Monday, October 29, 2012

week 44 Predictions (updated)

Week 44
Theme card:
Key words: Money, finances, a man who is good with investments
So this week is all about money & possibly the improvement in finances, or a man who brings some good changes, and is a good friend.

All round the week my head was filled with one concern, and that is money. I have also received the amount due from University (Scholarship) and also inspirations to improve my finances (Storks - Fish) from my brother & cousin brother (Fish - Dog).

Left arm:
Coffin - Moon - Storks
Depression will be converted to uplifting moods.

For the first half of the week I was deeply depressed, and I was having extreme mood swings. Things turned up on November 1, when I went for a short trip & felt instantly better. Its amazing what really small changes can do to your mood.

Right arm:
Dog - Child - Bear
A new friend will be strong or bring strength.

I have made no new friend, but I have had a chance to find a new work-out routine. I don't know where the Dog comes in but I can understand the Child-Bear in this context. 

We have Two Tens = journey outside city (how correct, I'm going out of town tomorrow) & Storks - Fish - Dog tells me its a lady & man becoming good friends.

I did go out of town (Hurray for this one) & I did talk to a guy in the beginning of the week, who was having some problems in his relationship with his gf of two years and he wanted to talk, just talk. so I thought it was payback time & I just stayed & listened to him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daily Draw October 23, 2012

Weather : Clear

Key Card: CHILD
Key words: new beginning, a child
Prediction: A new beginning brings an improvement but it will all depend on a decision or a choice. There are Two Queens and a Jack here, so this new beginning and the decision will involve a child, or someone younger and two ladies. Two ladies also suggest rivalry.

What Happened in relation to cards: I'm sooo sorry for not updating this one earlier. The Child turned out to be my fragile sensitive emotions. I shouldn't have forgotten to take sensitivity into account. I felt overwhelmed with all the changes (good ones) happening with this guy. Things were improving but I had to be sure to keep my emotions in check because I'm afraid of getting hurt.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 43 Predictions

week 43
Key words: Harmony, a mature older man

I feel like I will be socialising more among older and wiser people this week, may be a couple (King of Spades & Queen of Diamonds). This can also mean taking some time/counselling regarding a decision.

Since this man or resting period is the theme of the week, I guess there is not much excitement going on. actually I do not remember ever having Lilies as my theme card in a weekly drawing. I want to see what happens.

I was right about the resting period, specially with Scythe-Garden. I stayed in, all week long. Didn't go out for anything at all. Did some soul searching & felt sick.

Left arm:
Lady - Scythe - Garden
I feel like taking a sharp decision to cut off from a group, a gathering or simply a decision to stay off twitter or facebook this week. I know where this is heading. It can also be me, having a cyber verbal fight (Scythe is sharp & cutting).

I was actually off from "people" this week. Thus didn't update any posts on blog too.

Right Arm:
Roads - Sun - Heart
A decision which will result is a much more warmer & satisfied heart/love life. Alternatively, its a woman and a man reaching a point where they decide to open their hearts to each other (Queen of Diamonds & Jack of Hearts).

I had a choice, to make or break. I feel so utterly lonely these days, why? is it because I have shut myself in? I have a choice, we all do!
I had a heart-to-heart with my friend today, he is a Sagittarius  so he can be Jack of Hearts & I feel so good talking it all out.

Story Line:
A lady (me) is cutting off from social life, in order to counsel a man or take advice from a man about a decision which is about matters of heart. This decision involves Two men, one older & wiser & other younger & charming (King of Spades & Jack of Hearts)

I did cut off from people this week, and I did ask my friend what to do? The choice was rather between a man, older wiser & a guy my age & very pleasant & I must say, warm-hearted.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Daily Draw October 21, 2012

Weather : Clear

Key Card: Clover
Key words: A surprise, small luck, small gain, opportunity

Prediction: There is an indication that an opportunity that can effect things in long term (Tree) will be lost (Mice). This may also mean health issue will be worrisome. I am currently on a diet & exercise regime, so I'm sure its about that too.

What Happened in relation to cards: Apparently this was not exactly a day where any kind of surprise was expected. A quiet Autumn day & at home, alone!. However, the diet & exercise bit was quite true because I do feel a stomach ache today, mainly because of not having enough fibre in the system may be.

Daily Draw October 20, 2012

Weather : Cloudy/fog Cards: Dog + Bear + Fox Key Card: Dog Key words: A friend, trust, friendship Prediction: This makes a man/friend really important today. Friendship/loyalty & trust are the theme for today. With Bear, I can easily say its a dominating & powerful/strong/protective friend I have. It can be a number of guys but when I saw Fox I was sure its just this one guy. Specially when Dog was mirroring the Fox card in my weekly draw for this week too. This guy is someone very shrewd, careful & sort of playful too. What Happened in relation to cards: The cards were right on. My day started with text chatting with this man, my friend I had in mind & we talked for approx 6 hours straight. During these six hours, he & I both had fun, a LOT of fun actually, since we both try a lot to dominate each other, falsely (Bear + Fox) and it was fun. He however is veryyyy careful & playful when it comes to disclosing his personal affairs.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Subject Concerned Spread by Golden Mousedeer

Original spread & author of blog found here

I came across this reading so I decided to do one for myself, actually regarding this man.

Q: What are his thoughts & situation regarding his relationship/friendship with me?

The Current Situation:
Moon - Lady - Heart

So I'm at the centre & he thinks of me as a dreamer, and also as an affectionate, in-love with love person. The appearance of Moon makes me wonder if he dreams about me. There are dreams, intuition, emotions, regarding me & possibly feelings of affection too, in his thoughts.

Possible evolution:
Man + Storks. Storks is usually a man who does not stick to something for long which is surprising me since he is a Venus in Capricorn guy & he is anything but flighty or unstable. Either way, he would want a change in situation, soon.

I posted this spread a month ago, and what I have found regarding this Man - Storks thing is that his behaviour towards me has actually changed, improved.

What Dominates : Coffin.
I would have hated to see Cross here, but Coffin is a card of grief & concern, which usually does not last long. So I think there is dominating factor of change, a process where we are getting to know each other after the bad closure we had the last time around & it won't be long before things are happy again. Precisely, in context of the question, his grief is dominating the situation.He is a workaholic & I'm the lady with a warm heart, he sure would want a Change soon!

Contact, information & communication. Its amazing how it fits the description since we are physcially far away & we only write to each other, usually long messages, so I should expect some more communication before things can change.

Overall, I call this spread good.

New Moon in Libra, October 2012 (Updated)

New Moon!

This one is in my second house & CafeAstrology has something to say about this:

Heightened sensitivity to the world of the five senses, to your physical environment, and to the security you gain from the solid ground you have built for yourself is in order for this period of time. Attunement to, and appreciation of, the physical world of the senses is the focus, and this is a time to start fresh in terms of how you arrange your life in order to feel a sense of value and worthiness. Financial issues come into focus. Setting realistic financial goals, as well as formulating such things as budgets and other sensible financial planning projects, will be favoured during this time. Discovering ways to increase your income is featured. It is also a wonderful time for taking moments to pleasure yourself through earthy, tactile, and comforting endeavours.
Here is the reading from this New Moon to the next New Moon:
New Moon In Libra

 Look at the cards related to financial security appearing in this draw. Fish (financial matters), Bear (financial security) with Key are present here.  Taking moments to pleasure yourself looks like Flowers - Key -Clover here.

Theme Card:
Key is the card which adds a sense of "certainity" to any card around it. Here we have this card as theme card which tells me this lunar period is very important in terms of solutions, new beginnings & finding an answer to questions I have. Its also a new start to something as told by cards around it.

This success or important solution seems to be coming from a charming lady or the sense of joy I have been having. This may be because of the Venus transiting through my first house.This will be leading to some small happiness or a surprise coming up. I'm very much liking this spread, it foretells a surprise or happy time is coming up.

Well, the Key card was very appropriate. Since the New Moon was in second house and I should have seen some money pouring in, or at least some financial situation coming to forefront, but unfortunately nothing of that sort has happened during this Lunar Month. The Key on other hand has resolved a few important matters for me in my personal life. 

Four Corners:
Flowers - Clover - Bear - Garden shows me there is some luck & Happiness, a joyful event which brings what I need in terms of power & strength, specially to do with public matters.

I did socialize a bit during this month and it turned out to be very happening.

Inner Cross:
Fish - House - Dog - Letter I see financial security & a message from a friend. Possibly two men who are friends are writing to each other, to do with a house mortgage. I don't know why I'd think of that but who knows!

Two friends, discussing a business was more appropriate. The one of the friends is a mortgage advisor so it figures. The Other one is my brother so that is also very appropriate. They have been thinking about starting a business together and since I'm friends with both of them and one of them is kind of important too, I am the third party in the triangle.

Past: Flowers - House - Garden
Over last new moon I have had new furniture added to the house & also had a small gathering.

Present: Fish - Key - Letter
Some money or a work opportunity is definitely coming up right this week, I can tell.

I received the cheque for a large sum , the security fee refunds and the scholarship money from University.

Future: Bear - Dog - Clover
ohk. A powerful & dominating friend/man is bringing some happiness in my life.

Oh boy, does he make me happy!

Extra Information:
Flower + Bear = a dominating female, a female boss is presenting with an opportunity (Clover)
Garden + Clover luck will be found in social settings, leading to some financial gain (Fish) or a man to do with financial work.

There are two 8's which mean gathering & happy times & Two Tens which mean a visit out of city. I have plans for this weekend, so we have to see.

I did go out of city and it was a pleasant trip. The fun was in the dining out and movies I watched this month.

Before the Lunar Month ended, on the very last day I got a call from the National Internship Program where I have been selected. Its a small opportunity but it seems promising since it will be a new beginning in terms of my career and finances. The Key, very much opened up a lot of aspects in my life.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Draw October 16, 2012


Theme Card: Rider = a message, a visitor, email or conversation.

Rider + Stars = hopeful message, a message that brings hope, a message that opens new path
Rider + Storks = happy conversations or a message that brings about a change.

An uplifting cheerful message or visit I can see.

RESULTS: I had some amazing & self-esteem boosting texts from a friend who always admires me & compliments me. The reason he was represented by Rider is because he is young & an Archer (Sagittarius) so the description for the Rider fits him perfectly.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 42 Predictions (Updated)

Week 42
Keywords: Hope, faith, science, guidance
With Clover & Storks on either side, I find myself feeling more hopeful & having a way out of all the frustrations this week. The Stars -Clover tells me I have to have small glimpse of hope in order to find a new way (Stars-Storks).

I actually started making some serious efforts in praying & keeping my optimistic face up this week. I have felt that I need to re-connect with my spiritual beliefs & I have successfully had that by the time week has ended. This for me was an instant uplifting & self-esteem boost.

Left arm:
Cross - Fox - Clover
Through some rough & tough times & actions, I will find my hidden luck, which has been hiding from me for quite some time now. I need to cheer myself up, & looks like it will happen right this week.

I have been sad & down & depressed, but not for long. I have figured out that by being a little logical instead of emotional & a bit more shrewd, I can actually turn things into my favour instead of giving my happiness in other people's hands.

Right arm:
Storks - Dog - House

Queen & King of Hearts can be a couple with lots of trust & friendship between them (Dog). There is an improvement in friendship & feelings of mutual trust between a man & woman. It looks better than the first half of the week.

This turned out to be 100% true by the time we had Friday night. Me & my friend, with whom I have reconnected after 6yrs, are having lots to talk about & I believe we are on to happy road to friendship, strong & trustful. I also believe he is a bit cautious when it comes to friendship with me (Dog reflecting/mirroring Fox) but his doubts are in vain. He will soon realize. 

There are three 6 this week. social engagement, party, or get-together. Thank God!

I was planning to go out this week end, out of city actually. But it did not happen. I preferred staying home. No party or gathering :(

Daily Draw October 14, 2012


THEME CARD: This is the day of staying cheered up & optimistic. Sun also shows energy & success. With Book I think it will be something I already know. May be reading something will cheer me up. Book-Rider shows someone will be coming over, a message, an email, only I don't know about it yet!

RESULTS: After some bad mood swings I was actually feeling very much better today. I also had some unexpected cheerful conversations with someone who is more like a mystery to me!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daily Draw October 13, 2012

Tower + Ship + Moon

Theme card: Tower associated with isolation, powerful, authorities & anything to do with Government organizations.

Tower + Ship = a foreign organization, being alone
Tower + Moon = an asylum, a psychic organization

I think I will feel so alone, I will feel emotionally down.

Oh another sad weekend.

Results: This day was a slow one. I was alone & frustrated & tired for unknown reasons. I did not feel like getting out of bed till late in the evening. Another reason was my sense of feeling separated from someone who is far far away from me. This explains why the Ship appeared. Sad & Alone & missing someone.

I also must say, I was just browsing & I came across a psychic readers network where you can have free chat with Psychics before having a paid reading. I was thinking may be that is why Tower+Moon reminded me of a psychic's organization :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily Draw October 12, 2012


Theme Card: Bear, strength, power, a dominating male.

Emotional strength & the power of hope & optimism will just brighten up my mood. Alternatively it can be a dominating male who is having some success.

Lets see how it pans out!

After having last few weeks in distress & anxiousness for no apparent reason, I felt far far better about myself today. This was definitely a "smile" day on the calendar & I felt a lot better than other days when I'm usually down for one reason or another or no reason at all.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daily Draw October 11, 2012


Theme card:Flowers or Bouquet, means joy, happiness, a surprise, invitation or a pleasant lady.
Flower + House is a man or a woman, a family oriented woman, an invitation comes from a man, or a family invitation. Flowers +Ring is a wedding present, an invitation. This combo can play out as many things but I believe its a man & a woman developing a deeply connected feeling.

So I proposed to my friend, that he should marry my friend! This friend of mine is a sweet, young lady, I remember during the Cartomante Cabinet exercises, I associated Flowers/Bouquet card with her. She is charming, sweet & very generous soul. A typical Archer Girl. Then, Queen of Spades is a woman who has lost something, & this friend of mine has lost her mother recently.
The guy friend I proposed to, is a very family-oriented guy. I made this proposal to him when he was telling me his personal life goal was to be a good father.This explains why he is King of Hearts & House in lenormand. the Flower-Ring is my marriage proposal/invitation combo but I did not know it will pan out like this!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Draw October 10,2012


THEME: Bear. An overpowering or dominating male. Strength and energy.
These three cards together tell me I will receive a mesaage from some one who is bossy and chubby. All these three cards are what I use for representing three distinct people in my life. Rider can be a word of advice (Lilies) coming from a protective male.

RESULTS: So i recieved the same kind of messages in my inbox I receive everyday. No advices or anything of the sort but I was talking to this man, who was once represented as Rider in my GT, and he is actually very wise and mature too, he said he wanted to be a good father and that was his personal goal in life. I find that he is pretty protective and strong. He is not chubby but he appears like a Bear type in character.

On another note, today I posted this image on my instagram
And there is a Bear, its a message & its a word of wisdom....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daily Draw October 09,2012

Letter is usually a piece of information or a document. With House it can be an important message/document related to my father/family/house or a family-oriented man. We have to wait & see how it goes.
RESULT: The only letter or piece of information I received today was about my family joint expenses account had an important transaction which had to be rolled back because of incorrect information.Its good we got informed in time otherwise it would have been loss of a huge amount.

Daily draw October 8, 2012


I take house as my own house or a family oriented man. MOUNTAIN is the card of delays and blockages. Flowers is an invitation or a surprise,gift or joy times.
When I looked at these cards I thought either there will be a problen with a family-oriented man or a delayed gift/surprise reaches home.
RESULTS: Today I discovered two things. One is the furniture my mum ordered and was delayed, was finally delivered today. Other being a friend, who is very famiy-kind told me about a problem between him and a girl he's friends with. Notice the Mountain between King of Hearts & Queen of Spades.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 41 predictions (Updated)

12Birds- 10Scythe- 17Storks - 21Mountain- 24Heart - 35Anchor - 07Snake

Theme card: Mountain: After having really stressful week, I guess I'm headed towards just another one. Mountain usually puts lots of burdens, delays things & hinders & blocks the way.Storks-Mountain-Heart shows me that the much anticipated Change or Improvement is blocked but at the other end lies happiness.

Whatever I felt like getting done this week, was delayed. Things stop making any sense & I find myself hanging in a zone of waiting & waiting. I hope it passes away before I start getting too impatient.

Left arm:
Birds - Scythe - Storks
Out of nervousness & stress, I'm putting an end to some kind of improvement or change. The Storks reflect heart so I wonder if the change is related to matters of love.

I feel stressed. I must confess I do & out of this nervous energy, not knowing what is happening I'm taking some impulsive decisions, specially where the matters of affection are concerned. I believe I'm going out of my way in doing that. Sad!

Right arm:
Heart - Anchor - Snake
Its simply the stability of heart or emotions is shaken, the comfort of heart is not easy coming this week but there is stability or comfort between a man & woman when it comes to complications of heart.

This is exactly what the situation is right now. Between this man & woman, things are anchored, apparently, but I do feel that the comfort of my feelings or my affection, which I was mistaking, is actually shaken this week. At several points in this week I found myself questioning my own feelings, Is this the right thing to do? Am I over-obsessing? What exactly is happening? But I have to handle all of it on my own, because this man in question, wants stability above everything (Anchor).

I don't know how this will work, but I have to wait & see.

There are two Queens & two Jacks. Two Queens = gossip or rivalry
Two Jacks = Quarrel.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Daily Draw October 7, 2012

Worries about health & fitness of either myself or a man who is obese, dominating & powerful. MICE eats whatever cards it touches, so its directly effecting my health or a man who is represented by BEAR

RESULTS: My day was draining, physically. All day long I was in my toes because of my Dad and the cooking mania he plays sometimes. Besides that I found myself worried over my weight gain which is very well depicted by the BEAR.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Daily Draw Oct 06,2012

ANCHOR + Book + Birds
Anchor as theme card tells me work or routine will be theme of day. Book & Birds show I will find myself stressed over routine or not knowing about a work situation.

RESULT: Today was a day when I found myself worried over not knowing what to do in terms of work. I'M jobless, my studies are finished and I have no clue which direction my life is going to take.