Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15: Lenormand Petit Weekly Draw (updated)

Every week I draw seven cards and this usually signifies some major theme, one or two events, the most important thing that I will have to face during the week. Of all the monthly, weekly, daily, other draws, my weekly ones have been the most accurate so far.

This week's cards:

Oh we have Lady with Man again, but this week I have a hunch that its not my parents (House is not present, neither is the Snake, neither the Bear). The central and most important card for the week is Storks, an improvement, a positive change, an uplift.
Storks + Roads = A change which will present some new options and new chances.
Storks + Mountain = The climb is a tough one, therefore, the Change will arrive late, or I have to do some tough work before I can reach the top and then take the flight. The Mountain mirror Roads which tells me the journey uphill is a slow one.

Left arm:
Lady - Ship - Roads- Storks

Lady is a woman of adventure, one who seeks freedom, or is longing for a new change, a different route now. Ship mirrors Moon, which says something like astral travel or slowly drifting into the subconscious. Together it looks like a lonely Ship and a lonely Moon. Its interesting how this is relating to my dreams about ships and oceans.Just had one last night. Roads mirror Mountain which tells that the road is leading to obstacles.

Simply put, I want some excitement right now, but apparently there is lots of longing and delays coming up.

Update Apr 11, 2012
I'm so tired and frustrated today because of the huge massive obstacles and delays I'm facing (Roads-Mountain). Although I have more than one option available to install the Linux Ubuntu which I so desperately need for completing my Operating Systems assignment by tomorrow, it looks like all my roads are blocked because of the Mountain sitting right in the reflection to Roads. Not to mention I drew Book+Mountain in my daily draw for today. The assignment is bound to be late. I just don't know. I think tomorrow will be a better day with Storks present there.

Storks o' Storks I welcome you towards me
please bring the Ubuntu 10.10 with you
(Yes, I know I'm losing it)

Right arm:
Storks - Mountain - Moon - Man

The second half of the week looks promising. The Change is not coming yet, but once the mountain has been climbed, I can move on my way (Mountain-Roads) towards success and honour which I have been longing for (Moon-Ship) and this has something to do with this Man who is a romantic dreamy one, or it can simply be the Man from my dreams (Moon-Man) the same Man who was with me on this ship in my dream.

We have to wait to see, who this man is.

Update April 14, 2012

I was right about having Storks in the middle. They did bring me what I wished for. I not only easily used the operating system, but also got the assignment done in last minutes and submitted it. Saved my 20 points. So mainly it was the Mountain+Roads where After climbing over the mountain, I could finally move on.

Update April 14, 2012
Today was Saturday and the card from weekly draw was Moon, which is Surrounded by Mountain and Man, and mirrors Ship. I found myself somewhat being dominated and overshadowed by a Man today, which actually made me cried too, but I ended up being appreciated. Moon also represents public recognition and appreciation. with Ship it can be self-awareness which helps you realize many different aspects of life, and how things change with passage of time.I saw a dream today in which I saw the thing I have been longing for the most, wishful dreaming!

Update April 15, 2012
The week is over. The only improvement which was a very very difficult one (Storks +Mountain) was in my personal life because of a man (Lady+Man). This Man has actually pushed me towards something I'd never had done on my own. The path was very very tough, but I've started my journey (Storks+Roads) and I will see where the road may take me!
Another update for today is that a guy from past has all of sudden messaged me today and as usual he acted all nice like we never had any problems between us. In the GT the Man card has Moon next to him which makes him somewhat too unrealistic for me, and we have Cross between us, which shows he is someone from past.

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