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Grand Tableau for May 2012

I can not believe so many months have passed. This is my 9th monthly GT.

Grand Tableau for month of May 2012

The Initial Cut:

Fish  - Man - Flower

This looks like a financially stable, enjoying good money,  man who is more artistic.Fish + Flower can be a cash prize or a pleasant surprise regarding money. 

I really did not get any cash prizes, but I was actually amazed by the change of my feelings towards this man who is actually a good-with-money and a really charming man. I never realized he was so nice, until the Venus turned retrograde *kidding*

First Three Cards:

Storks - Moon - Book

I have seen Storks +Moon as a birth of a child or mother because Queen of Hearts and Moon both represent your mother. The Book in the end tells that may be I get to learn something from her this month.
Storks + Book can be some advanced training or advanced knowledge , in occult or mysteries. Storks + Book is also changes after examination.These three cards are a direct message about what needs to be done right now. So I need to do some learning from my mom or I need a change at subconscious level which will bring me success. I also believe I need a change right now, I need to look at life in a more positive way. In the last few weeks I have lost my hope and my usual positive attitude. I need to regain it.

Storks + Moon = Change in moods, subconscious change
Storks + Book = Changes revealed, Changes after a time of examination

This one makes sense because I have passed The Saturn Test when Saturn was 180 degrees opposite to my Sun. These were some tough days but they are passed now and I'm actually sensing the greater change they brought in my life.

This definitely relates to the very beginning of May. I cannot believe another month has passed buy. After some really rough times and the lessons I have learnt from those times, it looks almost like ages ago that things like that actually happened to me. I was so depressed. I know I have learnt my lessons too well and these lessons will bring me things I need.

The Four Corners:

Storks - Lilies - Mountain - Tower

Storks + Lilies also point to an early pregnancy in Iris Treppner's course, but who is pregnant?
This looks like a change is caused by bringing peace and harmony, a wise and peaceful change, will help me get over the obstacles alone. Mountain - Tower is a bad combination which suggests there are some tough obstacles which might stay for a longer-time. These obstacles can be caused by someone authoritative.

I have not heard about anyone's pregnancy but it did relate to those peaceful and happy changes I have had in my life this month. Things did change a lot, in many areas of my life in just one month. I was left alone by the end of the month because I had to make some travel arrangements.

Fate Cards:

Letter - Scythe - Anchor - Fish
An unexpected news/letter from a workplace or about a job.  I have applied in a few places for jobs so may be I get some news.

I did not get any news of any unexpected messages, but I did something which were so not routine. This whole month was a busy month. Financially I may call myself properly secure (Anchor-Fish = financial security).

Lady: My significator:

I'm in house of Birds, so I might be doing lot of talking this month. This house is also house of nervousness and excitement. In house of Lady is Man. So I will probably be more in touch with my masculine side this month, or a man , for that matter.

Most of the month was full of worries and lots of talking/texting. I remember it was a long time ago when I sent so many texts in one day. The Man was actually a Man who all of sudden became a close friend from a not-so-close acquaintance.


Lady - Roads - Rider

I have found myself being indecisive about a man.

Clover - Coffin - Sun
After a bad time of luck running low I found myself cheered up in past few days,

I had a lot of learning to do over past few weeks.


The nervous chatter and the anxiety is out of my control (Birds).
Garden - Clouds
Some improvements in the social life or the way I perceive the environment should be improved.



A new path, guidance and hope.

Key - Cross - Flower - Ship

An important burden has to be carried, this burden is pleasant and will result in a movement or a journey forward.

Heart - Dog

A trustful love.

May 16, 2012
This combo has been appearing TOO much these days. Let me tell you I have got these two cards together in more than 4 readings for myself in last one month. It has actually happened. Things have been sorted between me and a friend. We went through some rough times in November 2011 after which we lost contact and parted ways. But we have reconciled finally.

Looking at Tree for M:

I asked the deck which card represents M, and the answer was Tree. I was expecting more like Dog since he is a good friend and Man and Bear cards are also around.
Tree tells me he is worried about his health or is being health-conscious these days. This person is also someone who enjoys good health. He loves food its one of his weaknesses. 

The cards on his side are, Heart, Cross, Snake and Dog. He is a very faithful friend. He is a lovely funny person. The Cross and Snake however tell me he might be a bit troubled or upset these days. No wonder we share the Cross these days, our Suns are conjunct and we both have had some rough transits recently. Tree is in house of Roads, so he might be facing some decision this month.

Update May14, 2012
Things are rough between us. He is an important friend, someone I trust and easily click with. I understand why he is being represented by Tree, he is not feeling well these days, emotionally (Heart + Tree). He is lovesick. Because of presence of Snake I asked him if he was seeing anyone and he said no. The Snake + Ring is the complication which is not ending between us. Tree is in house of Roads, he wants a decision from me. He asks me to make up my mind.

Looking at Heart for Love:

Heart is in house of Mountain, and in house of Heart is Ring. This looks like a good combination because last month there was Mountain in house of Heart (Heart + Mountain) which now has been reversed (Mountain + Heart) as if the Mountain has been climbed and Heart has reached the other side of it.In house of Ring, however, is Tower which is a classic combo for a relationship ending in separation. (Ring+Tower). So a loved and cherished relationship is ending.

Looking at Book for exams:

Book is in house of Ship, and in house of Book is Rider. There is a theme of movement and journey in area of Book. Book has Sun next to it and Birds, its normal to be nervous about exams but the Sun looks promising. The Book reflects Mice and Whip and it knights Key. Its like a mixed situation.Some will go good and others bad?

Looking at Ship for Trip:

We intend to take an overseas trip right after my exams in last week of May. Ship has Book in its house, so this is not clear whether I will go or not, and Ship is in house of Stars. Mountain - Ship can be the overseas travel. Ship reflects Clover, House and Ring.

Travel was a little late than I expected (wanted) to be. The contract and travel arrangements were made before May 2012 ended (thus, the Ring). The family is accompanying(house) and looking forward to that (Clover).

Update May 12,2012
I was looking at my GT today and was thinking that how many times I have found myself wondering that how the Saturn Transits (or presence of Cross near me) last month has changed the way I look at life. It feels like these were some really important lessons. I feel like a new person. I feel like those unnecessary feeling or things I had been wanting so far, they were just no good for me and like I have entered a totally new path where only those things that are better for me are found. 

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