Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 18 (Updated)

Sun - Book - Roads - Mice - Flowers - Clover - Bear

The Central card is the Mice, the little thieves of Lenormand. This week I should expect a loss of some options and some Joy. Mice eat what's to the left and as a result you lose what's to the right, so Mice will steal some of my options, my way out (Roads) and as a result I will lose my happiness (Flowers).

The Mice turned out to be small worries about everyday matters.

What an interesting way to start the new month. I think I will never get a chance to remain optimistic ever again!

Left arm:
Sun - Book - Roads

Book-Roads was a combo from day before yesterday. I was unable to give a meaning to this except that I finished solving two assignments. Sun - Book tells me that there is some luck and success revealed which the options or the choices remain hidden for a while. I can use the extra energy to solve a couple more assignments in other words :p

Sun//Bear tells me there is lots of energy, success, luck, optimism for this week. I must take advantage of this.
Book//Clover = a small secret, discovering some luck and happiness which lasts for a short time
Roads//Flowers = A way to happiness, joyous options, many colourful alternatives. Decision leads to happiness.

The week is really going great so far. I'm feeling lots of positive changes are betterment with adjusting to the new situations that took me off guard last month. Today I went out to my cousin's place and met this really pretty young lady there which reminded me of Flowers card. She was however worried about something. 

Right arm:
Flowers - Clover - Bear

Some joy or happiness which might not last for a very long time but it will be enough to cheer me enough big time. 

Flowers//Roads = Two invites, gifts
Clover//Book = Happiness/luck through some discovery
Bear//Sun = Luck and success which comes in full force.

Overall, the small culprits are at the centre making me lose hope for the next week, otherwise things look quite happy and cheerful

The week ended with situation improvised a lot on all fronts, many many problems resolved and a wonderful dinner with family. Life is back on track.

The Psychic Tarot sums the situation up like:
The Psychic Tarot
The Sun and Clover are represented by Hope. The Prosperity begins and the Passion Ignited cards are also positive in this spread. The two cards are like archetype Aces.

Good luck to me with the next week!

Grand Tableau for May 2012

I can not believe so many months have passed. This is my 9th monthly GT.

Grand Tableau for month of May 2012

The Initial Cut:

Fish  - Man - Flower

This looks like a financially stable, enjoying good money,  man who is more artistic.Fish + Flower can be a cash prize or a pleasant surprise regarding money. 

I really did not get any cash prizes, but I was actually amazed by the change of my feelings towards this man who is actually a good-with-money and a really charming man. I never realized he was so nice, until the Venus turned retrograde *kidding*

First Three Cards:

Storks - Moon - Book

I have seen Storks +Moon as a birth of a child or mother because Queen of Hearts and Moon both represent your mother. The Book in the end tells that may be I get to learn something from her this month.
Storks + Book can be some advanced training or advanced knowledge , in occult or mysteries. Storks + Book is also changes after examination.These three cards are a direct message about what needs to be done right now. So I need to do some learning from my mom or I need a change at subconscious level which will bring me success. I also believe I need a change right now, I need to look at life in a more positive way. In the last few weeks I have lost my hope and my usual positive attitude. I need to regain it.

Storks + Moon = Change in moods, subconscious change
Storks + Book = Changes revealed, Changes after a time of examination

This one makes sense because I have passed The Saturn Test when Saturn was 180 degrees opposite to my Sun. These were some tough days but they are passed now and I'm actually sensing the greater change they brought in my life.

This definitely relates to the very beginning of May. I cannot believe another month has passed buy. After some really rough times and the lessons I have learnt from those times, it looks almost like ages ago that things like that actually happened to me. I was so depressed. I know I have learnt my lessons too well and these lessons will bring me things I need.

The Four Corners:

Storks - Lilies - Mountain - Tower

Storks + Lilies also point to an early pregnancy in Iris Treppner's course, but who is pregnant?
This looks like a change is caused by bringing peace and harmony, a wise and peaceful change, will help me get over the obstacles alone. Mountain - Tower is a bad combination which suggests there are some tough obstacles which might stay for a longer-time. These obstacles can be caused by someone authoritative.

I have not heard about anyone's pregnancy but it did relate to those peaceful and happy changes I have had in my life this month. Things did change a lot, in many areas of my life in just one month. I was left alone by the end of the month because I had to make some travel arrangements.

Fate Cards:

Letter - Scythe - Anchor - Fish
An unexpected news/letter from a workplace or about a job.  I have applied in a few places for jobs so may be I get some news.

I did not get any news of any unexpected messages, but I did something which were so not routine. This whole month was a busy month. Financially I may call myself properly secure (Anchor-Fish = financial security).

Lady: My significator:

I'm in house of Birds, so I might be doing lot of talking this month. This house is also house of nervousness and excitement. In house of Lady is Man. So I will probably be more in touch with my masculine side this month, or a man , for that matter.

Most of the month was full of worries and lots of talking/texting. I remember it was a long time ago when I sent so many texts in one day. The Man was actually a Man who all of sudden became a close friend from a not-so-close acquaintance.


Lady - Roads - Rider

I have found myself being indecisive about a man.

Clover - Coffin - Sun
After a bad time of luck running low I found myself cheered up in past few days,

I had a lot of learning to do over past few weeks.


The nervous chatter and the anxiety is out of my control (Birds).
Garden - Clouds
Some improvements in the social life or the way I perceive the environment should be improved.



A new path, guidance and hope.

Key - Cross - Flower - Ship

An important burden has to be carried, this burden is pleasant and will result in a movement or a journey forward.

Heart - Dog

A trustful love.

May 16, 2012
This combo has been appearing TOO much these days. Let me tell you I have got these two cards together in more than 4 readings for myself in last one month. It has actually happened. Things have been sorted between me and a friend. We went through some rough times in November 2011 after which we lost contact and parted ways. But we have reconciled finally.

Looking at Tree for M:

I asked the deck which card represents M, and the answer was Tree. I was expecting more like Dog since he is a good friend and Man and Bear cards are also around.
Tree tells me he is worried about his health or is being health-conscious these days. This person is also someone who enjoys good health. He loves food its one of his weaknesses. 

The cards on his side are, Heart, Cross, Snake and Dog. He is a very faithful friend. He is a lovely funny person. The Cross and Snake however tell me he might be a bit troubled or upset these days. No wonder we share the Cross these days, our Suns are conjunct and we both have had some rough transits recently. Tree is in house of Roads, so he might be facing some decision this month.

Update May14, 2012
Things are rough between us. He is an important friend, someone I trust and easily click with. I understand why he is being represented by Tree, he is not feeling well these days, emotionally (Heart + Tree). He is lovesick. Because of presence of Snake I asked him if he was seeing anyone and he said no. The Snake + Ring is the complication which is not ending between us. Tree is in house of Roads, he wants a decision from me. He asks me to make up my mind.

Looking at Heart for Love:

Heart is in house of Mountain, and in house of Heart is Ring. This looks like a good combination because last month there was Mountain in house of Heart (Heart + Mountain) which now has been reversed (Mountain + Heart) as if the Mountain has been climbed and Heart has reached the other side of it.In house of Ring, however, is Tower which is a classic combo for a relationship ending in separation. (Ring+Tower). So a loved and cherished relationship is ending.

Looking at Book for exams:

Book is in house of Ship, and in house of Book is Rider. There is a theme of movement and journey in area of Book. Book has Sun next to it and Birds, its normal to be nervous about exams but the Sun looks promising. The Book reflects Mice and Whip and it knights Key. Its like a mixed situation.Some will go good and others bad?

Looking at Ship for Trip:

We intend to take an overseas trip right after my exams in last week of May. Ship has Book in its house, so this is not clear whether I will go or not, and Ship is in house of Stars. Mountain - Ship can be the overseas travel. Ship reflects Clover, House and Ring.

Travel was a little late than I expected (wanted) to be. The contract and travel arrangements were made before May 2012 ended (thus, the Ring). The family is accompanying(house) and looking forward to that (Clover).

Update May 12,2012
I was looking at my GT today and was thinking that how many times I have found myself wondering that how the Saturn Transits (or presence of Cross near me) last month has changed the way I look at life. It feels like these were some really important lessons. I feel like a new person. I feel like those unnecessary feeling or things I had been wanting so far, they were just no good for me and like I have entered a totally new path where only those things that are better for me are found. 

Week 17: Sabian Symbol Scorpio 15


The first thing which caught my eye about this symbol, number 5. Why five mounds?

Photo by Lisa McDonald
The Numerology course I have been taking associates number 5 with Constructive Freedom.

This we can see being reflected in the presence of sand, children, and the mounds they have created in this symbol. Five is also associated with Leo since Leo is the ruler of 5th house and fifth house rules both creativity and children. Coincidence?

The way this week has been affected, what I gather from this symbol is that creativity is a kind of freedom in itself. Your mind, which is capable of having so many thoughts and so many ideas, imagination is a free pass to the world where we can create things from scratch and then try to manifest them in our realities. Sand castles is one example. Children are usually naive and less realistic than us. They have more powerful minds and thus  more powerful imagination and creativity. This symbol tells us that sometimes we need to let our creative mind wander and find a place where things are perfect. People like me, who like it better to stick to reality, its sometimes better to let go of the reality and just let the imagination take over. Like children playing around five mounds, pure, constructive creativity and freedom of mind.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Dream interpretation reading

I had another disturbing dream last night which is keeping upset even after waking up and trying to forge it. This dream had one main character who was a friend in high school and he had a crush on me. I on the other hand was more interested in his friend. So after many years we came in touch last year when he invited me to his wedding and he was insisting that I must come. I was happy for him. In my dream things were different. I had joined high school again to improve my grades (which I have always wanted) and this time he was the teacher (wow) besides that there were two more people in that dream, my high school boyfriend, and the guy I was with few months ago.Both appeared for very short time . So my past was kind of theme. 

Q: What did this dream mean to tell me?

dream interpretation

Row 1: What was the Dream about:

The theme was my relationships, and them too romantic ones, from past. The Key indicates there were some important lessons in this dream about love and relationships. Ring is the first card which represents your current thoughts, so yes I was wondering all morning, if he still thinks about me. My best friend(our mutual friend too) says he does, although he is married now and has a kid.

Row 2: What the dream symbols mean:
Rider + Lilies = a man of foreign origin. Rider+Lilies has represented one of the guys from the dream. He is older and wiser than me and it was more like a Ring+Lilies relationship. The Stars symbolise new path, guidance and hopes. I believe someone will come towards me, who can bring me some guidance and hope.

Row 3: How the dream affects my waking life:
Snake - Storks - Man
There are complications which will resolve and a change is needed regarding a man. 

Columns: Past: Ring - Rider - Snake
There has been a relationship which ended badly.

Present: Key - Lilies - Storks
A definite help for moving on once the key lessons have been learnt.

Future: Heart - Stars - Man
new love, with a new man.

Ring + Man + Heart + Snake
This is a man who is bound in a relationship , which makes our love life complicated.
I know who this is about. 

Central Cross:
Key + Rider + Stars + Storks
There is sure arrival of some guidance, hope and a change.

Diagonals: Ring + Heart with Storks a definite change in love and relationships
Snake + Man and Key , a Man with a lady or a man who is complicated or troublesome, will prove helpful.

Over all what I gather from this spread is that there is going to be a change in my life which involves a man. The cards which touch this Man are new (Stars , Lilies, Storks) I have no idea who he is. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

My deck knows my friends!

I pulled these cards for today:

Oh my God, he's going to call me tomorrow!

That was my first reaction. Oh where is the call card? Who is he ?

Cross is the card for pain, suffering and something that puts you to unease, but at the same time its something you can not get away from. We share  what my deck calls a "Ring+Cross" relationship. We are strongly connected, but we can not stop hurting each other at the same time.

Bear is card of someone overpowering, some strong and protective, and not to mention, a food-lover. German school takes Bear as a man and so do I. Bear can be someone more on the chubby side.

Dog, a friend, a loyal person, whom your can trust.

Theme of the day is Pain and suffering, because of a friend. My friends do not hurt me. Oh wait, Bear is there. Oh that's him... figures! *Taking guns out for today's battle*

Bear + Dog represents him and has represented him in one GT and two 3x3 spreads. He is the kind you do not want to cross paths with. He will do anything to win it. He's an Aries too so we have huge bruised egos which often clash and when Rams lock horns you see nothing but pain for both. Last time I talked to him was two months ago when I pulled Ring+Cross. We decided not to talk to each other anymore.
I text him a lot after that, he is a good friend and a good enemy , satisfies my need for both in one person, and I wished him b'day last week (our b'days fall on same day ) and he did not wish me:(. Oh guess what I deleted his number, and then regretted.

so day before yesterday I left him a message on Twitter. He replied saying, "I don't have your number anymore, I deleted it". and I was like "what makes you think I still have yours?".

This is why its Ring + Cross. We can't let go of each other and we cannot stand each other.

The point of this post was that keep an eye for who is represented by which cards by your deck. Your deck knows your friends (and enemies) and this is how it becomes a personal language which only you understand.

"Intuition" vs. Tradition

I have been reading those long threads of debate and arguments about one group which believes lenormand is their personal prophecy and they use their "intuition" to read the symbols, whereas the other group believes that there are limitations to following your so-called intuition when you are dealing with this particular oracle based on symbols and not the imagery.

I can honestly say that I'm a traditionalist. I leant it with time that I can de-track (we all do) and find our own meanings, which sound comforting and encouraging to our ears but it doesn't matter because that's just your unrealistic attitude talking, not the lenormand. I know most of us will see Coffin next to Ring and say "Oh our relationship is karmic, its going to change its phase, its going to transform from one thing to next" but we will never face that fact that its the ugly truth; its over, move on already. With Coffin when one door closes, another opens, but we deny it, because its not what we want to hear and after all, its our "intuition" telling us that it won't end, not like this?

We can read the cards intuitively staying within the traditional methods, and actually intuition plays a far more important role than which book or course we have lying in our laps. Sometimes when you turn up the cards you will instantly know what they are telling you and that stage never came for me until I had a practice of a year with the deck. I read them intuitively, my deck is also personalized, my cards also "talk" to me, BUT I still stick to the traditional methods and meanings. I can not say I have not tried them all ;) there is hardly a method, spread, course which I have not tried, but eventually the methods that worked the best for me were the ones that are considered "traditional". There is no debate over this. There is a reason why traditions survived for centuries.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"When" question using 3x3 - Updated

I have found this spread precise, to the point and expansive than a linear spread of 9 cards. I would rather have dealt a 5-cards linear spread for "when" question but I wanted some extra details too. Therefore I used 3x3 spread.

This question/Reading is from journal dated April 19th 2012:

The question relates to the bad depressing time I'm having recently. I am not a person who would like being hopeless, drained, depressed and drowned but this time the situation does not looked quite favourable.

Q: When will this period of depression end?
 No card pre-selected
3x3 for when question

I did not choose the 29-Lady card for this but it fell in the central theme position. It looks like its entirely up to me when I want to end this period of depression and all along I was sure that it was not up to me. 

First card usually tells your current thoughts:

 Heart, oh how I so feel deprived of love and affection for myself these days. 


Past: In the past I have had some great time, some thing nice and warm and also excitement. I was very excited for my birthday actually which was ruined by the way.

Present: Mice - Lady - Letter
Imagine how I'm being eaten up in my head, how worries are nagging at me, and I'm anticipating for some news, a ray of hope, anything to come my way. Basically I'm desperately hoping for a news about a change in the situation.

Future: Looks like a negative message or some shocking message is coming my way which will then bring a change after a brief period of this depression.


First row: I do feel deprived of love and affection these days and I'm hoping for a news, anything that will make my day.

Second row: The pleasures and joys of the past have been over. I feel really drained of all the energy I have.

Third row: I'm anxious about a news, anything that will bring a change (Storks) in my situation.


Heart - Lady - Storks = I' d love a change, which seems to be coming in future
Rider - Lady - Birds = I'm anxious and worried about whatever is happening so fast.
Rider - Flowers - Storks = A good news will bring a change
Heart - Coffin - Birds = A heartache followed by some release of emotions through communication with someone. 
Heart - Letter - Rider = A heart to heart correspondence with someone, may be a man.
Birds - Mice-Storks= Stop worrying and change will happen.

The good news is that Storks is the last card which assures that a change in situation is predicted in future.
The When part can be answered by the central row.
Coffin is the pain which is short-lived. It would have been dreadful if I had seen Cross there.
Flowers are what live for short time. They die fast.
Lady is me, so lots of it already depends on me.


I concluded from this reading that this period is short-lived, may be 9-10 days on the most, Rider is fast card , Mice is fast card, Coffin and Flowers are short-lived and Change (Storks) is just right around the corner.


I have a confession to make, when my bad time started, I pulled out Rider for that day. When the bad time ended I pulled Storks on that day, sometimes you can tell when a change happens in situation and the cards say so for that daily draw. During the time when I was going through the depressing phase, I was constantly pulling Cross, so so so many times. Then finally I pulled Cross+Coffin and I knew its over now.I now can safely say that today on April 26,2012 things are a lot better. What helped me the most is heart to heart talk with a friend of mine and then some self-analysis. Some pains are short-lived but they leave their impacts for a long-time. 

Blessings for everyone!

Grand Tableau for Love and Romance May-August

This is my third GT for this particular area. The previous two were really really accurate for me therefore, I have to give it another go. This one covers the period from May 2012-August 2012 i.e four months.

GT for Love: May 2012-Aug 2012

The initial Cut:

Ring - Roads - Lilies

Ring in the initial cut suggests there is a chance for something important coming right up. Roads on the other hand can either mean leaving the guilts of past behind or it can be a decision about binding up with someone. Roads can also mean "Two" specially when to the right of a card, so can be two choices, and Lilies at the end of the road can be THE MAN I choose, or it can be a decision which is taken with wisdom. Roads and Lilies both emphasize balance, and diplomacy. So there is a chance that I might have to make a choice between two suitors and the one I choose is the wiser choice. The cut is ending with Lilies, so I'm in safe hands, even if Lilies is representing a Man or a choice.

First Three Cards:

Lady in first house, I have missed this position. In the last GT I was in the last row, fate cards, but now in next four months I'm more in control. There are no past cards which tells me I'm done with the past memories haunting me and I'm starting a new chapter of my life now.

Lady - Fox - Flowers

This sounds like I should be and would be cautious about some of the offers I get. Flowers has Heart closer to it, so be very careful about the date nights (Point noted). Oh I did not notice Moon was also in there, close by. Date Nights! But they might just be plain boring any how (Tree).

Four corners:

Lady + House

I will be more at myself, more family-oriented and more comfortable this time.

Bear + Birds

Difficulties with keeping the power and strength, difficult conversations with a man may be who is overpowering. Specially with House and Bear, I can tell its someone who invades my privacy may be. 

Lady +Bear -- Birds + House
I'm being strong enough, protective, powerful and there are conversations about having a family or about family.

Lady: The Significator:

I'm in first house of Rider, so lots of activity is going on. I was on the road mostly when last time I was in this  position. Here its for four months so I think I will be facing some fast movements in love in next four months. In house of Lady is Anchor, so I'm focused, determined and mostly stable, and we have Rider in house of Anchor completing the trio. 
Lady - Anchor - Rider = So this does look like most of my thoughts these four months will be towards a rather long-term relationship than a mere fling.

There is no past woohoo

And all of it in my control, Lady + Stars + Ship + Birds
This looks like there is a hope for moving away from all the stress from the past but the journey is making me nervous. I'm hopeful, that is a good sign, and I'm looking forward towards a movement now, that is good and both excited and nervous at the same time.

Future: Lady - Fox - Flower - Moon - Clover - Garden - Storks - Bear
The fox right next to me is saying I need to be careful, specially about the things which apparently look nice. Besides that rest of the things in this line look nice with having fun (Clover + Garden) and Garden +Storks looks like again I will be going out a lot. 

Storks + Bear just appeared in a daily draw and I could definitely notice what a BIG uplift it brought in my day. So over the four months I definitely see a BIG change or uplift in my situation.

Lady - Book - Lilies - Dog - Rider

Notice how I have moved from spine side of the Book to pages side of Book this time. In last GT about same area I had Book to my left, which shows there is something I have to learn about. This time it is towards the Right which tells me that the things I have learnt will help me learn something more about a friend. 
Interestingly Lilies, Rider and Dog are all the cards which have represented some potential "suitors" in my previous spreads. There was one person who had been represented by Lilies and Rider both, and Dog was someone other than him. However, them three lie to the other side of the Book, so they are (or he is) yet unknown to me.

The Fate Cards:

I'm not sure they have always worked for me, but sometimes the message is clear, sometimes its not but it is said that this is the most important line in the GT.

Man - Tower - Rider - Ring

Ok, do you see what I see. Last time I had Man+Tower combo in my daily draw, I had some serious overpowering, structured man who came on as too organized and strict. This looks like something is in the air in next four months.

Man + Tower (Roads + Dog -- Clover +Garden)

A man who is alone, single, tall, and he is someone I have separated paths in the past , is a friend and there is fun at the end with Clover and Garden.

Rider + Ring ( Anchor + Whip -- Flower + Moon).

This looks more like a contract which is happening for the second time (I'm sure its someone from past) and there is again something nicer about it at the end with Flower +Moon.

Looking at Heart:

Heart is in house of 12-Birds, so there is lovely chatting, gossip, may be some phone calls involved. The Column says Moon - Heart - Scythe - Dog
Oh no, I'm going to end a friendship this time. This might be because of some heightened emotional sensitivity. In house of Heart is Mountain, which blocks it for me. I might find it difficult to express myself (always have). The good news is that Mice is in house of Mountain, so it will eat up the difficulty. 

Cards around Heart are Scythe and Mice which makes me even more nervous right now but diagonally its Heart-Mice-Whip so may be because of feeling this heartache I will lose my ability to be vocal about it. Scythe is directly aiming at Dog, which is scaring me. I guess I have an idea who I'm going to cut out from my life.

Looking at Ring:

Ring is in house of Cross, this looks like a relationship is put to test. It reflects Whip which can mean "for second time" or a troubled relationship. On the other hand the Whip reflects Flowers, which tell there is also joy in this relationship. So its mainly a mix, a hot and cold relationship. May be this is why its a test.

I have some really nice Venus transits till June so may be there is a chance that things are not totally hopeless yet.

Looking at Man:

Man is in house of Key, which makes him very important. Besides he is with Rider and Ring which makes him important too in this spread. In house of Man is Dog and in house of Dog is Child, so this is an innocent friend, someone younger may be but Lilies is close by so I'm not sure about his age, may be a mature younger person, and he is a friend (Dog). He reflects Roads and Garden which tells me he is a diplomat and is social one. Another important card around him is Tower which tells me he is lonely, organized and somewhat dominating. 

Project Dream Interpretation (updated)

I am a dreamer, a heavy dreamer, that's what I call it. I have a Neptune influence stronger since I was 13years old and I have a fantastic mechanism in my head which makes me remember my dreams for years. There are many childhood dreams which I can recall right now. So my dreams have always been an integral part of my life since forever. Sometimes its a down time and there are no dream recalls, which upsets me. I'm so used to seeing them every night. Sometimes there are more than one and I would remember each incident from each one of them. So the long story short, I love my dreams. Their absence makes me miss them.

So when dreams are an important part of your life, so does their symbolism and interpretation. I think this is what keeps me interested in them, the solving the mystery part. Over the long time and my practice with interpreting them, I have found that the main thing about any dream is the overall feeling. The minute you wake up and this feeling you have, yes that's the root of it. I have had this really amazing yet confusing dream last night and was very much interested in knowing what it wants to let me know.Another reason this dream was very important because sometimes when I'm very much disappointed in my waking life, I call out to my soul mate in dreams, I mean I meditate before sleeping to invite him in to my dreams, and last night he appeared.

I was inspired by Madame Seaqueen's Trigger Layout, therefore, I first chose to do a box of 9, but then rather did the Trigger Layout.
While putting the cards down, I focused on the events in the dream. The people , the colours, the feeling, the events in the dream. So here is the position meanings:


Cards 1-2-3-4 = What the dream was about
Cards 5-6-7-8= What the dream symbols meant
Cards 9-10-11-12= How it is/will effect the waking life

The central Trigger Row is the key. No cards were pre-chosen. 

I will first write what the dream was. So I had a one-to-one self-talk session for the first time last night. I put my thoughts on recording, for myself, so that I will listen to it later. It was like I was talking to a friend, out loud, I'm voicing my concerns and my opinions about myself. I'm having some rough time for about few weeks now. This self-talk did help me a lot. After that I was about to sleep and I called on to my soulmate, like I usually do and somewhere in there in middle of it, I slept.

The Dream:
The dream as I remember it started with me in my parents home. There was an event going on, I think my brother was getting married. This guy was our guest. He was in the room which is away from rest of the house. I went in there and somehow we ended up finding a connection between us. I was staring at his face and he was staring at me and then he was kissing me and I got up from the couch and started looking for something. Someone saw us kissing a while ago and all of sudden someone came there, and gave some negative remarks about us. I wanted to say that nothing wrong was going on between us but my voice did not come out because in my head I said "I was kissing him how can I deny, no one will understand". It was more like he was told to leave immediately and I was wondering what happened because no one is going to believe me that I had some soul connection with him, we were not just playing around. Then he left, he was hurt, I was hurt and quiet and everyone else was busy with the bride or something.
So the feel of the dream was a sense of having him, feeling love, feeling those emotions intensely and then losing him just because others won't approve.


Row 1: What the dream was about:

The First card is the Heart, which definitely shows that there was love (lovers) in dream. The Mice right next to it brings the idea of stealing, or doing something without letting anyone know. The Coffin sums up the painful feeling, the loss. The Scythe in the end however assures that I recovered quickly. I did not cry or scream or anything, I was just quiet, wondering about how he made me feel. So this row has excellently summed it up.

Row 2: The meaning:
Sun -Rider looks a good news, Rider looks like someone is coming towards me, but what's worrying me is the Snake and Tower. This could mean that someone will bring some happiness in my life, but may be I'm too cold and distant for him. In the dream too, I was feeling like I was not warming up. I was mainly quiet in the dream. The Tower also suggests that I need to stand up for myself, I should have stood up for him in my dream, I should have made him stay. Now I'm realising why the dream left me uneasy, because I did not do the right thing. Just because someone won't approve didn't mean he had to leave, right?

Row 3: How it effects the waking life:
In waking life, I have got a confirmation that I should carry on with my self-talk sessions more often since they are opening up the emotional blockages I have in me. I'm usually not good at voicing my concerns, I will rather keep them juggled in my tiny head. So this looks like an affirmation that I need to open myself up, more in terms of emotions.

The spread looks positive even though the dream was fairly negative. I have actually liked interpreting my dream with this spread. I will see if I can get a few more (dreams) to practice the spread on.

So far, very glad I did it!

Update July 09, 2012

It was literal, and I mean very literal. I'm dating this guy, someone who made a re-entry in my life and just the day Venus Retrograde started I had a shift in my feelings. Throughout the Venus Retrograde I was scared if the feeling goes away when the retrograde ends, and if I end up hurting him again. After the Venus Retro I have realized that I'm actually in love with him. I have not felt this way about him before but now I do and it feels amazing. The most creepy part of the story about this dream, the guy in the dream was wearing a Maroon shirt and this guy, on our first date was also wearing a maroon shirt! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Key + Dog + Garden: Sex and the City (2008)

April 24, 2012

I'm not really a movies person, I am more a "books" person. To me words are deeper and more expansive that the movies which are usually based on these books /words.

When I drew these cards for today, I knew I was going to find some revelation today which has something to do with friends.Not one friend but many or may be all of them (Garden represents "many" as an adjective). 
Last night was a depressive one. Its just one of those phases, but its getting worse and worse.
I decided to give myself a good day, watch a fun movie and then just stay in bed all day long, not worrying about anything at all. I ended up watching three movies in a row, and the last one I watched was Sex and the City. This movie reminded me of my daily draw today. Friends are what we have in our bad times, people we can rely on, turn to when there is no one to help us get up again. My favourite scene was when Big tries to apologise to Carrie in the middle of the road and carrie is hugging Charlotte tight and Charlotte is almost crying but she still manages to scold Big, and then at the end she takes her anger out on Big for hurting her friend. That was really cute. 

This daily draw is all about that wonderful person in our lives, or a group of them (Garden) who we can rely on. Its very important to understand their importance in our lives, and to hold on to them and not letting them go when we think we do not need them any more, because few years down the lane, in one weak moment of loneliness and depression, we do realize that we do need them.

They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style. -Carrie Bradshaw , Sex and the City (2008)-

Monday, April 23, 2012

Repeated daily draw for trip!

The spread from two days ago, only the card which differs is the last one, not in meaning, but apparently. Its actually the same thing.

The daily draw I had for two days ago was Ship+Snake+Cross

I wanted to go for my friend's engagement but at the last minute I did not.

Now I have Ship+Snake +Coffin

The cards here are definitely talking about may be what I'm longing for. The Ship is representing some wishful thinking here and the Snake is telling me there are complications and Coffin in the end tells me that no matter what I will probably never get what I want.

In literal sense, a trip has been under discussion. I have to accompany my mother, but I do not want to go, I have commitments here which I have to keep while my father is being lots pushier about this. I don't even know why my being there is so important all of sudden. I definitely feel drained and I really need someone to take it out on.

week 17 (Updated)

Theme Card:

This week looks all about money but in a good way, since the surrounding cards look supporting.

Fish + Man = A man who is good at investments, an entrepreneur, a business man
Fish + Book = secret finances, money kept away, business books

Man - Fish - Book = A man who studies finance or who is a publisher or something to do with studies. I guess I have an idea who he is.

April 25,2012
I have just finally made the payment for the project modules.I have been unable to make any decision for about a month now and I really have no idea that how I ended up deciding because of this Man who does these small projects independently. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he does not break my trust just for this one time.

Left arm:

Whip - Clover - Man
Cheerful conversations with a man

Whip + Key = important conversations that must happen
Clover + Heart = luck in matters of heart
Man + Book = A man I know about, a man who studies, is introvert

so there are some important and definite conversations with a man who is an introvert or who studies. These discussions will be happy and cherished ones.

April 23, 2012
Whip+Key = Yes very very important discussion which went wrong. wrong as in heated. I wanted to discuss it calmly, easily but guess I'm not a very tolerant person. It ended up as a rather heated argument.

Had some argument with my Dad over last three days but I did realize there was a need for proper conversation with sitting down, controlling the emotions and then finally putting my words out in a proper manner , which I did, and me and my family ended up coming to a resolution for the problem which has been holding us apart for quite sometime now. 

April 24, 2012: Clover + Heart ; Clover + Man (heart to heart with Jay).
Had some Heart - to -Heart with Jay. It helped me a lot recovering from whatever I was going through. Interestingly he was studying for his lecture next day when I rang him at midnight (Man + Book).

April 25, 2012: Man + Fish + Book = payment acknowledgement receipt from him
He rang me today because I deposited the money for the coding part of the project I got done and he sent me the Payment acknowledgement, besides that he assured me that things will be sorted in time. I'm much much relaxed now.

Right arm:

Book + Heart + Key

This looks like a love which is not yet known, but is important.

Book + Man = A man not known yet
Heart + Clover = lucky love
Key + Whip = a solution which arrives for the second time, clearing up of a new opportunity

This looks like a week where a man about whom I don't know yet will bring some new chance regarding something pleasant, but there is an element of secrecy around this man.

April 27,2012
Book + Man ; Book + Heart 
I today finally received a reply from M.A, yaay!

April 28, 2012
Heart + Whip ; Heart + Clover
SO I finally rang "M" and we did argue a little about the last time we had a fight and then everything was fine. Lucky day indeed!
There is also an interesting thing that I drew these cards from the Psychic tarot:
Psychic Tarot : Copyright John Holland

Throat chakra - memories of love - love begins

I have been meditating a lot on the throat chakra recently and I have realized that it helps me being calm and collected. The love begins is at the end, which looks promising. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dog + Man + Mountain

Daily Draw April 22, 2012

This daily draw is pretty much simple and straight forward.

It was about a friend, who happens to be a guy and he was troubled/stressed mainly because he has a project which deals with iso 9001 and he is really not good with projects and stuff. I was expecting a rather complicated or hard to nail draw but this is one which is pretty straight to the point. I like this draw for its simplicity!

Week 16: Sabian Symbol Capricorn 27


Copyright: Chanpipat
Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, the planet which restricts you, the ruler of 10th and 11th house. I have never had very wonderful experiences with Saturn or its effects on me. This month I had a strong transit of Saturn at 27 degrees Libra, which is exactly opposite to my Natal sun at 27 degrees Aries. The card I pulled for this Week in 27 Capricorn. The zodiac symbol for capricorn is also Mountain Goat. Too much going on..

This symbol has manifested in my week as a week full of a heavy, steep and very very depressing ascent to the mountain, this mountain was like a necessary task, which I had to climb, I had no other choice. I won't lie that I liked the climb, but then again, what was my other option?

I was emotional wreck, I was being hard on myself, as if the outside influences were not hard enough. I was crying, throwing stuff around, breaking things, being mad at myself, the world, and the God. For the first time in life I was being a pessimist. I was not trying to solve the situation, I was instead giving up. There were some really tough lessons which the Universe wanted me to learn. I had to learn, I couldn't get through otherwise. So I kept climbing, hoping, this shall pass too!

The word "pilgrimage" also brings a sense of spirituality. We sometimes have to go through difficult, not so desired tasks in order to reach the new heights. When I was going to the top of the mountain, I was thinking about the line I read in Linda Goodman's book Sun signs. She wrote, the goat climbs, slow and steady, but they always have the eye on prize. The only thing that kept me going. The assurance of Saturn, that you will get a reward in the end, these troubles you are going through are not for nothing. The only thing that kept me sane over the last week. I was snapping, I was falling apart, but like they say, its not the destination, its the journey that matters the most.

The reason I chose this picture for this symbol is because the man is not actually climbing the mountain, he already has reached the top and now is enjoying the view. Its the prize, that keeps us motivated, its always about what it ends up with. Look at this man's face. He does not look tired, or unhappy or messed up because he climbed the mountain, he is rather happy and enjoying the view, because no matter how hard it was to climb the mountain, the view at the top is always great. This is when you start looking at things froma new perspective.

The meanings I have assigned to this symbol:
A tough, hard on nerves, breaking you apart in a million pieces journey, but if you keep your eyes on the prize, there can nothing be better than it.

New Moon in Taurus

Another month has passed. On every new moon I will do a new reading for what this new moon shall bring me over the next lunar month. Moon card is one card which is most difficult for me to nail in the readings. The Moon can be so many things at the same time. Last time I pulled out 9 cards in line of nine and overwhelmed myself. I should stick to lesser number of cards but in my opinion 5 cards are too less for a period of one month, talk about being under-whelmed.

This new moon I decided to pull a box of nine, instead of a linear spread.
This New Moon is in Taurus, time to relax, have fun in the green grounds, enjoy good food, actually enjoy everything big.
So I pulled myself these cards this new moon:

Did I say have fun in green grounds? Why do I have Cross next to Garden then? and wait, didn't I mention Moon was the card I cannot nail easily, then why is it next to Cross? Talk about fate!

The First card usually tells whats on your mind, Garden, people, parties, parks, social gathering oh this is what I want right now, remember the fun in the green grounds? There is Cross lying next to it which means there is no socialising, and even if there is, atleast its not to make me happy.


Garden + Cross+Moon = An event which is not so pleasant , will bring me the recognition meant for me.
Ship + Flowers+House = A pleasant trip with family, A gift from far away arrives at home.
Heart + Clouds + Dog = Affection for a friend is not easy to convey, unable to love a trustful person.

Update: No trip with family but been pleasantly planning one. I had this one dinner where things were not very pleasant for me. 
The last line was the truest. This month I got re-connected with a friend and it was just not easy to be sure about my own feelings about him. The Clouds ,however, did not stay the longest.

Update May 23, 2012
A gift from far away actually arrived and I was happiest.


Garden + Ship + Heart
Socialising with a person from foreign lands who is coming closer. The Ship sometimes represents physical distance as well. I have a friend actually who lives in another state, but we are getting closer with time.

Cross + Flowers + Clouds
Right now I'm going through the times when the Cross period is getting over and there is little happiness coming out of blue (lighter side of Clouds towards Flowers). Although I'm not completely sure what the Flowers is signifying, but I'm happier than I have been over last few weeks.

Moon + House + Dog
This looks like the relationship with family is becoming better, which is a good news. There is more trust, friendship and love for them or from them either way is a good news. Moon+House also tells me I will be having better success at home than last month which was a mess.

Socializing with this person from a foreign place, this was also true. 
I got a surprise this month, which actually knocked me off my own firm feet but I was still not sure if I wanted it at all. (lowers + Clouds).
The relationship with family INDEED improved a LOT. I'm a lot happier than last month.


Garden + Flower + Dog
This looks like a meet up with a female friend or meeting some new friend in a park or garden.

Moon + Flower + Heart
a date night? Well I have had Flowers +Heart before and it usually results in being asked out.

Moon + Ship + Dog :
This looks like self-awareness will bring trust or a friend needs some dig in himself.

Garden + House + Heart
Fun time yay.

Garden + Clouds + Moon
A cancelled event which clouds my mood.

Heart + Cross + Dog
Things seem like getting bad between me and a friend.

Update; Did not meet up any good friend, but found an old friend on facebook and re-connected. 
I did not get asked out :( *LOL).
Don't I just love myself. This month I actually had some self-realizations, which resulted in me ending up trusting two people I was darn sure I could never trust. I'm positive about one, while I still have doubts about the one who is handling the modules for my project.
The cancelled event was one. A turn off indeed.
Things did get bad between us, they always do, but everything is under control now.

Combinations of Flowers with rest of cards:

The central card number 5 is always the important one, here it tells me next lunar month will bring me some joy and happiness.

Flowers + Garden: joyous event, happiness, contentment, invitation to an event
Flowers + Cross = negative invitation, the happiness comes with a price
Flowers + Moon = romantic present/invitation
Flowers + Ship = a gift from abroad
Flowers + House = happiness at home, gift from family members
Flowers + Heart = token of love
Flowers + Clouds = happiness is not completely satisfactory, uncertain joy
Flowers + Dog = friendship offer, a friend gives a present

So this is it so far, there are good cards, there are bad cards (Cross and Clouds) but they are both in present column. Future looks good for this month. I'm relaxed!

Cheers, to new beginnings!

Update: I'm liking how the spread has picked up on the energy of this month. I got a gift from family. Friend has not given me any present yet, but we are on good terms after a span of about 6months.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ship+Snake+Cross: No travelling for you lady!

April 20,2012

This daily draw is from the day when I was to attend a very close friend's engagement part. She will be going off to the place where the wedding is to be held and I won't be attending the wedding. I wanted to go, I had to go but then the trip got cancelled because of a local accident here and also bad weather. She lives in a city really close but the highway and the party was at night, my mum did not let me go because she thought the weather and the accident has already scared her enough. So I did not go. I have pulled Cross enough this month to hate it for rest of the year. I would have wanted to see the Cross in first position instead, like I have it today, with Coffin. The post I write tomorrow will explain it better since the incidents of today have yet not manifested themselves.

Ship + Cross = destination, trip is not important anymore
Ship + Snake = a detour, travelling with a woman(mother).
Snake+Cross = ordeal for a woman, stroke of fate

It actually was a stroke of fate with the weather and the accident. I was not meant to be there!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Garden + Bear + Fox

Today's daily draw:

The Garden gave me a good feel because this card generally means you will be seeing lots of people today, or will be socialising much, being surrounded by many people. Garden has also represented social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Basically where people gather and chit and chat.The card next to Garden tells us what this gathering is about.

Bear is a person who is financially well off. This can represent your cash too. Bear is your personal power, sense of security, and strength.

Fox, the cunning and the smart one. With Bear it can be someone who is very wise and clever when it comes to money and business. A smart and selfish boss. If I were working, I'd call this draw betrayal at work spread.

I was supposed to visit a family friend today. She is getting engaged tomorrow and I will not be able to go therefore, I thought I will pay a quick visit and congratulate her. The reason I could not go because there was a sudden twist in plan because of someone I was going with. She at the very last minute refused to go with me and I was stuck in an odd situation whether to go or not. A book with french combinations says

Garden + Fox = you are wrong about others being unselfish

I was reminded of this phrase when I was thinking about our cancelled plan. Now tomorrow my friend will be getting engaged and leaving the town and going away (her wedding is supposed to take place in another city) and then I don't know when I'm going to see her again and this all happened because of one person who loves bullying others around and over-powering others with her wrong motives.

I don't like Bear + Fox!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snake+Fish+Roads: money oh money what should I do with you?

April 18, 2012

Like I mentioned in the weekly blog, Snake has quite recently started representing my mother in my spreads. Snake is usually a woman, mother, rival, a business woman or a detour of some kind. Some schools also call it trouble, mainly because Snakes are not exactly what you would want to cross paths with.

Margarete Ward's Book "Gong Hee Fot Choy- The Book of Dreams" says this about Snakes:

Many people think that a dream about an animal of whichthey are afraid, such as snakes, is a bad dream, but this is not true. If the animals in the dream, no matter what kind of animals, are in good condition, the dream is a good omen;if theyare in poor condition, the dream is a warning and should be given special attention.
To dream of being chased by an animal warns of a treacherous enemy.

This all of sudden reminded me of my dreams about reptiles, lizards, crocodiles and snakes chasing me. One serpent once tried to bit me too in my dream. I think I make too many enemies because of my Mercury in Aries (a loud mouth) and since Mercury has entered Aries, I should be warned and try to keep my mouth shut.So here I will take its either representing me (now-a-days) or my mother.

Fish is good. Its the card of money. We look at King of Diamonds as an entrepreneur who is self-employed and makes good investment decisions.

Margarete Ward in her book writes:

To dream of fish in any capacity indicates sharp bargains andmoney coming your way. Shellfish indicate secrets and profits.
Scaly fish indicate money and good times. Fish, as a whole, indicate plenty.

So basically its the money and gains.

The Roads, oh I have wrote a lot about them because I usually find them closer to me in my GTs.

Again from the same book mentioned above:

To dream of cross roads indicates you will be undecided in amatter in the near future where two propositions will be offered at once. This is a good dream.

Like I once wrote, options are good.

So the message of the day in this spread, was that my mother gave me some cash, since she did not buy me a birthday present, she thought if she gives me cash I can buy whatever I like. Now when she handed me the money I was sure what I'm to do with this money. I will invest it for the stuff I need for my University's project but then all of sudden my mother suggested that she has some of my money which I gave to her for keeping safe (I usually forget where I put it) and she said now I have saved enough so I should probably buy me a gold ring or a chain. This sounds a nice idea, I'm not a fond of jewellary but gold is like an investment (Snake is thinking like Fish), but then writing this here, I don't know what I'm to do with this money (Snake is facing the Cross Road).

simply put

Snake+Fish = woman gives/gets some money
Snake + Roads = woman is not sure, is presented with alternatives
Fish + Roads = a decision to do with money

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cross + Mountain + Storks: Are we there yet?

I wrote yesterday about the daily draw I had on a very bad day. It was Tree+Mountain+Storks. At the end of that post I wrote even if I had a deck with 33 cards with Storks on them and rest of three wih Cross, Tree and Mountain my daily draw will not have any Storks on them, given the period I'm going through.

Ok I was wrong. The cards have again emphasized the fact that there is a little delay before a change for better can come and these difficulties and delays are meant to happen. The Cross has been haunting me lately, not to stress the fact enough times its present right next to me diagonally. Today was 17 of April and out of 17 days, on 11 days I have pulled the Cross. This is like a little more than often.

Cross talks about pain, suffering, the stuff which MUST happen in order to teach us what we need to know at a certain point in life. Cross is all the burdens we carry.

Mountain are the delays, obstacles, enemies . Basically the I-don't-like-it stuff.

Storks are the good people, they bring us new things (like babies), improvements, changes, specially at home.

Cross+Mountain tells us that the delays, the frustration, the feeling of being blocked is meant to happen. I forgot to mention my astrological chart is exactly telling me the same thing these days. I have to agree to the cards that they are truly depicting the state of my life these days.

Cross+Storks tell me that a change is in store, but first the Mountain has to be climbed. This change, hopefully, will be better and full of improvements, but the huge Mountain lies between them yet and there is still some time before the fairies can bring me something new.

The Storks are at the end and I'm feeling a bit better today, a little relieved, not completely recovered yet but I'm hanging on. 

Tea leaves symbols and Lenormand symbols

I was reading the book "A Manual of Cartomancy: Fortune Telling and Occult Divination" by Grant Orient which is a book from times when my mother wasn't born and it has various methods on divination. There was something interesting in the chapter on Tea or coffee cup readings. The symbols and interpretation of the symbols largely resemble that of the lenormand symbols. Few of them are here:

  1. Ring means marriage. If its in the clear parts of the cup, its a happy union, and if there are clouds about it, its contrary.
  2. Leaf of Clover means speedy good luck, good omen
  3. Flowers are joy, happiness and peaceful life
  4. A single Tree as a rule predicts restoration to health
  5. Mountains signify friends or enemies, depending on the situation
  6. The Sun.moon and stars denote happiness and success
  7. Clouds are happiness or misfortune depending on situation as they are bright or dark
  8. Birds are good omens, they signify stroke of luck
  9. Reptiles mean treachery
  10. Fish imply good news
  11. Serpent is always a sign of enemies and with clouds you need prudence and caution
  12. Letter is news, with clouds bad tidings and loses, and with heart, a love letter
  13. A dog besides human figure always signifies a friend
  14. A man mounted on a horse presages a male person who will powerfully espouse your cause
  15. Anchor denotes success in business, love and fidelity, but in thick and cloudy parts, it denotes inconstancy
  16. A bouquet is most fortunate of all omens.
so we can see there are lots of references to the symbols we see in our lenormand system. Need more research!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tree+Mountain+Storks: I want to die *banging head with the wall*!

April 14, 2012

Not literally, the post title. Two cards I hate the most to see in daily spread, Tree, Mountain (and the Cross of course which I happen to draw frequently these days).

Tree is the card for health, mental/physical/spiritual, long-term goals and plans, things than take longer time to grow. Therefore, this card tells you to be patient, be calm, its not going to happen fast no matter what.

Mountain, the literal ones sound and look romantic, as a scenery only. They are not so nice when you have to climb them. In this oracle, they represent delays (because you have to climb the mountain, slowly), obstacles (because you have to climb the mountain, slowly) and stress (because you have to...never mind!)

Storks, the fairies that bring the babies, the card of changes, improvement, nice things coming your way and usually for better, but in a daily draw I have also noticed that this card shows tendencies for escapism, specially when you are being tied down by day-to-day routine and you just need an out. I usually need it more often than others, so it appears more often in this context than the fairies... who... bring ... babies!

Tree + Mountain screams "depression" to me. I have reserved this word for both Tree and Mountain, because them both give me this feeling, but here call it double dose of depression. The Storks in the end do show that I really need an out.

This draw appeared when I was having one of the worst days ever. I spent half the night crying (thanks to Lotus Tarot for reinforcing it by sending me 9 of Swords card in email) and most of the day was also full of depression. These are one of those 36-CROSS - you must pass through these - kind of tests days and even if I have 33 cards with Storks on them and 3 cards with Tree, Mountain and Cross on them, my daily draw after shuffling the custom deck would be Cross-Tree-Mountain!

Week 16 (updating)

Child - Mice - Snake - Anchor - Whip - Lady - Fish

The Anchor in the middle shows its a stagnant week. I have had Anchor in this position many times and its "just another week" kind of theme.

Left arm:
Child - Mice - Snake
The Mice is little annoying card which is placed right next to me(Lady) in my GT for April and it mirrors me(Lady) in this spread too. The Mice eats at my sensitivity these days and putting me in trouble with a loss. This loss is a loss of innocence, sensitivity, a new beginning which is symbolized by the card Child. Perfect! exactly what I need to make my birthday nicest of them all!!

The Snake lately has been representing my mother in my spreads. I have had some trouble with her over the cooking matters. This trouble did not last very long though. We had some heated argument (Snake-Whip) and it left me totally upset for the night. I have been going through some bad times lately (Mice-Lady) and I am trying really really hard to bring some constancy in me (Anchor). I'm actually being stubborn (Anchor is surrounded by bad cards here).
Child+Fish is supposed to be a small upturn, which I think I'm having.
Right arm:
Whip - Lady - Fish
This looks like I'm being argumentative (Oh yes I can already see that) and again, money is a concern this week. Fish+Child looks like the birthday presents going to be more in form of cash.

Overall I'm not liking the theme of this week and the cards at all. There are some really rough times going on here and I'm losing it already. Going through some really tough 36-CROSS lessons which I'm not liking at all.

I had some trouble (verbal) with a lady yesterday (Whip+Snake). Besides that I have got me some cash which I intend to put in the  savings for my university project.
The Anchor has kept me grounded all week. Like I said, it was just another week. 

Wish me luck with this week!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 15: Sabian Symbol Capricorn 10


An Albatross Feeding From the Hands of a Sailor
When I pulled this symbol out, the first word that popped in my head was "interdependence". In the larger system of Earth, called Eco System, we are all interdependent on each other, to keep the balance on the planet. Specially when it comes to food, we can see how we are dependent on other people or system or species for feeding ourselves. In an ocean for example, the larger fish eat the smaller fish.The smaller fish in turn eat smaller bugs or other creatures found in the ocean. This is how the whole system is working we cannot really get ourselves out of this, because we are part of something so larger than ourselves alone. No person can cut itself from this system in which everyone is dependent on the other.

The other side of this symbol is an act of kindness. The sailor does not need to feed the albatross, neither will the bird die if the sailor does not feed him, because the bird also happen to be a part of a larger system which is going to take care of it one way or the other. So why is the sailor feeding the bird? Kindness, softness of the heart, a mere act of generosity. Since the birds are self-dependent, and they have to search for food, therefore, its really generous of the sailor to feed the bird. Now imagine the look of gratitude on the bird's innocent face. Its totally worth it.

Similarly if we adopt these acts of kindness towards each other, life on Earth can be so much more peaceful and full of happiness and love.One small gesture of kindness towards another person, no matter how small it is, it will eventually prove worth it.

Scythe + Heart + Coffin

April 13, 2012

Looks like a really bad combination, doesn't it? When I looked at it, I knew I was heading towards some uneasy feelings, some heartbreak may be, hurting myself today. Scythe is pointing towards the Heart in my deck and Coffin after Heart suggests its just another bad day. What was more surprising was that it was not my Heart!

Many a times when I pull out a daily draw I consider it related to myself only, but I completely forget that it could be other people too. Like for not even one second I thought that it could be actually me , hurting someone with my sharp tongue? Mercury has not even entered Aries yet !

I confess that I ended up hurting a friend. I was being rude to her and I was just getting annoyed and feeling uneasy but then I normally do things without giving them much thought. If you follow my blog you must have figured this out by now! So I apologise to her if she is reading this, I'm sorry. But hey wait, the good part of Coffin is that the grief lasts for only a short time and usually the energy of the Coffin card is wuickly transformed into some other happy energy, may be of the card which lies next to it, 9-Flowers.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sun + Book + Mountain= Tears!

April 11, 2012

My assignment was due. I desperately needed this operating system. All I needed was a piece of code, the operating system, few screen shots and that's it. I wrote the code, corrected it, got it double checked from a senior guy. I had everything ready, but the operating system.

I never understood why computers are so complicated and why don't the engineers code them in an easier manner? I tried, tried and tried but every time I had to face one problem or the other. I am really not a person who will give up. So I will try again, even though I knew it won't work. I did not want to lose the data so I couldn't install it on my laptop and the desktop was not allowing me to over-write the disk. Bla  bla blah! When I took the journal out, looked at this combo and told myself, no matter how hard you try my dear, its not going to happen today. (I still tried at least 10 times more) and finally cried and cried. I am really not good with accepting failure, and the worst part was I was going to lose 20 points just because of a stupid operating system. what kind of person can not install an operating system? *cried even harder*.

This has been my story with the cards so far which I read as when I drew them out

"Success with some learning/studying/project is not easy, rather will be delayed and huge obstacles stand in the way".

The message was clear, only I was banging my head with the mountain too hard!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Message in blog header!

I have been thinking about putting up a header picture on my blog since after I put one on the Tarot Blog.
I was not sure which cards to put up there, since its about the very first impression when someone visits the blog.

I asked my cards what should be the message in the header:

Fox - Book - Cross - Mountain - Key

I was sort of disappointed to look at so many negative cards, and the Cross sitting right in the middle, but then it hit me. The message was clear, exploring the knowledge and the hidden truth is a tough and painful task. One has to be patient and carefully climb the Mountain of Learning and in the very end you will find all the answers and you will realize that the journey has been worth while. The Key at the end also suggests that there are no short-cuts. You Must go through these tough tasks in order to find the key to the wisdoms.

Fox are the intelligent workers, in some schools they are taken as free-lance working. In my readings too I have seen Fox as coming on a very sharp minded person. With the Book it usually means to explore the hidden, the unknown wisdoms. Fox and Key suggest using the ability to put story together to find meanings. Book and Cross puts you to test your knowledge and practice often will help you climbing the Mountain through what you have learnt. These long-standing problems will put one to test his knowledge and abilities and eventually find the solution.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15: Lenormand Petit Weekly Draw (updated)

Every week I draw seven cards and this usually signifies some major theme, one or two events, the most important thing that I will have to face during the week. Of all the monthly, weekly, daily, other draws, my weekly ones have been the most accurate so far.

This week's cards:

Oh we have Lady with Man again, but this week I have a hunch that its not my parents (House is not present, neither is the Snake, neither the Bear). The central and most important card for the week is Storks, an improvement, a positive change, an uplift.
Storks + Roads = A change which will present some new options and new chances.
Storks + Mountain = The climb is a tough one, therefore, the Change will arrive late, or I have to do some tough work before I can reach the top and then take the flight. The Mountain mirror Roads which tells me the journey uphill is a slow one.

Left arm:
Lady - Ship - Roads- Storks

Lady is a woman of adventure, one who seeks freedom, or is longing for a new change, a different route now. Ship mirrors Moon, which says something like astral travel or slowly drifting into the subconscious. Together it looks like a lonely Ship and a lonely Moon. Its interesting how this is relating to my dreams about ships and oceans.Just had one last night. Roads mirror Mountain which tells that the road is leading to obstacles.

Simply put, I want some excitement right now, but apparently there is lots of longing and delays coming up.

Update Apr 11, 2012
I'm so tired and frustrated today because of the huge massive obstacles and delays I'm facing (Roads-Mountain). Although I have more than one option available to install the Linux Ubuntu which I so desperately need for completing my Operating Systems assignment by tomorrow, it looks like all my roads are blocked because of the Mountain sitting right in the reflection to Roads. Not to mention I drew Book+Mountain in my daily draw for today. The assignment is bound to be late. I just don't know. I think tomorrow will be a better day with Storks present there.

Storks o' Storks I welcome you towards me
please bring the Ubuntu 10.10 with you
(Yes, I know I'm losing it)

Right arm:
Storks - Mountain - Moon - Man

The second half of the week looks promising. The Change is not coming yet, but once the mountain has been climbed, I can move on my way (Mountain-Roads) towards success and honour which I have been longing for (Moon-Ship) and this has something to do with this Man who is a romantic dreamy one, or it can simply be the Man from my dreams (Moon-Man) the same Man who was with me on this ship in my dream.

We have to wait to see, who this man is.

Update April 14, 2012

I was right about having Storks in the middle. They did bring me what I wished for. I not only easily used the operating system, but also got the assignment done in last minutes and submitted it. Saved my 20 points. So mainly it was the Mountain+Roads where After climbing over the mountain, I could finally move on.

Update April 14, 2012
Today was Saturday and the card from weekly draw was Moon, which is Surrounded by Mountain and Man, and mirrors Ship. I found myself somewhat being dominated and overshadowed by a Man today, which actually made me cried too, but I ended up being appreciated. Moon also represents public recognition and appreciation. with Ship it can be self-awareness which helps you realize many different aspects of life, and how things change with passage of time.I saw a dream today in which I saw the thing I have been longing for the most, wishful dreaming!

Update April 15, 2012
The week is over. The only improvement which was a very very difficult one (Storks +Mountain) was in my personal life because of a man (Lady+Man). This Man has actually pushed me towards something I'd never had done on my own. The path was very very tough, but I've started my journey (Storks+Roads) and I will see where the road may take me!
Another update for today is that a guy from past has all of sudden messaged me today and as usual he acted all nice like we never had any problems between us. In the GT the Man card has Moon next to him which makes him somewhat too unrealistic for me, and we have Cross between us, which shows he is someone from past.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book + Moon = Stichomancy

Book = the occult, mystery, secret, learning, a book literally
Moon = Dreams, psychic messages, subconscious

Yes I'm not joking seriously. This one came up in my reading few days ago when I offered two readings on a forum. Actually I once did them for my friends, so I thought why not give it a try again, just for the sake of some refreshment. Sometimes the psychic energies are high and I feel like making most of it, that is when I offer two-three readings for free.

So I was using the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer for the readings.Reason being, this is the only series which is very very close to my heart. You will find many people my age being fantasized by the most romantic fictional characters of this time, Edward the Vampire and Jacob the werewolf.

A strange thing happened after I posted the post offering the two readings. I do my daily draw at night, the cards were Book + Clover + Moon. At that time I thought this might has something to do with my test in class next day. I was wrong. When I was asleep, I saw Breaking Dawn in dream. I do not remember the story in dream or anything but I saw Bella with red eyes, which implies it was Breaking Dawn Part 2 which has not been filmed completely yet. Anyhow next morning it more like a surprise when I recalled the dream to put in dream journal.

Even strange it got when I was watching TV in the afternoon and changing channels, I saw...oh yes you got it right, New Moon was coming on the cable. It seemed like there was something special happening with the draw, the readings offered and the Twilight series.

I still am not able to make much sense of situation yet, but that was something creepy. We have a new combination for lenormand combos!

Stichomancy: (Sticho = Row , line, verse) is divination reading a random verse from a poem. 

Another reading with Iris Treppner's PPF spread (Updated)

Details/Explanation here:

This spread dates back to December when my friend was seeing this guy. She was really involved and she wanted to know what was coming up.

I chose the Significator 25-RING given the intensity of the relationship.Here is the spread which is self-evident what was coming up.


There has been a stagnation, a sense of surety with this lady. She was "stuck" with an unfruitful relationship which had already ended. She was going through a stressful period of stagnation.

Transition from Past to Present:

We see there has been a rival lady involved (Lady-Snake). This lady actually was a lady from Man's past (and present too) and she actually rang my friend as well just to let her know they have been involved in past (Birds-Snake).


This man looks like a person who is more unrealistic and wishful (Stars-Man). The relationship was very much platonic and mainly was like a short-term affair so Lilies look very much sitting where they exactly should have (Ring-Lilies).The Clover-Sun adds a sense of heightened energy and happiness in the relationship which it was at that time.

Transition from present to Future:

House - Letter looks like there will be some information about some important family matters to be disclosed. The man was very much family oriented (Man+House) and the good luck they had was very much going to be taxed (Clover-Tower). Heart -Tower is a clear indication of a split. 


There will definitely be a separation which is evident with Heart-Tower. This looks like a thoroughly discussed one or at least agreed upon (Heart-Letter). There is an element of superficial love too (Heart-Letter) .

The spread relates to the time around January 13 and the update for now is that they actually separated. The man was too attached to his family to let it go for her (Man-House-Tower) and she was comfortable enough to let him go (House-Tower). They did it with mutual agreement and after proper discussion (Letter) and I will say that the card # 13, Lilies is always the answer because it is what lies at the heart, the actual truth, the reality of the situation and this is exactly what will define the relationship three months down the road.

It was just an affair!