Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cross + Mountain + Storks: Are we there yet?

I wrote yesterday about the daily draw I had on a very bad day. It was Tree+Mountain+Storks. At the end of that post I wrote even if I had a deck with 33 cards with Storks on them and rest of three wih Cross, Tree and Mountain my daily draw will not have any Storks on them, given the period I'm going through.

Ok I was wrong. The cards have again emphasized the fact that there is a little delay before a change for better can come and these difficulties and delays are meant to happen. The Cross has been haunting me lately, not to stress the fact enough times its present right next to me diagonally. Today was 17 of April and out of 17 days, on 11 days I have pulled the Cross. This is like a little more than often.

Cross talks about pain, suffering, the stuff which MUST happen in order to teach us what we need to know at a certain point in life. Cross is all the burdens we carry.

Mountain are the delays, obstacles, enemies . Basically the I-don't-like-it stuff.

Storks are the good people, they bring us new things (like babies), improvements, changes, specially at home.

Cross+Mountain tells us that the delays, the frustration, the feeling of being blocked is meant to happen. I forgot to mention my astrological chart is exactly telling me the same thing these days. I have to agree to the cards that they are truly depicting the state of my life these days.

Cross+Storks tell me that a change is in store, but first the Mountain has to be climbed. This change, hopefully, will be better and full of improvements, but the huge Mountain lies between them yet and there is still some time before the fairies can bring me something new.

The Storks are at the end and I'm feeling a bit better today, a little relieved, not completely recovered yet but I'm hanging on. 

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