Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Dream interpretation reading

I had another disturbing dream last night which is keeping upset even after waking up and trying to forge it. This dream had one main character who was a friend in high school and he had a crush on me. I on the other hand was more interested in his friend. So after many years we came in touch last year when he invited me to his wedding and he was insisting that I must come. I was happy for him. In my dream things were different. I had joined high school again to improve my grades (which I have always wanted) and this time he was the teacher (wow) besides that there were two more people in that dream, my high school boyfriend, and the guy I was with few months ago.Both appeared for very short time . So my past was kind of theme. 

Q: What did this dream mean to tell me?

dream interpretation

Row 1: What was the Dream about:

The theme was my relationships, and them too romantic ones, from past. The Key indicates there were some important lessons in this dream about love and relationships. Ring is the first card which represents your current thoughts, so yes I was wondering all morning, if he still thinks about me. My best friend(our mutual friend too) says he does, although he is married now and has a kid.

Row 2: What the dream symbols mean:
Rider + Lilies = a man of foreign origin. Rider+Lilies has represented one of the guys from the dream. He is older and wiser than me and it was more like a Ring+Lilies relationship. The Stars symbolise new path, guidance and hopes. I believe someone will come towards me, who can bring me some guidance and hope.

Row 3: How the dream affects my waking life:
Snake - Storks - Man
There are complications which will resolve and a change is needed regarding a man. 

Columns: Past: Ring - Rider - Snake
There has been a relationship which ended badly.

Present: Key - Lilies - Storks
A definite help for moving on once the key lessons have been learnt.

Future: Heart - Stars - Man
new love, with a new man.

Ring + Man + Heart + Snake
This is a man who is bound in a relationship , which makes our love life complicated.
I know who this is about. 

Central Cross:
Key + Rider + Stars + Storks
There is sure arrival of some guidance, hope and a change.

Diagonals: Ring + Heart with Storks a definite change in love and relationships
Snake + Man and Key , a Man with a lady or a man who is complicated or troublesome, will prove helpful.

Over all what I gather from this spread is that there is going to be a change in my life which involves a man. The cards which touch this Man are new (Stars , Lilies, Storks) I have no idea who he is. 


  1. It`s interesting you had this dream because these days we will feel the strong influence of Pluto.Today I got this message regarding to this planet.Pluto can be one of the most challenging planets to deal with if it feels like making your life difficult, but it also has the power to bring about huge positive changes. Fortunately, on April 29, you'll get to feel those positive effects!
    On the 29th, Pluto will join up with the Sun in a pleasant alignment that will signal an end to a recent problem. This partnership indicates that you've struggled through some situation, and Pluto demanded that you dig deep to find the root of this issue. The lessons you learned will stick with you, ensuring that you don’t make the same mistake twice.

    1. Yes I have been doing some self-talk lately and I have found some really deeply-rooted issue. Actually I just re-connected with a person (none of those from dream) whom I have hurt a lot, not once or twice but three times. I believe I have to make up for my mistakes of hurting him. I talked to him today and I'm reminded of this dream. He was not in this dream but the story is similar in his case too. because I'm a mess at this kind of things. I hope I don't make the mistakes I have made so far with these hard transits :)

      Thank you for your input.Much appreciated