Monday, April 23, 2012

week 17 (Updated)

Theme Card:

This week looks all about money but in a good way, since the surrounding cards look supporting.

Fish + Man = A man who is good at investments, an entrepreneur, a business man
Fish + Book = secret finances, money kept away, business books

Man - Fish - Book = A man who studies finance or who is a publisher or something to do with studies. I guess I have an idea who he is.

April 25,2012
I have just finally made the payment for the project modules.I have been unable to make any decision for about a month now and I really have no idea that how I ended up deciding because of this Man who does these small projects independently. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he does not break my trust just for this one time.

Left arm:

Whip - Clover - Man
Cheerful conversations with a man

Whip + Key = important conversations that must happen
Clover + Heart = luck in matters of heart
Man + Book = A man I know about, a man who studies, is introvert

so there are some important and definite conversations with a man who is an introvert or who studies. These discussions will be happy and cherished ones.

April 23, 2012
Whip+Key = Yes very very important discussion which went wrong. wrong as in heated. I wanted to discuss it calmly, easily but guess I'm not a very tolerant person. It ended up as a rather heated argument.

Had some argument with my Dad over last three days but I did realize there was a need for proper conversation with sitting down, controlling the emotions and then finally putting my words out in a proper manner , which I did, and me and my family ended up coming to a resolution for the problem which has been holding us apart for quite sometime now. 

April 24, 2012: Clover + Heart ; Clover + Man (heart to heart with Jay).
Had some Heart - to -Heart with Jay. It helped me a lot recovering from whatever I was going through. Interestingly he was studying for his lecture next day when I rang him at midnight (Man + Book).

April 25, 2012: Man + Fish + Book = payment acknowledgement receipt from him
He rang me today because I deposited the money for the coding part of the project I got done and he sent me the Payment acknowledgement, besides that he assured me that things will be sorted in time. I'm much much relaxed now.

Right arm:

Book + Heart + Key

This looks like a love which is not yet known, but is important.

Book + Man = A man not known yet
Heart + Clover = lucky love
Key + Whip = a solution which arrives for the second time, clearing up of a new opportunity

This looks like a week where a man about whom I don't know yet will bring some new chance regarding something pleasant, but there is an element of secrecy around this man.

April 27,2012
Book + Man ; Book + Heart 
I today finally received a reply from M.A, yaay!

April 28, 2012
Heart + Whip ; Heart + Clover
SO I finally rang "M" and we did argue a little about the last time we had a fight and then everything was fine. Lucky day indeed!
There is also an interesting thing that I drew these cards from the Psychic tarot:
Psychic Tarot : Copyright John Holland

Throat chakra - memories of love - love begins

I have been meditating a lot on the throat chakra recently and I have realized that it helps me being calm and collected. The love begins is at the end, which looks promising. 

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