Saturday, March 31, 2012

Houses in Grand Tableau

One of my most favourite techniques to interpret my Grand Tableau with ease and accuracy.

Houses are the areas covered by each card, if the cards were placed in original numerological order. i.e 1-Rider in house 1, Clover in house 2, Ship in house 3 and so on. Now each card covers a particular matter as a house (just like the astrological houses in Zodiac, We have Aries , Mars as the natural ruler of 1st house but we may have a different ASC sign and ruler). There is a complete and very informative list for meanings of each house given by Jayce. I have been following these meanings in addition to Iris Treppner's course.

Treppner has a different technique which also happens to have proved quite effective and accurate. This technique involves using the combinations approach, I think just to keep you focused and for the ease purposes. In this technique you are pretty much doing the same thing, but if you are a beginner it would be easier to look at them as combinations. e.g in my GT here
The first house was Rider and the card in house 1 is Ring.  I will read it as Rider+Ring which is a standard combination for a news about a contract. Similarly Cross is in house of Ring, therefore its read as Ring+Cross which makes a relationship very painful and stressful at times. This way you can keep combining all the cards and keep finding what is happening in each area of your life for that time period (e.g I do a monthly so Clover tells me how lucky I'm this month, or 24-Heart tells me what is happening in area of love, and 35-Anchor tells me what is happening with the job etc).

You can do this for all the houses and there is lots of information there.

How I Do It:

Some people keep on combining houses from one to next e.g Moon in house of Cross, feelings are a test this month, Cross is in house of Ring, so these feelings are related to a relationship, Ring is in house of Rider, this relationship is on your mind most of the times, Rider is in house of Anchor, and these thoughts are going to stay for a long term and so on. you can go on and on and make a whole story by combining the houses and jumping around till you reach the Moon card again. I find that confusing because sometimes its more than 10 cards at a time. This is when the story starts blurring. I would rather just look at the house where that card is located and the natural house for that card. e.g if I want to know about my project (Book), I will see where Book is, and then what is happening in house of Book (house 26). Sometimes (remember, sometimes only) I will also see whats happening in that house whose natural ruler is located in house 26, but not always.
With my monthly Grand Tableau, I have noticed that they are a great way to form combinations because you usually know what has happened in your life in this one month and how the effect of that card residing in that house has effected that area of you life e.g whatever is is house of Mice is stressing you or adding to the stress, you would know it when you read it as Mice+That card sitting in house 23. Write the combinations down every month and you will have plenty for your own list.
There was something else too which I wanted to write about the houses, I just cannot recall now. You wash this down and I will be back, updating it when I remember *scratching head*

Knighting in Grand Tableau!

I have noticed from the results of keyword search on a popular search engine that Knighting has been quite an issue with many learners. I myself have been there where I did not know how to do it but it is really easy, specially if you have been a person who plays chess.

Knighting actually comes from the game of Chess where it describes how the Knight in Chess is allowed to move about the chessboard. I will explain it step by step:

1: Choose the Card you want to perform knighting for. e.g I choose the Lady card 29. This card is my Knight now. This is where I'm standing and this card is about what I need more information. you can choose other cards e.g Book for education, Heart for love, Ring for marriage etc.

Example 1:
2: Since the Lady card is to far right, we cannot move towards right, so I will start moving backward, 2 cards (Coffin, Roads) and then one card upwards.Key
Lady+Key tells me I'm sure about what I want next.

3: Then I will move in same direction and this time after two cards (Coffin, Roads) I will go downwards.

Example 2:
4: Since I cannot move to right, but if I could I would have done the same thing towards right, e.g for Child I'd move two cards to right (Stars, Key) and then one card upwards which gives me Book.
Child +Book = Young lady or child is studying
Then I will move one step downwards instead of upwards, which gives me, two steps towards right (Stars, Key) and one step downwards which is Roads , Child+Roads = Young lady/child is facing a choice.
Same thing I can do for child on left side, like I did for lady, 2 cards (Tree, Ship) and then one card up (Fox) and one down (Tower)
Child + Fox = Child/Young lady is cheating/lying
Child + Tower = Child is abandoned or alone.

Example 3: 
5: Next step is to move up or down first and then left or right. Pretty much reverse of what we did in steps 1-4. I will take Birds for explaining this one.
If I'm standing at Birds, I will move two steps down (Sun, Rider) and then right, Moon.
Birds + Moon = A phone call at night
Now, again, two cards downwards, this time going left, Heart
Birds + Heart = A lovely message, an affectionate couple.

6: The same procedure, this time in upwards direction. Two cards to up (Stars, House) then right, Book
Birds + Book = A secret phone call. A secret is causing anxiety.

This time, 2 cards upwards (Stars, House), but to the left. Whip
Birds+Whip = A conflicting situation causing anxiety.

Things to remember:

  • You cannot do all 8 combinations for each card. It will depend on the position of the card in the spread e.g you have 8 combinations for Birds (with Whip, Book, Heart, Moon, Flower, Fish, Tree, Storks) but you have only 3 for Lady (Dog, Key and Mountain).
  • If you do 9x4 formation, you can have maximum 6 combinations for one card.
  • Knighting is done to get extra combinations for the card, e.g to further explain things for Lady, or for love, or a project etc. These combinations give extra or supporting information. Try this for yourself and see how it adds to your interpretation.

End of Month Analysis: March 2012

Since December I started keeping a track of my daily draws and I found most of my daily draws relate a lot to my monthly GT. On the other hand the card which comes up the most is usually a really important aspect of the month or needs attention in the GT. Therefore, at the end of the month I'd write down which card (s) came up the most in daily draw and then locate it in GT and interpret accordingly.

This month's winners are: Ship, Heart and Storks.

The GT for the month is here.

We look at the Ship card first. Ship card is the card of travelling mainly but since I do not travel very often, and specially in a monthly draw I would take that as a change or a movement, mostly a huge one. Ship is in house of 19-TOWER which is the house of Isolation. So there has been a change in feeling alone or isolated. In house of Ship(longings) is Book. In the very beginning of the month I asked the deck which card represented Jay this month and the answer was Book. This guy has played a huge role in bringing a lot of happiness in my life. We are not romantically involved, like you can tell by the Dog next to him, but he is really close friend.  So the description fits well so far. If we look behind Ship, there is Anchor and behind that Mountain, the Ship is probably leaving the home point or the dock (Anchor, Mountain) and is moving in to the oceans. However, there is Fox right next to it, which is sort of sniffing the Ship. I have been VERY careful about every move I have made this month. Very guarded and cautious moves. Right next to it is the Moon, which together talk about illusion (I wrote this in the other post). Ship mirrors Scythe, Clouds and Coffin. It knights Bear, Stars, Tree, Lilies, Lady, Dog and House. We can say that the changes and the movements I have made this month were may be in my head only, (This one is true though) and they are not very clear but they are necessary to cut off from what lies behind now (Scythe). This also speaks of a new beginning after I closed few doors (Coffin). This will take a while (Tree) but with the help of this friend(Dog) who brings balance in my life (Lilies), I can say I will make it (Lady) home (House). Most of this will not make any sense to you, but it does to me.

Next card that wanted my attention is Storks, which is a positive change, an improvement, a new addition. Storks is in house of Book, the unknown. This speaks of changes which are learnt. Storks mirror Ring, so I can safely say I have learnt a great deal about relationships in last 2-3 months. Some huge lessons have come my way. Storks also mirror Dog and Mice. I have seen relationships crumbling away (Ring-Mice) and how they change the way we trust people (Storks-Dog).
In house of Storks is the mountain, which also speaks of delays or obstacles, so we can again say the changes or the upward flight was (is?) not easy.
If we look at the three cards Lilies-Storks-Garden it looks like someone is leaving the resting state and is going out more. This is what has happened. I started moving out and around a lot since after February.

Next card is the Heart card.
This card is most people's favourite because it talks about love, affection, feelings, and the usual lovy dovy stuff we all want to know about at some points in our lives.

Heart is in house of Mice, some feelings and emotions have been eaten away, I can again, safely say that. In house of Heart is Child, which says there is a new but immature love started this month. I totally understand why Child is in house of Heart because I cannot say I'm in love, but I do have feelings of affection, those motherly feelings for a very close friend. These feelings have developed over the course of last 2 months. The Heart is surrounded by two negative (Clouds and scythe) and five positive cards (Rider, Sun, Child, Flower, Ring) and one neutral card. If we look at it this way, there is an indication of new love coming my way. I can tell you that I have not found a new love or a new young budding romance (Rider-Child) which feels very complete or true (Sun-Heart-Ring) yet, but I have to confess I feel the energy. Last time when I felt this way, I fell completely head over heels in love. I'm very much anticipating similar kind of feelings now. The Scythe and Clouds talks about a different story. I actually rejected a proposal for a long-term potential relationship (Flower, heart, Ring, Child, Rider) which was very promising, but I have no idea why I did that. I just could not make myself feel good about it. Must be the Mice :D.
Heart knights Stars, which is the card of desires, dreams and hopes, Tree, the card for long-term goals, Key which assures that its not out of reach and Birds which makes nervous and excited. I actually set up a vision board this month, which has a corner in which I have put pictures of happy couples, a baby, some positive quotes about relationships and a bold statement which says "New Love", and shortly after that I started feeling the energy I described above. I will write in detail about the vision board later, will put up some pictures too.
and I just noticed that Heart was my card last month too which made second highest number of appearances last month too .

So here we are with the most important aspects of this month being discussed and they were very much important I can tell from experience (:p) and hope you guys would want to keep a journal and try to analyse your daily draws as well like this. Its very informative trust me !

Friday, March 30, 2012

Roads-Flower: Take it or Leave it?

Twilight: Edward, Bella and Jacob
Choices, choices, choices. Once upon a time, when I was to select my courses for grad school, a person really older and wiser than me said " you are lucky if you have options". I still remember his words because I did believe him at that time. How life proceeded and what I made out of all the choices I had, that is another story, but I still try to make myself believe what he said. You are lucky if you have options.

This is right if you are a downright optimist, but what about a person really bad with making decisions. I hate when this card appears again, and again, and yet again. I'm talking about 22-Roads/paths/crossroads card. This card shows us we are at a very important point in life where we are supposed to make a decision. This card is called "decision" or "choices" because when we are having choices, we are actually facing a decision (how logical and interpretive).

The Flower on the other hand is the card which talks about all the good things in life, good company, a token of gratitude, a friend or girlfriend, a gift, an offer or invite, thus the things we just want to have all the time.

When it appears with Roads card, it means an offer needs a decision. You have to take it or leave it. Look at the surrounding cards to see if there is a hint what the decision may lead to. These are some tempting offers, some lucrative choices, but again, can't have them all!

Fox - Moon: An Illusion?

Girl holding the moon:
picture from
I don't know if any of you have experienced, but I feel like a different person during the day and a different person at night. This is the reason I do not do my daily draw, or my weekly draw or my monthly draw during the day. I actually never read cards during the day. Simply because my brain works more logically during the day when the reasoning is working with the daylight, we have work to do, we have bills to pay and we have things to sort. The night is a different time. This is the time to relax the brain, think about the guy you want to spend your life with, dream about the life you want to have. Its different. I sense that its the effect of moon on me.
Add in the Fox, that clever liar, who is so smart and so intelligent and who would do anything to get its prey and you are definitely in for trouble.

I saw this combination and I have experienced it too.

The Moon is a card which talks about fame, recognition, emotions, romance. Other meanings , at a deeper level, associated with this card are the soul life, subconscious desires, dreams (those we see while we are asleep). I was very much concerned about this card when it used to appear along with Fox near the Man card in my grand tableau. I was seeing this man romantically and I knew why Fox always appeared near him, but why the Moon?

Fox card talks about lies, cheating and flattery. I have already written about Fox card in detail here and here. The Moon I have discussed from a positive angle here. Together they shout:
We love living in dreams, don't we? When things seem so good to be true, who would want to wake up, right? We love illusions. They make us feel what we want to feel but sooner or later, the reality jumps in, and slaps us right in the face.

When these two cards appear together, you need to snap out of that dream you are living, into reality because sooner or later you are going to find out that whatever you thought, it was not exactly like that. I can assure you that very soon you will see the reality, because the Moon will not last there forever, the Sun will dawn and you will see things differently in day light. Just like I do!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week 13 (updated)

As usual the week is almost over and I'm updating the weekly draw now after 4 days.

The Lady is right in the middle, so the week is entirely depending on me and what I want to make out of it.

Ring - Heart - Mountain:
A relationship, which is strong (Ring//Sun) and is based on love and affection is facing some troubles or obstacles. These obstacles are of small or innocent nature (Mountain // Child).

This bit has already happened on March 28th. Me and this friend of mine had some problem today it was very small and naive problem, but I did find him at a distance today.

Child - Mice - Sun:
This looks like a new opportunity is lost which results in losing my optimism and energy. I do feel like drained since the day I went with the kids to the park and I feel like I'm totally drained of any energy I have in me.The kids I went with are quite stubborn (Child//Mountain) and I was actually feeling unaffectionate (Mice-Heart) towards one girl in particular who is actually very close to me but is very very stubborn.

I don't know whats wrong but I have started feeling so energy less and so bored all the time in last three days. I have been trying to find something to do and the things I have , which need some attention, them I'm not doing. Just being totally lazy (Mice-Sun) and I do fee like my new start or my anticipation of "new" is delayed (Child-Mountain).  Thanks God the week is over!

Adding the cards we had: 166 = 76=13=Child. I really have nothing new on my hands. I rather am bored to death.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Different layers of a Daily Draw!

I wanted to share an interesting incident about this draw.
I usually draw two cards for my daily draw, but today I drew three. Looking at the cards one by one, we see there is something about a woman (Snake) possibly older. She is probably ill (Tree) and it has something to do with her reproductive system (Moon).
This turned out the test reports for my aunt's came back and we realized she had some cysts in her right ovary. There is nothing serious but I had to take her to the hospital for further diagnostics.

Tree always depresses me. I hate seeing this card in my spread. This card talks about patience, boredom, things that take long long time to grow. The general meaning associated with this card is the long-term goals, probably life long, growth and ripening. The Moon is the dreams, the subconscious desires. The Snake card has often represented me since I'm very very good with strategies.
This combo told me, through the events of the day , that I can use my subconscious to manifest my long-term goals in my life. Some of them have actually started appearing already and for the others I can sense their energy around me.

When you have a daily draw, try to look at all the possible associations and how they might manifest. They can be literal (the first interpretation) or at a deeper level (the second interpretation).

32- The Moon

This card has been making some continuous appearances in my readings and I never noticed before, until it started appearing with Rider.
The Rider represents a news, a message, a coming love, a new young man entering your life. For a girl who had her last long-term relationship 3yrs ago, the Rider is definitely an interesting spot (you know what I mean). Jokes apart, the Moon also appeared with Tree, Snake etc. I was waiting for a news, then was waiting for some emotional upheavals, since emotions is a common association with The Moon. Nothing like that happened. That was when I started focusing on other possible meanings of this card.
Another association with this card is that of the subconscious realm. I was scrying the other night with my scrying mirror and I was reminded of this card a great deal. I have also noticed that this card appears more for me when my Psychic Rhythms are heightened. I also associate this card with my dreams, both kinds-them I see with my eyes open, and also those I see with my eyes closed. I take my dreams rather too seriously because they usually haunt me throughout the day, at least the thoughts of them. Today, I'm writing about this card only because I took a nap few hours ago and I saw a dream about Clover-Whip and I was told to discuss this card.
Since after I have put up a vision Board in my room, I'm feeling a positive change in my life. This experience of strange emotions which I have not experienced before is very thrilling. The Moon, and all the cards its coming up with, one way or another describe my desires and things related to my dreams on my vision board. This card tells me that we can always realize our dreams in to reality. We can always direct our subconscious to bring us whatever we want. The Law of Attraction, the Secret and all those things we see all around us, talking about manifesting our dreams into reality, they work, I tell you they do. The only thing they depend on is , how much you believe. When you start believing something, it starts happening. Therefore, we should always keep a positive outlook when it comes to dreams. STAY POSITIVE and you will always get positive stuff out of life.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sabian Symbol: Taurus 12 for Week 12(updated)

Last week was my first week for which I drew a Sabian Symbol. The Symbol was

Sabian Symbol: A quite youthful young couple is walking down a busy street, stopping to peer into every window with joyful glee.

When I first read this symbol, I thought I might go shopping or buy something this week. I was disappointed when I did not. Either way, I'm not very fond of shopping (unlike many girls my age :D). Over the span of 7 days, I realized that these symbols are deeper than that. I should have looked at the deeper meanings of this card.

When we go shopping, specially with someone with whom every level of joy is elevated, its only natural to feel enthusiastic, joyful, excited and cheerful for apparently no reason. I have experienced these feelings when I go with my best friend or someone very close to me. When we look at things in the windows, its not the products or our desire to buy them, its just this feeling of joy you get when you see something really nice or pretty.

Another aspect of shopping while being excited is , we visualize and imagine ourselves in those things. The feel of "new" is very joyful, that is why we see shopaholics around us (my mother is one of them). I see this joy on her face every time she buys a new dress or a new ring.

This reminds me of another aspect of shopping; wishful thinking. We look at things and we feel a surge of motivation. I can well relate to this, when I look at something I have always wanted, or something I want to have but I cannot purchase yet, it gives me a motivation. I would work harder to get it, own it, posses it. and when I do, I feel a heightened joy.

This symbol manifested in my week just like that. I have made my very first Vision Board, on which I have placed the pictures of all the things I want to have in 2012. I don't know why I was so tempted to put a picture of really nice glittery shoes on that board. I'm not fond of shoes, and I'm the "joggers are fit for every occasion" kind, but it just makes me happy to look at them, so I put them there. Yesterday I was meditating and all of sudden I thought I might want to wear those white ones for my wedding (someday!). This is same as the window shopping, you buy them or you do not, but that one moment of joy you experience when you look at something beautiful or something you have always wanted but you did not know until you saw it, is priceless!

Back to the symbol, to me this symbol means, dreams are our way to success and they motivate us. Whether we can achieve them or not, that is not even my concern right now. All I know is that I'm loving chasing my dreams and I do not care whether or not I get successful in having it all! The idea or the dream is very exciting in its own! This is the feel I've got from my vision Board. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Love Reading with Madame Seaqueen's Trigger Layout

Here is the spread. I have already done a reading with this spread. Worked like a charm.

This question is from Sarah about her love life since she is single for about a year now and the guys she is seeing are not generating any interest. She asked me that she wants to know about her love life and if she will soon feel "the feeling" again.
We are setting the time frame as:
Immediate: Next three weeks
Soon : Till May 23 (two months).

I'm choosing the card 24- HEART for significator.

The cards are:
Dog - Garden- Man - Birds
Key - Heart - Lady - Roads
Book- Sun - Mountain - Lilies

Past: Some friends (Dog-Garden) helped her unlocking some secrets, and also helped her becoming more open. The Key to left of Book unlocks the secret.

Present: She is having some non-serious flirtations and she is quite positive and optimistic about finding the love of her life just now, one of these days.Her thoughts are on socialising and making more public appearances and her feeling are energetic.In Andy's Small Lenormand Theory, Garden near Heart signifies an open relationship , no strings attached (This one is quite true!)

Immediate: Wow, we see a man coming up soon who probably makes her feel stressed or blocked or its a man with whom she sees no future. The Mountain explain that the Love will be delayed or blocked over next two weeks.

Soon: We wee her nervous because of a decision she has to make about a fling or a wise decision.

The Trigger row: Key - Heart - Lady - Roads
She had a sure help from a friend/a boyfriend in past who helped her learn about love or help her open up. She is quite hopeful and optimistic right now and thinks about socialising and opening herself more. In next two weeks we see her with a man but they are heading a difficult phase or she is facing an obstacle regarding her feeling. He is on top of her, so she has him in her thoughts, but her feelings feel blocked or difficult to express. In the future we see she has to make a choice, or a decision. The Birds and Lilies show she might have more than one options and she might be seeing more than one guy in next two months. Lilies is an affair, Lilies can signify a man who is older than her, Queen of Pentacles and King of Spades can signify an affair. Birds is a couple, and Roads shows she has choices.

Answer: She will soon have some alternatives and choices but she would have to make a decision.

Update April 26,2012
Its been longer than two weeks and I totally forgot to update this one. The row Man-Woman-Mountain, it did signify that there is a man who is her friend, more like a long-distance thing, but she is just not interested. The guy is good and everything but she finds it difficult to see them together as a couple.

We should wait for the Lilies guy.

Update May 17, 2012
The Lilies guy has popped up in her life. She was totally nervous about taking a decision when this guy asked her out, but then she took her chances and they have had two dates and things look favourable so far. She just asked me to do another spread for her now.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 12 (updated)

Moon - Lady - Birds - Letter - Roads - Heart - Rider

Letter is the theme card so this week is about an important message. The card is surrounded on both sides by cards which signify the number Two, therefore, I'd say it means two messages. Letter-Roads means two letters/documents or a message which makes me excited, and Letter-Birds means message delivered by phone call/text message, or a message which sums a situation up/gives a decision.

A sensitive or emotional lady, is anxious or nervous because of a message which requires a decision about a matter of heart and a young man (whose heart is actually involved).

March 22,2012: This very much resonates with the situation as I'm typing this. I find myself at a decision point about a man. The Jack of Heart is looking at the Queen of Pentacles but the Queen is busy looking at the Letter. I wonder if this could mean that I'm being superficial.

Left arm:
Moon - Lady - Birds - Letter
The Lady mirrors Heart, and Moon is near her along with Birds, I'd say that's my mother. She has been quite nervous because of a message she received. She even told me about this phone call that has been bothering her.

Right arm:
Now about the second part, I'm wondering if this would mean I'm going to hear from this guy about him visiting me? Has he made the decision whether he's coming or not. We will see by the end of the week.
Update March 23, 2012:
I actually received a text message last night (Birds-letter) which helped me a lot in making a decision about a love situation involving a man. The Rider might be a news coming soon, because I'm supposed to receive an important message by end of March. The Rider mirrors Moon which shows its a message about success and recognition.
Update March 26,2012
Last week, on Saturday, I decided and also communicated my decision on phone (Roads-Birds) and I'm again on a quest for love (Rider-Moon). This combination is also from my daily draw for Sunday, so I will explore it in a separate post. 

New Moon in Aries! (updated)

New Moon in my Sign, in my 7th house, this reading should be interpreted in terms of one-to-one relationships and partnerships.

Q: What will this New Moon bring me during next lunar month?

Whip - Moon - Sun - Storks - Bear - Garden - Clouds - Fox - Rider

Bear represents a protective, plump and financially strong Man because this is what I see here. When I look at the Bear card, it reminds me a guy in particular. He has a round tummy and roundish eyes and he looks a lot like the Bear I'd hug (I don't know what I'm saying). Bear can be power and strength as well, so I see myself getting some strength. I so need it.Interestingly , the new Moon is in Aries and Iris Treppner associate Aries with Bear as well. This guy I'm talking about is also Aries Sun, Mercury, Moon and Venus.

This looks like some emotional discussions will happen bringing energy and a powerful change. Whip-Rider looks like conversations about my thoughts or change. Moon-Fox however warn of false appreciation and even flattery. Sun will come out of Clouds and Storks-Garden tell me I will be going out more often.

Bear - Garden - Clouds - Fox - Rider
An abundance of improved strength but inability to see things more logically (Clouds-Fox and Fox-Moon) about a young man. The Rider is mirroring Whip, I can see he is someone argumentative.

Storks -Bear - Garden = Big changes in social life
Whip - Moon - Sun = Emotional/romantic conversations or discussing on intuition will bring success.
Clouds-Fox-Rider = Being warned about throwbacks, false throwbacks, examining the hindrances actively.

I believe this lunar month will make me get out more often, chatting with other people, discussing what has been holding me in and will let me see through the problems that are so clouding my optimism (Sun).

If the Bear is him, which I'm strongly feeling it is, we might meet up and clear our confusions which no doubtingly are present between two Aries because of their super-hyperactive and restless nature.

Another month has passed and I have yet not heard from him. The Bear is the centre was actually was my personal power and strength. I was having a strong protective network around me (Bear+Garden) which was good for a change (Bear + Storks). Besides that I do not see any thing very clear in this spread. The Rider+Whip did bring a person to me about whom I'm very cautious (Fox+Rider). I actually have trust issues with this person. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Grand Tableau for March (updated)

Here is the Grand Tableau for March.

The Cut:
Whip - Snake - Man

This looks like a man who has a strong power of speech. eloquent man. This can also represent sexual passion or sexual chemistry with a man.

First three cards:
Roads - Dog - Book
A decision is made about a friend which reveals something.

March 23, 2012:
Update: I had to make a decision about a guy about whom little do I know. The pages side of Book is towards him, which shows I did not know him completely. Roads reflect Flowers, it was a decision about an offer, which was important (Key) and required some wisdom and a sound judgement (Lilies).Dog reflects Mice, Ring and Storks. He was someone who wanted a long-term relationship, but I was just not able to convince myself that this is what I want, so I had to say No finally. 

Four Corner Cards:
Roads + Flowers
Two ladies, meeting a friend or A pleasant journey, pleasant alternatives.
Key + Lilies
Important man . Support from someone important.Wisdom revealed.

March 23, 2012:
This was about a decision about a really important offer. The Roads-Key combo tells me this decision must be made, before I could move forward. I also felt that till I make this decision, thing will not move. The Lilies part of the deal still needs to be revealed though. May be its representing another person coming into situation since we are still not done with March.

Fate cards:

Snake- House - Tower - Whip
Trouble at home or with family leads to isolating myself again.

Snake+House (King and Queen of different suits can be an affair). An independent woman and a family oriented man. (Garden-Man) a man met in a social place, Fish-Birds brings worries.

Tower+Whip Troubled individual, trouble with authorities, Tree+Letter, brought on a message, Book +Lady which will not be revealed to me.

March 23,2012
I had plenty of troubles at home and with family this month and many a times I had arguments which made me turn cold towards them.
Snake can be me and House can be Jay, my friend from last month's GT. He is not a very social man though. We have been discussing lot of things which make me see things more clearly.
Analysing Lady:
Lady is in house of House, in house of Lady is Tree, in house of Tree is Fish and in house of Fish is House.
Lady >> House>> Fish >> Tree>>Lady
This looks like this month is all about family and roots and material matters this month.

Past: Roads -Dog - Book
A decision lead to a friend and learning about him.A friend came out in open.

Present: Lady - Cross - Fox - Man
I'm being very very cautious and I'm down from the incidents of the last month.

Future: Lady - Fish - Birds - Mice - Key
Looks like there will be financial worries which will keep me stressed and nervous till a solution is presented.

Counting: Lady>>Key>> Stars >> Anchor>> Heart >> Man>> Snake>> Dog
I will successfully find myself on a new path towards something more stable in terms of love for a man who is  having a trouble being a friend.

Mirroring: Lady + Fish = I might get some money this month, because the Fish is right next to me. Otherwise money will be a concern.

Knighting: Lady+Clover = I'll find some luck
Lady + Clouds = The ambiguities are clearing up
Lady +Moon = I'll find myself dreaming a lot, being sensitive and illusive.
Lady + Ship = I might go on a trip.

Update March 28, 2012
This was one of those months when I was unable to figure out who was "man", who was "Rider, the news or the coming love (with Heart)" and why it was all so messed up. The only thing which was true for this month was financial worries, they kept me worried a lot at a time and finally they were solved. I'm still not sure I have all of what I need, but I can manage for another month at least.
The Counting was all positive cards and this man and I are swiftly being really good friends.

Looking at Book for project:
Book is in house of Ship, my biggest longing right now is to finish it successfully. Ship is in house of Tower, I feel alone but I know I can do it. Tower is in house of Anchor, bringing stability and determination, Anchor is in house of Dog, a friend can be of help, Dog is in house of Clover, yes it is possible he can be of small help, Clover in house of Scythe however I should be warned, Scythe is in house of Roads, I should be warned of different ways I'm presented with.

Counting: Book- Mice - Cross- Mountain - Scythe - Garden - Flower - Roads
It looks like initially I will be worried but then there will be delays that will make me cut off from socialising (may be focusing more on work) and bring many offers (for help may be , Dog next to Roads).

Knighting: It seems like a big, huge project which requires strength (bear), but I'm hopeful (Stars).I need to do some digging (Fox) and that requires determination (Anchor).

Update on Project: I started with lots of stress and there was lots to do, but Thanks God my document has been accepted without any objection. It was such a relief. The Stars were helpful and the Bear. A person did help me (Dog). The submission was blocked just when I was going to submit it on last day (Book-Clover-Mountain) and Book-Cross, but I had a success finally (Moon-Letter). The instructor emailed me that it was fine to submit it 3 days late because of the problem in system. The Counting technique has worked like a charm here. I started six days ago without any knowledge and I faced HUGE obstacles. I practically installed and un-installed at least 10 tools to develop the interface. I finally got it done within time and right when I had to submit it, there was a problem in submission (Cross-Coffin). Submission was delayed and then finally it was sorted and my document was accepted.The Roads now make me wonder which tool I will be using for the database.

Looking at Heart: Heart is in house of Mice, while in house of Heart is Child. There can be a new but naive love or some feelings of affection for someone.
Counting: Heart-Garden-Flower-Roads - Birds - Coffin - Rider - Moon
This looks like I will get many offers, may be online, and this will lead me to a decision point where the nervousness and anxiety will end and a message comes up or a romantic man.

Knighting: Heart -Key = sure love, which is long-lasting (Tree) but will make me lovesick (Birds) and arrival of new love is supported by three cards , Child, Stars and Key.

The Scythe tells me it can be a sudden one, and Clouds tell me it can be somewhat confusing.

The Ring and Tree bring an element of longevity to this love though! However them both can also be a sense of boredom.

Update: I have to agree with the feelings of affection for a friend this month. I really feel very nurturing and protective towards this guy. I just occasionally bumped into few people who were not really able to generate any interest. I did make a decision about an offer and after that my approach changed and I started focusing on man of my dreams (Rider-Moon).
The Scythe was actually a sudden end to a potential relationship, and it was because I was really confused about this guy. The Tree was actually the boredom. I just could not make myself get interested in this man. 

I have also been keeping a track of the combinations I have got in my daily draw and were also there in GT for March.Following have been there:

  1. Roads-Clover = I went to a short trip out side city
  2. Letter - Whip = Did two readings online
  3. Clouds- Fish = it rained that day, I had a conversation with a man who always confuses me. I also made a scrying mirror that day.
  4. Mice-Key = We had a mouse in our house that day. I saw it. Besides that I fell ill, food poisoning.
  5. Tower - Whip = I had to sign a document at my bank. Me and my mother had an argument.
  6. Fox - Ship = My car started troubling during an out-of city trip. I also made a vision board to fulfil my dreams.
  7. Book - Fox (Knighting) = I read the book "The Secret".
  8. Garden - Ship = Went out of city for a gathering.
  9. Tower - Letter = An official letter was received about acceptance of document. I organized my papers in a proper file.
  10. Ship-Snake = my mother was out of town for a gathering (Garden) she was invited to (Letter).
  11. House - Storks(Knighting): I had a new addition in my room, a colourful bed cover.
  12. Ring - Scythe : I ended up a potential relationship proposed by a guy.
So far out of 19 days, on 9 days my daily draws were directly from my GT.

To be Continued...

March 23, 2012:
Update: There is Flower with Heart and Ring which is a combo signifying an engagement. I was wondering that  have not heard about anyone's engagement. Last night I got a message from a friend who said he was engaged. This guy is younger than me (Child) and it was sort of unexpected (Scythe). Congratulations to my friend!

March 30,2012
The combination Letter + Ring, with Flower can be a marriage proposal. It is topped by Scythe. I recently rejected a guy who proposed me about a month ago. So this was very much on spot.

Ring +Cross: A time to bid farewell!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

Ring is the card which we look at as something that binds us strongly. It can be a relationship (that's the general meaning I assign to this card since that's what it has represented couple of times in my readings, specially weekly ones). This relationship can be one which does not bind you to each other but where you and the other person are just going round and round playing silly games. One day you get tired of it and you suddenly, desperately want an out of it.

On the other hand, Cross is the card which literally means where we have to bare a cross, burdens, karma and destiny. These words sound promising when next to Ring, but the downside is, destiny or fate does not always bring us what we want.

When this combination occurs in a love question specially, you will know that:

  • You have no way out.
  • The only way out is through it.
  • The way through is not the most desirable one.
  • Fate and destiny always bring us not what we think is best for us, but what Universe or God deems better for us. We might not always be happiest with it.
When I had this appeared in my daily draw, my patience was put to test by a man with whom I feel a strange emotional bond. I know that he and I can never stop arguing, we will never stop fighting each other off, and yet, he is my best friend and I'm his and we will always share this strong bond, no matter how much patience it requires!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

21 cards Gypsy Spread

I did this spread and I had an OMG reading so I thought I would share with you guys as well.
I don't exactly remember where I copied it off because I was going through my first journal and it had this spread which I did in August 2011 and then I decided to give it a try.

First about the spread: It has 21 cards in 3 rows of 7 cards each. You read the three rows as Past, Present and Future.

Past =    1----2----3---4----5---6---7
Future= 15--16--17--18--19--20--21

The 7 cards are narrated as a story.
Here is the twist that I added, because it worked for me, I looked at the central card in each row (4th card) as a theme card and the rest of the row revolves around this card. It made the reading more interesting for me.
Next we also get 7 columns which are each assigned a meaning. I used the following meanings since they were given in my journal.

1 - Thoughts
2- Home
3- Desires
4- What you expect
5- What you don't expect
6- Near future
7- Long-term future


Past: This looks like a dream and a much hoped for (Stars) comfort (House) bringing me to a decision point (Roads) where I secretly (Book) involved myself in a short-lived (Flowers) pleasure(flower) that left me full of energy and optimism (Sun). The Book in the centre tells it was about a secret, something that taught me how to be optimistic (clover) and also how to make the correct decision at the correct time (Roads).
This was a turning point of my life.

Present: A change which brings rest and peace for the lady (me) who is feeling lonely (Tower) and unsure and restless (Fish)  about her feelings (Heart) which feel being blocked(Mountain). Heart-Mountain is the combo from my March GT. So it sounds perfect for present situation. The Tower in the middle is very true. I actually feel very isolated these days. The Lilies next to me make me lazy and sleep a lot.

Future: Fox-Ring is a bad sign and Ring-Man is another bad sign on top. I will probably be cautious of a relationship (Ring) with a Man who is younger than me or at least looks young (Child) and corresponds (Rider, Letter) from a distance (Ship).
This looks very interesting for a future event. The Fox looks like a good warning.

Looking at Columns:
1- Stars - Storks - Fox = a much awaited change which I'm constantly on a look out for
2- House-Lilies-Ring = My dad really needs some rest these days, he says he feels down and tired. He has been having some tough work schedule, his ongoing routine which is why he gets tired.
3- Roads - Lady - Man = Roads are behind me, I'm looking at them (if placed in a line), so I'm looking for my options and my alternatives when it comes to men (and I literally have to make a decision any time now).
4- Book - Tower - Child = The reason I'm alone is because I'm being too naive and in literal sense, new semester starting at University.
5- Clover-Fish-Rider = Some money is coming up, and I hope it does, I really need some.
6-Flower-Heart-Letter = a romantic love letter or a message in which someone asks me to a date
7- Energy will be blocked till I decide to move on or success will be found abroad (Mountain-Ship).

So here was the spread with the reading, and hope you guys will try your hands on this and I wish it works just as good for you as it did for me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book + Fox: Detective work!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

Book is mainly looked at as "Secret" and the "Unknown". We see here the book is closed and we don't know what its about. The secondary meanings which I associate with Book is education, my Final Project specifically, since the cards have often chosen this card to represent my project. The Book, besides these meanings, can be documents, paper-work, letters, diaries, or occult knowledge.
Its something you need to learn about or discover.

There is a theory about Book card. The card towards the open side of the Book is something you know about, something you have a little idea about. The card to the spine side (right side for this deck) is what you have no idea about. I experienced this in my monthly GTs where I got the combination Book+Dog in one month and Dog+Book in next month. The first month was when this person had not appeared in my life, yet, and the second month was when I knew a little (not much) about him.

The Fox card has been talked about and discussed a lot in these two posts; here and here!

I said in that post the direction Fox is facing is what needs to be sniffed out, what requires an investigation and what can be wrong. The Fox is towards the Spine side of the Book, so one can assume, there is some lie or cheating which is not discovered yet. The Fox will sniff the Book, but won't be able to get much out of it since its facing the Spine side of the Book. so we can say:

  • Despite the effort, secret won't be revealed
  • Sniff out a secret
  • Finding out a secret
  • Detective work
  • Make sure the documents are complete before you dispatch them.
I sense I will get a news about my project document that I submitted yesterday, I hope I did not miss anything in that!

Update: The day I had this combo drawn, the next day i was literally checking The Secret out at a book store! amazing!!!

Fox + Ship

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

Here we looked at Fox as an adjective, now we will look at it as a Noun.

Fox is the card of lone-wolf style and Ship is also a lonely ship moving in the vast sea. This is the first thing I see common among the cards.

Fox looks for answers, Ship looks towards fulfilling dreams and wishes, Fox is clever, Ship is exploratory, Fox finds facts and logic, Ship is carefree, Fox is deceitful, Ship is wishful.
These are some of my thoughts on both.

Fox represents a warning, what one must be careful about. The way Fox is going is what needs proper sniffing, however, what is next to Fox is what helps or aids the sniffing or digging IMO.

The Ship is card of journey mainly. It can be a small journey or a holiday trip. It can be the movement, change and longing for something. The waters represent emotions and the waves are ups and down we face, the Ship is exploratory. It explores the foreign lands (waters).

If you look at both pictures, they are moving in opposite directions.
If you are going on a trip and these cards appear, be very careful, something is bound to happen, so do check your vehicle, your flight schedule, the travel documents you need.

 Together they can mean:

  • Exploration of facts
  • Change is the name of the game
  • Moving on is the clever thing to do
  • A trip/journey will help unveiling something or finding out something
  • A movement which one needs to be careful about
  • Find it out!
  • You need a strategy for fulfilling your wishes.
These are some of my thoughts on this combination, please comment if you have something to add.

Ring + Anchor: Stability or restriction?

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.  

Ring, obviously means a relationship which you are devoted towards, a marriage, routine, cycles, processes,something that happens over and over again, contracts which legally bind you, a bond very strong.

In love, its commitment, not necessarily a marriage.

In career and studies its a process, cycle, a batch, completion of a task, end of semester, work contract.

I associate Saturn with this card 35-Anchor because it reminds me of determination and stability Saturn bring, not to mention how restricting it is. This card appears a lot around a Capricorn friend of mine in my readings. Anchor restricts a ship from moving, so if you are Ship kind of personality, this is your restraining factor. The positive meanings are durability, comfort point (Anchor keeps you at dock, your "anchor point"). German meanings associate this card with work.

Traditionally, if we look at this combination, it would be a Job/work contract, but there are other meanings as well, in terms of love and relationships specially. 
Ring + Anchor represents a relationship which is comfortable, which is stable and durable, but again, if you are a kind of person who needs space in relationships, this is a chain around your neck. The Anchor will make the relationship a lot routine-like, very solid, but can be boring as well. Analyse which relationship of your life is pinning you down and is restricting your movement when this card appears. It can also be a relationship from past which is keeping you from moving on.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mountain + Key: Definite delays!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

Mountain is the "hard" card. It brings delays, burdens, blockages that are longer lasting and stresses you out (just like climbing a mountain will). The word "delays" is associated with this card because whenever we have to climb a mountain, it slows our speed, besides adds extra miles to our journey. Its the "tough" card. 

This card can also represent barriers, which can be both for good and bad as well. Whatever is behind this card is being blocked. As a person, I will call this person stubborn.

The Key card is the Yes card of Lenormand juts like Mountain is "not now" card. This card unlocks things, brings answers, solutions, confirmations, the surety, it is something that will sure happen. This card tells us what will happen with certainty. That is why its a "yes" card.

I was going through "A playing card Reader's Notebook" by Kapherus  and I read this for Eight of Diamonds "From an older meaning of "Spectacles" the 8 of Diamond denote "being insightful" or "looking into the future".

This card tells you what is coming up (cards to the right) after you have gone through what you must (cards to the left). 
The cards together can show:

Definite delays. No matter how many efforts you put in, there will be blockages. You will have to be patient and wait if you want a resolution to your problem. You have no other option!

This literally happened to me the time when I got them together in a daily draw. I had no choice but to be patient and face delays. 

Tower + Birchrod/Birch/Whip and Rod

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

Tower is the card of authority, something that has been standing there firmly for years and years, Government, structure, power, ambition, something that has always been there and never really gone. 
In career, this card talks about ambition, independence, where you stand head held high.
In love, this card is always separation, or split.
In work and jobs, its Government, structured organizations, courts, hospitals and with Book, University.A high building.
Emotionally, its loneliness, a feeling of being OK being alone. 
In terms of medicine, its the spinal column.
As a person, he is someone tall, thin, loves structure and authority, and is pretty organized.It can also be someone alone, single etc.

Whip on the other hand is the card of negotiations, arguments, discussions, troubles, breakups, documents etc. Something is going to be discussed and the discussion is going to get little heavy. Interestingly, this card , like the Tower, also represents separation but in a different way. Tower represents separation because you feel secure and comfortable being alone, or you are alone because of your pride, ego etc. The Whip on the other hand is the separation because of arguments, fights and quarrels. It can also represent something that needs to be done twice. Another theory describes that Rod side is what is discussed behind closed doors and Broom side is what is discussed in public.
This card also talks about emotions that are intense, specially sexual chemistry.
As Jack of Clubs, this is a person who is young, sporty, hard working and active. 
A sports lover or an admirer. 

Together they can indicate:

  • A trouble with authority
  • A court case
  • A negotiation
  • A discussion between two people, where one is trying to make the other bend down, and the other person does not give up at all (telling you from experience).
  • A separation because of both ego and quarrels.
  • Sexual arousal.

House + Heart; Home is where the Heart is!

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination. 

House card talks about your residence, your home, not to mention, home is where the heart is. The cards that surround this card tell us what is going on at home, or in one's personal space. Like I said above, home is the place which gives you shelter, makes you feel protected, secure and the feeling of "at home". This can be a person as well, who makes you feel all these things. 

With the playing card insert of King of Hearts, this is a person who is protective and family-oriented and somewhat paternal. My dad is Scorpio Sun, Venus and Moon, therefore, I associate this card with him. This card makes me think of him. But if you are reading for yourself, it can be a man in your life who is passionate, artistic and emotional. He is really sensitive.

Heart on the other hand is love, feeling of affection, warmth, compassion and a human physical heart. In older cartomancy meanings, Jack of Hearts represents an emotionally insecure, immature and lazy man. In modern meanings, its usually a lover. This is a person you feel love and affection for. A favoured child.
For older women, it can represent a son, and for younger women it can be a lover or lover. This is someone you have an emotional attachment with.

The meanings I associate with this combination are:

My father and brother: King of Hearts is my dad for me. My eldest brother is his favourite child, and he holds a strong bond with him, thus, its two of them

My love for my father/family. Since I love him a lot, he is probably the most important man in my life, I feel an affection and warmth in my heart for him.

Love at home, love for family. Any card (person or other) near the card 04-House means home and family for me. So this card means love/warmth/affection for family members or members of family feel love for each other.

Traditionally, a King and Jack of Hearts together could mean the Return of an old lover. I have somewhat experienced this aspect too in a daily draw. Someone I once had an attachment with kind of made a re-entry in my life. 

Week 11 (Update)

Ring -Child - Lady  - Whip - Key - Anchor - Letter

Whip in the middle suggests some important discussions this week, emphasized by Key next to it. Whip-Lady suggests these discussions will be by me, or mine with a sensitive, young, naive lady (Child-Lady).

Left arm:

A new contract or relationship seems to be developing for me, but that will leave me a bit argumentative or some important discussions about this matter.

Right arm:
Whip - key - Anchor - Letter
Ring+Anchor appeared yesterday as my daily draw and since I do not have a job, I look at anchor as something stable and long-lasting. The Anchor+Letter and Letter+Ring looks like a message or communication about a stable relationship which I discuss with my brother a lot these days about his relationships which tend to be pretty short-term, besides all his efforts. Key-Lady looks like it will resolve things for me.

Adding the numbers: 173 = 83 = 11-Whip. Another emphasis on the discussions and documents. Nothing about the project document I hope!

Update: The week was marked by discussions and physical energy I had (or the lack of it). Some discussions did get heated but they gave me a food for thought, specially a discussion between me and my brother about my job (Whip-Key-Anchor). Lady-Key looks like I have found some important answers to the kind of life I want to have. Ring-Letter and Child-Anchor probably relates to the articles and documents I read about vision board, you can see one at the bottom of my blog, and how to make them grow into something stable and long-lasting (Anchor).

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Roads/Crossroads/Paths + Child

These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

The traditional meanings associated with this card are decision point, a choice, alternative, options, open-nature, walking etc. However, I have come to know that this card also represents a new chapter opening, a journey which begins, a change in situation. This is what happens when we make a choice or make a decision. Of course everything that happens is the result of something, some choice, we made before. We find ourselves walking on a path because we chose it at some prior time when we were presented with a choice.

The picture shows a point from where you can take at least three routes. Now you are not aware which path will lead you where, so you have a choice, options or alternatives. Besides that you have to decide whether you want to keep moving, or you want to stand there and keep wondering what you ought to do.

Child is the card of new beginning, a matter which is in its early phases yet but has potential for growth. Several meanings associated with Child are new things, new beginning, an actual child, a young woman, a person who is younger than you, someone who looks young, naivety, purity and innocence.

Together they could be:
New journey, few options, new alternative. A young lady faces a choice, a new start for a lady who has been standing at a crossroad for a long time.

When they both appear together, you should know that a new chapter is going to begin, but its in your control. You can take a step and embrace it, or let it pass you by. However, if you do take a step forward, you might be surprised by what you find.


These meanings and associations are personal, learnt through time and experience. Your cards might show you the meaning of this combination in a different way.Last, but not the least, this is not the only meaning associated with this combination.

Rider is the messenger who brings good news, a message, or is a visitor who arrives or is about to reach you in next 2-3 days. I have found this card to represent speed as well, it can be you going somewhere by road, visiting some aunt who lives in another city, or her visiting you.

The time around when I started pulling out a daily draw of two cards, I came to know that this card can also represent a new guy entering your life. This guy is someone who actually rushes into your life. The Nine of Hearts is the wish card. When this card appears you know something nicer is going to happen. Something you have wished for.

On the other hand, Fox is a card which talks about caution, warning, treachery, lies and cheating. Fox is intelligent and cunning. When Fox card appears, look for the cards surrounding it, either you are being warned or you are already cautious when it comes to those matters. If it appears near a person card, that person is smarter than you think, so you need to stay alert for any lies or any cheating involved. Man + Fox = One who is really good at telling lies.

Another thing about Red Fox is that its very adaptable. They stalk their prey, sometimes even play with them before killing them. When they are not hungry, they will just play with their prey and let go when they are done. They have really sharp hearing.
This person will accommodate you in every way possible. They will stalk you, let you trust them, let you being played and will leave when they are done.
Fox card is not always bad, this is what I tried to tell myself every time it appeared near a person card.  This particular person had all the above mentioned characteristics. He was smarter, clever, sunning, accommodating and adaptable, and above all a cheater.

When Rider+Fox appears and a man appears in your life immediately or you started seeing a man just during that time, be careful. Observe if you find any of the above mentioned characteristics in that person. The Fox is a warning card, so take it seriously!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 10!! (Updated)

Storks - Book - Mountain - Rider - Moon - Dog - Snake

The Rider in the middle shows there is a visitor or a movement happening this week. Rider-Moon can be a psychic message, a message in dream (I should write them down) or a message about recognition. Rider-Mountain can be a man coming from another country, or a stressful message.
A stressful message or a stressful, blocked situation addressed in a dream.

Left arm: Storks - Book - Mountain
An improvement or expansion in studies which stresses me out. I see this coming. I have my project Interface design due in one week and I just started. The Storks mirror Snake, so the improvement in efficiency and smartness will help me. Book-Dog talks about a helpful friend.

Right arm: Moon - Dog - Snake
A friend looks in trouble here. Snake-Storks tell me this trouble will be resolved. Dog-Book, this friend is someone who studies. Moon-Mountain, he is worried about success, recognition and honours.

Rider represents one's thoughts too, so this week my thoughts will shift from unrealistic and illusions (Moon) towards the obstacles on hand (Mountain). 

Adding the numbers: 122- 32-Moon. We have a full moon in Virgo this week. The message is success, recognition and fame, dreams are important and must be written down.

Update: This week was full of stress initially because of the project document due exactly today. I was very worried but then I figured a way out, I did get some help from a friend (Dog+Book). Without his help I could not have done anything. The second half of the week was marked with my dad and me both falling ill due to intestine toxins (Snake). The week ended on a bad note due to my sickness. Feeling a lot well now. There was one very important dream this week, which I told my Mom and she said it was related to someone in the family who passed over to the next world and now they want me to know something.