Sunday, May 27, 2012

Confused. Should I go?

I did this reading using the answer spread. The question relates to a family trip I'm supposed to be taking. If I refuse to go I might not get another chance to go for about next 2-3 years since my whole family is going and I will not be able to go alone. The other bit is that if I go I will have to miss out on my assignments and this might jeopradise my chances of winning a gold medal. My major problem is that I have put in too much for having the gold medal in my post graduate program and I cannot let it go just like that but on the other hand things might get complicated if I do not go. There are some religious matters involved, the basic purpose of the trip so its not only a vacation. There is more to it.

Q: Should I go?

Past influences: 
Lilies + Roads : Family has been literally indecisive in the past. This plan has been pending for last 3months at least.  The King of Spades and Queen of Spades is a

Book + Tower = The mystery will not be revealed, University or leave the studies alone.
Which one is it?

Future influences: 
Tree - Sun = vitality.

Yes I know the outcome is good, but what about the answer which is so not clear.

Lets give it another go

Q: What should I expect if I choose to go?
Ship pre-selected

Fox - Coffin - Ship - Heart - Storks
if I go

The Cards behind Ship shows that some slyness/intrigue is ending. The Heart - Storks combination looks good. The Coffin - Heart may suggest a happy start after a period of sadness. I have two 9s which mean higher education. There is Queen and Jack of Hearts which might mean things between me and another person who is accompanying us, might get well after all.

Q: If I choose to Stay and not go?
No card pre-selected

Rider - House - Man - Snake - Anchor

I have two 9s again *confused* and two court cards. If I stay then its a man at the centre. There is a Lady with him and there may be a visitor to the house. Things will get complicated for a long time with this man. I wonder if the man is my father. He wants me to go, he really does.

I'm so confused. May I have some help with this?

Update: I have decided to go. I will try my best to sort all the matters before I leave (this is why my blog has been ignored by me for last two-three days) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will go wrong *having faith* and also I can totally feel the Heart-Storks part. I'm literally having a winged heart these days. My feelings about the trip have completely changed. I feel so good. 

Daily Draw May 27, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 27, 2012
Cards: Moon + Book + Cross

Key Card: Moon

Key words: dreams, recognition

Prediction: The Moon is a complex card. One one hand it shows the dark side, the intuition, the dreams, the subconscious and illusions. On the other hand it is public recognition, fame and being in spotlight. The Book next to it may be a secret or something I know a little about. The Cross is the last card, which sums it up, or ends it, and it is pain, suffering and whatever lies to the left does not matter any more.

Moon + Book may be the knowledge, or my interpretation of the dreams. I've been unable to decipher my dreams these days since I sleep late after watching some movie and then I can't remember them next morning. The Book refers to my studies/project as well. The Cross is the card which brings pain, suffering but its the pain you cannot avoid.

Moon + Book  = dream interpretation, secret coming out in open, recognition through knowledge
Moon + Cross = painful dreams, painful recognition
Book + Cross = pain which is not known yet.

What Happened in relation to cards: Observation: I had to do something which jeopardise my image in front of a lot of people who are close to me. It was something related to the trip about which I have posted the latest post. I decided I would not want to go. This definitely caused some disruption, and arguments resulting in leaving me depressed. I don't like the Cross at the end.

The Moon + Book was recognition through studies, the result of the Scholarships program was up and my name was on the top. That was a big deal for me. The Book + Cross was the GPA which was lower than the last time, sad! Moon + Cross was the emotional dilemma I was facing and therefore, suffering.

Movie Plot for Girl with dragon tattoo

Q: What is the plot of this movie I'm going to watch?

Tree - Snake - Child - Fox - Clover

The Child in the middle tells me the theme of the movie is a young girl. The Fox shows she is sly or she is very shrewd. The Snake also shows she is extremely dangerous, complicated and clever. Both Fox and Snake around her make her very clever and smart, yet cold and aloof.

Tree could mean the plot is slow moving. There are complications which take time to reveal themselves and a lady is assisting in, may be, discovering something about the younger lady (Snake - Fox). Clover in the end shows that by the end , a hint of luck helps discovering or getting away with something (Fox - Clover).

I slept without updating this but throughout the movie I was thinking about this spread and its accuracy and my prediction. The movie actually is about this young girl who is dark, mysterious, gothic (Snake) and she is extremely good at detective work (Fox). She assists the guy in solving a really old mystery (Snake-Fox) and the mystery gets resolved very very late in the movie when an idea just strikes the guy. In the end we see her moving on with her life (Fox - Clover). The guy says about her "she has a rough life" which is explained by Tree-Snake and she makes her way towards good days using her really clever ideas and she even uses a mask, a get-up to achieve that (Fox -Clover). She uses fake passports and fake name etc. She was really thin and slender (Snake) and foxy (Fox).

Tree - Child - Clover, after a period of wait and patience, she finally gets lucky and she makes sure she gets the most out of it. 

The cards were very accurate yet again!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daily Draw; May 26, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw: 26, 2012
 Cards: Stars + Anchor + Mice

 Key Card: Stars

Key words:Guidance, hope, faith, night time

Prediction: The Stars is the card of hope, when this card appears it shows that there is something about which I know I'm hopeful. I'm an optimist and hardly ever I lose hope, but this card just gives me these feelings that it might just come true, or is almost close to coming true.The Anchor can be daily grind or feelings of being chained down. What concerns me is the Mice at the end. The last card in the spread always tells me what is going to happen, or what its all going to end up in, and the Mice in the end is worrying me. Stars - Anchor shows me that there is hope, no matter what happens, but at the same time Stars - Mice is eating at my faith. Anchor-Mice is eating at my determination.

What Happened in relation to cards: I found myself questioning my believes. I was not sure if its all worth it at all. Most of the times, during the day, specially when near the dawn when I was sitting at a really high spot in the house, alone, darkness spreading really slowly and the wind blowing really nice and cold, I was wondering if I have anything to look forward to.

Observation: Stars is the hope, the belief, the new path which you are guided towards. You just have to follow the trail. The Anchor is your determination, how determined you are to never let go of this faith and Mice is what makes you question both of them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Moon in Gemini Reading (Updated)

We had a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Gemini on 20th of this month. The New Moon was at 0 degrees Gemini I pulled two sabian Symbols for last week and this week, both in Gemini. This New Moon, energized with the Solar eclipse was in my 9th house of higher education, travel and foreign matters. I am expecting to make some travel plans this month, and I hope that it happens just as I want it but nothing has been confirmed yet. The New Moon reading says the following.

New Moon in Gemini 2012

The First card usually expresses your thoughts at the moment. The 27-LETTER shows that I have been anticipating a news which I am. The Clouds and Bear around it shows that the news is expected to clear up some doubts and provide me with the strength which I need. The Mountain however, is blocking the news.

This was right since its been five days now and the expected news has not yet arrived.

The Mountain in the middle will cause delays. The central card anchors the reading and this time the anchor is the Mountain which is card of obstacles and delays.

Past: Letter - Clouds - Garden
There have been anticipated a news which is causing trouble, confusion among me and my peers.

Present: Bear - Mountain - Scythe
A lot of power and strength is required to get over the mountain and make a quick decision.

Future: Roads - Child - Key
A decision promises a fresh beginning and new start.

Letter - Bear - Roads = A news about someone strong and protective is making me make a choice
Clouds - Mountain - Child  = I have no idea how to get to the other side of the mountain where my new start is awaiting me.
 Garden - Scythe - Key = a cancelled event, cutting back from socialising will bring some solutions, answers.

Diagonals: Letter - Mountain - Key
The delayed information will arrive, but after a while.

Roads - Mountain - Garden
The decision is tough one to make but it will bring joy.

Letter - Child - Garden
A news about a gathering involving young children.

Roads - Clouds - Key
The uncertain options are making the answers unclear. No options, no answers, no certainties.

Letter - Roads + Scythe
a news about parting ways will come up unexpectedly.

Garden -Key + Bear
some event is definitely happening and it will bring security, strength and power.

Update June 3, 2012
Delays have been in everything I'm doing. The email I sent to my instructor which included my almost completed project was not delivered and I got late by two freaking days. (Letter-Mountain)

The longer it takes the Letter to get past the Mountain, the longer my confusions will stay (Clouds) because I need the instructor to have a look at my developed project and let me know if he needs any modifications. There is so much going on and its not going on like it should rather too slow. I have been facing delays in everything. The energy of the Mountain is risen really high around the Full Moon coming on June 4. 

I also had some data copied from the Uni lab into my flash drive and after an hour and half, when I came back home and checked it, there was NOTHING in the flash drive. The quicker I need the data, the more delays  faced. Turned out Uni was closed for the weekend. Further delays. I'm feeling even more crabbier now (Bear-Mountain). 

Daily Draw: May 25, 2012

Weather : Hot/Clear

Daily Draw May 25, 2012 
Cards: Letter - Dog- Sun

Key Card: Letter

Key words: An email, a message, mail
Prediction: It will be a happy message from a friend. This friend is someone warm and optimistic. The news about success is expected from a friend.

What Happened in relation to cards: I was down, depressed and sad despite all my efforts to cheer myself up. It was about a friend's message in the afternoon which shook me to the core. I was very much depressed. Throughout the day I found myself questioning his motives. The Sun was no where.
Then at around mid-night, he rang me up and all my doubts which were nagging me in the head throughout the day were just useless. The Sun appeared at midnight.

Observation: When the cards tell you something good will happen, then you must know it will happen. Just have faith!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Continued reading from March-May reading (Updated)

Here is the first part of this lady's story and now she has asked me to do another reading using the same layout for she and her Lilies guy.

Using Heart again for the theme card,

Past: Coffin - Child - House
 The past shows an ending and a new beginning which brought her some peace and comfort.

Present: Lady - Heart - Mice

She is in love, it shows, but she is worried at the same time. The cards around Mice are House and the other card is Roads. Mice eat whats to the left and as a result you lose whats to the right. The Mice is eating at her feelings of privacy, comfort and security (of being single) and as a result she is losing her options/alternatives. From the draw we did last time, when she was single and not feeling like binding herself with one person, this looks obvious. The one disadvantage which comes with having an exclusive relationship.

Soon : Next two weeks: Flowers - Stars - Roads
She will feel happy, might get an invite at night, and this will again put her at a crossroad.  Stars with Roads shows that if the right choice is made, it will bring success for her.

Immediate: Next two months (till July 24th)
Fox - Whip - Storks
There is something wrong there. Lies will cause trouble, or extra caution will cause trouble, but discussions will help sorting things out. 

The Answer, Trigger Row:
Child - Heart - Stars - Whip
The love they share is pure and innocent, and is budding right now. There is lots of success for this relationship in near future. The Whips usually represent conflict and trouble but with Stars I don't think it will be any disastrous one. Whip is also physical passion, specially its with Stars which says "music" in Treppner's course. 

We have 5 positive, 4 negative and 2 neural cards (Heart was pre-chosen so not included here). Things look smooth for next two months.

Update: Things were pretty smooth for the Time from May to July.There is a new budding romance which is still in the immature phase. There are some problems budding right now, some aggression issues, the Whips card is showing itself.

Update: By July 24th they had a major trouble, an argument which led to lot of trouble.

Movie night and Lenormand

I did a quick Line of Five to ask what the movie I'm going to watch tonight be about.

Q: What is the plot of the movie I'm going to watch tonight?

Line of Five for movie plot
First thing I noticed, There is King of Hearts at one end and Queen of Hearts at the other and rest of the cards lie between them. The story is about a guy and a girl, possibly a couple (Suit of Hearts). The lady is interested in the guy but the guy is facing away, not interested. The card in the middle is Ring, which is a relationship or a contract. The presence of Letter shows its a contract. Ring + Tree can be a long-term contract or a karmic connection. House - Letter shows that there is contract for house which later changes to a strong relationship. The Storks in the end shows things change a lot towards the end.Ring + Tree also means life-long partnership which brings improvements.

Both Letter and Tree are 7 of Spades and Tree. Two 7's mean life change.

I will update after I'm back.

Update: The movie was about a girl who is determined to have her own wedding planning company. She meets this guy who helps her out and they start the company. They have a strong bond and one night when they are drunk they make love. The girl falls in love with the guy but the guy avoids her after that (Queen facing towards King and King facing away). She breaks the contract and throws him out. After a long time of playing around and failing they come together again and things are happy afterwards.

Daily Draw: May 24, 2012

Weather : Moderate/Clear
Cards: Lady + Lilies + Bear

Daily Draw: May 24, 2012
Key Card: Lady 
Key words: Me or another lady

Prediction: Lady is either me or a lady in my vicinity. Lilies is the card of family, sex, wisdom but I also look at Lilies as a card which represents an important man. Bear is someone powerful, usually round-ish, loves food and is very strong both physically and mentally. The Lilies and Bear both represent the attributes for a lady, but at the same time, to me they are representing an important man who is over-powering.

Lady + Lilies = sexy lady, wise older lady
Lady + Bear = strong woman
Lilies + Bear = strong advice, a powerful man

What Happened in relation to cards: Bear was as usual the person who is over-bearing, and powerful. Lady was a lady around me who was probably annoyed for some reason and I saw her arguing with people around. She is a dominating, over-powering woman, this is why the Bear appeared. Lilies also represent family, she is someone I know through family.

Observation: Lady can be either you or another lady around you. This lady as theme card surrounds most of your day. Lilies is family as well its the sex. You might feel a little extra hot if this card comes up. Bear can be power and strength, a person who is too powerful when annoyed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reconciliation, possible or Not? (Updated)

This spread has been done for a lady F who has been married for about 3 years now. The marriage has seen a few good days and mostly bad ones. She has moved out since last week and has been staying with us since then. She asked me if there will be a reconciliation with her husband. The matter which is the point of argument between them is another young lady who is her relative by marriage.

Q: Will there be a reconciliation between F and her husband?
Pre-chosen : Ring

Rider - Storks - Ring - Heart - Mice

There has been a message which caused some improvement in the past. A relative from the other side tried to sort the matter between them. In the coming influences there is a clear heartache. I do see a reconciliation any time soon and a change is on the horizon. With Mice ending the line, it will not be something most welcome.If I take Queen of Hearts as her and the Jack of Hearts as him, looks like he is trying to work things out but she is not (she is facing away from him). Storks - Ring - Heart tells that the marriage will be saved after an improvement. The love however, may not be the same.

Update: A message came by from the husband's side, a middle man who offered his services for hearing the story from both sides and trying to bring both families on a table and put the concerns out. This has been the only improvement in the matter so far.

With the same question in mind, this time without pre-choosing any card, I dealt five cards:

Flowers - Garden - Moon - Lady - Man

woowwhh! Flower and Garden is obviously a good sign. The Moon in the middle suggests that there will be success. Moon - Lady tells me that may be her mother will play an important role in this. Flower - Garden suggest a happy meeting, some chat and then matter reaching conclusion. The story says they might get an invitation to a party at night and they come across each other. The only thing which concerns me here, is that Lady and Man both are facing away from each other. So may be they reach reconciliation but things remain a little colder between them for quite sometime. We have two 8s and 2 Aces in this spread. Two Aces say leadership and authority and two 8's mean pleasure and good time.

Opinions and suggestion are welcome.

Update: There has a been a reconciliation recently. They have moved back together and I have no clue whether they have sorted their differences out or not yet but apparently things look good. The Moon was obviously pointing towards success, her mother played a really important part. A really charming man was also a dominant party to the reconciliation. 

Is he seeing another woman?

This Line of Five was done when I asked "M" about his being so busy and occupied these days and he started acting all secretive.

Q: Is he romantically involved with another woman?
Man was pre-chosen to anchor the reading.

Anchor - Fish - Man - Tree - Garden

No woman, no cards for love, dating, romance , nothing. I do see work and social responsibilities though.
Anchor is the card of work and Fish, the finances. He works in a financial institute, so I can sense he has been plenty busy with his work, and possibly the work connections (Anchor - Garden). The Fish - Tree shows work being slow and steady. It can also mean that in the past, he has been too much busy with the work, and now he is taking some rest.

Interesting part of the reading, all these four cards are surrounding him, in my monthly GT which I drew weeks ago here.

Line of Five for them two fools

This spread was done for me and a friend with whom I have reconnected after about 6 months.

Q: What does he want with me?

I didn't say "from" me because that bit I already know.

Man card was pre-chosen to focus the reading on him.

Three court cards and two significators, one of them pre-chosen.

All court cards are facing away from each other. The Man and Lady however face each other and the card which lies between them is Fish. Fish card is the card of prosperity, indulgence, even addiction, obbsession and the card which gives us a feeling of something deep, so deep that its hard to interpret using logic. This card between us, shows that we do share a deep soul connection. The question is about him, so he wants plenty of me, literally. 

The other side, which shows the influences from past, House + Snake, which is read as , reaching someone crabwise. This is what he has been doing so far. He had been trying to express his point to me, indirectly for last 3 years. The Snake card appears near him often, so it can be a strong-willed woman around him. 

Man + House = man is family-oriented
Man + Snake = Man is with a woman
Man + Fish = Man is financially prosperous
Man + Lady = both significators, in harmony.

I'm not sure I get the House + Snake properly. Opinions are welcome please.

Pre-exams reading

This reading was done in first week of May regarding my exams.

Q: How will my exams go?

Whip + Snake + Book + Fish + Roads

Book was pre-selected for exams. 
Line of Five with Pre-chosen middle card
First thing, All cards except the pre-chosen card, are court cards. A couple from same suit. The Jack and Club are not facing each other, a disagreement and an argument. The King and Queen of Diamonds are facing each other, a strong bond.

This shows me if this is about the disagreement between me and a class mate and if it will be resolved during exams. 

Whip + Snake is usually an eloquent man. Whip is also the card of trouble, and Snake the complications. Not a good sign.

Fish + Roads = This usually means income from two sources, but in terms of exams, it will simply means because confused because of the MCQs. In my exams 50% of the question are Multiple Choice Questions. The thing with these kind of questions is that if you get it right, you get full marks, if you get it wrong, you lose it all. I have some love-hate feelings for this kind of questions (depends how many I answered correctly). So basically there is an equal chance, a 50% probability to win or lose it all.

Book + Snake could means trouble in exams, twisted questions etc
Book + Fish = indulgence in exams, being inside a bubble kind of feelings

Whip and Roads are the cards of Two's. Trouble lies in not knowing which one to choose. Conflict, choices, options, problems! You get the picture.

Snake + Fish = well, plenty of problem.

The spread is not positive at all. I see trouble in first 2 cards, and not knowing which option is better in last two cards. My exams were exactly that. Most of the questions caught me off guard. I'm not very studious type, but I manage to ace the class. I do not give myself another option. The exams, 5 courses, were all a mix. Some were good, some were bad. In one particular question I knew the answer, but I skipped the given details, and I ended up answering it wrong. Only later I realized that Ethernet can be extended using repeaters, only you cannot use more than 4 repeaters. See, I knew the answer and yet I answered it wrong, because I skipped the detail and question was twisted (Book + Snake).

I will throw me another spread to ask about the result.

Daily Draw: May 23, 2012

Weather : Hot, humid
Cards: Garden + Mountain + Coffin

Key Card: Garden
Key words: public place, environment, network, networking sites

The Mountain and Coffin both are negative cards but Coffin is coming after the Mountains, which means the obstacles or the delays will end shortly. The Garden card is usually associated with a public place or the environment around. 

Garden + Mountain = remoteness, delayed event, social life is stressing/blocked
Garden + Coffin = funeral, its a daily so I will take it as draining environment, event which drains one out of energy
Mountain + Coffin = obstacles are ending.

So what I collect is that the social blockages which I have been facing so far will change/end today.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Draw May 22, 2012

Weather : Raining
Daily Draw: May 22,2012
Cards: Ring + Rider + Lady

Key card: Ring
Key words: Connection, contract

The Ring has already represented my strong emotional attachments in the past. Today as well I think its about that. The Rider is visitor or a news which comes your way. Lady can either be me or another LADY around me.
A lady will visit me and I have a strong connection with this lady or a relationship is moving rather too fast which keeps me on my toes.

Another super surprise, I pulled Ace of Spades and Ace of Clubs from the playing cards deck too for today. Two Aces means leadership and authority. Aces are the beginnings. The order of the cards placement is however reverse in the other spread. Lets see how it manifests today.

What happened in relation to the cards:
The Ring was actually the legal contract this guy has with me for my final year project's modules. He is supposed to deliver them to me within this week. He rang me and gave me this good news that it was almost complete and that it will be delivered on time. Happy news.

Ring + Rider = News about a contract
Ring + Lady = a contract which directly binds me
Rider + Lady = message delivered to me.

Daily Draw: May 21, 2012

The cards for today were:

May 21, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards: Coffin + Man + Flowers

Key Card: Coffin
Key words: illness, pain, ending, depression

Prediction: Today is the day when some sort of depressing or draining things will happen. The Coffin usually brings something which causes mental depression in a daily draw.
With Man, it can be a Man in pain, or pain coming from a Man.
With Flowers its a short-lived illness, pain, which will heal quickly and the happiness will return. If the Coffin had come after Flowers, then that was a worrisome spread.

What happened in relation to the cards:

My friend is ill. He has allergy (Coffin + Flowers) and he was ultra depressed about it. I told him not to worry because it will be fine soon and he asked me , how soon. May be I should throw him a spread to ask how soon his problem shall be resolved.

Another thing that happened was a small misunderstanding between me and another friend (Coffin + Man). This was depressive too, for both him and me, but we did reach a resolution , the Flowers part. He actually is a gentle and pleasant soul.

Coffin + Man = Man is ill, man is depressed/ man causes pain
Coffin + Flowers = allergy, pain is short-lived, happiness reached again
Man + Flowers = pleasant, charming man 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 21: 7 cards draw

Week 21: Weekly draw

The central card for the week is Garden, which symbolises meetings, public places, the environment and also social network (offline or online). Garden + Child is usually new company, or an event involving children. Garden + Dog is a supportive network, loyal friends, trustful friends. Child + Dog with Garden can be a new friend, or a friend met on an event. So this week revolves around the friends and the network.

Left arm:
Book + Letter + Child

This is a message from a child, or a news about new beginning which is not known yet. 
Book + Letter = information received through message/email/mail
Book + Child = basic knowledge
Letter + Child = Message from a young lady or a Child

Book + Ship = A journey not known about yet
Letter + Sun = a message brings success, successful message, warm message
Child + Dog = Childhood friend

So A childhood friend brings a message about a journey not known about yet. This message brings the basic knowledge about possibly a secret.

I discovered a secret, unexpectedly, about a friend. The Child has appeared with Dog because he looks really young and acts even younger. It happened when all of sudden I saw him, at a public place (Child - Garden - Dog )

Wednesday: Child - Garden ; Child //Dog
I heard a news about a childhood friend. She's getting married, unexpectedly, next month.
Right arm:
Dog + Sun + Ship
A friend is very optimistic about a journey.
Dog + Sun = Positive and lucky friendship
Dog + Ship = friend who lives far away
Sun + Ship = Journey to the south, vacation, holiday trip

Dog + Child = young friend
Sun + Letter = positive and happy message
Ship + Book = educating journey, a journey known/decided upon

I'm truly amazed to see Ship and Sun this week because we have been planning for a vacation trip and I want to leave this month because next month will cause me troubles at uni, I cannot afford missing classes. The Sun + Ship and Book + Ship tell me that by the end of the week I will have some positive news about the trip which has not been decided upon yet. The journey is not towards south, but its to a warmer place, thus, the Sun. The journey is overseas, so Ship looks like it.  

I have all positive and neutral cards this week. Looks very positive. 

I have three 10's (Ship, Book and Dog), which also means travel out of country.

I'm super excited... yaaayyyy!

Monday: Book -Letter , Book//Ship
Asked from the travel agency for their packages  and other details.

Tuesday: Letter - Child ; Letter //Sun
Some awesome communication,messages, talks happened today. Oh yes I also discovered a secret, about this friend of mine.

Saturday: Sun - Ship , Sun//Letter

Just got back from the travel agency. They are saying everything shall be arranged by the 8th of next month which is going to make things Too TOoo TOOO tough for me but I don't know what I'm going to do. I really have no clue.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Home work: May 18,2012 Daily Draw (Updated)

Day 7

Day : Friday
Date: May 18, 2012 
Weather: Partially Cloudy

Cards Drawn: Ship + Whip + Lady 
Key Card Focus: Ship

Keywords: A movement, travel, change, longing

Prediction: The Ship represents movement, change, things are set in motion, besides that it also represents longing for something you really desire to have. The Whip & Rod is the card which represents discussions, usually the heated ones, trouble and arguments. Lady can be me or another lady. So together

Ship + Whip = a journey under discussion, a travel causing arguments/trouble,
Ship + Lady = A lady from abroad, a change for the lady, lady is travelling
Whip + Lady = an argumentative person

This sums up to a conflict about a journey or a desire to have some aggressive discussion. The lady can be me or someone else.

Time: 11pm
Accuracy: 100%
What Happened in relation to the cards: Me and a friend discussed the trip we would be taking shortly. There were some misunderstanding lying between us which made things a little tiny bit heated but it was not that bad.

Observations: The effect of cards is always a little bit minimized in a daily reading. The Ship is usually across the border travel but in a daily reading it can also be a short-distance travel. Similarly, the Whip is the card of trouble, but its not a mjor trouble that will hinder your progress for a long time, but rather for a really short term.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Home Work: Daily Draw May 17, 2012

Day 6

Day : Thursday
Date: May 17, 2012 
Weather: Clear/hot

Cards Drawn: Storks + Mountain + Flowers/Bouquet
Key Card Focus: Storks

Keywords: A tendency to escape, change, uplift, improvement

Prediction: Storks is the card which usually brings some positive changes. Here with Mountain, either the change needs too much effort or is not coming yet, at least not today. I have not been able to draw some most accurate daily draws mainly because I'm not focusing really good these days. The Flowers are telling me there is positive change which will come when the hard work (Mountain) pays off.

Time: 12am
Accuracy: 100%
What Happened in relation to the cards: When I pulled out the Flowers card I knew it was about this particular thing I have been eyeing for so many days and everyday I have a plan to go buy it but I always postpone. Today I had a done plan with my friend to go buy it finally (its a female fashion thing; thus the Flowers), our plan was confirmed and when we rang the owner to check if he is there, he said he was available for today. So despite my wanting to have it today, I'm delayed.

Observations: The Flowers also represent object of beauty, which you want to add in your wardrobe, jewellery box etc (Storks). If the Mountain stands in between, you are not getting it yet!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Work: May 16, 2012

Day 5

Day : Wednesday
Date: May 16, 2012 
Weather: Clear/hot

May 16, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards Drawn: Bear + Mice + Whips
Key Card Focus: Bear

Keywords: A strong, powerful man, power, strength, cash

Prediction: The Bear has already represented a few men around me (my brother, a close friend etc). Today however, with the presence of Mice, I feel tired, lethargic, or ripped off of energy today. Since it is usual for me and this friend from yesterday's daily draw to have power struggles between us, I guess I'm going to feel weak in the situation today. Mice always eat what's to the left and as a result you lose what's to the right. So they eat my strength and as a result I'll lose an argument. Figures!

Time: Midnight
Accuracy: 90%
What Happened in relation to the cards: The Bear was indeed talking about strength, only physical. I slept really late last night and as a result my whole day was very drowsy and slow. I also happened to have left one question unanswered in exam since I had no idea what it was about (Not well prepared). So it was also mental strength. Due to lack of strength, I did not go to the gym as well.

Observations: The Bear can represent physical strength as well specially when with the whip and Rod. The card whip and Rod is also the card which represents physical aggression, physical energy. The Mice eats at your physical energy and as a result you feel lazy and not so full in form like you should.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homework May 15,2012

Day 4:

Day : Tuesday
Date: May 15, 2012 
Weather: Clear/hot

May15, 2012: Daily Draw
Cards Drawn: Ring + Man + Fish
Key Card Focus: Ring

Keywords: A strong bond, a connection, a contract

Prediction:Yesterday I had  Fish now its his turn (fair enough ummphh). The theme of the day is a connection , I can already feel it *sigh*. The Man with Fish is usually a man who is good with money-making or works in finance. Today, this might mean he is occupies with his work (Ring + Fish) or we discuss this deep connection (Ring +Fish) we have. I hope we do. I have two Aces here and Aces are beginnings. Two aces, one of Clubs and one of Hearts means union is favourable. Let's see how it plays out.

Time: 7pm
Accuracy: 100%
What Happened in relation to the cards: The Ring was about right. I tried and I succeeded in re-establishing the connection between me and the Finance guy.

Observations: He said to me "the weather is cloudy and I cannot see whats going on". This reminded me of the Fish, he was not able to see things clearly, just like yesterday I wasn't. The Fish has added an element of "engulfed" for him today. The Ring-Fish is the deep connection, somewhere at the realms of subconscious which I feel for us. With Venus turned retro, I'm not initiating anything yet, but I'm so happy I was able to sort some of our differences.In a Tarot Game on the forum, I got myself The Emperor, the one ruled by Aries, regarding my question for "us". This card says one has all the power and authority to make one's decision. This card, signifying myself and him too, emphasized the fact that whatever the outcome will be, its in our own hands.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 20 (Updated)

So we are 20weeks far in 2012.

Weekly Draw, Week 20
The central card for the week is Fox, which is a card that may manifest in two ways as said by Mama Whodun. Either you are the Fox or you come in the way of a Fox. If you click on to read the post, you will see there is a wonderful analysis of this logic-driven animal. I'm not sure yet which side of this card is coming up for me this week but I will stay alert to digging it out.

With Tower and Dog, I guess I know who its talking about. The Dog + Tower is a friend who works in a govt. department and is very logical. I actually get advises on being logical from him. This week the situation looks false, shallow and intellectual between us. The Dog + Fox tells me that this friendship is actually just a false friendship, which he has openly confessed today. He clearly said he never saw me as his friend *disappointed*.

Anchor - Letter - Dog shows there is some stagnation with talking things through with this friend.  The Anchor however mirrors Sun which looks comforting. Letter - Heart shows there are some issues regarding feelings which need resolution. Dog - Tower, talk about being authoritative, or may be he is just too lonely. 

Anchor + Letter = long awaited news
Letter + Dog = message from a friend

Tower - Heart - Sun
This looks like there is loss of some feelings, feeling of being alone and cold. but the presence of Sun looks promising at the end. The Heart is divided between cold and warm from both sides. I hope it does not mean a separation from a great love. Sun + Anchor = sustained success, Tower + Dog = a strict friend/male , Heart - Letter = love letter. 

Tower + Heart = feeling of being alone
Heart + Sun = a great love.

Looks like a mixed week. Its important because things between me and a friend are at a crucial stage. I want to sort this matter. All of sudden we are locking horns. May be the message of Fox is to act smart.

Letter + Dog and Letter//Heart. Well, we did have communication and that too very lovely and rather affectionate today. Things seems good for today at least.

Dog + Fox and Dog + Tower. Tower, I was told, sometimes represents things from past because Tower is what is there for a long time. Today I encountered, despite my utmost efforts to avoid my past, some friends, or some girls who apparently knew me, but I did not recognize them. They were probably some girls from my high school, junior or senior may be, I have no clue, but they recognized me. The Fox was me, trying to ditch the questions and move on.

Fox + Dog and Fox + Tower
This was a day when my friend (represented by Dog this week) wanted some time alone and he is being a little weird about his whereabouts, which is giving me these Fox kind of mixed feelings. He said he was busy (Tower) but I'm wondering if he is hiding something I should know about *wondering*

Homework May 14, 2012

Day 3:

Day : Monday
Date: May 14, 2012 
Weather: Clear sky

May 14, 2012 Daily Draw
Cards Drawn: Lady + Fish + Child
Key Card Focus: Lady

Keywords: A female, me, directly effecting me

Prediction: In my cards Lady is always me, other women around me are represented by other cards. The Fish card is making me curious because its appearing next to me quite often. Fish has meanings of money, indulgence and prosperity, something that multiplies. Next to me I always expect something growing, in numbers. The Child next to Fish is small, little, but with potential for more kind of growth. These cards together suggest I should expect some increase of some kind, a little may be, must be something material.

I also pulled 2 of Diamonds from the playing Cards deck which is also the card of money gifts, a small increase in money. I was reading Kapherus' Notebook of A Playing Cards Reader and its meanings of 2 of Diamonds and it reminded me of my daily draw for today. Attracting money now *fingers crossed*

Time: 12am
Accuracy: 50%
What Happened in relation to the cards: It was a confusing day. The Fish also show the indulgence into innocence and wanting something which is small, but it somehow matters a lot. It was like the early stages of a new project, which has a chance of success but I'm afraid of the risk. No money or presents involved, plain mental conflicts. After an incident today, I felt like my brain was in a bubble, where  couldn't really feel the impact of the incident completely.I guess I was afraid of being vulnerable.

Observations: Fish is usually the card of money and prosperity but it also represents indulgence, being inside a bubble, this is why people get addicted to alcohol? To reduce the impacts of what happens to them? Is this some kind of cushion when you are afraid you might be too vulnerable.
The Child here shows my act was childish. It also shows my naive and sensitive behavior today.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Home work: May 13, 2012 (Updated)

Day 2:

Day : Sunday
Date: May 13, 2012 
Weather: Cloudy

May 13, 2012
Cards Drawn: Bouquet + Clouds + Mice
Key Card Focus: Bouquet

Keywords: Invitation, gift, Joy/happiness

Prediction: I saw the Bouquet+Ship combination last night in a dream so I guess I will either get the expected package today or it will be a pleasant day simple because some confusions will be resolved. Mice eat whatever is to their left, so here the smart thieves of lenormand are eating at the ambiguity and clarity about a matter will be enjoyed. What can be more joyous than having confusions replaced with clarity.

Time: Right after Manchester United lost the trophy to MCFC
Accuracy: 50%
What Happened in relation to the cards: I could not have found anything beautiful or joyous today because of the match and my team losing it to the rivals. I mean, what worst can happen, right? Besides that the best part of my day came from my exam which went fine , the only bright side to my day and the Clouds-Mice was the confusion for the match probably coming to an end.

Time: Past midnight 2am
Accuracy: 70%
What Happened in relation to the cards: Me and the friend I call Clouds, we were having our Clouds moment, and it was particularly annoying (Mice). But the Flowers were coming after that.We sorted our confusions for yesterday.

Observations: Flowers were only one part of my day, the earlier part. Flowers can also be a desire to look good. I wore my fav shirt today, also styled the hair, I had some extra time on my hands, so it can mean beautifying. So Flowers can also mean you wanting to look good. Clouds can be my friend who is actually Clouds to me, our relationship is more like hot & Cold kind of and the Mice was me being annoyed by his hot & cold attitude.

Week 19: Sabian Symbol Gemini 15


The first thing which comes to mind after reading the symbol is "communication" and the exchange of knowledge. The noticeable fact is that both children are from same place and speak same language, means the exchange is of experiences and opinions, personal ones. The symbol is that of Children because children are usually naive, sensitive and open to explore. They are easily fascinated by small things and they still believe they have their chances to explore life more. They are sharing what they have found out there so far and their findings are fascinating to both themselves and the others.

I have encountered some similar thing this week. I, all of sudden, came across a person whom I don't know. We come from approximately same cultural backgrounds, same academic backgrounds too, but we have some experiences to share and that is what we did. We exchanged our knowledge which we gathered from our journeys so far.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homework: May 12, 2012

This post is for the Lesson 2, Module 3, Task 3 of the home work at Cartomantes Cabinet

Day 1:

Day : Saturday
May12, 2012
Date: May 12, 2012 
Weather: Partially Sunny /Cloudy

Cards Drawn: Birds - Whips - Bouquet
Key Card Focus: Birds

Keywords: Phone call, nervousness
Prediction: I'm expecting some pleasant conversations because of the presence of Bouquet. The presence of Whip suggests there can be heat (more than necessary) in the discussions but the Bouquet also add the element of joy and happiness in that.

Time: 1am
What Happened in relation to the cards: There was lots of text-chat, twitter messages, facebook messages from my Project partner got heated because I refused to answer everything he asked this resulted in some argument at both ends. Neither of us rang the other though. The other text-chats were a mix, some happy moments and some sad ones. 

Observations: Birds can be any kind of communication. The Whips also deal with communication, only that it gets heated which it did. The Flowers, as expected, add the element of fun and cheerful energy. The happy energy of Flowers changed the nervous energy of Birds.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Daily Draw for May 11

Today's daily draw:

Cross + Man + Tree (+Book)

Book card came out when I pulled the Tree card therefore I decided not to disregard it.

The Cross sets the theme for today so it looks like this is a bad day, because there is some problem or some pain happening. Its a daily draw, therefore, the pain will not be that big an issue.

Man + Tree + Book shows that this problem is because of a man who is ill and Book shows that I don't really know about his illness.

This turned out to be a friend, who is suffering a skin problem which turned out severe and he did not take me calls yesterday and neither returned any texts which worries me. I ended up finding he was ill therefore he could not talk. I did not know about his problem before. I wish him health.

May 12, 2012: Another update from last night: My friend, who has been represented by Tree in my GT for this month, may be because he is very family and ancestry oriented kind of guy, he was keeping a secret and he would still not tell me when I asked him again and again and then he plainly excused and left. This actually made me cry. Friends do not keep secrets from friends. The presence of Tree with Book tells me this is a secret he is not telling me any time soon. This is when the Cross came!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily Draw: Key + Stars + Lilies

This looks like a really nice day. The key usually opens up something for us, and here the two other cards are nice, where Stars represent guidance, inspiration, hope and wishes and Lilies can be an important person, family, peace of harmony.

Overall, a good day, I should meditate today because it looks promising.

This turned out to be a very important heart-to-heart conversation with a really close friend.I was feeling relieved  because I thought because of our misunderstanding I've lost him forever.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 19 (Updated)

Weekly draw for Week 19
The central card is Snake which represents a lady, a trouble or a detour. The Snake and Clouds is a couple and the Rider suggests they might be some visitors.

Coffin - Flower - Rider

Some ending is definitely happening and something pleasant is coming up. The Coffin-Flowers also suggest some recovery from illness.

I believe the recovery pertains to the emotional healing (Flowers-Moon) from last few weeks. Things are getting better both externally and internally.

May 10, 2012
The Snake was representing me. I can say this because I was talking on phone (Rider) with a friend (Clouds) and he said why you always talk the way I cannot understand its so complicated (Rider-Snake). Clouds was the thunderstorm in the background when we were talking. 

Flower-Rider might be a gift or an invitation coming up.

May 12, 2012
A female cousin of mine has come to stay with us for a while (Rider + Snake). She is emotionally disturbed these days , I guess this will help her recover a bit.

Clouds - Moon - Key

Some emotional disturbances, some unclear dreams and problems which will eventually be resolved.

May 12, 2012
This reminds me of my dream from last night which was a strange one. I was having a baby girl in my arms and I was feeding her through a milk bottle. There was also a cousin of mine in the dream who is also a good friend of mine. It was a strange dream. All I remember from the dream is the baby girl. This is what I would call, an important (Moon+Key) but unclear dream (Moon+Clouds).

The Sky has literally not been clear for last three days. Every night its been raining so there is practically Clouds +Moon out at night. 

May 13, 2012
My team lost the league champions title and that too to rival Football club. This was my Key+Coffin moment. Their success was our loss. Key + Coffin, a literal loss of title.

3 positive, 2 negative and 2 neutral cards

Overall a mixed week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cartomantes Cabinet is Open

Cartomantes Cabinet has been opened!

Hurry up and register. Once your account has been approved, you just have to read the forum rules (and remember them) and Sign up at

"Student Sign up".

Admins will approve your registration and your entry to the study group. Meanwhile you can check out the articles and Basic meanings in the same section.
Once approved for the study group, you can start with your Lessons. You will be allowed to take only one lesson at a time when you open your own thread and make up your keywords list, your cards and what they mean to you. There is an option to choose whichever school you want.

I'm writing this up to clarify it to those people who are calling it "Andy's Method" and "Andy's School" and are worried that they will have to give up on their meanings or whatever school they think is right for them because its his School so its his meanings he will force you to learn.

In my about a year's experience on AT (where I started from) and learning from Andy's blog and his help and much appreciated guidance, I have never seen him trying to impose his methods or meanings on anyone. For example I take Bear as a man, and I will continue to look at Bear as a man, but Andy takes Bear as a woman. Similarly, my work card is Anchor, Andy's Moon. I have never experienced any objection or even a slight remark that my method differs from his so his help or guidance is not for me so I should get going. Andy is not teaching his meanings to anyone, he is just providing with a guidance, a proper way to learn this oracle because there are many confusions among beginners as to what is the proper method to do it. Most of us have switched to lenormand from Tarot which is completely different. This generous person has learnt this from his family and is a vast bank of knowledge about cartomancy, and above all, he is offering it to everyone, and that too free of cost. 

This reminds me of the time when I enrolled in the Magic Circle School for the course Rural Cartomancy 101 which is mainly fortune telling with a deck of Playing Cards. You may know that there are various methods and meanings for them too. The meanings I was taught were completely different from what I follow now, but the techniques and the methods and the foundation which I built in that course is so strong that I could switch to another method later with ease. The list of meanings can be found anywhere, technique is something which needs more focus.Once you know the sentence structure, you can always build vocabulary later.

So in my humble opinion, register and sign up for the study group. If you find the methods and lessons stiff for you, you may leave whenever you wish but it will be worth a shot. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bear; the powerful one!

I pulled these cards for today.
Daily Draw May 1 ,2012

I was looking at Bear as me, or my strength. It was an official holiday here so we had a plan to go out of city to see my grandmother who has been living with my uncle. The Tree could explain because this is where I belong and this is where my mother/father and whole family belongs, the ancestry and the roots. Whip was the card which was troubling me.

Bear for me represents a man , a person with power and of course someone who loves food. Bears are very protective and nurturing, they are with good business sense and are financially very secure. They love good things in life and good food.  On the downside, they do not accept being dominated, they believe they are the one with an upper hand.

Tree, generally about health, longevity, well-being, growth etc.

Whip is the trouble, arguments, conflict.

Bear + Tree = A financially secure man, a blinkered person
Bear + Whip = trouble with someone of power
Tree + Whip = long lasting struggle 

So Bear was representing my brother today. He does not live here, he rather is a traveller kind of guy. He is the Bear in the family. He is sometimes too argumentative and provoking others for a fight. He, however, gets detached quickly if he does not get the kind of attention he wants.

He had a trouble with a police officer when we were on the way to see my grandmother. He had the trouble because he looks out for trouble because he believes he is the one with most power and authority and he can question the law. The matter got sorted despite his attempts to challenge the authorities, and we returned back without going anywhere. He has not stepped out of his room since then. I think he will struggle with himself for a little longer than we expect.

End of Month Analysis for April 2012

I keep a track of my daily draws to see which card made most appearances in my daily draws and then link it to my GT to see how the energy of that particular symbol was manifested in my life over the month.

The winner of this month was 36-Cross with 10 appearances. That's like 1/3rd of the month I had my Cross moments/days.

In the GT here, Cross lies diagonally to the right, in future position. After the Cross comes Man and Moon. Cross also had Coffin, nearby and was at the same time reflecting Clouds and Tree as well. This was actually a difficult month. Susan Miller called it the worst day of the Year which was April 15th. Not only that, all of sudden I was feeling depressed (Coffin and Tree) and I had no clues where it all was coming from (Clouds).

The Next two qulaifiers were Bear and Snake. Snake is also near Cross. Bear mirrors Snake. Snake has recently represented my mother in the spread. We have our moments sometimes LOL. We are never exactly on the same page, or in the same library for that matter but she knows her way out. 

And so do I! With Bear I was feeling overpowered, bullied, and forced into something which I did not want. There is one thing which is hardest for me to digest and that is someone trying to boss me, and that is exactly what Bear does. Although things were not that worst with Mommy this month, there was another rather powerful and bullying person who made it worst. The Column has Bear - Storks - Fox. The Fox tells me that even if I tried to look at it as a way of improvement in something, it was false. 

Anyhow, I have gone through the tough times and hope to see the new month starting on a good note.

*Welcoming May*