Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another reading with Iris Treppner's PPF spread (Updated)

Details/Explanation here:

This spread dates back to December when my friend was seeing this guy. She was really involved and she wanted to know what was coming up.

I chose the Significator 25-RING given the intensity of the relationship.Here is the spread which is self-evident what was coming up.


There has been a stagnation, a sense of surety with this lady. She was "stuck" with an unfruitful relationship which had already ended. She was going through a stressful period of stagnation.

Transition from Past to Present:

We see there has been a rival lady involved (Lady-Snake). This lady actually was a lady from Man's past (and present too) and she actually rang my friend as well just to let her know they have been involved in past (Birds-Snake).


This man looks like a person who is more unrealistic and wishful (Stars-Man). The relationship was very much platonic and mainly was like a short-term affair so Lilies look very much sitting where they exactly should have (Ring-Lilies).The Clover-Sun adds a sense of heightened energy and happiness in the relationship which it was at that time.

Transition from present to Future:

House - Letter looks like there will be some information about some important family matters to be disclosed. The man was very much family oriented (Man+House) and the good luck they had was very much going to be taxed (Clover-Tower). Heart -Tower is a clear indication of a split. 


There will definitely be a separation which is evident with Heart-Tower. This looks like a thoroughly discussed one or at least agreed upon (Heart-Letter). There is an element of superficial love too (Heart-Letter) .

The spread relates to the time around January 13 and the update for now is that they actually separated. The man was too attached to his family to let it go for her (Man-House-Tower) and she was comfortable enough to let him go (House-Tower). They did it with mutual agreement and after proper discussion (Letter) and I will say that the card # 13, Lilies is always the answer because it is what lies at the heart, the actual truth, the reality of the situation and this is exactly what will define the relationship three months down the road.

It was just an affair!

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