which card made most appearances in my daily draws and then link it to my GT to see how the energy of that particular symbol was manifested in my life over the month.

The winner of this month was 36-Cross with 10 appearances. That's like 1/3rd of the month I had my Cross moments/days.

In the GT here, Cross lies diagonally to the right, in future position. After the Cross comes Man and Moon. Cross also had Coffin, nearby and was at the same time reflecting Clouds and Tree as well. This was actually a difficult month. Susan Miller called it the worst day of the Year which was April 15th. Not only that, all of sudden I was feeling depressed (Coffin and Tree) and I had no clues where it all was coming from (Clouds).

The Next two qulaifiers were Bear and Snake. Snake is also near Cross. Bear mirrors Snake. Snake has recently represented my mother in the spread. We have our moments sometimes LOL. We are never exactly on the same page, or in the same library for that matter but she knows her way out. 

And so do I! With Bear I was feeling overpowered, bullied, and forced into something which I did not want. There is one thing which is hardest for me to digest and that is someone trying to boss me, and that is exactly what Bear does. Although things were not that worst with Mommy this month, there was another rather powerful and bullying person who made it worst. The Column has Bear - Storks - Fox. The Fox tells me that even if I tried to look at it as a way of improvement in something, it was false. 

Anyhow, I have gone through the tough times and hope to see the new month starting on a good note.

*Welcoming May*


  1. I truly hope the coming month has less Bear and Cross for you, and more positive cards! I think it's very nice that you review the previous month to see which card was more present and how they related to your life. If I had more consistent reading habits I'd do that, but I seldom do routine readings. I think I should go back to doing weekly readings...

    1. Hi Marina

      I stopped doing daily reading in the very beginning because I realized I was trying to alter the meanings to fit the description of my day instead of seeing the meanings manifest in my day. I started them only back in December and still missed so many days. It was later in January when I actually started doing daily readings when I bought a proper journal for just noting down my daily readings. For one solid month I tried two cards and instantly noticed that 2 cards are not my thing because they were weirdly taking 1-3 days to manifest in true sense. Then I took a complete month to experiment with 3 cards and they work perfectly fine for me. So if you really want to make yourself do it, get yourself an online/offline journal and it will help you a lot.

      besides that I do my daily draw for next day the night before. Its always been like this. I feel differently during night and totally different during the day. Pulling the cards for the day or even grounding my head and senses for a proper and accurate daily draw first thing in morning is just not my thing. I have successfully been doing the daily draw for next day the night before. It works for me.

      So try and experiment and see what works for you. Daily draws help you a lot in understanding who is who and what is what :D