Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 35 predictions (Updated)

week 36 predictions

Theme : Fox
Key words: Slyness, deception.
This week's theme is slyness & deception. I need to stay alert & on my guard for this. The Fox can be me as well, being smart, playing the game, which I have just learnt in the last week.
Scythe is cutting at Fox, so some mental clarity is expected this week where I will be able to see through some lies or deception. There is Fox - Snake which is back biting  or hidden danger or a sly woman. The Scythe is cutting at it, so I'm sure I'll be safer if I'm watching out.

I had such a busy week that I literally had no time to update this. The Fox has clearly be me, I have been feeling quite "foxy" these days. I feel like I can see through lies & deceptions & I can rather map my way out more cleverly. There is a lady, an older lady who looks quite worries about my behaviour regarding a man involved & she might be back biting, I cannot really say.

Left arm:
Flower - Letter - Scythe

An unexpected happy invitation or a letter/news/information which comes out of blue. The Scythe is cutting at the Fox, so I can say some clarity will be evident in a letter or a news. This will be happy news.

Flowers - Lilies = a couple, sexual pleasure
Letter - Dog = news from/about a friend
Scythe - Snake = cutting off from a woman, end to a complication between a man & a woman

I have had a news about a friend this week which turned out to be a fake news about his interview & being short listed at a firm. Besides that I have been having great time, having so much fun. 

Right arm:
Snake - Dog - Lilies
There are complications in platonic friendship between a man & a woman.

Well, this turned out to be an older man, & things are not quite straight with him. I'm mentally too pre-occupied though, to understand.

Extra information: There are two Queens so I expect some gossip & chit chat specially with my Gemini cousin coming over,its totally expected.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Going with the gut: lenormand & intuition

Over the year and half of my journey with lenormand oracle studies, I have seen two groups forming on the lenormand front. One group is a believer that you shoud go by your "intuition" and not by the book. The other more traditional and more "rooted" group believes that one should not deviate from the basic meanings of the symbols and the methods to read them (combinations etc). I have been strictly Group B since day 1. The reason behind that is if you do not build the foundation by book, your building may collapse at a later stage when you are adding up layers after layers.

This does not necessarily mean I have never seen my intuition or my gut feeling play any roles. Seeing some other respectable lenormand readers who have been at it for longer than I am, they talk about the gut feelings taking a stronger position in your lenormand interpretation after a while. I guess now when its been over a year, I can sense it, like literally. I want to share an experience of such a "gut" feeling from yesterday.

My exams result had been expected for quite sometime. There is no proper date announced so students play guess games mostly. Some of them were of the view it will be 24th august and my idea was it will be sometime between 24th and 28th August. Nobody expected 23rd. When I pulled Book as theme card, my gut said it was something about my studies, and with that there was Rider + Clouds. When I looked at Book + Rider, my first thought was "exams result" and looking at Rider+Clouds its like clearing up of some sort, a news which clears things up since the lighter side of Clouds is where the confusion is clearing up.

The next day I opened my grade book on Student Account page, and it was there!

So you can see that lenormand does not tell you to strictly follow the meanings they have given you in books or in your lists or on any forum. It tells you to build a strong foundation as to what the Book can be, what the Rider can be and what the Clouds can be.Then within those limits, your gut plays along & lets you know what the Book, Rider & Clouds ARE for that particular day ahead.

This also clarifies things for those who are worried about daily draws not exactly telling whats happening ahead. Have patience fellas and keep practising!

Happy Reading !

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 34 Forecast (update)

Week 34 Forecast
Cards Analysis:
I just wrote a post about 10-Scythe yesterday and I used Scythe-Ring as an example. I here have Scythe-Ring reflecting/mirroring each other. I guess time to revise the lesson.

The theme of the week is Clover. Keywords are luck, hope, small happiness, small gain, opportunity, a small surprise. So this week is all about knowing I have the small window where the lady luck is on my side (literally- see the cards) so I should make the most of it.

Other combinations:
Clover - Moon = emotional happiness
Clover - Scythe = unexpected or sudden opportunity, a surprise
Clover - Tower = work opportunity or happiness which comes from being alone & self reliant
Clover - Lady = lady luck
Clover - Ring = small surprise or happiness in a contract/relationship
Clover - Cross = diminished luck, happiness doesn't matter any more

Left arm:
Moon - Scythe - Tower
Whats to the right is under threat, or cut off from, so I will probably say good bye to being alone and independent. This will result in some instant or sudden recognition or success.

Moon - Cross = emotions put to test, what others think does not matter now
Scythe - Ring = end of a relationship/partnership
Tower - Lady = a lonely, independent lady

So this looks like a threat or breaking a relationship/partnership resulting in a higher sense of gratification where what others think does not matter for this lonely lady who is not going to stay inside her shell now.

So this Scythe-Ring has been three things: For one, my final semester's result has been announced so this is like a relationship & commitment towards my studies ending (finally!). The second is I feel I'm free from a bond which I believed existed between someone & me. Somehow, somewhere they lost my trust & I do not feel that much attached to them now. For third, The Ring-Cross is like a relationship to pain, worries and burdens. I guess I have freed myself from useless worrying too about the project, about this and about that, so many things & I do feel so relieved and so happy now.

Right arm:
Lady - Ring - Cross
This lady is under stress because of this burdensome relationship or this lady is having a deep connection with pain and fate.

Lady - Tower = lonely but ambitious lady
Ring - Scythe = unexpected partnership, the danger to partnership passes
Cross - Moon = feelings and dreams become important.

So this lady is feeling burdened because of this relationship which is not so important now (Ring-Cross) but the relationship does not break, the danger will simply pass and she will realize she needs to trust her instincts more often.

The unexpected partnership bit rose when I was discussing the project problem with someone (a friend) and then he offered his help. He was hunting down every IT guy he knew and finally he found someone who could help me. Then I have forward the documents and everything to him and now waiting for some miracle otherwise I have to develop a Plan B. 

The Ring-Cross has been very nerve-wrecking. Both the contract I had with the developer and the personal connection I had with this guy, are getting on my nerves because both are not going anywhere.Its so heart-warming.

Extra Information:
I pulled an extra card coincidently, I lost count. This happened before and that card turned out to be important. Lets say it was the 8th card like the deck wanted me to know what comes after the Cross. That card was 17-Storks. A change is coming, indeed.

I have been expecting things to change before I start with the next month because I'm finally saying good bye to my student life & yay it does feel so wow.

I have 3 6's = social engagement, party, or get-together. oh yes I totally expect it this week
I have Two Aces : Leadership & authority

There have been more than one social engagement or gathering this week. This is why I have not been updating this week's forecast before Sunday. The Leadership & Authority bit talks about someone very "fifty shades" of love.

Looking forward to this week's great lessons

Sunday, August 19, 2012

10- Scythe


Iris Treppner: Danger, aggression, pain, sharp objects, harvest

Britta's : Sudden beginning, Sudden end, assertiveness, authority

French Cartomancy deck LWB: The sharp side of the sythe can indicate danger, cutting, pain, sharp objects, accidents, an operation. The blunt side can denote a harvest.

Like you can see Britta associated different meanings to this card than the other two even though the scythe points in same direction. According to Britta the pointed side is a sudden start to something to the right, and the side it points away from is a sudden end e.g Scythe + Ring is sudden start of a relationship & Ring + Scythe is an end to a relationship while Treppner's would be scythe + Ring, a threat or danger to a relationship and Ring + Scythe the threat or danger to relationship has passed.

Now my theory, this card has two sides. There is side towards which the scythe is apparently cutting, there is the other side, where the scythe is pointing away from. This is a negative card in my list and I specially pay attention to what is towards the right side of the Scythe (because my Scythe points to right, you take a look at your scythe and work accordingly). This is what I'll probably be cutting, inflicting pain, or simply moving away from. When I had Scythe + Garden I caught cold thus I had to stay inside all the time. When I had Scythe + Dog, my friend was mad at me for no apparent reason, when I had Lady-Scythe-Man I broke up with a man suddenly. The thing with this card is that you never know how it happens, but it happens just in a go, just like that, and you have already lost that thing next to the pointed side for all you know.
As far the side which the pointed edge is away from, is something you are left with, unexpectedly. I used the word "unexpected" as the adjective or modifier for this card. Ring + Scythe will be my unexpected partnership and Scythe + Ring will be my threat to a relationship or cutting off from a relationship/contract.
You have to practice and see what works for you. May be for you its the other way around.

As a Person: This is a person who has a sharp tongue. He is aggressive, very quick and impulsive, random and spontaneous. This person is also hasty.

As an advice: This card tells you to take a decision and a quick one. Do not think much, just do it.

In Love Readings: This card is a danger and a threat if the pointed edge is towards the Ring or Heart. If Scythe is the last card in the spread, expect the unexpected and I cannot assure it will be something good but its way better than having Scythe + Ring or Scythe + Man as your last cards.

Astrologically: Treppner associates Uranus, the planet of upheaval and surprises. Mystical lenormand shows the Chiron on this card which is the pain which makes you heal others. This is the area of life where we feel pain or wounded. Both decks are looking at two aspects of the symbol and both are correct in essence.The Scythe is unexpected and the surprise card and it also inflicts pain and it points the area where it hurts the most.  

New Moon August 2012

This New Moon occurs at the 27 degrees Leo, the sign for creativity & personal recognition. This falls in my 12th house. The New Moon in the 12th house is a time for withdraw, pulling yourself back "in" and self-reflection.

Q: What is the New Moon going to bring me in next Lunar Month?

Theme: Moon = dreams, intuition etc but I chose to go with Public recognition & honours with this time. Its because the Moon is in Leo and its all about being the "star".

This is supported by the Trigger card Garden. So there is lots of public recognition, because of all the socialising & all the networking.

This month I have been so busy & the centre of lots of parties. I had lots of guests at home & the misunderstandings they had about me in the past have now changed to appreciation. So overall, this Moon has been very very lucky for me this time.

Corner cards: Garden - Sun can be summer social parties, lots of fun, energy. Bear-Rider looks like there is a new person coming along or I will be hearing a message which makes me feel strong.

So there is lots of socialising and there is a new person who is very powerful and strong, coming along.

Well yes,lots of people from past have all of sudden started sending me messages & trying to contact me. I do not feel like giving any of them any chance to re-enter my life. There has been lots of socialising. I was out & about all this month. Yes, someone very powerful & authoritative was visiting my house this month.

What is going to happen: Snake - House - Moon - Dog - Scythe
There are complications in home or private life because of the emotional comfort I feel towards this friend resulting in a break or a sudden decision. This situation involves A lady, a man and a younger man.A lady and a man are going to be great friends probably and unexpectedly.

This has happened exactly like that. There has been two-three things happening at same time. All of my ex- coming back, contacting me , within a week. This upset me a lot, but in a good way. One friend actually made me very very comfortable & because of him being there to comfort me, lots of things sorted themselves out. One particular person I had no closure with after we fell off, we had a complete closure during this full moon.

Past: Garden - House - Rider
I have been having visitors at home in last month. My maternal aunt was here with her kids & other occassional visitors.

Present: There is serious emotional upheaval going on right now in my life and that too is very unexpected for me. Yes it has to do with someone who is not exactly a friend but I don't know but I rely on this person. The Queen and Jack have Moon between them so there is emotions and feelings here between them, in a good way.

Future: Bear - Dog - Sun
I see success for or with a male whom I already know or who is a friend.

The closure I have talked about above. It was successful.

Diagonals: Garden - Moon - Sun
a night time event results in success (hmmm)

Bear - Moon - Rider
an emotional or romantic message from a male.

Extra information:
Garden - Bear and Scythe
By excessive socialising I will be able to make some quick decisions.

I did make a decision to cut off from this guy I had some unresolvable issues of temper with. 

Rider + Sun and Snake
A happy news or message which creates complication.

I was really intrigued to share this with you people

This is the site which always gives some information which always happens to be true.
Honestly I'm a bit scared because there are a few new people I met and I feel like they will stay a long time & two of them are Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

I am stunned with the line "it cold be someone you may be able to get truly excited about seeing again"...what ? I have actually met someone "again" after 6years & I cannot tell you how excited I was. He came back in my life on August 18th precisely. It says he is likely to stay in my life a long time. well I have my doubts but I will let the events disclose themselves.

There are Two Tens, I'm definitely going out of city.
There are Two Six Things coming together or falling in to place.

I was out of city for most part. Things did come together, and fell right where they should have!!!

I have a good feeling because there are so many positive cards...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 33 forecast (Updated)

This week I have pulled out 7 cards from Tarot deck too. These cards just clarify the individual 7 lenormand cards . I love experimenting with new ways & techniques so bear with me

Theme of the Week: Man . This week my main concern remains a man. The Ring before him tells me he is either married, or he is already tied up or unavailable. The Sun next to him shows he's successful and warm/energetic.

Other pairs:
Man - Clouds  = Man is confused/confusing
Man - Roads = he's facing a decision
Man - Ring = he's married or bound
Man - Sun = he's successful or will have success
Man - Snake = he's complicated, or is with his mother/mistress
Man - Mountain = man is facing blockages

I guess I get who this is. Lets see how it effects me.

I still have not figured out who this man is. I thought I knew, but it was just a guess. 

Clouds - Roads - Ring
Clearly, there is a decision which is not so clear, about a relationship (possibly with this man). Now the Ring can be two things, It can be my relationship with this man in question or it can be the contract I signed with a man two months ago. The Ring in my readings has often represented both. In this case things are not clear for this week and I'm worried now because my presentation is due 3rd September. *fingers Crossed*.

Other pairs:
Clouds - Mountain = Unclarities result in delays (darn it)
Roads - Snake = complicated path, complicated choices
Ring - Sun = happy relationship

I think after a few delays and few worries, I can expect a sigh of relief, based on Sun and Ring reflecting each other. The Clouds - Crossroads are King & Queen facing each other and they are moving towards a stronger binding relationship. It looks like.

So there are ambiguities related to a relationship between this man & woman but they will end up together.

So On the Monday morning I received this email with the apparently final piece of code for my project for which I paid this person my birthday money. The code was incomplete which meant further delays. It seemed like he didn't care about the directions I gave him. I truly panicked. (Clouds-Mountain). I was damn too worried I don't have enough money/time to get somebody else to do it & I have already made the payment in advance. where do I stand now? I sent two really angry mad messages and emails to him and he rang me up making excuses, in a pretty blunt and rude way, as if it was my fault. I knew my way was not easy here, I have to be tricky with him (Roads-Snake). 
Today he has sent me another email, saying the last code he sent me was incomplete because it wasn't mine. He made it for another person and coincidently sent to me (Clouds-Roads/ Roads-Snake).
Now I have the correct code, I haven't tested it yet but I'm sure I will have a good news *wink* (Ring-Sun).

Besides that, the complication with the other man in question, has already been resolved but I feel a different way about him now, not so intense I must say. Its like I've got a grip of my nerves now.

Right Pair:
Sun - Snake - Mountain
Success does not come the easy way, there are rather delays. My experience with Sun says that whatever cards its around, it super-cedes their negativity. Here Snake can be a Lady, or it can be simply me, facing obstacles despite my optimism. The Man-Sun-Snake combo looks promising, things will be happier between them too .

Other pairs:
Sun - Ring = successful partnership/agreement
Snake - Roads = a lady facing a choice. two women
Mountain - Clouds = after delays & obstacles things will improve.

Update: I'm facing blockages regarding my project and I'm worried. there are delays but this man keeps assuring me I will secure more than 60% score only if I commit to my work he assigned me. and you people know my laziness till now.The Clouds and Mountain reflecting each other is like a double whammy.

This week I have two queens, I expect some gossip. I have THREE ACES wow, Kapherus system: unexpected twist of fate, Cartomante Cabinet: Moderate success.

I will go with both because I have felt both. Something towards the end of the week has happened which feels like Oh My God this can't be happening. I cannot share the details but the heart of the situation is a Man who is feeling like blocked or who is blocking me out (Man-Mountain). And I have enjoyed a little bit of success too.

Looking forward...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

19 Tower

Key words for this card:

Iris Treppner: Public authorities, court, enterprise, loneliness, Office & authority, independence, diligence, isolation, discipline, ambition, boundaries, city limits, also separation and/or divorce

Brigitte Kienle: School, education, work

French Cartomancy deck: Big, tall, borders, government, official, loneliness, arrogance. A big building ... look to the cards following to explain. ie; Tower + Tree = hospital, Tower + House = apartment block, high rise ... Independence. A large corporation.

Other meanings: The course of your life, life long ambitions, something or someone from past, protection

General meanings: As it depends on the question but this card represents authorities in a reading. It can be any "official" influence to your question, a court, a government institute, anything that is too high. This card also represents ambitions which are beyond your reach, the goals which will take long time and lot of independence on your part.

Another very important side of this card is isolation. This is not the isolation which is beyond your control i.e feeling of being left out or left behind, rather it is more like shutting others out. Sometimes we feel vulnerable and we need to protect ourselves this is where we tend to isolate ourselves, both physically and emotionally. I guess this is why the Mystical lenormand associates the meaning protection with this card. This is not the card which makes you feel stressed, or down. Its rather making the positive out of the isolation. You feel more independent, secure, bold & confident.

Representing a person or next to a person card this card tells us this person is very ambitious and very disciplined. You do not try to change the way they behave or act because they will probably just not listen to your advises anyway.

As an advice this card tells you to be headstrong. have a spine, stand tall with your head held high, and also keep an unbiased view of the situation. Separate yourself emotionally from this situation because your emotions are probably messing with your head right now.

In love readings this card shows when one or both people have gone cold and withdrawn. Its not because they want to chicken out, its simple because they just don't feel like it any more. More like emotionally closed off. In several instances this card has indicated separation. This separation is final if Ring is involved, its done willingly if Flowers are nearby and it will result is you feeling stressed of Mountain is closer. It can be a temporary shut off too look for surrounding cards. If Anchor or Tree are present around, they will take a while coming back in their own.

Astrologically, both Treppner and Mystical lenormand associate this card with Planet Saturn. Some key words about Saturn are :
Organization, career, ambition, law, older persons, traditions, orthodoxy, authority, status, discipline, restriction, limitations, responsibilities. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Incorporating Tarot with Lenormand

Just a quick note that since I have started to take my Tarot studies more seriously, I have been pulling one Tarot card as a clarifier for my daily lenormand Reading. It has been working really good so far. The tarot card just guides me as to what the lenormand draw has been referring to and its really helpful , instead of feeling lost. Sometimes I get amazed by the synchronizing of the Universe, the way each oracle/tarot is telling me the same story. Its more about faith than the cards.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 32 forecast (updated)

Week 32
The theme of the week is solitude, loneliness. The surrounding cards look so lovely that I'm sure it won't be in a negative manner.
Tower - Heart tells me I will be feeling good being alone.
Tower - Flowers implements the same things.

Well to be honest I don't know if this hadn't been the Tower then what else would describe the situation so well. This Tower card has made me realize my self-worth & an ability to not put up with people's unacceptable behaviour. Detachment is a better word here. I'm perfectly comfortable with this though.

Tower - Rider can be an official message coming this week.
Tower - Lilies can be withdrawal and rest
Tower - Moon is emotionally closed off and coldness.
Tower - Storks finally means by the end of the week I'd have charged my batteries up and will be ready for a change.

The official message or the news I got was not so official. It was rather a helpful step. Most part of the week I was resting & taking a breath from the worries from last week. I agree I have been emotionally a bit cold this week and by the end of the week, I'm ready to flee.

Left arm:
Rider - Lilies - Flowers
This looks like a nice message, or a visit from a couple (King and Queen of Spades). Besides that this can be a nice message or nice easy conversations with a male and a female.

Other combinations:
Rider - Storks = a change which is brought on by a message.
Lilies - Moon = emotional/dreamy man.emotional balance and harmony
Flowers - Heart = a date, a lovely meeting/surprise

I have had several messages coming up this week. No couple visited us but I've had some cheerful conversations with a nice older/mature advisor sort of man.I'm not that surprised because of Transiting Jupiter Conjunct my Venus. 

Right arm:
Heart - Moon - Storks
This looks like emotions taking a flight. A heightened sense of joy.Emotions are improved, changed and it feels good.

Storks - Rider = a change which is on way
Moon - Lilies = peaceful and harmonious emotions. sexual emotions/dreams
Heart - Flowers = happy love

Again I will associate this to the Jupiter (expansion) touching Venus (love & beauty) in my chart. I have been taking a lot care of myself, eating healthy, exercise, sleeping well and everything. Its very important right now during this transit. My skin looks good and I feel good about myself.

This looks like a good week. I will be spending most of my time alone, but its good in a way because of all the happy and positive cards around me. There are two Queens so I expect a lot of gossip again this week. There is a King and Queen again having conversations (Rider) which looks positive. There is also a Jack and a Queen having Moon between them so I expect some emotional talk with someone younger (if the Queen of Hearts is me).

There has been lots of gossiping going on LOL and yes I did talk some emotional stuff with a friend of mine who is younger than me. He is going through a rough time. I'm amazed the way incorporating Playing Cards inserts for the court cards work so well.

There are four cards from suit of hearts in the spreads, which makes the week kind of emotional and relationships oriented.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lenormand Videos in English

This lady, Hexe Claire has been too generous to do English videos for helping us with lenormand. The meanings are basically what we already know but its a great source for beginners.
Cards 1-3
Cards 4-6
Cards 7-9
Cards 10-12
Cards 13-15
Cards 16-18
Cards 19-21
Cards 22-24
Cards 25-27
Cards 28-30
Cards 31-33
Cards 34-36

Other videso:
Using Lenormand Houses in Small Spreads