About Me


My occult name is Alyna, and I have been studying Astrology since I was 14 years old . My interest in the Lenormand cards developed when I joined a forum where they had a study group for this Oracle deck and I was instantly drawn to it. I have been hooked ever since. Its been more than 8 months now. I have been mostly following Iris Treppner's methods (except the Grand Tableau) and I have found it a great source for starters like me. Initially it took me great deal of patience to let the cards speak to me and many times I gave up on them but once you get in tune with them and vice versa, you can be surprised how accurate they are. The Lenormand Oracle deck has proven to be my most accurate friend so far!
I have complied some readings of my own which are not very inspirational but I'm a learner myself and I have tried to incorporate many methods here which are open for everyone to go through and try till they find how it fits their comfort level.