Sunday, October 30, 2011

GT for November



One thing from September has been repeated, I'm again in the house of Scythe. That month I took some serious sudden decisions, scythe was in house of Mountain, before the Mountain, so I did cut through some stressful aspects of my life. This time I'm again cutting through to Garden, looks like I'm not going around much this month I had scythe+Garden last month too, and I fell ill. Scythe is also pointed towards Stars, which seems like I'm getting out of my fantasy world.

First Three Cards :

Bear + Mice + House = I actually feel drained and looks like its going to be whole month, but in the end I will find comfort.

Corner Cards:
Bear + Lily + Whip + Ring

Looks like there is lots of power and wisdom, power of experience this month which will make me break away from a cycle/relationship.
Bear + Whip = power struggles
Ring + Lily = passionate relationship

I hope not!

Central Cards:
Birds are in their own house, emphasizing there are going to be some important conversations this month.
with Birds + Stars i find night time again important. There will be night time conversations.

Moon + scythe = emotional upheaval

Birds + Moon = again looks like night time is important. Moon in house of new beginnings, so I see success in work/recognition. Birds + moon tell me i will have important conversations about work.
Scythe + Stars = new idea, sudden inspiration

distant: Roads: Did make some important decisions
Near : Anchor in house of flowers. Have been happy with a job offer. generally stabilized overall.
Immediate: Bear: Got my power back. Anchor+ Bear was my summary cards for last month. strongly emphasized yet again.

Mice on my head tells me I'm actually having LOTS on my mind and its literally useless self-created thoughts.Mice in house of clover tells these problems are actually not very big.

Mice + Lady + Tower + Storks
It looks like some life-long things are going to change. Some one from past (Tower in house of Dog and Dog in house of Ring) is going to change something for me.There are going to be some long term improvements.

immediate: House in house of clouds: looks like there will be confusions in my home/private life (yeah tell me something new)

Near: Lady - Coffin - Birds - Moon - Tree - Fox - Rider
I'm undergoing some stress/changes which are making me nervous, these will lead to some long term influences which will make me act smart and active.

Farther: Lady - Snake - Man - Ring
that's interesting, I'm having complications with a man who is married, or are we just going round and round with Ring in house of Anchor?

only time will tell and its happening at the very end of November so Have to wait for that!

Fate cards :
Sun + Clover + Ring + Garden

looks like there is lots of success this month and I'm going to a wedding

Sun+clover; with Child +man +Book + Fish
I hate this is third time man is coming up with Book, who is HE why is he so closed off. Last month book was in his house and before that book was next to him. So I'm having LOts of luck and success regarding a new beginning with a man who is well educated in terms of Finances (I don't think I know him). He is in his own house so can't say really who he is.

Ring + Garden ; Heart + Letter+ house + clouds
so there is something only time will tell, a love letter, heart is in my house, so I'm definitely looking forward to this. This is going to clear some confusions in my life (for me house is always my private life)

Analyzing Man:
He has had some fresh start in his past, and is not going to send me a love message. Letter+Ship tells me its from somewhere far away.
Whats connecting me to him is snake, in house of Tower, so there are complications between us.

Well I'm really looking forward to this month!

Friday, October 28, 2011

November week 1

I love weekly draws.

Lenormand Deck:
Book - Dog - Scythe - Ring - Fox - Flower - Whip
Shadow: Sun

The Ring in the middle tells me a relationship or monotony is the essence of the week.

First half:
Book + Dog + Scythe + Ring
Book + Whip = secrets discussed / studies discussions
Dog + Flower = a present from a friend
Scythe + Fox = a sudden decision
A friend has a secret which will suddenly made me cut off from him
There was a sudden romantic offer from a friend I have known for long, he was hidden till now and i made sudden decision to get away from him.
Second Half:
Ring + Fox + Flower + Whip
Fox + Scythe = well thought decision
Flower + Dog = a sincere offer
Whip + Book = discussing secrets. two secrets, projects

The Fox tells me its a relationship I have to be careful about, which brings me some offer for a discussion.
I really had some discussions which led me to have both pleasure and dig things up. I got a chance to dig different aspects of a relationship out.
Tarot Deck:
8 of Cups - Page of Swords - 2 of Wands - 9 of Swords - 2 of Swords - 2 of Cups - 9 of Wands
Shadow : 6 of Wands

8 of Cups is again from last week, in same position, It looks like its a time for me to explore something,learn some new skills, It looks like I will learn to make a choice, between having personal power or giving up. The 9 of swords explain that I will keep staying awake till late night :D I see myself blocking off some romantic partnership, which is making me strong.

Amazingly, the shadow card for both decks is showing victory. So even with the troubles I have it will end up well.What even amazes me last week I had two of Pentacles and this week i have all the other Two's. Two cups, two wands, three swords, no majors.There are no Pentacles, so may be its a time to focus on other things. The swords are presenting challenges, while wands and cups are helping.
The week was about moving on from what was to what is and finally what will be. I found out that I was too much into choices, I was torn between two types of situations. The 9 of Swords was very real in the middle because I had troubled sleep throughout the week. I kept blocking a relationship out but it ended up leaving me happy and stronger.There were mental challenges, keeping balance between different aspects of my life and I learnt to manage them well. The 2 of Wands was a decision that rested in my hands, and I ended up being a little on one side, leaving the other. Overall, with an exception for Flowers-2 of Cups, it was a very nice week.

Oct 29: Book + 8 of cups:
a day when I will learn something new. or finally open books:D
This was a day when I actually tried to find out what I wanted, the unknown aspects that kept me depressed. They were closed off but I finally explored them.
Oct 30: Dog + Page of Swords
I see someone who is quite intelligent
I have figured out that dog has been my soul mate all along. Specially with Scythe+Ring  should have known its him. We had some small intellectual discussion, not really discussion, just random talk today.
Oct 31: Scythe + two of wands
a sudden decision.
This was as stressful decision. I felt myself loosing personal power. I had two options, either be positive or go down and drowned. This was a day with a balance with some hurt involved.
Nov 1: Ring + 9 of Swords
A hurtful relationship
This was exactly a night when I could not sleep, I didn't sleep all night because I was thinking about a relationship, all night long.
Nov 2: Fox + 2 of Swords
Cautious. blocking out what feels threatening.
The opposite happened. I was having a day where I was just blocking some romance out :D
Nov 3: Flower + 2 of Cups
a romantic invitation
Surprisingly, this was the day I was anticipating the most, and this was the most disappointing day as well. I was expecting something more than just an invitation and nothing happened!
Nov 4: Whip + 9 of Wands
A discussion which makes me stronger.
Whip was an argument that I had with a friend. I was the aggressive stronger guy in 9 of wands. In the end thing were fine.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Week 4

Finally the fourth week with this experiment. The last week was such a success :D


Lily + Clover + Coffin + Woman + Cross + Rider + Mice

So I am the center of this week surrounded by probably illness and lots of stress. Coffin + Cross is a combo which tells me that this transformation in things is just fated, I was supposed to go through this.
The wisdom is pouring in, while the luck is ending, I feel like may be there are some tough times ahead this week. The Rider looks like coming towards cross, there is fate at work, but slowly because of mice which is eating at the Rider's speed. The message I'm anticipating is slow to come.

Update: This was a week where I fell ill. but with clover not too much. There was slowing down at both physical and mental level. A message came late at the end of the week.The transformations process lots like has either slowed down or finished with coffin + Cross. The Mice in the end drained me.

First half of the week:
Lily + Mice tells there will be some unrest.
Clover + Rider = luck /success coming towards me
Coffin + Cross = a fated end.

Second half of the week:
Cross + Coffin = fate is changing
Rider + clover = a happy news/lucky visitor
Mice + lily = lots of passion, wisdom revealed, a man revealing himself

There was a happy visit of mine to someone's place. The end a man contacted me to let me know my work has been slowed down (lily) so I should stay put for a while.

Tarot deck:
8 of Cups - King of Wands - Page of Wands - 8 of Wands - 6 of Wands - 2 of Pentacles - Chariot

4 wands, looks like lost of creativity and powerful stuff on the go, the Chariot just speeds things up for me.
Swords are entirely missing, so may be this is the week where I have to be reasonable and rational.
There is man (King) who is exploring different things (8 of cups), the Page is bringing a news (8 of wands) about success (6 of wands) There is an element of fun (2 of pentacles) while there is choice at the end of the week with Two in Chariot and Pentacles.

The King actually explored various options before things just changed (slowed down) a notch or two.There was no news about success but I did start some new relationships/friendships. There was no choice in end of the week, there was just a feeling of not knowing what to do, a desire to balance things more.

Oct 22 : Lily + 8 of cups:
Looks like lots of rest, exploring things. Or a man away doing some stuff.exploring passion.
There was lots of rest, i did not do anything rather just explored different emotions.

Oct 23: Clover + King of Wands
success with a king of wands :D
This was not a day when i had any success. I would say the clover did not appear at all because i had a very bad day, very down i was all day long and it wasn't having any small happiness too.

Oct 24: Coffin + Page of Wands
The end for an immature impulsive guy.
Lots of changes, in relationship between two wands :D There was a continuous struggle with it. :)

Oct 25: Woman + 8 of Wands
looks like a call for a woman/from a woman
There was a happy call actually, a situation/confusion actually sort of sorted itself out through that call for me. some confusions ended.

Oct 26: Cross +  6 of Wands
a fated success/victory
The 6 of wands showed me that I might be going somewhere happily, so this is how it happened. I went there with happiness, the Cross tells me that I was fated to go there.

Oct 27: Rider + 2 of Pentacles
A news about fun.
There was no news, there was no fun too. I thought I might be going somewhere or someone will be coming over but nothing. I had a problem though.I was trying to fix my problems with the operating system for the notebook.

Oct 28: Mice + Chariot
speeding up of process. A choice coming up
A message came through stating that my process has been slowed down. The Mice slowed both the Rider and Chariot down. Chariot was a phone call. The choice was to go or not go at a family dinner which I ended up not going to and feeling totally drained!

Friday, October 14, 2011

October week 3

Oct 15- Oct21 
house + rider + stars + birds + anchor + fish + scythe

This week is full of excitement or nervousness, lots of chit chat and gossip about longings for a job or a job one wishes for (stars + birds + anchor)
It was a week full of excitement. Really awesome week. Lots of chatter and excitement while at the same time lots of nervousness. There was a job interview in between too.
In house there is a visitor or a news coming at night.
This was the most spot on reading for me. There was a news at night, when someone in middle of night expressed his views on the matter.

In second half there is a sudden longing for job/work. I had Anchor last week too in same place.
The second half was speaking loud about a job that is up and that is making me nervous at the same time.
Tarot Cards:
Devil + 10 of Pentacles+ Queen of Cups + Wheel Of Fortune + Chariot + Hierophant + 2 of Swords
4 majors, looks like a BIG week ahead. The Wheel of Fortune in middle suggests there is going to be a new chapter beginning this week followed by speeding towards the community work, where I will be closing my heart. In family there is a temptation towards money by a woman who is water sign. I actually have two water sign woman at home, one is actually a cancer.There will be a tempting invitation, towards something that will make you feel like you have the world (10 of pentacles) and I will be testing my emotions (queen of cups) Then the wheel of fortune will roll at full speed (chariot) where things will be blessed and finally I would release my blocked emotions.The two figure is prominent in Devil, Chariot, Hierophant and 2 of swords.This shows serious dilemmas not knowing what to do.
It was actually a big week. many many things changed, many events happened. The wheel of Fortune did started rolling.
Oct 15, 2011
House  with Devil. There was lots of arguments in my house, the devil was taking hold when everyone was having an ill-temper and just screaming at each other.

Oct 16, 2011
Rider, 10 of Pentacles
It looks like there is a news, from far away which is going to make things happier in family, rider is coming towards house pointing to again the 10 of pentacles.
There was no message in the house about a work security etc, or from family. However there was a message about something appropriate to cups suits in middle of the night.

Oct 17, 2011
Stars , Queen of Cups
There is success for a woman who is emotional, or an emotional woman is longing for something.
This was just a day when I was just hoping for a situation, emotional situation to turn around, and i was just keeping my fingers crossed.
Oct 18, 2011
Birds , Wheel of Fortune
Things will change, and change a lot with a call, or a new chapter begins with chatter
Lots of stress in the house because of all the destiny thing at work. i was upset all day just trying, praying that everything works out well for my brother.

Oct 19,2011
Anchor, Chariot
Things are speeding up in terms of job
Oh yes  they are. I got a quick news that I will go somewhere for a job interview probably tomorrow.Tomorrow looks like a meeting, so  think it will be that.

Oct 20, 2011
Fish , Hierophant
an authority figure, a blessed work condition. It looks like a meeting about job.
I did get a news about scheduling a meeting at  a bank, so fish was right on spot for this day.

Oct 21, 2011
Scythe, two of swords
This tells me that the blockages are finally going to be cut and cut really fast.
I was quite sure that the scythe is cutting at the Blinsfold of the woman in Two of Swords, means some blockages in my life which are blocking me from seeing things will be gone. It was a mixed day, there were problems, something came out in open and something caused lots of stress. Over all it did end on a happy note!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October Week 2

The first week try-out was a success in my eyes so I wanted to try another one!

Man + Cross + Snake + Mountain + Anchor + Dog + Key

It looks like a week where pain is caused by a man, which shakes things up a little and the bumpy little ride will end up with answers from a friend..

UPDATE: I ended up being stressed through middle to the end of week. I protected a man from being back bitten. The Cross gave me lots of pain, It came from a man and woman trying to bite him and I was in middle trying to protect him.
This was a hard, slow week with lost of problems. I hope the next week brings me nice and good things.The Anchor + Dog + Key was merely me stabilizing my trust in myself and how I can find the key to what I need, basically work-related stuff (Anchor).

Man + Key tells me he is a reliable man
Cross + Dog = a friend I have really good connection with
Snake + Anchor = a total work related situation

Mountain in the center makes it a week with problems, delays, obstacles. A really long week.
8 of Cups - Page of Swords - 7 of Swords - 8 of Pentacles  - Emperor - knight of Swords - Judgement

Oct 8th:
Man with 8 of Cups:
A man who is looking for something, who left something behind to search for something.

Oct 9th:
Cross with Page of Swords:
Lots of aggression will cause pain. Aggressive with the religious matters.Mental clearance on religious matters.
UPDATE: today was a day when things were getting clear when i started actually two new courses about occult subjects. The cross represents destiny here i guess and Page of swords represents a new stage for learning now.

Oct 10:
Snake with 7 of Swords:
Sneaking around or dishonesty will only cause trouble. Running away from troubles.
UPDATE: It was me, going lone-style while being scared of bitten by a snake on way. I was offered to make a partnership and i immediately said no because i was thinking in my head i want to go solo because i would not want to way to take turns.

The snake was probably me detouring from my path.
Oct 11:
Mountain and 8 of Pentacles:
Obstacles in learning a skill. Unable to keep a focus.
UPDATE: This was a day when I had so much stress throughout the day, it was literally like a mountain, and it was hard to focus on something. Yet it somehow went quite well . I did get rid of the mountain, even some tears at the end of the day.

Oct 12:
Anchor and Emperor:
Work will require lots of structure and order. Bring order and stop to whats not static.
UPDATE: This was a slow day, a really slow day when I practically did nothing. I had to remain structured and focused with my work but i just did not had enough energy.

Oct 13:
Dog - Knight of Swords
An air sign friend.

There was no air sign (Libra) friend however I did end up discussing the Libra traits with a person about my astrological chart.

Oct 14:
Key + Judgement:
A call that answers something. success with a call.
There was no success, but there was a call from someone close that did wake me up from my deep sleep. I had to re-look at my life where I'm heading and how i can get the key to what i want.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly draw, Oct week 1

I decided to do a weekly draw instead of daily draw because I think it takes longer than one day for things to manifest in real world:

Storks + Bear + Clover + Sun + Man + Ring + Ship

It looks like there are huge changes this week leading to luck and success, a married man is going away
storks to ship looks like changes are taking me away from who I am to who I want to be. Sun in middle tell me this is a week for success and remaining optimistic :)

UPDATE: the guy who went away for work(ring) is my brother but he want away at beginning of the week, i don't know why its expressed at the end.

Update 07/10/11
The week started with really high spirits, lots of travelling in sun, and ended with me being miserably missing a man with a ring:D now I understand why it appeared at the end!

Integrating with Tarot:
Strength - King of swords - knight of wands - 4 of pentacles - ace of swords - 8 of cups - 4 of cups

Top card: Tower, Bottom Card ; The Fool
It looks like a week where big changes are happening and its good to take a leap of faith and let the changes occur.

Oct 1: storks , Strength
There are changes which are giving me strength.
There have also been changes at home.

Oct 2: Bear , King of swords
Lots of energy, power, strength, mental ability to understand things.
Bear with king of swords makes me realize that my father is a man of great reasoning and mental strength.

Oct 3: Clover , knight of wands
Clover will bring me success and luck while knight of wands is telling me to go out, have fun, adventure and lots of excitement.

This was a day where I actually needed knight of wands to lend me some of his energies, because of my tiredness from yesterday and having too much sleep today, I was unable to think clearly all day. The clover showed itself when I found myself enough time to sleep all day long, and knight of wands was probably my low energy level, it should have had a king there instead :)

Oct 4: Sun, 4 of Pentacles
I see there is heat, too much, because of my possessive attitude towards what's mine. The sun us not making me happy, instead its making me feel like I'll be too hot-tempered over something which belongs to me!

UPDATE: The four of pentacles somehow reminded me of Taurus, because they are usually possessive of what they own. Sun made his day when my Taurus brother got something done for him.
Besides that we ended up discussing my dead grandmother. It was a good day overall.

Oct 5:Man + Ace of swords

There is a man full of mental understanding and lots of truthful thinking.

OCT 6:Ring + 8 of cups:
I totally forgot to update it for yesterday, Amazingly I got ring in my reading for the day too with sun and house there. It was like moving away from routine (ring) with the 8 of Cups. It was such an accurate reading where I was having full day having fun and besides I had a good bonding (ring) with someone I'm exploring these days (8 of cups) ;)

Oct 7: Ship + 4 of Cups
With the ship I think I'm moving more towards discontentment. Looks like I will not be content with something I have.
It was exactly that kind of a day. I was longing and being frustrated all day (ship) and I could see that I have everything, I'm just not satisfied with that (4 of cups) which is a bad thing anyways. This reading was so so spot on.