Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grand Tableau for Love and Romance May-August

This is my third GT for this particular area. The previous two were really really accurate for me therefore, I have to give it another go. This one covers the period from May 2012-August 2012 i.e four months.

GT for Love: May 2012-Aug 2012

The initial Cut:

Ring - Roads - Lilies

Ring in the initial cut suggests there is a chance for something important coming right up. Roads on the other hand can either mean leaving the guilts of past behind or it can be a decision about binding up with someone. Roads can also mean "Two" specially when to the right of a card, so can be two choices, and Lilies at the end of the road can be THE MAN I choose, or it can be a decision which is taken with wisdom. Roads and Lilies both emphasize balance, and diplomacy. So there is a chance that I might have to make a choice between two suitors and the one I choose is the wiser choice. The cut is ending with Lilies, so I'm in safe hands, even if Lilies is representing a Man or a choice.

First Three Cards:

Lady in first house, I have missed this position. In the last GT I was in the last row, fate cards, but now in next four months I'm more in control. There are no past cards which tells me I'm done with the past memories haunting me and I'm starting a new chapter of my life now.

Lady - Fox - Flowers

This sounds like I should be and would be cautious about some of the offers I get. Flowers has Heart closer to it, so be very careful about the date nights (Point noted). Oh I did not notice Moon was also in there, close by. Date Nights! But they might just be plain boring any how (Tree).

Four corners:

Lady + House

I will be more at myself, more family-oriented and more comfortable this time.

Bear + Birds

Difficulties with keeping the power and strength, difficult conversations with a man may be who is overpowering. Specially with House and Bear, I can tell its someone who invades my privacy may be. 

Lady +Bear -- Birds + House
I'm being strong enough, protective, powerful and there are conversations about having a family or about family.

Lady: The Significator:

I'm in first house of Rider, so lots of activity is going on. I was on the road mostly when last time I was in this  position. Here its for four months so I think I will be facing some fast movements in love in next four months. In house of Lady is Anchor, so I'm focused, determined and mostly stable, and we have Rider in house of Anchor completing the trio. 
Lady - Anchor - Rider = So this does look like most of my thoughts these four months will be towards a rather long-term relationship than a mere fling.

There is no past woohoo

And all of it in my control, Lady + Stars + Ship + Birds
This looks like there is a hope for moving away from all the stress from the past but the journey is making me nervous. I'm hopeful, that is a good sign, and I'm looking forward towards a movement now, that is good and both excited and nervous at the same time.

Future: Lady - Fox - Flower - Moon - Clover - Garden - Storks - Bear
The fox right next to me is saying I need to be careful, specially about the things which apparently look nice. Besides that rest of the things in this line look nice with having fun (Clover + Garden) and Garden +Storks looks like again I will be going out a lot. 

Storks + Bear just appeared in a daily draw and I could definitely notice what a BIG uplift it brought in my day. So over the four months I definitely see a BIG change or uplift in my situation.

Lady - Book - Lilies - Dog - Rider

Notice how I have moved from spine side of the Book to pages side of Book this time. In last GT about same area I had Book to my left, which shows there is something I have to learn about. This time it is towards the Right which tells me that the things I have learnt will help me learn something more about a friend. 
Interestingly Lilies, Rider and Dog are all the cards which have represented some potential "suitors" in my previous spreads. There was one person who had been represented by Lilies and Rider both, and Dog was someone other than him. However, them three lie to the other side of the Book, so they are (or he is) yet unknown to me.

The Fate Cards:

I'm not sure they have always worked for me, but sometimes the message is clear, sometimes its not but it is said that this is the most important line in the GT.

Man - Tower - Rider - Ring

Ok, do you see what I see. Last time I had Man+Tower combo in my daily draw, I had some serious overpowering, structured man who came on as too organized and strict. This looks like something is in the air in next four months.

Man + Tower (Roads + Dog -- Clover +Garden)

A man who is alone, single, tall, and he is someone I have separated paths in the past , is a friend and there is fun at the end with Clover and Garden.

Rider + Ring ( Anchor + Whip -- Flower + Moon).

This looks more like a contract which is happening for the second time (I'm sure its someone from past) and there is again something nicer about it at the end with Flower +Moon.

Looking at Heart:

Heart is in house of 12-Birds, so there is lovely chatting, gossip, may be some phone calls involved. The Column says Moon - Heart - Scythe - Dog
Oh no, I'm going to end a friendship this time. This might be because of some heightened emotional sensitivity. In house of Heart is Mountain, which blocks it for me. I might find it difficult to express myself (always have). The good news is that Mice is in house of Mountain, so it will eat up the difficulty. 

Cards around Heart are Scythe and Mice which makes me even more nervous right now but diagonally its Heart-Mice-Whip so may be because of feeling this heartache I will lose my ability to be vocal about it. Scythe is directly aiming at Dog, which is scaring me. I guess I have an idea who I'm going to cut out from my life.

Looking at Ring:

Ring is in house of Cross, this looks like a relationship is put to test. It reflects Whip which can mean "for second time" or a troubled relationship. On the other hand the Whip reflects Flowers, which tell there is also joy in this relationship. So its mainly a mix, a hot and cold relationship. May be this is why its a test.

I have some really nice Venus transits till June so may be there is a chance that things are not totally hopeless yet.

Looking at Man:

Man is in house of Key, which makes him very important. Besides he is with Rider and Ring which makes him important too in this spread. In house of Man is Dog and in house of Dog is Child, so this is an innocent friend, someone younger may be but Lilies is close by so I'm not sure about his age, may be a mature younger person, and he is a friend (Dog). He reflects Roads and Garden which tells me he is a diplomat and is social one. Another important card around him is Tower which tells me he is lonely, organized and somewhat dominating. 


  1. Wow! This is a fantastic reading... I am surprised by the amount of information you get from it. Personally I'd have my brain tied into a knot already! :-)

    I thought it was very nice that you compared bits of this readings with ones you have done in the past... like know that a card represented this or that person, or that how it behaved in that context and what it means now. For me, who am not a Lenormand expert (I am a Lenormand-nothing right now, lol!) it's very good because I can understand your thought process during the reading!

    All in all, I am very glad that this reading shows some potential recovery for you, as I know you have been having sad times. <3 I hope you find much happiness, and hope the coming "suitors" are good people! ;-)

    1. Yes this is the reason I have a journal here, because I like to keep a track of what was closer to me and what was away from me in last GTs. e.g Book has been next to me, diagonally, vertically, horizontally in almost every GT I have done in last four months. It just caught my eye and I need to research it a more because its TOO often but at the same time it could just mean that I'm a rather introvert person and I need to open up more.

      Besides that it helps me interpreting my readings. e.g Bear and Dog represent one person in my life. I just pulled them both for today and I instantly knew who I'm going to hear from and here I get his message after 2 months and almost no hope that he will talk to me again. This is how this deck becomes "personalized", through combinations!

      Besides that I always see where I am in GT and what happened in my life when I had a particular card in a house e.g whenever I had Coffin in 8th house, something ended in my life, usually for better (Coffin is illness and its in house of endings, so something negative ends). Thank you so very much for your encouragement and I feel better now.

      Do you keep an online or offline journal for your readings?

  2. hope your life will flow smooth from now on..I have noticed that Ring felt in Cross house and I couldn`t help myself thinking that you might have karmic debts in matter of relations with others.The Cross is the karma card,you can`t control the events.Also probably there are questions left unanswered and you must learn to deal with or your karmic lessons will repeat again and again untill you understand what was the lesson(Ring shows events that might repeat).If you notice in your GT the Key is right behind Cross - together represent karmic lesson you are forced to learn and as the Ring is in the Cross house,this can relate to relations with other people(family,friends or love).Maybe I am wrong but these things crossed my mind while looking your spread.

    my best wishes,

    1. Hi Kali

      Thank you very much for taking a look and I can assure you that you are right. I have astrological evidence for this too that I have to learn 7th house matters, one to one relationships and being compassionate in my relationships with others in my present life. I was wondering about Key-Cross and was thinking the same thing. I am putting my focus on this after my Cross moments last week. I really don't have any way out because its the lesson I must learn. I'm actually a lone-wolf style. A totally no-relationships person with commitment phobia on top. I have realised it and the moment I realized this fact, my Cross moments were over. I hope with passage of time and specially with my awareness of this fact, I will learn to make and keep relationships.

      Thank you again for your help.