Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Moon in Taurus

Another month has passed. On every new moon I will do a new reading for what this new moon shall bring me over the next lunar month. Moon card is one card which is most difficult for me to nail in the readings. The Moon can be so many things at the same time. Last time I pulled out 9 cards in line of nine and overwhelmed myself. I should stick to lesser number of cards but in my opinion 5 cards are too less for a period of one month, talk about being under-whelmed.

This new moon I decided to pull a box of nine, instead of a linear spread.
This New Moon is in Taurus, time to relax, have fun in the green grounds, enjoy good food, actually enjoy everything big.
So I pulled myself these cards this new moon:

Did I say have fun in green grounds? Why do I have Cross next to Garden then? and wait, didn't I mention Moon was the card I cannot nail easily, then why is it next to Cross? Talk about fate!

The First card usually tells whats on your mind, Garden, people, parties, parks, social gathering oh this is what I want right now, remember the fun in the green grounds? There is Cross lying next to it which means there is no socialising, and even if there is, atleast its not to make me happy.


Garden + Cross+Moon = An event which is not so pleasant , will bring me the recognition meant for me.
Ship + Flowers+House = A pleasant trip with family, A gift from far away arrives at home.
Heart + Clouds + Dog = Affection for a friend is not easy to convey, unable to love a trustful person.

Update: No trip with family but been pleasantly planning one. I had this one dinner where things were not very pleasant for me. 
The last line was the truest. This month I got re-connected with a friend and it was just not easy to be sure about my own feelings about him. The Clouds ,however, did not stay the longest.

Update May 23, 2012
A gift from far away actually arrived and I was happiest.


Garden + Ship + Heart
Socialising with a person from foreign lands who is coming closer. The Ship sometimes represents physical distance as well. I have a friend actually who lives in another state, but we are getting closer with time.

Cross + Flowers + Clouds
Right now I'm going through the times when the Cross period is getting over and there is little happiness coming out of blue (lighter side of Clouds towards Flowers). Although I'm not completely sure what the Flowers is signifying, but I'm happier than I have been over last few weeks.

Moon + House + Dog
This looks like the relationship with family is becoming better, which is a good news. There is more trust, friendship and love for them or from them either way is a good news. Moon+House also tells me I will be having better success at home than last month which was a mess.

Socializing with this person from a foreign place, this was also true. 
I got a surprise this month, which actually knocked me off my own firm feet but I was still not sure if I wanted it at all. (lowers + Clouds).
The relationship with family INDEED improved a LOT. I'm a lot happier than last month.


Garden + Flower + Dog
This looks like a meet up with a female friend or meeting some new friend in a park or garden.

Moon + Flower + Heart
a date night? Well I have had Flowers +Heart before and it usually results in being asked out.

Moon + Ship + Dog :
This looks like self-awareness will bring trust or a friend needs some dig in himself.

Garden + House + Heart
Fun time yay.

Garden + Clouds + Moon
A cancelled event which clouds my mood.

Heart + Cross + Dog
Things seem like getting bad between me and a friend.

Update; Did not meet up any good friend, but found an old friend on facebook and re-connected. 
I did not get asked out :( *LOL).
Don't I just love myself. This month I actually had some self-realizations, which resulted in me ending up trusting two people I was darn sure I could never trust. I'm positive about one, while I still have doubts about the one who is handling the modules for my project.
The cancelled event was one. A turn off indeed.
Things did get bad between us, they always do, but everything is under control now.

Combinations of Flowers with rest of cards:

The central card number 5 is always the important one, here it tells me next lunar month will bring me some joy and happiness.

Flowers + Garden: joyous event, happiness, contentment, invitation to an event
Flowers + Cross = negative invitation, the happiness comes with a price
Flowers + Moon = romantic present/invitation
Flowers + Ship = a gift from abroad
Flowers + House = happiness at home, gift from family members
Flowers + Heart = token of love
Flowers + Clouds = happiness is not completely satisfactory, uncertain joy
Flowers + Dog = friendship offer, a friend gives a present

So this is it so far, there are good cards, there are bad cards (Cross and Clouds) but they are both in present column. Future looks good for this month. I'm relaxed!

Cheers, to new beginnings!

Update: I'm liking how the spread has picked up on the energy of this month. I got a gift from family. Friend has not given me any present yet, but we are on good terms after a span of about 6months.

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