Saturday, March 31, 2012

Houses in Grand Tableau

One of my most favourite techniques to interpret my Grand Tableau with ease and accuracy.

Houses are the areas covered by each card, if the cards were placed in original numerological order. i.e 1-Rider in house 1, Clover in house 2, Ship in house 3 and so on. Now each card covers a particular matter as a house (just like the astrological houses in Zodiac, We have Aries , Mars as the natural ruler of 1st house but we may have a different ASC sign and ruler). There is a complete and very informative list for meanings of each house given by Jayce. I have been following these meanings in addition to Iris Treppner's course.

Treppner has a different technique which also happens to have proved quite effective and accurate. This technique involves using the combinations approach, I think just to keep you focused and for the ease purposes. In this technique you are pretty much doing the same thing, but if you are a beginner it would be easier to look at them as combinations. e.g in my GT here
The first house was Rider and the card in house 1 is Ring.  I will read it as Rider+Ring which is a standard combination for a news about a contract. Similarly Cross is in house of Ring, therefore its read as Ring+Cross which makes a relationship very painful and stressful at times. This way you can keep combining all the cards and keep finding what is happening in each area of your life for that time period (e.g I do a monthly so Clover tells me how lucky I'm this month, or 24-Heart tells me what is happening in area of love, and 35-Anchor tells me what is happening with the job etc).

You can do this for all the houses and there is lots of information there.

How I Do It:

Some people keep on combining houses from one to next e.g Moon in house of Cross, feelings are a test this month, Cross is in house of Ring, so these feelings are related to a relationship, Ring is in house of Rider, this relationship is on your mind most of the times, Rider is in house of Anchor, and these thoughts are going to stay for a long term and so on. you can go on and on and make a whole story by combining the houses and jumping around till you reach the Moon card again. I find that confusing because sometimes its more than 10 cards at a time. This is when the story starts blurring. I would rather just look at the house where that card is located and the natural house for that card. e.g if I want to know about my project (Book), I will see where Book is, and then what is happening in house of Book (house 26). Sometimes (remember, sometimes only) I will also see whats happening in that house whose natural ruler is located in house 26, but not always.
With my monthly Grand Tableau, I have noticed that they are a great way to form combinations because you usually know what has happened in your life in this one month and how the effect of that card residing in that house has effected that area of you life e.g whatever is is house of Mice is stressing you or adding to the stress, you would know it when you read it as Mice+That card sitting in house 23. Write the combinations down every month and you will have plenty for your own list.
There was something else too which I wanted to write about the houses, I just cannot recall now. You wash this down and I will be back, updating it when I remember *scratching head*

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